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Stopped Demo Testing Steady Winner Demo Test

Average Pips per Week:4 up (Gross Pips: 253.7)
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Average P/L per Week:0.18% up (Gross P/L: 12.80%)
Maximum Equity used:4.88% (2011 November 16, 10:06)
Test started:03-17-2011
Test Stopped:06-18-2012 (Tested 65.5 weeks)
Test Log:

SteadyWinner developer provides free access to the basic version of EA (real or demo), if only we had more services like that !

06.19.12 Test stopped. The demo account expired due to the transition of IBFX merging GotMoneyFX.

07.28.11 SteadyWinner creator suggested FPA to rise the PercentToRisk from 2% to 5%. It now trades in a very conservative style and 5% risk is well within safety margin and suit better for smaller accounts.
07.05.11 Steady Winner updated to v5.0
03.25.11 Steady Winner updated to full version - we want to thank developer for sending us full version as free gift!
03.17.11 Steady Winner installed on EURUSD H1 chart with default settings... Developer recommend 2% risk principle (well described on his site), so as free EA trades 0.02 lot only on micro account, we opened demo account with $500 deposit  to risk 2% on the trade...

From site: EA is based on three simple principles:

1. Follow the trend. There are many indicators helping traders to find out the trend. The indicators I use is just some Expotential  MAs on different timeframes. The method is very simple, but surprisingly effective.

2. Enter buy or sell when there is a good position. A good position to buy is when the trend is going up and we buy at a dip. And we do the opposite to make a sell entry. A good positon is sometimes more important than whether we are with the trend or not.

3. Enter the market when there is momentum. The first 2 principles alone will make the EA profitable. The thrid principle can make the drawdown a bit smaller.

4. Exit when there is a good position. There is a fixed take profit and a stoploss for each order. However, there are also an internal takeprofit and an internal stoploss. The EA will try to find a better position to exit when the market situation is not favourable. This help to reduce losses and drawdown.

Though not a professional programmer, I have been learning, testing and programming EAs for some years. To my surprise, SteadyWinner, which only based on some simple and traditional indicators, performs even better than many commercial EAs I have tested.

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