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Average Pips per Week:7 up (Gross Pips: 601.9)
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Average P/L per Week:0.13% up (Gross P/L: 12.07%)
Maximum Equity used:1.38% (2010 October 21, 04:30)
Test started:10-07-2010
Test Stopped:06-28-2012 (Tested 89.9 weeks)
Test Log:

Very creative marketing, I must admit. First I was shown a page saying that ... I am too late. After that I joined the list and was redirected to the page with the video. You must have seen those lo...ooooooo...ng sales letters when you need to scroll down the page for a while before getting to that "Buy Now" button. Well, it's the same type of video, and unfortunately no controls to fast forward it. You must watch it and at the end when you are all exhausted (or excited - depends on you temperament) you get to buy the EA.

I have no desire to repeat after them the whole story, and apparently the strategies are too secret to discuss, so let's just test this EA

06.28.12 Test stopped. The website is closed.

10.07.10 The Robot Event installed on EURUSD M30 chart with default settings except MM is ON...

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