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Last Updated: 2014-09-21
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FPA Review Moderation Team, USA

Rating: No Rating
Date of Post:2009-12-01
Review: We haven't tried a forex trading account with If you've traded forex with this broker, please leave a review.

Dusan, Europe, Slovenia

Date of Post:2014-09-11
Review: SmartTradeFX is a big SCAM!

I sent Funds Withdrawal Request on August 12, 2014 and till now I still haven't received anything. 20 days later and after few mails they finally answered that »management cannot honor my withdrawal request due to the unacceptable nature of your trading«. They said that I abused the system by placing of very large numbers of orders in a short time, such as multiple orders in a second which is NOT TRUE! I always enter the market with one order and then I close it part by part to collect the profit/loss and to reduce the risk. So it could seem like I am entering multiple orders, but I am not, but they don't even listen to me, when I want to proof them.

I sent many emails to [email protected], [email protected] and [email protected] but I haven't received any detailed responses.

They know I haven't done anything wrong, but they just don't want to pay me.

SmartTradeFX is a BIG FRAUD!

allen, new york, USA (really Israel)

Date of Post:2014-09-03
Review: wow I am happily surprised! I've been trading with smart tradefx for a few months now and I gotta admit I'm always very cautious but there an amazing company! forex is smart tradefx! lightning execution, never had a problem with SL or TP, outsatnding customer serves william olga... and my favorite part is that two days ago I made a large withdrawal and in it's already in my private account back home :-) I don't have enough words to explain my pleasure to have finally found a straight clean and quick company!!!!

Review Moderation Team Note: 5 Star rating removed.

This review was submitted from the offices of SmartTradeFX in Israel.

Per FPA policy, the rating on this review has been changed to Zero stars.

The FPA does not appreciate review spammers.

Changgang Liu, California, USA

Date of Post:2014-08-20
Review: My case is simple, they don't allow my withdraw. I lost some money with them, but that is OK. I just want the remaining back, but they want to take them ALL!

On Aug 4 I filled a request to withdraw all my remaining balance from my account in Their customer support Catriel told me SOON. Then no response for 10 days.

I sent them email again on Aug 14, They said they couldn't find my account. I searched all my emails and finally found that they changed their system because MT4 system changed. I gave them new account number. They said they found my account and I still have positive balance in it but they make excuse again. They want to charge dormancy fee for 5% a month! I haven't trade for one and half year so I will lose all my balance. I never saw this term when I open my account. They said it was new. However I didn't get notice about any term change. I told them if they don't refund I will file a case in FPA and to Canada and US stock and security trading agencies. This time they replied shortly but with another excuese. Fortunately I still kept the wire receipt of 3 years ago. I sent it to them, Then they became silent again.


Hello XXXX,

The Accounting has located your account and the funds and we are willing to waive the fees associated with dormancy.

However, since the balance is very old and the propriety of funds cannot be adequately established, would you please furnish the proof of your deposits, such as wire receipt if the account was funded by wire, etc.?

Should you be unable to provide such proof, we will be happy to leave the funds on your account and let you trade them.
Kindest regards,

Customer Service Department
SmartTradeFX ECN Broker
England: +44 20 351 42936
North America: +1 888 613 STFX (7839)
Russia: +7 499 638 4718
Spain: + 34 94 123 8955
Australia: +612 852 03520

[email protected]

2014-08-18 1Star I have an account with them since a few years before. Since I lost money and I am too busy, I emailed them to withdraw my money, which is not a big number. It is less than 2000. I sent request on Aug 4, 2014 After a couple days, finally a man named Catriel replied and said that they would process it soon. Then no money no response till I called them again 10 days later on Aug 14. A man said that they would process it right away. Then today Aug 18, still nothing happens.

Also I just found all their support email, [email protected], accounting@,,,, info@...,customeersupport@.. are bouced back saying [email protected] is full. I don't think a normal business can leave their support emails broken for this long time without fixing. I guess this company is near broken. Please be warned.

Anyway I want my money back ASAP.

claude hamelin, montreal, Canada

Rating: No Rating
Date of Post:2013-12-19
Review: great broker and great support . Been with them for 3 years.The ONLY broker I have tried that don't give you trouble when you try withdrawing money. The other brokers I have tried,withdrawing money is like pulling a tooth from them. All kinds of excuses not to send money like identification out of date, cannot refund by credit card, cannot read document, all kinds of complicated procedures etc.etc.

ns, Beirut, Lebanon

Date of Post:2013-07-04
Review: Well, I am new to trading, just one year with this broker, all is going well, never faced any issues with them, my losses were all my mistakes and my wins the proper trading I've done. I did not make a withdrawal request yet because I'm trying to grow my account still, will be updating when doing so or for any other matter, for now, excellent.

