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Last Updated: 2015-07-06
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Date of Post:2014-06-04
Review: The 35pips signals has been so profitable for me over the years i joined them in 2012 and as at this year they have been consistent.

Ben, Cossb, Germany

Date of Post:2014-05-29
Review: good signals!
great email support - I had to wait 2 hours to get an answer but it is okay.
at the beginning I had problems with the EA. it shows "illegal host" but the supporter has helped me very quickly.
I can recommend this signal provider.

Todd T., MI, USA

Date of Post:2014-04-10
Review: i checked the statement and noticed USDCAD on 3/18 and 3/19 two of five long positions were opened at 1.11188 & 1.11446 and closed at loss 1.10671 and 1.10429 on 3/19 but low price of USDCAD on that 3/19 and 3/20 was 1.11728. It appears the statement is fabricated.

see all, phuket, Thailand

Date of Post:2014-04-09
Review: U have to be joking, these clowns suck u in with the low price, never answer emails in full, its like they have 100 templates and just select one for u....

mneedless to say, they blew up my 5 k live account, forget them!!!

hetigre, paris, France

Date of Post:2014-04-02
Review: Terrible system. They open lots of order, close only a few of them so their closed position are always profits... But if you follow their instructions, you quickly have thousands of pips of potential losses and your margin skyrockets.
Communication is inexistant (they will only respond with the same automated emails after weeks of waiting). Avoid absolutely.

GrahamB46, Lower Hutt, New Zealand

Date of Post:2014-03-19
Review: Bad News. Paid for a 12 Month sub last August(2013) and still can not download info on set-up and no meaningful attempt by 35PIP 'team' to communicate with me.

Seth Keller, Georgia, USA

Date of Post:2014-03-18
Review: This is a follow up to the review I left on 2014-01-21. I stopped receiving signal emails after trying to go live. I sent several emails to resolve the problem and I only got partial answers. After four weeks I sent an email to explain my position before leaving and the service was started again then stopped a second time a few weeks later.

I was also offered free service because I was so happy with the service. However, what is the point of free service if I stop getting the signals.

My opinion now is that is unreliable and I won't recommend them. I’m not the first person to deal with these issues. My advice is to look at the negative reviews as worthwhile before making a decision.

2014-01-21 5Star I've been using the EA service for the past several months and I'm really happy with the signals and the service.

When I first started checking out signal providers I really didn't know who was good. After checking some reviews I found 35pip and can honestly say the positive reviews are right. The low price may be hard to believe but after some first hand experience I can say that these guys are the real deal.

Fred, Hellevotsluis, Netherlands

Date of Post:2014-02-03
Review: I want to stop receiving the signals for months. Because all closings of 0.0 pips are lied.But the mail keeps coming. Repeatedly asked to stop, nothing helps.

2013-01-28 4Star My account almost explodes. What a great service signals gives 35pip. com!
You must quickly write in for this great service!
As I last already wrote: "you get rich while you sleep"

2013-01-10 4Star Make profit with Forex is difficult. At PIP35. com succeed though!! I use the EA now for two months and have already almost 100% profit on my account.
I can recommend everyone PIP35. com!
Earn money while you sleep.

Albert Gross, Vienna, Austria

Date of Post:2014-01-21
Review: I subscribed to 35 Pip .com's signals and so far the service and the working of the EA is very good. The profit started flowing almost immediately and this makes me very happy!

daniel, Kiev, Ukraine

Date of Post:2013-12-20
Review: I've purchased this service jan 2013. Have no problems with them, using on VPS. Good support, good connection.
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