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Last Updated: 2014-09-22
Special Notes: Arabic language.
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FPA Review Moderation Team, USA

Rating: No Rating
Date of Post:2008-04-19
Review: We don't have any experience with the forex trading forums at If you have used their forex forums, please leave a review.

Ali, kuwait

Date of Post:2011-01-25
Review: well they are good , and helpful

Karim Hosney, Egypt

Date of Post:2010-03-27
Review: Arabic Trader is a great company with skilled, professional and friendly staff
they have a tons of terrific services, and all of it are free
In brief, they are the leaders of Forex field in the Middle East

ahmed mohsen, egypt

Date of Post:2009-09-21
Review: one of the best, the site is great , there are alot of the most experince arabic and international trader ,programer, training
you can find any thing you need in this site

Mohamed , Egypt

Date of Post:2009-07-19
Review: wow, the best forex forum ever, I think if it is translated into English it would beat all the others.
u can use google web translator for this.

OAN, riyadh saudi arabia

Date of Post:2008-04-19
Review: it is a very great site althougth from its name it is in arabic language but you can use google language tools to undestand it it contains some best stratgies and good thougths and wisdom .
it is really good i open it befor my plateform
and it is will organised please add it filex
my regards
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