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Stopped Demo Testing Forex Galactico Demo Test Abandoned Test - Seller Gone Fishing

Average Pips per Week:-9 up (Gross Pips: -788.6)
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Average P/L per Week:-1.17% up (Gross P/L: -62.56%)
Maximum Equity used:37.89% (2011 January 14, 10:35)
Test started:06-23-2010
Test Stopped:01-30-2012 (Tested 83.7 weeks)
Test Log:

01.30.12 Test is stopped. The website is closed.

The author of this EA calls the technology EM/RL, that stands for:

“Expectation Maximization” is a way of spotting hidden trends with data too obscure for even the smartest human being who ever lived to see or keep track of…

And “Reinforcement Learning” is what happens when the sum of all that an A.I. program “learns” by watching all these things a human can’t even spot once, let alone every time…

You got the point, right? Even if you didn't we aren't going to test your knowledge, our goal is to test the EA :-)

06.22.10 Forex Galactico installed on EURUSD H1 chart with default settings except MM is on...

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