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Last Updated: 2016-03-06
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FPA Review Moderation Team, USA

Rating: No Rating
Date of Post:2006-10-19
Review: We do not have any experience with this broker. If you have used them, please kindly submit your review above.

Oliver, Palma de Mallorca, Spain

Date of Post:2016-03-03
Review: I am very happy with Deltastock!!!
And even more happy with cashbackforex.
Have a look on the link below if you are interested to find out more

wish all of you good success and a happy day

khalifa, Verl, Germany

Date of Post:2015-10-26
Review: I am seeing in MT4 demo spread column starting from min. 4 and above and all over internet it's written 0.1, 0.8 and fixed spread 2.0 ( and that is only false marketing)

are these so high values in spread because of demo account or deltastock has really high spread or am I interpreting values from that fourth column wrong

amir, , Algeria

Date of Post:2015-03-14
Review: Great broker i trade with more than one year and i made a withdrawal very fast thank you detlastock

Danny, Brasov, Romania

Date of Post:2014-04-14
Review: I traded with them when they had a no deposit bonus....Luckyly for me, i won 300usd with that deposit. Withdrawal in one day via Bank Transfer.

ahmed, alexandria, Egypt

Date of Post:2013-10-24
Review: I lost my account in a position without any market negative change
see the image
customer service chat:
Please wait. An operator will be with you shortly.
One moment please...
Nikolay Petkov says:
Hello ahmed. My name is Nikolay Petkov how can I help you?
ahmed says:
ahmed says:
I joined the demo contest till my equity reaches 1760539.23
ahmed says:
from two minusts I opened a position once opened every thing goes negative
ahmed says:
see screenshot
ahmed says:
Nikolay Petkov says:
just a moment, Sir
Nikolay Petkov says:
your position has been closed due to insufficient funds, Sir
ahmed says:
I just opened a position my balance goes -1.5m although tn market is stable, no such chance to get -3M
ahmed says:
Nikolay Petkov says:
when you place a very large order, like the one you have placed for 10 000 000 XAGUSD the spread widens
Nikolay Petkov says:
that is why your position is closed
ahmed says:
ok, thanks

Dwayne , , Malta

Rating: No Rating
Date of Post:2012-12-18
Review: Interesting to see these psoitive news as I am only a step of way to opening an account with Delta. Criticism is also healthy in order to trigger discussions / responses and evaluate them.

However one slight issue that worries me is the slight agressiveness with replies placed by the delta manager. In psychology an agressive defending behaviour could come across as a fear or an insecurity of the defending subject.
Comment: Added by Dale Paterson on 2012-12-24 04:52
  Hi Dwayne.

Well I'm pleased that you're considering Deltastock (and obviously I hope that you've opened your live trading account by now). I agree with everything that you say (including your comments about my being "aggressive"). My apologies if that's the way I come across. There's nothing to hide nor be fearful of I assure you. It's just that sometimes one tends to get a little "upset" when you know, without a doubt, that the person leaving a bad review and giving a low rating or posting about a problem or issue either has no clue about the business of trading or how brokers and the various markets operate or is a "virtual broker person" i.e. an employee of another broker (the competition) who cannot stand the fact that Deltastock has, for the most part, the outstanding reviews and ratings that it does (and of course the idea is to lower Deltastock's ranking by posting a less than stellar review and giving a low rating or posting about a non-existent problem or issue). Sorry: but it's not limited only to this site so it does get a bit tiresome to say the least. And of course it does nothing for my personality when somebody threatens to post something here, we all sit around and wait, and then nothing happens. If somebody has a problem or issue: feel free to post it here. Don't threaten to do it or threaten to provide "proof" of such problem or issue and then just leave it at that. Post your problems and issues and they'll be dealt with one way or the other. It may be worth mentioning too that, to date, not a single person who has posted (here) a less than stellar review or given a low rating or has posted about some or the other problem or issue has ever contacted me directly to try to resolve such problem or issue (in spite of my direct contact details being clearly stated). Go figure. Sorry but, this being the case, one has to wonder just how genuine such less than stellar reviews and low ratings and details of problems or issues really are. See my point(s)???

Anyway: if I can help you (or anybody else) then please don't hesitate to contact me directly (or post here publicly of course i.e. that's, after-all, what FPA is for).


Dale Paterson
Deltastock AD (South African Office)
Mobile: +27 76 977 4930
Telephone: +27 11 544 7946

owen watson, peterborough, United Kingdom

Date of Post:2012-07-21
Review: I have been trading with Deltastock for a month now and I have to say im very happy with the performance of the mt4 platform and the customer service.
I joined Deltastock after having a bad customer service experience with another well known forex broker and I have to say "so far so good".
I think the speed of execution on their mt4 platform is the best ive experienced and i think anyone who feels its not up to speed should go down the ECN route.
I have not made a withdrawal as of yet but Im confident things will be ok if the customer service ive received so far is representative of the service they offer.
I would highly recommend them on their performance so far and I hope that carries on for a long time into the future.

shamell, london, United Kingdom

Date of Post:2012-06-28
Review: delta stock would be brilliant if not for the following:

The metetrader terminal is very slow and takes a long time to place trades in normal market condition (i raised this with them they emailed me saying - I am waiting for a reply from our IT Department. Will update you as soon as I have more information.) three days later i still have not recieved another response, signing up with them you have to print sign and send alot of documents.

On the plus side they seem professional (although i have not withdrawn from them), the spreads are very tight and good, and you get no requotes.

conclusion if you can put up with the slow execution and i mean very slow then they are good as for me thats a deal breaker as sometimes i like to scalp which makes this impossible.

Edward Maidment, Egham, United Kingdom

Date of Post:2012-06-27
Review: Just felt the need to comment after reading the reviews below. I have only been using Deltastock for 3 months (MT4 platform) & cannot find any fault with them at all. I felt an instant rapport with Nikolay who helped set up my account & found their customer service ( i forgot my password twice!!) to be fantastic. I have had 3 months of unblemished trading (apart from my own stupid trading mistakes!). In my limited experience i would recommend deltastock to anyone who is starting trading. I hope this helps & good trading!!
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