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Last Updated: 2015-10-05
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FPA Review Moderation Team, USA

Rating: No Rating
Date of Post:2008-04-02
Review: We don't have any experience using 2pipsforex (Global Clearing Group LTD) as a forex broker. If you have traded forex with them, please leave a review.

Nikola , Ruma, Serbia and Montenegro

Date of Post:2015-09-04
Review: They are very professional. The instructions I am receiving from GCGL has helped me a lot. They are straightforward about what to expect. Thanks

María Gutiérrez, Coahuila, Mexico

Date of Post:2015-08-19
Review: 2pipsforex offers a simple and reliable forex trading platform. All the trading information is fully disclosed and displayed upfront in the website. Even new traders like me would never feel worried using 2pipsforex. The website is very easy to use and gives clear instructions that are easy to understand. Even so, when I feel that I am a bit confused about anything, I can always rely on their efficient Customer Service team. They are very professional and patient to answer inquiries coming from new traders like me. The team gives sound advice.

Mikhail Mikolyuk, Kiev, Ukraine

Date of Post:2015-07-30
Review: Global Clearing Group is truly a lifesaver! They are super-fast, reliable and truly effective for your everyday forex trading needs. I initially had doubt to use their services but saw they have a Practice Account platform and wanted to give it a try. The Demo Software is easy to use and gave me confidence how to use the site moving forward.
There was a time that I met a technical glitch in the middle of my transaction but the Customer Support provided me with a much-needed help, I cannot ask for more! Thanks

Farah B., Algiers, Algeria

Date of Post:2015-07-07
Review: I have now been using GCG for four months now and I most pleased about the results I have had trading with them. When I suggested if they could take over my account, they have been very fast and very aggressive traders, I made about a very nice profit in the space of only a few days. Also, it is quickly apparent that they run by people due to any questions I posed answered by email in very reasonable time. The prices are aggressive and I have been impressed with the sheer amount of pips per month.

Jeff Baas, Michigan, USA

Date of Post:2015-07-01
Review: I was initially put off by the layout of the website, so I suggest anyone who is feeling the same have a look at the results they post of the current trade amounts. In the end, results are the best way to judge a service and they have some convincing features. can be subscribed to any time and provide reasonable rates for their signals. The emails are clear, concise and are on time. The prices have been competitive and on point with a lot of more expensive providers.

Name: Mahesh sakhare, Kalaburagi, India

Date of Post:2015-05-22
Review: Sai Mahesh Kumar write: Sai Mahesh Kumar
17. April um 21:32
This person cheated me with global clearing house ltd glasgow for $15000 sold me his robot and told me to open the abovesaid broker and they with his tie up looted from me $15000 and not opened the fores account. Beware of these person and broker. I have a Strong proof regarding two persons 1) Alfred Georgeson and Churls McMillan. Please help me to recover my money

Mohan, Bangalore, India

Date of Post:2013-05-06
Review: SCAM!!! This is the worst broker ever... Never ever think of trading with this broker. They manipulate the charts.

They opened an account for me after i made a transfer of $2000 to their Liberty Reserve account. Immediately i started trading. I was shocked to see that the minimum order lots is 1 and opening and closing orders takes about average 10 secs(extremely slow). Thought will give it a try and opened a buy order with 1 lots. The price immediately fell 100 pips down and I lost $110 (The price dint fall 100 pips down on exness and thinkforex at this time). It was a real shock. Again I opened more orders.. the orders were opening of about 100 pips away from the price shown on the chart. The price doesn't come back until you close the order with loss. Now totally i lost about $370 within 10 minutes and stopped trading with them. I'm asking for a refund. Worried what they are going to do.

Be Aware!! They are the WORST brokers I have ever seen.

Marvin Webster (nevercaughtup), Manila, Philippines

Date of Post:2013-01-28
Review: Until today they have been trying to pull this scam off again on A trader ID joeca had an account for a little over a year, but suddenly he uploaded a broker verified account showing he had withdrawn over $400,000 USD and all of his plays were scalps for 3 standard lots. Another community member told me he had messaged joeca and found out that he had an EA he used to make all that money and he would sell it to him if he wired him $500 by Western Union. He asked me if I thought it was worth it. I told him if it was legit it was, but asked him to let me do some checking first. I figured the withdrawals could not be phony unless his broker was in on it so I began researching his broker Global Clearing Group. My first stop in the research was here and wow was I treated to an exact description of what was taking place. I posted a scam alert on and sent support information with a link to these reviews. Thank you Forex Peace Army for making this info available because this was a very elaborate scam and If not for what I discovered here I believe several of our community members would have been taken in by it . . . probably even me.

manar alsardi, irbid, Jordan

Date of Post:2012-10-18
Review: but there very big problem which teams prices between platform demo platform and real company has caused a loss of client most tally with science I've sending the company before signing with them and ask them about the prices in the platform demo as it is in real and they said yes, knowing that I compared prices with real demo and there is a difference very scary and it hurts familiar with your reputation and my reputation as an agent of the company have been queries earlier and you said it licensed and prices were filtered demo also is real and I am now must know why this manipulation the great prices and science client Arslm you screen shot and published emails and screen shot in the global Forex Forum and even the company does not respond to e-mails sent by the client is requesting a full explanation from you and the company and offset the company's manipulation of prices and will be published all email that has
I ask you to bear your full responsibility for the direction of my clients because this will harm the reputation of your company
Attachment of your screen shot
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