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Last Updated: 2015-01-05
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FPA Review Moderation Team, USA

Rating: No Rating
Date of Post:2010-04-12
Review: We haven't tried the forex scalping software from If you've used this to help you trade forex, please leave a review here.


Rating: No Rating
Date of Post:2010-04-29
Review: I have purchased Delphi Scalper and have been using it for a bit more than a week. Training videos are great.
Since it is not an automated sw (Expert Advisor) it is necessary to stay close to the computer in case an alarm is sent to the screen.
Because of that I coded an EA that examines the different indicators and applies the criteria according to the instructions. Now I don't have to stay close to the computer, plus I receive emails every time an order is placed. So far good results. I'll come back in a week and update my review.
So I will rate in a week.

alvin, sg

Date of Post:2010-04-23
Review: Really good product!!! earns u lesser pips sometimes but with pinpoint accuracy.. but price a bit on the steep side i feel... but still a genuine product that delivers results. thumbs up!

J Hillman, California

Date of Post:2010-04-21
Review: The last three weeks of actual trading in the Easy Mode. I've seen this "Set it and Walk away" trade setup technique loss money because the entry points for All trades are at recent Resistant or Support level.

Basic Trading101 says that if you try to enter a trade at these levels, you should not be suprised if the price Reverses and you get Stopped Out!

This acutully happens alot. The only times I've seen prices Punch through these S & R levels are when Mkt Price action is very high. One Delpi indicator (Arrows) is suppose to signal this high price action period, but it is not 100% or >50% on target.

Lastly, don't bet you trading success on this or any trading technique. Practice on Demo accounts first for weeks before risking your capital.
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