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Last Updated: 2016-07-18
Description: CompassFX are forex brokers. Compass FX offers the MetaTrader4 top online forex trading platforms. offers over 20 currency pairs for your personal investment and trading options.
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Geoff Bayldon, Birmingham, United Kingdom

Date of Post:2015-03-28
Review: I have not subscribed to anything from CompassFX in recent weeks. I AM privy to to the details of their managed fund, which is hosted with an Australian broker.

It has been mismanaged consistently since Steven "I'm a veteran trader of 27 years" Patterson was allowed control of the Buy & Sell buttons. The company pulled the plug on Patteson's attempt at wealth after he lost twenty-five percent of the find in one day, in June 2014.

Ray Medichee (There is nobody called de Medici from Glasgow) is the latest purveyor of garbage from the company proud of its 70,000+ mailing list. If any of what he said was worthwhile, CompassFX would have used his methodology to try to recover some of the 70% (yes, SEVENTY percent) losses sustained by their managed account. As it is, the new idiot in charge of the Buy and Sell buttons managed to trade away 450 pips in the first week of March 2015.

Compass FX are in business solely to fill their coffers with money from those fools enough to be beguiled by the promise of untold wealth if they pay just another $599 for this, or $1997 for that. Oh, and don't forget the latest "must-have" indicators which require a monthly fee, too. CompassFX have consistently failed to provide any proof of validity of any of their supposed mentors, and have zero-interest in anybody succeeding as a standalone trader.

You can see the results here:

Adrian, Bangkok, Thailand

Date of Post:2015-03-18
Review: I’ve been into FX for several years and I can honestly say Ray is the best out there in terms of knowledge and genuine passion for helping students learn. Unfortunately the overall Prop experience is extremely frustrating and needlessly time consuming thanks to the people running the show at compass.

I don’t think Ray knows how utterly useless the people surrounding him are. Firstly the omvnovia platform they use is clunky and very often lags. Many of the instructional recordings are out of sync between audio and visual. Accessing the recordings is a trial in patience as you have to log in about three times to get to each video, and wait for a popup window to timeout before reloading it. The way the files are indexed is terrible; just a long list of about 2-300 vids with no structure other than date.

Support from the prop team is non-existent. They’ll tell you to do stupid tings like reboot your PC as if you’re an idiot while never admitting the problem is the interface they’ve chosen. That’s funny because on practically every video recording Ray makes a comment about Omnovia playing up. They are very keen to take your money but once you’ve handed it over there is no help.

At $2k a pop and over 200 hundred students you’d think they could afford to invest in their own password protected site and server and ensure some quality in recordings and structure to their course with additional written materials for reference. Ray is great at what he does but the course is hundreds of hours of video and nothing else. It’s up to you to make all notes, and the progression of ideas is not always linear. They could really have done with an education consultant on the team to give them pointers on how to structure a proper course.

The other thing is that Ray has access to datafeeds we don’t. So when he sees something like a Delta divergence on his charts, we don’t see it on our retail charts. That makes a fair amount of what he has to teach unusable for us retailers.

It really is a great shame. It would be so much better if Ray hired his own team of techies to run the show and we call all bypass the joke of a prop management team.

Willem, Durban, South Africa

Date of Post:2015-01-06
Review: Jip I am in on the EOD trading with CompassFX . lucky i am on demo or else i allso would have lost 850 by now two months of 29 doller and not even one winning trade . Are these people just in for the 29 doller of all the people that went in . Would like to know ?
Dean seems to be a good trainer and i love the why he see the markets . surely he must get involve with the EOD trading then we will see results ..... holding thumbs or els i a going to cancel

Wahab, , Malaysia

Date of Post:2014-12-18
Review: Compassfx Professional EOD - Loss of 850 pips

Compassfx offered a promotional fee of USD29 per month for their 'Professional EOD Trade Model' to celebrate their 10 years anniversary. In the webinar to promote this EOD model, they showed to the attendees that the EOD model made a astonishing return of +539 pips in Oct 2014 and as at Nov 18, 2014, was already up +427pips. The attendees were also told that this is a time tested EOD Model with impressive results.

