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Last Updated: 2014-07-23

Alpari UK are forex brokers. Alpari UK offers the MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5 top forex trading programs. offers over 50 forex pairs for your personal investment and trading options.

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FPA Review Moderation Team, USA

Rating: No Rating
Date of Post:2006-02-11
Review: We do not have any experience with this broker. If you have used them, please kindly submit your review above.

Ariel, RS, Brazil

Date of Post:2014-07-21
Review: I work with MT5 and VPS Alpari UK - Its Ok - Withdraw is OK and fast. I happy with Alpari UK.

Luke, UK, United Kingdom

Date of Post:2014-06-26
Review: I had practiced demo for a long time on Alpari. I didn't know at the time the feed was coming from there pro account. So spreads were fine. When I opened a classic account the spreads are quite poor 2.0 rather than 0.8 on eurusd I was used to.

Deposits and withdraws are quick and reliable.

The leverage on offer is 500:1 which is to high in my eyes as one wrong move could blow your account.

The automatic closeout level is 20% of margin this is also a little low when you compare it to Oanda who closeout level is 50% of margin.

MT5 on alpari offers nice spreads on a par with MT4 pro but without the fee. Not very easy to use custom indicators but if using moving averages it does the job.

Tarik, Lübeck, Germany

Date of Post:2014-06-23
Review: Hi all, this is my second review to Alpari, now I can give 4 stars to Alpari , they have a big change in there Company, the new account type ( Market ) is very good but still with high spreads, I back to them again with new account and I enjoyed with them

2014-03-14 1StarVery bad brocker. they are proud by their lower spreads but they stealing us by the take profit or stop loss, always + or - many pips. there is many closed positions not in the history trading. if you look to the MT4 pro demo or real in Xauusd weekly chart, every week end they change the closed price of last week to make problem in weekly pivot points but on the end of monday they correct it. one day my real account become -119 usd .
I tried the mt4 pro on demo account and in the first position on gold I lost about 1300 pips in 1 minute and the account become in (-). it was funny becouse in there chart the price moved only about 200 pips but the closed position lost 1300 pips. I have many problems with them but my English didnt help me to explain more I am sorry.
I left them and till now I didn't found good broker, all of them stealing us in different way

Jukka Korhonen, Helsinki, Finland

Date of Post:2014-06-12
Review: I read the comments below, none of them I have encountered. So I am only saying anything from my experience. Alpari is the best broker I have used, true. I have used some really scam broker, such as AGEA, a notrious money sucker scammer based in Montenegro. Alpari on the contray is honest and trust-worthy, I withdraw my money easily and not any tricks to block me, so far. And execution speed is really fast, I am very happy with it. And live support is quite good, I got answers whenever I need from them. One thing not good enough is their platform comparison, quite misleading for me, and the description is exaggerated, such start from '0 pip', actually I have nenver seen any 0 pip moment in my account, the smallest spread is USD/JPY, around 0.8 pip mostly. Generally, I like Apari, I believe they are a very decent company.

Gabriele, Milano, Italy

Date of Post:2014-05-30
Review: I'm a client of this broker since early 2013.

Good spread, fast execution, fast and free funding, cashback available, strongly regulated, safety of fund.

unstable swap with lately change, withdrawal only via wire and relatively expensive.

RECOMMENDED: Y/N. 3 Stars. Good for backup, not for main.

Richard, London, United Kingdom

Date of Post:2014-03-03
Review: I tried almost all forex brokers in the UK and Alpari was definitely the worst of them. On a regular basis trades are just simply rejected even when there is no big volatility. Slippage is common there too. To put it simply execution sucks ...... There are better brokers out there and make yourself a favour by staying out of Alpari.

Mohammed Alhamed, Khobar, Saudi Arabia

Date of Post:2013-12-02
Review: Ok, someone please tell that i have not been scammed.
Well i lost and gained many pips from alpari, but whats really disgusting is what happened today, 5 minutes before GBP manufacturing PMI; when I opened postion 0.7 lot @ 1.63854 a sell order of GBP/USD, adjusted SL @1.63910, yet i lost -214.2 Dollars where it shouldnt be more than 39.2 dollars if my SL was honored. Now had they called it "MAYBE Stop Loss" i wouldnt even have bothered!
Comment: Added by Alexander Chadwick on 2013-12-02 11:38
  Hi Mohammed,

Thank you for your post. However, this is incorrect - we did not call it ‘MAYBE Stop Loss.’ As explained in our correspondence to you, your order was placed shortly before the economic news release in the UK regarding Markit Manufacturing PMI (Nov). Due to this announcement , your S/L level was passed, causing the closing of your trade at exactly the same time as the news were released, as can be verified by the information in your journal.

