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Last Updated: 2014-03-25
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FPA Review Moderation Team, , USA

Rating: No Rating
Date of Post:2013-02-18
Review: We haven't tried the forex training course from If you've taken these lessons to learn how to trade forex, please leave a review here.

David, Rainham, United Kingdom

Date of Post:2013-10-23
Review: Oh that's a coincidence isn't it petera, Just when James is opening up the doors again to his trading system. Only Joking, I too am on board with this one and very happy. I've said all I needed to say earlier and although there is a lot of hard work to it, my trading is getting better everyday. I wouldn't be to bothered about what others think and in fairness i personally hope it doesn't become too popular. As James said, it is a zero sum game. You have done the honourable thing and that is to truly reflect how good this system is, i have done the same thing and i don't have to prove anything to anyone. I too will just be grateful i am on board.

2013-04-11 5Star A very comprehensive teaching of how the market works with a very simple and effective strategy based on reality. It does need practice though and your unlikely to be profitable immediately although losses are mostly very small. This truly is a trading system that is simple to apply, prioritizes account preservation while at the same time allows you to monitor and trade any of the major pairs without complication. Since having this system i haven't looked anywhere else, and believe me, i've bought a few products.

petera, Windsor, Canada

Date of Post:2013-10-18
Review: I can speak from PERSONAL experience that this program is exceptional. I did come across it through an e-mail from an affiliate. I don't know why I bothered to attend the webinar put on by James Edward because 99.9% of forex systems sold are total c***. But I am incredibly fortunate that I did see the presentation. I purchased this product, and it has been the best investment of my life. It turned me into a profitable trader. In fact, it doesn't use any of the traditional indicators that almost all other systems use. This program is complete....huge volume of written material, videos, chat sessions, etc. And James is constantly making improvements to the training aspect of his program. And I can personally vouch for James' sincerity and commitment. He has always helped me whenever I had a question, or needed help. I have no other affiliation to Complete Currency Trader besides the fact that I purchased this product and that I'm absolutely grateful that I did.

2013-04-05 5 Stars Hi
I rarely write a review on this site because I haven't found anything that I could endorse. I can't even fathom how much money I have spent on the latest and greatest forex trading system, and as usual have been incredibly disappointed. I realize that most systems basically rely on the same boring and useless indicators, just repackaged to give it a new look. Of course, I was hesitant when it came to CCT. I first spoke to James Edwards and was very impressed with him. His system is unlike anything you will have ever encountered. It is NOT based on any of the usual crap that is marketed at 99.9% of the sites out there. This system is based on the "realities" of how the forex market works. I cannot stress enough how satisfied I am to have taken the initiative to purchase it. I am foer the first time very confident in my future as a successful forex trader. And more importantly, James is always there for me whenever I need his insights. The program is pricy but WELL WORTH EVERY PENNY! I have no affiliation with this. Just my honest opinion (if you google CCT reviews, they're all affiliates). Thank you James for all your help. You have truly changed the course of my future.

Ryan, , Australia

Date of Post:2013-09-20
Review: Guys!

This is a pure marketing! A professionally done one. You know how it goes...

A STORY... ex-marine, started trading, struggled, found a guru, became successful, blah-blah-blah...

Can anyone even prove that he was ex-marine? Or that it is his real photos? Or real name for that matter? Does this person even exist?

SUCCESS... I am successful, I manage my own private hedge fund. I charge $2000 per hour for coaching.

VALUE... (all those inflated figures)... Oh, I asked the marketing company how much to charge for the course and *they* told me it should be MUCH-MUCH-MUCH more but I will give it to you today only for $9997! Oh, I've also spent $50K developing the software.

Any proof? I think it can be done in India for couple of thousand unless he himself helped to "design" this software at his rate of $2000 per hour.

EXCLUSIVITY... it's an elite club, not open just to anybody... only for you!

URGENCY... it is only available today, you must buy now to get in - to show your are serious, that you really want to succeed... etc, etc, etc - all similar nonsense.

After the first presentation - that was supposed to be the only one and open for only 24 hours where you could buy his course - I have received a number of emails already with the links to the purchase page.

