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Last Updated: 2016-06-02
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FPA Review Moderation Team, , USA

Rating: No Rating
Date of Post:2013-02-18
Review: We haven't tried the forex training course from If you've taken these lessons to learn how to trade forex, please leave a review here.

RK, Germany, Germany

Date of Post:2016-06-02
Review: I am the first one to comment on CCT on this website and I regret it now because of the following reasons:
• James is a cheeky businessman and he charges 10000 USD for the course now and it is not worth it investing this money on CCT.

• James has never showed his real trading history.

• I have been following his system for the past 3 to 4 years and I have never been profitable.

• James promised that I would have access to his system for life as I promoted CCT in 2013 but after 6 months the access was denied as I did not sell CCT to more people.

• I dreamt of becoming a successful trader someday following CCT following his trading rules because of his charming talk but and even after 3 years I am only a looser.

• In 2015 I just invested around 2000 USD and developed an application much better than CCT and tried trading as I did not have any access to original CCT and James and Zack said I should pay 10000 USD to get access.

• Please note that his CCT app is nothing and it can be developed under 1000 USD. Mine cost 2000 USD as it has so many other functions.

Sorry everyone who took my comment so positive and decided to go for CCT!!!

2013-03-12 5 Stars This is great complete FOREX package for the new people entering the FOREX trading business.
This will also be the best FOREX package for the people have been trading FOREX for years.
This FOREX package will show the reality to the people who have tried many different strategies, trading tools and gave up on FOREX trading as no constant success was achieved.

Paul, , New Zealand

Date of Post:2016-04-05
Review: Have done the short course and thats more than enough to help you loose money. Never been stoped out so much in my life using the breakout box and stop management tool. Another for the bin as far as i am concerned.

Dave, London, United Kingdom

Date of Post:2016-02-28
Review: I have been learning forex for some time now as a paid member of cct and i can honestly say i have absolutely no regrets. It is not only a thorough and comprehensive education on forex but also an education in yourself. The psychology training is excellent and explains some of those things that prevent successful trading. If i never traded forex again it is a training that you can take with you and apply to many things in life and i have no doubts it will probably help as it has helped me no end. I wouldn't delve too far in to why he doesn't show his accounts after all he runs his own hedge fund, try asking your employer what he earns and prove it and i believe you will get a similar result. It is possible that on forums like this that doubt could be created about the ethics or success of James and his system but i would be very suprised, in my own opinion, if it would hold any meaning to those who are paid members with James. I was one of the foolish ones who have bought many systems and educational materials in forex and i have found nothing remotely close to what i've learned with James. I wont be looking anywhere else while James continues to train. As far as successful trainees that come from cct i wouldn't concern yourself, for a start forex is not suitable for everyone, it has a very low success rate otherwise all this blog wouldn't exist and if you did spout about how successful you were it would only incur talk of "if your so successful why don't you just get on with your own trading instead of trying to convince others etc". and what is a better reference someone who is glad they paid for the experience who is successful or someone who isn't successful who are glad they paid for the training. Because if nothing else it will tell you if trading is right for you (risks and all the downsides of trading). In the long term as far as my experience goes if i had found cct earlier and then decided not to trade (which i haven't) it would have still saved me a lot of money and with such a comprehensive training i wouldn't have searched anywhere else either.

JH, Brisbane, Australia

Rating: No Rating
Date of Post:2016-02-14
Review: I have just finshed being the "select group who will receive this chance to invest in myself", but first I must invest my money with James.

What deters me is that there is not a single review I could see below from someone who "made it to sucess." (maybe one tiny account currently with 5 stars. Where are the successful students' reports who became host traders for shadow accounts?)

Had I been James, I would have no difficulty in showing a trading history. I can not think of a single valid reason why not. His win/loss is consistently 60% (his words) BUT if losses are not controlled ths could still be a losing system, or one subject to massive drawdowns and psychological distress.

My take is that by investing USD 10,000 to USD 14,000 depending if you pay all or in increments, this hook keeps you focussed. The main feature that you could duplicate yourself, consistent relentless discipline. James' drip fee of videos, the permanent attachment to access to his website is the umbilical cord to the mother ship that stops you jumping between systems. Heck you just paid ten grand, you'll psycologically hang around to get your money's worth - and that is the whole point and the basis of becoming a trader. Don't jump around expected a Holy Grail, find something you are cmfortable with, and it could be nothing more than a mixture of a FEW indicators, drawing by hand the supply and demand lines AND only on pairs that have high Average Daily ranges calculated over 5 days. You can do this yourself, just a little more tedious than James' dashboard. All the suggestions do require some searching and a little time but its just a small input of a few hours to save ten grand. Just remember that there is no secret sauce.

Not saying everything from CCT is rubbish, but James hmself says in a post earlier, his system is not special. He says people need to work at it 12-14 months - can learn the system in one week, his own words. He is correct that he can"..just sell the tools - but emotional control, psychology and several hundred trades under your belt.are needed before you can see what sort of trader you are." (Paraphrased)

Absolutely true.

So given that his system can be learnt in a week and the next year a self-imposed financial noose to keep at it, why not put $10,000 in a trading account and setup a system. It doesn't matter if its a coin toss to select up or down, but the most critical is that you control loses.

Think about it. If you get in in a reasonable spot and do it absolutely rigourously, totally consistently and for long enough using very small lots (say 1% of your account) every day at the same time for a year doing the same thing - I think you would have learned the same as you will from the CCT course AND you probably still have most of your $10,000 remaining - and if yu wer disciplined enough you probably have much more. If you buy the course you first task is to have enough money to start areal account and then you need to get the cost of the course back first before you have profit!

