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Stopped Demo Testing GapMagic Demo Test Voluntarily Quit

Average Pips per Week:-7 up (Gross Pips: -532.4)
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Average P/L per Week:-0.18% up (Gross P/L: -13.02%)
Maximum Equity used:32.03% (2011 February 23, 17:46)
Test started:12-18-2010
Test Stopped:06-27-2012 (Tested 79.5 weeks)
Test Log:

We'd like to thank Forex Goldmine team for supplying us with the pre-release copy of GapMagic EA for our performance testing !

06.28.12 Test stopped per the owner's request.

12.19.10 GapMagic installed on EURUSD, AUDUSD, GBPNZD, GBPAUD, CADJPY and EURNZD H1 charts with recommended in manual settings...

In general Sunday gap trading seems simple. Forex trading is suspended at around 4:00PM U.S. Eastern (NYC) time on Friday each week. When the market re-opens for trading at around 5:00PM on Sunday, the price is usually NOT where it was when it finished trading on Friday. Sunday night's trading action frequently starts off with the price suddenly a good distance AWAY from where it left off on Friday. It's as if a 'gap' suddenly appear in the charts, a space where the price never traded. Everyone knows about this gap, but only a few strategies are able to profit from it.

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