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Last Updated: 2015-03-22
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Note:  This company provides a forex education program for a fee.  The company says that those meeting certain standards will be provided with funds to trade for a share of the profits.

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Patrick Lysons, Reno, NV, USA

Rating: No Rating
Date of Post:2013-12-20
Review: I am in training to be a trader with Apiary Fund. Due to some personal issues since the end of October, I have had to extend my time learning how the forex works through the education modules Apiary provides. I am not disappointed. I have had almost weekly contact with individuals associated with Apiary and they have all been positive, undemanding, understanding, and patient. Qualities I have nurtured in a lifetime of teaching. This is not easy "stuff" but with support like I've so far seen, I should be meeting my funding goal within the next 90 days. This is not an easy learning curve and there are no "pie in the sky" promises. Gut check time. But with support. Thanks, Apiary, for continuing to give me a chance!

Sam, North Carolina, USA

Date of Post:2013-12-10
Review: I was very skeptical and spoke with the sales people for a year or more before I joined. I have compared many forex educational places, and Apiary seemed among the best, because upon successfully finishing their course, and proving you have learned what they teach, they fund your account and pay you a percentage of the winnings. I have been with them for around 2 months, and I have successfully finished their course, and am in a pre funding account, and am very excited. If all goes well in 2 weeks I will have a funded account. The people are very helpful, and very professional, and I would recommend this to any of my friends without hesitation as the best choice of all the programs I have looked at. I am a pro trader with them, and a member of a trading group.

Bart Lund, The Villages, FL, USA

Date of Post:2013-08-26
Review: Learning to be a Forex Currency Exchange chart trader has required an education not only for me to gain proficiency with the trading software, but also with the psychology and attitude it takes to be a professional trader. These disciplines are regularly taught by the professional staff of the Apiary Fund, starting with a very user-friendly and thorough online course series complemented by weekday discussions, real time trading, lectures and software usage, all kept recorded in readily accessible online libraries. The hot-line has been very useful in assisting me with problems encountered while practicing on my MT4 demo trading platform. My final goal is to evolve from student to a consistent, independent trader, and Apiary Fund professionals have been ready to assist me during this entire journey. Their student-teacher attitudes and patience are great.

Bob Daley, Morrison, CO, USA

Date of Post:2013-06-28
Review: You need the positive side of the story vs. the obliviously bad day in Jersey and the guy San Diego that still has his 9 to 5 job. If you are under the illusion that people want to give away their time, energy and knowledge for free then welcome to reality. You don’t walk in and drop your money down and push away a wheel barrow full of cash every month for the rest of your life. You spend countless hours studying, learning and failing. The market is jealous mistress and she expects nothing but your full devotion! When you find a group that has put together a very comprehensive way for you to learn from the ground up and understand why you are making money or losing money. Then they have the audacity to fund an account with their money to give you a jump start. Do they have rules and guidelines, I would think so. Does everyone make it to a funded account, yes the ones that want it bad enough to put in the long hours and self-examination do. If you are give a path to follow, don’t slam them join them. No, I am not yet a funded trader but I am making progress!

scott marchand, connecticut, USA

Date of Post:2013-06-20
Review: I want to take this opportunity to thank everyone at the Apiary Fund for all their support and assistance in providing me the education and training I need to become a successful currency trader. I have found the educational modules, discussions and readings to be informative, easy to follow and well organized. Additionally, the staff has been accessible, knowledgeable and committed to teaching me how to develop a through knowledge of the FOREX but also how to develop successful investment strategies.