The truth is, if you expect too much, too quickly with no control or discipline that has been practised with small amount of money at risk - you won't succeed.

Conclusion: in principle there is nothing inherently "wrong or scamming" about James' course in my view. If you are a rank amatuer and you have the money required, plus an addional amount in excess of the amount to start a account, then you could do worse - but be prepared whether James' course or anything else set aside at least 3 hours per day for a year trading small accounts with a tight stop loss at no more than 1% of your account at risk on each trade, then you'll get the whole essence of James' course.

If you are in the 99% of losers now - don't fool yourslf that just buying any course including this one is the road to riches.

Personally, I heard enough from his two free webinar to know that the approach I have built up over 6 years has been a journey (I worked in a time consumming full time well paid job during this time) but I did enough hours cumulatively, that all the above I typed gives me the license to make the above comments.

Note: there is one caveat. James' puts out a hook that consistent traders get an ultimate reward, (I assume regardless of account size - and he knows who you are because your data feed comes from him so I assume he knows your results.) The reward is a program that links other client accounts to your trading account that will shadow your trades. You get a % of all the other clients winnings, which could be substantial.

Makes sense, but if you do the same with your own broker and then give them a call "Hey I make x% per month every month for the last y months, is there any chance of leveraging up and allowing other traders to follow me?" You probably will find the answer is yes, and slowly in small increments the shadow client fund base will grow if you continue.

There are no quick riches, no easy options, and paying more than $10,000 does not absolve you of the fact that you must do the same as I have just typed endlessly, get a balanced system (and its not really that difficult OR IMPORTANT, keep risk LOW, do the SAME thing everyday and do not jump around between systems every week or month!!

Ramat Sadoh, Lagos, Nigeria

Rating: No Rating
Date of Post:2015-08-20
Review: I regularly make use of the free currency strength meter offered by CCT and I must admit it has helped me in gaining consistent pips. James is the best I have come across so far. I only wish i had enough money to join the paid course, but I am going to start saving so I can get enough to register in the near future. Its definitely worth the investment, judging by the free materials available.

Dale, , USA

Rating: No Rating
Date of Post:2015-08-19
Review: If you visit this page:

There is always a webinar ready to go for the next hour (depend on what time it is) going.

This is odd. There is no way he can constantly do live webinars like this.

Paul O'Neill, , United Kingdom

Date of Post:2015-06-25
Review: I would treat this with extreme caution! This is a £14000 course! The hook is that big money is achieved by achieving small regular profits of just 1% per month and then becoming linked to a Percent Allocation Management Module (PAMM) where you can then get a % of high net worth investors money. Despite repeated requests there is no explanation of how this would ever work in practice.

Liam Francis, London, United Kingdom

Date of Post:2014-10-09
Review: I have been a fully paid up member and follower of James Edwards' CCT program for around a year. I had been self taught for a year or so before this and had come across many of the 'get rich quick' type systems and robots throughout this time. I haven't come across anything that even comes close to both James' approach and methodology. James has literally changed my whole perspective with regards to the way I view the markets, and as result I have seen my trading become far more structured and my gains more consistent. For anyone who has the desire and motivation to succeed within forex and is willing to invest in order to achieve this, I genuinely don't think you will find anything better. From my experience, many programs available on the market leave you to your own devices once paid up. With CCT, there is a constant stream of beneficial videos of daily analysis, trader mind-set lessons, psychology videos and an interactive live trading room three times a week hosted by an associate of James which has proved extremely helpful and very popular. For anybody considering this program, there's loads of free entry level videos and educational stuff available on the website to get you started.

Uwe Paschke, Blenheim , New Zealand

Rating: No Rating
Date of Post:2014-10-06
Review: Frankly, it was one of my best ideas to join (the paid for version) of Complete Currency Trader training.

There are lots of people out there who want to teach others how to trade currencies but I have come across only one other who actually showed what he himself is doing live. James has delivered far more than he promised by posting winners and losers, even a year's complete set of trades, a day by day video summary of why when and which trades week after week. One of my daily highlights is comparing his trades with mine the next day. It now more frequently happens that we take the same trades only some 2 to 3 minutes apart.

Yet the icing on the cake is his five part trader mindset / psychology training. That has finally answered why I kept making the same mistakes again and again. It has revealed how this dark side in me that is afraid of missing out works. Often after a loss I went on an uncontrolled trading binge.

And the reality statement is a real masterpiece actions that I have complete control over...I do NOT need to know what's going to happen next... allow the random distribution of wins and losses to balance out over the long term... It took 2 and a half weeks and then after doing this calender exercise, spontaneously during my morning run the whole reality statement was in my head. Before this exercise I had serious doubts whether I or the dancing bars on a chart or occasionally a full moon had control over my actions and of course I did believe that I do need to know what was going to happen next before entering a trade and of course I wanted the 60% winners NOW.

Thank you also for the excellent technical support after the problems with the MT4 600 build versions. I am still at phase 3 @ 41 % W/L ratio but I am now pretty certain that I will reach the target and work in less time through the remaining modules.

Before joining CCT I had a $500 live account for a different system. This account suffered a 40% draw down, which I won back over a long period of time.
After gaining more confidence I have topped it up to $ 2,000 by end of August. Last month I took 31 trades, mostly H4 and H1 (17W/14L) and made $119.

In the next webinar can you please tell me in which order you trade (take the picture first or enter the trade first) and whether it really takes 4 or 6 monitors "the wings of financial freedom" according to the BBC documentary, and if so why. Also could you please tell us how you get these convenient 10 pip horizontal lines on your charts. I did it manually for some time but price moves on and updating 28 charts is taking quite some time.

Thank you so much for being such an excellent dedicated mentor!
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