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Last Updated: 2014-09-22
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RBS now owns Abnaromarketindex.


The Royal Bank of Scotland ceased closed the Market Index trading platform on November 8, 2013.

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michael, wien

Date of Post:2009-02-05
Review: one of the worst brokers i've been trading with so far.
spread widening, huge slippage, technical problems...

dont wanna keep on talking, cause its pointless

Will, London

Rating: No Rating
Date of Post:2008-09-15
Review: We are preparing a class action suit against ABN and its parent companies RBS and Fortis. If you are interested please post a yes on this site and we will then give the contact details to all in the coming days. We are seeking compensation in the form of treble damages above the cost of legal and time involved to file and participate. This will be in the range of 300 billion as well as the damage which will be done from the media campaign in the coming days.

The time has come for the big firms to answer for their wrong doings.

Please consider your participation in this action as we want restitution for all of their system failures over the last six months. Three of which affected our consortium in the last sixty days.

Review Moderation Team Note: Please start a thread in the Scam Alerts Folder of the FPA Community Forums if you want to try to gather up a group to discuss actions against a specific company.

DTM, London

Date of Post:2008-09-09
Review: This is by far the WORST system I've ever used.
Considerable losses have been incurred as a result of their constant incompetance. 4 Complete system failures in the last couple of months. That's utterly unacceptable!

peter, Switzerland

Date of Post:2008-08-05
Review: WARNING!


You will be extremely frustrated.

Useless system during fast moving markets. They excuse with technical problems.

Technical problems always occure, when important datas are released, which nothing but a lie. Since they settle manually, the trader sitting in London switches of to settle all orders until he is balanced again.

The way they handle everything and is not only loss-making for clients but criminal.

Its time that the German regulator BAFin has a look into it!

1 technical problem per month ok, but they have several a day.

In addition a can only support everything already posted.

Paul, Ireland

Date of Post:2008-05-26
Review: Been trading for 5 years now and tried numerous brokers, but this is going nowhere with AbnAmro, although I thought they were a big bank and cared about their customers. Delayed executions caused me losses. And to start with, it took me about 1 month to open the account!!

Cristian F., Romania

Date of Post:2008-05-20
Review: Very bad for news trading, id stay away as much as possible. Lost alot of my money because of slippage and spread widenning during news events.

Martin, Germany

Date of Post:2008-05-13
Review: I won`t recommend this broker because of the following issues:
- platfoorm is unstable and freezes quite often
- huge spread widening (esp. for news events)
- bad fills
- complicated way of opening an account
- unfriendly customer service

the positive thing about abn is the possibilty to trade xdax there.
however, there are lots of better brokers out there. no need to sign up with this one.

keris, slovenia

Date of Post:2008-05-13
Review: very bad broker for news trading. platform freeze many times and i lost 70% of my money here. this is a scam.

jacco, vienna

Date of Post:2008-02-22
Review: worst broker ever even compared to oanda
be prepared for shitty taxes, 3-5 sekonds orderdelay, huge spreads when news are comming in and the worst: sometimes during volatile periods their server is down sometimes for several hours
that means your stops or take profit will not be executed during that breakdown sometimes this means the margincall will f*** u
no chance to reach them on the phone its like u gamble with the devil i have other brokers to hedge the position if they have a breakdown
they have often broken charts due to technical problems
their pivots suck and the charts are from the stoneage
only useful to trade dax and ftse because of the cheap 1 pip spread but the fact that they are very often down (even in nonvolatile times) makes this plattform for shortterm traders a gamble
imagine u want to scalp the dax for example for some pips and suddenly they are off u are caught in your position without a stop even if u set one. last time i traded the S&P500 i entered the market at 21:15 european time
suddenly the the server said good bye and i couldnt trade till next day at midday so the server was down for about 14!!!! hours
nobody can tell me it takes so long to fix the problem. if there are misstrades forget to hope that u will ever get back the money they will not even write back if u send a complain email. lol and compare once oanda with abnmarketindex
allthough u would think oanda provides abn the plattform that they have the same taxes they dont oanda has much better and precise taxes.
they have in the same underlying sometimes a
3-5 pips difference just compare and u will find it out.

Mark UK, London

Date of Post:2008-01-19
Review: I was with them for couple of weeks. They have complicated way of opening acc and You have to declare big yearly earnings while opening account.

secondly they froze on news sometimes , double spread durign night time I saw they hit stop losses when real price does not .

I been kicked out after 3 or 4 news trades which did not make me happy. I personally prefer oanda where my acc stay open .
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