And now he is doing the presentation again. He was *of course* inundated with emails and he let himself be persuaded by all those people who "missed out"... :-)

REASON for selling... My hedge fund has become too big to manage myself, I'd like to teach others how to trade and then let them do it for me.

Huh? You have NO friends, NO relatives whom you can trust?
You went to all this expense and marketing JUST to find a couple of managers for your fund? You are going to trust your client's money and your own to total strangers? Total c***!

GUARANTEE... if you followed my system for 12 months and not consistently making money (1-5% per month is considered consistent), then I promise to deposit my own money (whatever you paid for the course ~$10K) into my account and trade it for you until I double them and gives it to you.

Yeah... rigth! How long will it take him to double the money?
Has he ever done this? Have you seen his trade records?
Is he even able to trade successfully? No proof whatsoever! Do you really want to trust this guy?

His Currency Strength software - analysing all those currency pairs to see which currency is stronger and which is weaker...

But why would he need to analyse all the cross-pairs???
The price is already calculated by multiplying/dividing the two base pairs (e.g. EURUSD x USDJPY = EURJPY) Then... at the break-out on increased volume, his software tells you to buy or to sell - that's it!

You know what - you can see breakouts just by looking at the candles on the charts, can't you! Do you really want to pay 10K for this? You really think this is going to work for you?! Think again!

Oh, yes... if you try to post negative comments or even *inconvenient questions* on his site - they are censored and never get published.
In the beginning of his video he tells you that he'd give you $100 if after watching it you think it was a waste of time.

If you still believe he is real deal - try him out - send an email and request this $100 - see what happens. I doubt you will receive any reply.

Please understand - these people are professional marketers, not traders (although they say they are - of course!)

It just pains me to see that someone would be so cleverly lured into paying SO much... having high hopes and expectations... thinking that it must be true because it cost $10K... that it must be true because of so many positives comments on their site... that so many people can't be wrong and so many comments can't be fake (Do you really think so? If you were going to pocket a $500K - $1 mil or more from this, would you have found a way to create 100-200 comments?) Only to find out later that all dreams (and money) simply vanished...

I just hate it to see these people taking advantage of others.

I know they also read this site and will unquestionably post positives comments here. They would try to counteract what I've written - this way they can get more sales.

In fact as of this writing there are already positive comments here - all at approximately the time when they did their marketing campaigns (Mar-Apr 2013 and Sep 2013)
They know that people purchase when they read positive reviews on the Internet - so they make sure these reviews exist. They are in a business of separating you from your money.

If you are CONSIDERING purchasing this - PLEASE-PLEASE-PLEASE save your money! This will damage you! Will damage your budget! Will damage your self-esteem! It's not worth it.

You will NOT become a trader this way, let alone a *professional trader*
If you've ALREADY BOUGHT t this course... If you still can get a refund - get it! (although I think there was no such option - they cleverly did not offer it to you) Or if you chose to pay in instalments - cancel your credit card to save at least some money.

IF IT IS TOO LATE...Well... you are an intelligent person and you probably have the *gut feeling* that what is written here may be true... But... you've just spent $10K... you are full of hopes... you have to try it... to make it work for you... I understand. Go. Try it.

Please remember one thing. When you realise it doesn't work - please don't feel that it was all your fault. Don't let this destroy your self-confidence and self-worth. We all make mistakes. You were against professional unscrupulous marketers. Seriously.

It sounded VERY convincing and true... the phycology... the story... the timing... the choice of words... the urgency... building up your expectations... the hopes of all your dreams coming true finally... etc, etc, etc You had very little chances. Don't blame yourself.

Don't let this experience destroy your hopes of becoming a successful trader - it is possible!

And please come back to this site to tell your story. This will at least help others to stay away from this. (I suspect this is not the last time they will be selling this course (maybe in a repackaged form). Next time should be around Christmas.)

For all those who claim they are making TONS of money from this course (from trading, not from selling it, e.g. marketers) - please publish the link to your REAL account on (or similar sites) so we all can watch real time that you are actually doing this. Otherwise, don't bother...

Is it FAIR?

(e.g James Edward or whatever your real name is and others)

You will surely try to neutralise this post and publish heaps of positive comments... So be it... I just don't know how well you sleep at night... We all have conscience, you know... You have it too...

