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Last Updated: 2016-07-28
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FPA Review Moderation Team, USA

Rating: No Rating
Date of Post:2011-01-27
Review: We haven't tried the forex trading signals from If you've used these signals to help you trade forex, please leave a review here.

ZsebiBaba, , Hungary

Date of Post:2016-07-28
Review: 80-120 pips a month. Big ups and downs. I'd love to know what is behind their trading ideas. Not to copy it any more, just out of curiousity.
Don't fall for them.

Kalapos, , Hungary

Date of Post:2016-07-28
Review: Very poor service, for the price especially. Look for something else, that's my advice.

Zsolter, , Hungary

Date of Post:2016-07-26
Review: No real proof, no live account, they state they have a live account at, but even if it is true, it is a very clever thing to do because if one pays for it to forexverified, it can't be shared.
They are clever but definitely not honest.

B Stonie, Kentucky, USA

Date of Post:2016-07-05
Review: This service is an excellent value and delivers me 20-50 pips many days I trade. I simply turn on the HFS copier and boom - here comes the trades.

There's a bit of confusion here I think on some of the reviews because people are mad they did not make 1000 pips in a month or whatever. I have averaged 500-700 Pips Per Month.

The service is definitely delivery consistent profits. You just can't expect to get rich from it overnight. :)

Happy camper here and strongly recommend Honest Forex Signals!

Roger Klapman, Manchester, United Kingdom

Date of Post:2016-07-01
Review: This service has changed my trading dramatically. I have gone from being a VERY emotional trader to disciplined. I use to lose sleep at night because of trades and now allowing Robbie to trade professionally for me and close trades out during the day it makes me feel so much better. His "don't chase the bus, wait for the next bus" is a truly brilliant, simply strategy of taking quality trades". I'm +2600 pips in 3 months and could not be a happier member of this service.
If you need a serious Forex Group, these are your people. It's definitely not for the get rich/binary crowd but it's a very quality service! Thank you R & K!

Locker, , United Kingdom

Date of Post:2016-06-23
Review: Bad signal. Not recommended at all. Losing way too much between winners. Liars about everything.
Comment: Added by Ken Dempsey on 2016-06-28 10:32
  No members with your name, nor are you really a member or you'd attach any type of proof or contact our support. Another lovely competitor or troll. If anyone has any issues receiving trades anytime, call or email our support, 7 days a week. We help our members and 90% of them make big pips and love it. If you're serious, do contact us so we can help you. Thank you. - Ken

Lyle Harriett, Arizona, USA

Date of Post:2016-06-18
Review: HFS has achieved over 9000 Pips in about 15 months of my membership.

This is verified on my MT4 Account with Oanda, the Myfxbook, and Forexverified accounts, etc.

It amazes me some people who expect to get rich with a Forex signal service.

I've made over $32,000 (USD) trading with Honest Forex Signals and I am a very happy member....

If you want honest people in FX, look to the FPA, and then Ken and Robbie - you won't find people giving it to you any straighter!

Happy trading.

Henry Thompson, Manchester, United Kingdom

Rating: No Rating
Date of Post:2016-06-14
Trading the Spot FX Market for over 6 years now. I have utilized EAs and Signals services since 2010.  I made the mistake my first year of attempting to trade the market purely from my own technical analysis as an amateur trader. That was a very foolish mistake.
HFS trading has been very fruitful for me.  7 winning months. 1 losing month.  Winning months have been 300-1100 Pips.  All intra-day action from Robbie. The trade copier is lightening fast. 
I have never had any slippage and my brokerage is known to have some "issues" at times.

Very happy trader, or copier I should say!

FPA Review Moderation Team Note: 5 Star Rating removed.

The wording of the posts from Georgio, Limassol Cyprus on 2016-05-31 and Henry Thompson, Manchester, United Kingdom on 2016-06-14 are identitical.
Comment: Added by Ken Dempsey on 2016-06-28 10:32
  We have no members with this name.

Alex Suprun, Tel Aviv, Israel

Date of Post:2016-06-13
Review: Ken provided completely wrong information. In his site written that all their trades are verified by I've contacted them and asked about HFS signal. Yesterday I've received answer -
"We tested them back in 2013 but couldn't get the results to line up with their website. They were pretty bad. They kept telling us about a new version coming soon that would fix it all but it never came and eventually we just gave up on them."
In addition I tried to get pefromance statistics from their support and after several week I didn't get anithing.
If you want to earn some money, please find some other signal provider.

2016-05-01 2 Stars There is no any verified information about performance at the site. The published old results and I could found any usefull inforamation.
I got only 35 pips profit in April with the signal.

Comment: Added by Ken Dempsey on 2016-05-07
Please contact tech support so we can ensure you are receiving all our trades asap - thank you!
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