Paul S, Alabama, USA

Date of Post:2013-06-19
Review: I have been trading with SmartTrade Fx for about two years and have been extremely pleased. The spreads are consistent, the platform has been stable and the customer service has been excellent. All of my withdrawal requests have been processed quickly and the money has always been in my bank account in a matter of days. I have used several brokers over the years but this one is my favorite.

Muhammad Alharbi, London , United Kingdom

Date of Post:2013-06-12
Review: I have opened an account with SmartTradeFX, and after three weeks I asked to withdraw my profit and as I expected from a good company to be , I received my money to my bank account in 3 days.
Inshaallah I will continue to do business with this broker. It's good to mention that I've got a very good service from this company .

Stephen, Washington, USA

Date of Post:2013-06-05
Review: I must say I do not agree with the previous posts. I have traded with Smart Trade FX for a while now. I have not experienced any of the problems that they have. I like their low spreads and instant execution. I have never been re quoted in price. There was a issue with liquidity once and they refunded the account. So I can not complain because they made the situation right. I have seen worse problems and experienced worse problems with other brokers. The one thing I can tell you is they are not thieves just trying to steal peoples money that is an absolute joke. So I am not sure if I can give them 5 stars but I do know their GM and he works hard to try and make clients happy. You will never make everyone happy no matter what but at least they try.

Karon Lewis, Kissimmee, USA

Date of Post:2013-05-26
Review: I stopped using them they changed. Theyre only goal is to make money by stealing it from there clients. %100 dealing desk. When ever you enter the market you will get delayed up to 5 seconds so they enter you at the worst price. Server will suddenly freeze for 5 minutes with no warning. They dont care about SL TP levels and the "News" volatility is bulls***. I trade with profiforex now and the server is just fine during news. The sec investigated brokers like these and found they bought plug in programs for mt4 that lets them do Asymmetrical pricing and manipulate trades. NEVER BELEIVE AND EXCUSE FROM A BROKER THEY LIE. SERVER DOWN, DELAYS, MISS TLSL ARE ALL TOOLS THEY USE TO STEAL MONEY FROM CLEINTS.

Why do you think they offer such high leverage ? the prime brokers would never support that leverage meaning that smarttrade must provide liquiduty themselves, and no broker is going to pay out of there own money. They were good at first but greed got to them, if you care about ur own money dont give them any. I use a different broker today and never had a problem .

2012-04-23 5 Stars Still with them

They rebuilt there website and hired new staffed in january and the result was very slow execution which was frustrating. I also had massive slippage on TP and SL but thank fully they reimbursed me for every penny. Today they switched over to new servers and i must say this is the fastest execution i have ever had trading mt4. I also asked them about the negative reviews such as from bob usa and they said they were fake. I never usually believe a broker but Bob complaint seems fishy.

I give 5 stars because they have never chased my stop loss and have, or traded against me, to be honest i almost left due to the execution but there new server is lighting fast.

To be fair i have never withdrew any money so i cant attest to withdrawals but even that fraud bob says he got all his money house.

FPA Review Moderation Team Note: Some portions of this review have been removed. Different traders will have different opinions and experiences. If you wish to start a discussion about the company, please use the discussion thread linked to this review page.

2011-07-30 5 Stars Hands down the only legitimate retail broker online, outside major instituion like mf global

Trades reflect the same ecn spread of demo account and they even let me trade new and scalp


As far as the comment under me if there were a scam broker u would not recieved any of ur funds u are just a idiot to make 3 reviews in a matter of 3 days and still got ur money they are people suing fx brokers for years after loosing hundreds of thousands and u dare leave a bad review for the only broker that legitimate why do u visit forex peace army list of scams for brokers in there review section and see what criminals do


2011-07-03 Update

I got in contact with them they also offer oil and indices trading will be setting up a live account soon and report back

They are the highest rated broker on this sight so well see how it goes




Rebuttal: Added by Alex on 2013-06-05 02:41
  It was your own decision to take on the additional leverage of 1:1000
Unfortunately your account was under capitalized and your strategy did not take into account the risk in the market properly.
Trade mark mistakes from a new trader. If you like we can introduce you to a trading coach that might be able to help you out of give you some pointers.
Did you ever contact us about issues with your trades? Please send us references to the trades you had in question. If you don’t bring those instances to our attention we cannot help you.
All of our orders go through a bridge directly to the market.
We never trade against our clients or use trading plugins.
We stand by our execution and the quality of fills.
The reason why we provide the higher leverage is to offer a product that clients are asking for. We are able to do so because we put up additional funds with our liquidity sources to support that additional leverage for clients.
We understand that clients don’t like losing money, but we do not appreciate it when you are blaming the broker for a poor trading strategy or trading choice. If you would like to offer people a clear perspective please feel free to post your trading record to back up your claims.
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