Oh, please don't try to excuse yourself saying that these people would buy it anyway somewhere else, so you had to sell them first... You know this a very weak excuse...

And that you need to feed your family is also a weak excuse...
Yes, you can make good money... by taking away hopes of thousands of other people.

Just think about it - you're destroying people's dreams and hopes for a better life - this is much more serious than just taking their money. For most people 10K is serious money - many will never recover after this loss...

I don't really want to be in your shoes, dealing - sooner or later - with your inner voice. I feel sorry for you, James Edward... no jokes.

David Davies, South Wales, United Kingdom

Date of Post:2013-09-07
Review: I’ve been following James’s course for exactly 12 months so I thought this was the appropriate time to post a proper review of my experience and results.
This is not a course for the faint hearted or for people who expect quick results with very little effort. I spent the first 8 months losing and struggling as I worked through the first stages of James’s 6 stage training process. I had lost 56% of my trades, so worse than a coin flip entry. There is a lot to learn and a lot to master, and I did find my slow progress frustrating and really struggled to stick to the rules and pick my entries correctly. The interesting point though is despite being a net loser over this period after taking close to 600 trades, my account was only down 3%. This is due entirely to the fantastic risk protection and money management strategy that James teaches.
However, the next 2 months things started to click and my results turned around. Month 9 I had a higher win rate than losing rate (57% winners) and my account recovered my previous losses and put me in a new profit by 2%. Month 10 my win rate increased to 59% and I gained another 5% on my account. Month 11 my win rate was 62% and I gained 11% on my account. Month 12 my win rate was 61% and I gained 8% on my account. So that’s 4 consecutive profitable months and a total account growth of 26%.
A few years ago I would have dismissed the idea of only making 26% after a year of trading. I wanted to double my account every month! But I’ve spent 6 years looking for a way to make massive returns and I had nothing to show for it. Out of 6 years I didn’t have a single one that was consistently profitable. Having taken James currency trader course I now realise what is realistic and achievable and more importantly I have the skills and ability to get those results. It’s taken me a year of learning, study, practice, and many, many hours in front of my charts to get to this level, but I believe it has been the best year of my life. Realistically I probably have another year or two of growing my account to a large enough level to be able to quit my job and start doing this full time. If it does take me 3 years to go from learning the system to being able to give up my current job and earn a living from this, then I will be very happy and feel that is very fast. It’s certainly faster than the past 6 years I’ve spent looking for a “quick way to do it”.
My main points:
The system is very simple but trading is not. Do not expect to get overnight success with this.
Be prepared to put in an awful lot of hard work, day after day.
Be prepared to throw out most of what you think you know about trading. Especially if you learnt it from a free forum.
Be prepared to have a long term perspective and measure your results over weeks and months rather than one trade or one day at a time.
Be prepared for a lot of reading and study. The course is massive and I actually spent the first 3 weeks just reading through all the material, making notes, and watching the videos.
I would recommend this course wholeheartedly to anyone who wants to learn to trade forex properly and is actually prepared to do the work that is required to achieve that. This is the first course I’ve come across that doesn’t have all the nonsense hype that I’ve seen everywhere else, and it is also the first course I’ve seen that teaches something different to the usual gumf with daft lagging indicators that do nothing to help our trading. I’ve learned more from the course material than I did in 6 years of other courses and avidly reading forums, and I’ve learned more about trading and myself over the past 12 months than I ever would have in 100 years if I had kept doing what I was doing previously. I’m finally very confident in my own abilities that I can trade sensibly and profitably. More importantly, I’m actually getting the real results that prove all this. It wouldn’t be possible for me to be any happier with my decision to take the course. Yes it is significantly more expensive than any other course online, but it was worth every penny and then some because it actually works and gets results. I would rather spend 100,000 on something that works and gives me financial independence than spend £50 on something that doesn’t work. Best decision I’ve ever made.
I will update this review in another 12 months, by which time I will hopefully have turned full time trader and reached that target of not having to work for someone else.

RK, , Germany

Date of Post:2013-03-12
Review: This is great complete FOREX package for the new people entering the FOREX trading business.
This will also be the best FOREX package for the people have been trading FOREX for years.
This FOREX package will show the reality to the people who have tried many different strategies, trading tools and gave up on FOREX trading as no constant success was achieved.
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