Orders are never guaranteed because if volatility is high, prices can be missed and we may not be able to obtain a quote for you at the price you requested. Orders are also sometimes filled away from the desired price due to gaps in the market. This occurs because currency prices can sometimes be very volatile or liquidity can be thin.

To add some background, slippage is not an invention of the retail FX market. It exists in the Inter-Bank FX market and has done even as far back as when the principal method of trading was by shouting.

Part of the problem here lies around the execution conventions of certain order types. The convention around Stop Loss orders is that they are open-ended. There is a risk of slippage that is determined by the prices available in the market, but the understanding has always been that these are an "at best" order – because as painful as some slippage might be, it might be a lot more painful if the order just isn't filled at all.

With Stop orders you have to remember that, by definition, you will always be trading in the direction of least liquidity – and some slippage should be factored in. FX is remarkably uncomplicated in this regard. It always follows the path of least resistance. Occasionally this slippage might be modest, but the realistic fact is that when you trade at the point of greatest uncertainty there is no way to pre-define your risk. A Stop Loss is not an inoculation against risk, nor is it a means of transferring your risk to your broker.

The common complaint around slippage really boils down to individuals unhappy that no-one wanted to sell cheaply to them in a rising market or buy at a high price from them in a falling one.

This is not an uncommon criticism, but you need to consider the other side of the equation, which is quite simply -what's in it for them ?
By what right does any participant in the market feel he should be able to force his counter-party to trade at a price that doesn’t suit him ?

This comes back to this risks associated with trading news releases – they can be very profitable – but they can also cause significant loss. Please bear in mind that trading on the news is a valid strategy yet it is risky. This simply means that if you are willing to take the risk, you ought to be prepared to embrace both its advantages and disadvantages.

Additionally it is important to clarify that your order was closed by the Stop Out system that Alpari operates. This system operates automatically if the equity on an account falls below 20% of the required margin.


Alexander Chadwick
Alpari (UK) Representative

Zahl Buhari, london, United Kingdom

Rating: No Rating
Date of Post:2013-10-31
Review: Many thanks for your response to my query below Alex and apologies for not mentioning in my post that my ac was a demo account and not an actual live account.

Z Buhari

2013-08-02 1 Star 25/072013 - Trade of 100K GBP/JPY placed at price 150.895.

02/08/2013 - Price had gone up to 150.35, so before non pharms news announcement, I prudently placed a stop loss at 151.100.

The trade not only did not stop me out at my set stop loss of 151.100, but I was eventually stopped out at a price of 149.48!

Alpari's customer service team, using a standard template explanation of slippage, advise me that this 170 point difference is slippage, and further insult me by patronising me about trading risks! what a load of BS!

After providing them with a screenshot of my stop loss in place, Alpari's dedicated customer service team response was "We have answered your question, and only answer on a case by case basis!

The fact is that i entered a stop loss which should have closed the trade at 151.100, well in profit. I end up with an exit price of 149.480!! Incidentally, and a remarkable coincidence that the price only went down to 149.30, and I am stopped out as far in loss as possible! How can this broker justify 170 points of slippage, leaving me with a loss of £943.91.

Comment: Added by Alexander Chadwick on 2013-08-05
Hi Zahl,

Thank you for your feedback.

As conveyed in an email by my colleague, we have refunded your DEMO account with £943.91.

Alexander Chadwick
Alpari (UK) Representative

Isaac, , Israel

Date of Post:2013-10-28
Review: Regarding a 400 pip slippage I had with, This issue sorted out with Alpari's customer services. I'm happy with their service.

2013-10-22 1 Star I have just had the most unacceptable slippage by ALPARI.CO.UK.

A 400 pip slippage against me. this is totaly unacceptable no metter what. i would have understandably accept a normal amount of slippage but 400 pip is not acceptable no metter the circumstances.
the order should never been executed if this is the case!

Comment: Added by Alexander Chadwick on 2013-10-25
Hi Isaac,

Thank you for your post.

I do appreciate it was 400 pips - it is usually mayhem in the financial markets following the release of the US jobs report. The September US jobs report did disappoint a few, with the headline non-farm payrolls figure falling well short of expectations at 148,000. Consequently, the sharp spike in EURUSD shortly after the NFP announcement.

This certainly worked out to be a good day for those traders that were long.

On that note, I understand that this matter was raised with us, thoroughly investigated and resolved to our mutual satisfaction. As always, we are happy to investigate any matters that are of genuine concern. Get in touch with us at . Our dedicated client services team is fluent in our platform as well as 14 languages.

Alexander Chadwick
Alpari (UK) Representative
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