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Stopped Real Monitoring Pfx EA Real Test Crashed & Burned

Average Pips per Week:-19 up (Gross Pips: -344.1)
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Average P/L per Week:-19.34% up (Gross P/L: -98.09%)
Maximum Equity used:90.01% (2012 March 2, 08:20)
Test started:10-24-2011
Test Stopped:03-01-2012 (Tested 18.4 weeks)
Test Log:

We appreciate PerformanceForex.com sharing the Live performance of their EA with Forex Peace Army traders Community!

Please contact PerformanceForex.com support if you have any questions about the settings used in this test.

11.17.11 Pfx EA Real test started with help of Investor Access...

Developer Descriptions: We've trade for over 10 years.Creating this robot was really tough... We have some very high standards. We're testing this trading system and our near future we will make available to the public. To not miss any promotions and the chance to be the first to use it and be updated about further news and results of operations please visit www.performanceforex.com

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What's Trading?

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When Trading?

Trades are opened (Broker time):

When Trading Week chart When Trading Hour chart

Average trade length: 12 hours 6 minutes
Average trades opened daily/weekly/monthly: 4/17/49

Maximum Equity Usage Recorded, %

When Trading Week chart

Recorded on 2012 March 2, 08:20 Broker time