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Last Updated: 2015-01-05
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FPA Review Moderation Team, USA

Rating: No Rating
Date of Post:2008-12-06
Review: We don't have any experience with the Forex FSX1 trading software from If you have used this software to trade forex, please leave a review.

S Mackenzie, Manchester, United Kingdom

Date of Post:2012-06-18
Review: I have purchased a number of systems from Elm Trader and have been really pleased with the results, but their latest World Markets Trading System 1 is excellent. 100% sucess last month with a fantastic return.

Lord F, Applethorn, United Kingdom

Date of Post:2012-06-01
Review: This is the most useless system I have ever tried. You have to fill in the markets (12) every day so if you away for two weeks you may as well give up or spend hours filling in the indices. Trading results for the past two years (2010 and 2011) shown are statistically not better than throwing a dice.When queried on this subject reaction was unpleasant. Bad service, even hostile. Beware. if you buy it and do not like it you can't get your money back and there is no trial period. Avoid like the plague.
Rebuttal: Added by Neil Mann on 2012-06-09 11:56
  Although this customer is using an alias or false name on here, presumably to try and avoid charges from us of defammation we can tell by the tone and incorrect views provided, who has written this so called review! We would strongly recommend anyone gets in touch with us direct and they will see for themselves that our customer service is both polite and helpful and is in no way hostile. This customer was the only person, to act hostile, threatening us with poor and bogus reviews simply as we refused to refund. As anyone purchasing software knows there is no refund option simply because once installed the software cannot be switched off again. Despite making this very clear prior to purchase via our website and after the customer tried to accuse us of all sorts of breaches of various things but realised in the end that we hadn't done anything wrong at all. We would also add that the 2010/2011 results are way above those expected when rolling a dice and would strongly recommend that anyone seriously interested take a look themselves rather than relying on bogus and highly inaccurate reviews and comments.

Michelle North, Halifax, United Kingdom

Date of Post:2011-11-04
Review: Would highly recommend Elm Trader and their systems. Have made a return of over £500 (120%) in the last 4 months so very pleased.
Comment: Added by Neil Mann on 2012-06-10 04:04
  Thanks Michelle its good to see you are enjoying success with our systems and thanks for posting a positive review.

Charles Davidson, England

Date of Post:2011-10-09
Review: I have had a very positive experience using Elm Trader's German XD1 System.

Since July when I started the results have been excellent with 46 wins and only 19 losses. Would not hesitate in recommeding their services.
Comment: Added by Neil Mann on 2012-06-10 04:07
  Thanks Charles for the positive feedback. You have been with us for a few years now so knowing that you are experiencing medium, long term success certainly should give new traders or newbies to Elm Trader some confidence.

Ken Faulkner, Jersey

Date of Post:2011-09-14
Review: The product UK Index XD1 2010 from Elm Traders is a con. If you put any figures in each column you get the same results on each day. IE. If the previous days figures of High 5000, low 4000, Close 4900 and you put High 7000 Low 4900 Close 6900 I get a down, I have done over several days with rising number ands falling number and you get the same result.

I am trying to contact them but they will not reply.

I have now reversed engineered the product and found that a hidden column has UP or Down and no matter what you put in that the results will be the same

Don't wast your money. I am going to take action via PayPal to get my money back, I will keep you posted
Rebuttal: Added by Neil Mann on 2012-06-10 04:12
  No Ken its not a con and you are fully aware of the replies we sent you and the replies you sent us. You have not taken any action with Paypal and if you had studied the system just a little longer than you did and taken notice of our replies you would realise how successful the XD systems are and have been. A real shame that you felt it necessary to write such a negative post with clear misleading and inaccurate facts and once again if anyone has any doubts after reading reviews like this then please contact us direct.

Dave Johnson, UK

Date of Post:2010-01-19
Review: I have had a good experience from Elm Trader. The customer service is always quick to respond and answers the questions I have.

I have also found their systems to be solid and profitable especially the UK FS2 2009, UK XD1 2010 and Forex FSX3.

Comment: Added by Neil Mann on 2012-06-10 04:12
  Thanks Dave for the positive feedback very much appreciated.

Swisstrader, Switzerland

Date of Post:2009-07-27
Review: Please dont consider buying anything of their c***. I bought one of their daytrading systems. I think it was called DT Oracle or something like that. Its a simple moving average crossover with ADX as a filter "to keep you out of a sideways market". The system is total c*** and certainly does not work. Yes, you might catch a big win here and there (just like with any trendfollower) but you get killed in choppy markets and no the ADX doesnt prevent you from that!
The performance they state on their website is a total lie and when you ask them how they come up with those performance figures, they cant even tell you. They say something like "its a mix of the DOW, ES and DAX" bla bla bla!
Total scam, stay far away!
Rebuttal: Added by Neil Mann on 2012-06-10 04:14
  Sadly a hugely misleading and inaccurate post and the user obviously didnt understand the system at all. We always provide free email support should any user have any issues.

dominic, uk

Date of Post:2009-03-30
Review: i bought one of there systems 3 yrs was overpriced nonsense based on a basic moving average crossover.bad customer support.i dont believe the hype about the performance of there systems.

ann brown, London

Rating: No Rating
Date of Post:2009-01-14
Review: it is a system where they provided you with a Excel Spread sheet with provide month end currency trade. (you would need to have your own end of month currency Info) You then go to a betting website which they recommend then you trade according to the details provided on the spread) I purchase Forex trade - they use using the forex tag and bull and Bear tag you make a trade.

Customer service Rubbish
System -not really used it as I was concern that you could you make from the bet is not worth betting on eg I want to make 100 but I need to pay 70.(depending on the length of time)

It is also miss leading you thing you are getting a single but your not. I can't rate it as I have not used Elm Trader but I would not bet my money on it again
Rebuttal: Added by Neil Mann on 2012-06-10 04:17
  We don't understand how this review was allowed to be published as the user quite clearly states they cannot rate it as they have not used Elm Trader? We have never had any dealings with anyone called Ann Brown and therefore really have no idea why this review slipped past the moderators?

Review Moderation Team Note: The review came in as "No rating" and does provide some information on the nature of the product. Based on that, it was approved.
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