Melvin Bryan James, Friendswood, Texas, USA

Date of Post:2013-04-30
Review: I have managed assets all my life beginning when I was in high school. Forex is a dynamic platform that requires some accountability and oversight. It is true that someone can open an account for $100 and begin to trade but the reality of it is much different. In order to be successful which means make more than you lose a person would do much better to invest in being a part of Apiary. I would believe that two people starting side by side after a couple of years would be ahead with Apiary and in the hole on their own. Anyone who really wants to be successful at Forex trading should look into being a part of Apiary.

smr, London, United Kingdom

Date of Post:2013-04-09
Review: The Trader Development Programme provides comprehensive educational content for all levels of experience, presented in a variety of audio visual media and supported with live classes. Apiary’s aim is to teach its Associates to be independent thinker using system and strategies that best suit them, rather than a generic “house-style. This is what I need and needed. Apiary is the fantastic place to learn to trade in a safe environment without risking your personal money – I have blown up accounts which I know I would not have if I had known about Apiary Fund earlier!!.

I thought I could trade when I signed on – that was a misconception, I was placing trades, making pips but losing money – I was not using the correct risk management and money management once in the trade. I have started from scratch learning to trade with aid of educational material and mentors. I am applying what I’ve learnt and settling on a system that suits me and my personality, therefore have not met the requirements to be funded.

In February 2013 I met with the founder of the Apiary Fund and his team in Salt Lake City as well as my mentor, during the three days, they all showed their passion for each person within Apiary to become a successful, profitable funded trader.
From what I have seen of the Apiary fund I would recommend it to anyone, for a novice is it’s a must. Why risk your equity in the markets – do so once your proficient

Top Trader, San Diego, USA

Date of Post:2013-02-25
Review: Run, Run, Run, as fast as you can. Never wasted $1,000 so fast in my life. Ask them to show you a live account.

Bobby Golitzin, New Jersey, USA

Rating: No Rating
Date of Post:2013-02-15
Review: I attended their promo webinar and immediately felt that boiler room style sales pressure. I gave them my phone number and then I got a flurry of voicemails.

Basically the problem with an outfit like this is you have to pay over a thousand dollars for 'trading education', plus a nearly $100 fixed cost a month for access to a trading platform which honestly seems like a useless thing for Forex. Then you have to audition by trading a demo account and of course, during that time you're paying the monthly platform fee.

The pattern is a familiar one:
1. Group of traders need a form of steady income.
2. Group of traders know how many people out there are desparate to trade.
3. Start a company where you promise trading education and potential access to capital, fully knowing that 90% of the people who sign up will bomb.
4. Pursue aggressive sales tactics, tell people the awesome benefits of trading from home, all while carefully inserting disclaimers so you don't get sued.
5. Everyone you close provides you with $1300 plus a monthly fee while they try to figure it out. The educational material is basically everything you can find for free on the internet, re-packaged and re-branded. You throw in a chatroom and webinar and people feel they get value, esp. when you point out basic technical analysis to them and say 'it might do this, or that'.
6. You're probably going to give a minority of them a shot at trading capital but give them as little capital as possible so that if they bomb you lose only the fee from the education.
7. If someone can trade well you might end up ahead if you keep them on a very tight leash, and cut them as soon as they go through a rough period. And of course, do keep collecting the monthly 'software fee'.

That is basically what this business model is about. If you can't figure that out for yourself, you will in due time.

Amaechi , London, United Kingdom

Date of Post:2013-02-12
Review: One of the major features that attracted me to apiary is the way they place risk management over profits . Most training companies focus so much on strategies and profits but little attention on risk management.

Apiary taught me how to use the Benjamin formula to narrow down my risk and effectively manage my trades once my trade goes live.

They offer a daily training session webinar were top traders offer training on the live market and some days they trade live too.

The only thing i regret is that i wish i had known these guys earlier. I had blown £10,000 of my own money after hiring a coach who taught me little about money management.

After 7 months of training and mentorship with Apiary, i am now a funded member of the fund, trading with their money. This is very exciting as i not only generate income from my own private account but with there's too. My only draw back with apiary is that i wish down the road they will increase there funding level to atleast a million dollars. I know this can happen as the company grows.

I highly recommend anyone looking to become a professional trader to look at apiary. The way they teach risk management is very eye opening if you are a newbie and if you are a seasoned trader, they will show you the missing puzzle to being a consistent trader.
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