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Updated: Jul 10, 2018
3.211 · 93 REVIEWS
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The Forex-MegaDroid MT4 EA is a forex expert advisor. The Forex-MegaDroid automated forex trading software for the MetaTrader platform has been forward tested on a live account by the Forex Peace Army™ The Forex-MegaDroid.com forex robot uses what its creators call RCTPA Technology.


Performance tests

StatusAccountProductP/L Weekly,%Weeks testedP/L Gross,%
Pip Laser+1.09107.9+222.641
Forex MegaDroid+0.39136.4+70.452

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3.211 · 93 REVIEWS
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Sep 7, 2016,
Registered user

Megadroid Total Scam and does not work

I have a problem with this company. I submitted for a refund since the robot does not work and they refuse saying its more than 60 days. The reason it is more than 60 days is because they did not reply to my original request for a refund and instead sent me email saying that it is a good robot. When I submitted a second time, they said it is now over 60 days. This is totally wrong.
, USA,
Jan 26, 2016,

I have used Megadroid different time, each time finally lost money. There no such things automated robot make each time money. Its may work such condition, As the megadroid team described at pdf file, there is counter robot.Those guys watch you and feed up your robot and steal your money.Even some times block your robot to trade.
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil,
Oct 16, 2015,

Not good, I lost 40% of my total account with this EA. It can win for months very small profits...just a few pips per month. But when it goes wrong it can kills you!!! It is not worth, my loss is way higher than my profit with this EA. It is dangerous, because it uses martingale, opens more trades with a higher lot and you never know how much you are really risking. They say it that is not risk...believe me, I lost a lot of money because of this EA... I could have bought a nice car with this lost!
California, USA,
Oct 1, 2015,

The claims on their website are spectacular and dramatic.

The actual performance I have experienced is not. Quite the contrary.

First - here is a quote directly from their website (cached for evidence):

Forex Megadroid™ Indisputably Proves A
Robot Can Trade With 95.82% Accuracy In
EVERY SINGLE Market Condition And
Quadruple Every Single Dollar YOU Deposit”

Second - here's a summary of my real-life experience:

1, It rarely trades.
2. When it does, the gains are relatively small - if not tiny (roughly 2-4 pips - then subtract commissions and spread - and you have even less).
3. Yet when it loses - it loses big - not only wiping out all tiny gains - but greatly reducing the account (approx 80 pips!).

• And if they respond to this post they will use some excuse about news announcements, etc. However, just refer back to their website quote above - and you will see no such excuses there.
• In fact there is NO ACCEPTABLE EXCUSE or justification for this failure - because it is the OPPOSITE of what they PROMISE. Period,

- The claims they make relative to reality are despicable.
- The claims and sales pitches y are not qualified - they are absolute in nature. That's what they use to cause us to buy.
- Yet when we buy, we do not receive what they promise.
- How wrong. How fraudulent?

When will I / we learn to simply ignore this crap, hype and deception?

This is just my / one person's opinion and experience which yes, it may be unrepresentative and I could be incorrect. Do your own research and form your own opinion.
US, Poland,
Apr 19, 2014,

Megadroid is just waste of time and money. I am not going to waste time on decribing abvious things of this .......
Kolkata, India,
Jul 11, 2013,

I 1 trade in 1 month. profit 6 usd.
stephan sined,
paris, France,
Nov 12, 2012,

makes 1 trade per month on average (gains 10 pips max). Not enough to be worth your while! >Don't bother with this one!
Rome, Italy,
Jun 9, 2012,

Hi, Version 1.39 has been released! I am a customer Megadroid, I tried it on a live account for about 4 months, but unfortunately this robot, I do not like, has made only 3 Trade in 4 months, but I put it on ThinkForex, one of the world's best broker ... 3 trade but, in 4 months is really too little. I received an e-mail notification of new version of MegaDroid team. I immediately sent an email to ask if there is news on the new version, here is the conversation: Hi, thanks so much for sending me the email, to inform me of the new version of Megadroid. I have a curiosity, What else is new in the new version? Often it will open blackberries, trades in the market? I had to abandon it for a while, never opened Because of the orders. Thankyou in advantage Andrew -------------------------------------------------- - Hi Andrew, The latest version of Forex Megadroid includes The following change - Enhancement of the recovery mode algorithm - Re-coded the 'close order' logic in a way That minimizes the chance of closing trades at a price worse than expected and can even result in trades closing at a better price - Added multiple enhancements to the layout and functionality of the display interface -------------------------------------------------- -------------------------- So apparently, the story does not change, we spend all $ 200 for a year of VPS (maybe more) to have a dozen steps, scarce.
Alex Gudd,
, United Kingdom,
May 19, 2012,

The same with me. Awful. Don`t pay for it!
Csaba Vas,
Cranleigh, United Kingdom,
May 13, 2012,

After not really doing anything for months it suddenly just made a totally illogical movement and killed the 15%(!) of my account within a few hours.
Megadroid "support": - We are sorry, s*** happens...
Don't vaste your money for it!!