I was impressed with the claim and subscribed to the service on Nov 19, 2014. I made a mistake of not asking Compassfx to verify their results when I signed up. The EOD Model is a loss from day 1. Not even 1 day in the entire month of my subscription the system made any profits. From Nov 19 to Dec 18, 2014, the system made an accumulated loss of 850 PIPS. I can understand the EOD Model is not a holy grail but -850 pips and not even 1 day of profits, the system is obviously flawed. This is surely a case of over promised and under (or not) delivered.

In the midst of heavy drawdown, it was mind boggling when they offered their subscribers a training of 'Trading live EOD model" at "a bargained price of USD147". Compassfx can't even make a single day of profits on their EOD Model and yet they want to skin their subscribers again!

Just be careful with this company. Request them to verify their claims for your own interests. Be safe.

Gerald S, East Texas, USA

Date of Post:2014-11-23
Review: I started my Forex journey in 2004 with Compass. Over the years they have been excellent.

Terry, Illinois, USA

Date of Post:2014-11-23
Review: Dean "comes across as a nice guy" because he is. He is honest and kind, and genuinely concerned about the success of his students. On the Compassfx website alone he provides more free tools and education than most people sell. He provides even more for the students in his Dots-Guppy trade room. For example, if a new custom indicator will help people read their charts easier he builds one for us. He's not an egotistical guru; if someone has something especially helpful to offer he lets them teach. The room is like a trading family and friends, all congenial folks, from the experts to the beginners, enjoying each other's company and helping each other learn and trade. The "next best thing", whether paid or free, is another dish on the smorgasbord of tools and techniques to choose from. Pick your favorite combination and get good at it. Everyone in the room will help. Hint: Synergy (refer to the review below about the ATM machine) plus long-term guppies, Dots, and ADR Calculator. And by the way, no, I don't work for Compass; my days of going to a Job are over.

Rex, Las Vegas, NV, USA

Date of Post:2014-11-22
Review: I am so grateful for Compassfx and Dean Malone for helping me make some final adjustments to my trading plan. Because of Mr. Malone I now trade with an edge in my favor which give me great trading results and confidence. Trading has become a successful career for me. Mr. Malone worked long, hard hours to update our needs when MT4 made major changes to their programming. He is a man of transparency and integrity who genuinely cares about those in his trading room.

Maddy, Derbyshire, United Kingdom

Date of Post:2014-11-21
Review: I have been with Dean Malone and CompassFx for more than three plus years and have learnt so much and feel very confident now to trade alone. I only wish I had Dean's ability to read and predict chart movements. Brilliant. Nothing is too much trouble and help is given by Dean and all his staff. To compliment his teaching he brings in other professional traders to expand his teaching.

Mike R, Cleveland, USA

Date of Post:2014-11-21
Review: I have been with Compass for several years in the Dots-Guppy trade room. I recommend it highly. Dean Malone and the staff at Compass are some of the finest people I have been involved with in trading. I also started with the red light green light people. If you really want to join a community of people that are not afraid to share and help each other this is it!. Oh and by the way Dean Malone and Compass have shared many of indicators for FREE. I have no idea who these people are that are trashing Compass and Dean Malone, but I have NEVER seen them there. They are at the very least misinformed. Check it out for yourself and Im sure you will be glad you did!

Jerry Hutchins, Houston, TX, USA

Date of Post:2014-11-18
Review: First of all, I submit this in all seriousness. I first began my "forex" journey in 2003 with the "Red Light, Green Light" company. That is where I first met Dean Malone. He was my instructor in explaining the concepts of this vicious and ever-changing market. There is where I first experienced his honesty and openness in always telling me what I will and can expect from this market. After Dean left that company, I sought him out and continued learning under his guidance and benefitted from his software that he always supports with great verbal and written training. Today, I am continuing to learn and conquer the "forex" on a daily basis with Dean. As leader of his Dots Guppy trading room through CompassFX, Dean continues offering his students different ways of doing this with upmost integrity. One of the great things about working with Dean and the wonderful group of folks in our room is that we have the flexibility to find what works for us and Dean encourages that.
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