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Last Updated: 2015-09-13

eToro is an online forex broker. eToro offers the OpenBook and WebTrader trading currency platforms. offers currency pairs, gold, silver, and oil for your personal investment and trading options.

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james, makati, Philippines

Date of Post:2013-03-12
Review: i have been trading in etoro for 1.5 years. making good profit with the copy trading system it that . its not bad to ask ur id for verification . i'm so much satisfied with etoro and i recommend it also .

guowei, singapore, Singapore

Date of Post:2013-02-27
Review: Being trading with etoro for around a year now. lost alot of money, but mostly due to my own fault...

anyway so far they had allow me to withdraw, deposit, copy other trader without any problem. Not a scam but their "Guru" is not really good.

if u scan through their list of Top trader, none of them trade for more than a year as most of the last year trader would have closed their account... just look at santoshtiwari... last year she was top trader but losing 44%.... i had copied only the top trader and so far i'm down to near zero....

sbstorm, HCM, Viet Nam

Date of Post:2013-02-23
Review: Really quick to contact people when they sign in and quick deposit. But really slow when people have problem, no reply or just reply generally. Strange lost of about $9,000 which deposit I didn't asked.
Asked for details of what's happened, logs or anything else to know... just still no reply from them. Why ??? Is there anything to hide ? So bad!!!

naji, limassol, Cyprus

Rating: No Rating
Date of Post:2013-02-12
Review: e-toro has reached a settlement with cysec for the amount of 50k euros.
he Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission would like to inform the public that, pursuant to section 37(4) of the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission Law, it reached a settlement with Etoro (Europe) Limited , for the amount of €50.000.

The settlement reached concerns weaknesses in the application of the Investment Services and Activities and Regulated Markets Law of 2007, as amended (the “Law”).

The alleged weaknesses concerned the organisation/operation structure (articles 18 and 36 of the Law) of the Company in their early operation days (2010) and the Company has since then rectified the alleged weaknesses and is now in compliance with the requirements of the Law.

The Company has paid the amount of €50.000.

angrygoat, NRW, Germany

Date of Post:2013-01-27
Review: etoro support is good.
the webtrader is really bad and i would not active trade with it a lot. its not professional. but the copytrading function is good. unexperienced persons have the possibility to copy good traders easily. i have a real account since beginning of the year. i blog about my experience. a english version of my blog is online(use google >> tere is a good chance to make good money. check out my blog and leave comments. my blog provides links to open a free demo account to, - you dont have to use my links. c u there.

James Bond, , Germany

Date of Post:2013-01-01
Review: Well, I don't believe that eToro is a "scam", as some people say. Online Trading has inherent risks which people may not be aware of, especially newcomers! eToro appeals precisely to that segment however. Newcomers. And newcomers may soon discover that a: the FOREX is a very risky animal to play with & b: the online system is anything but reliable, or precise. eToro is of course a business and is in the business of making profit. It is not a charitable institution! Neither is the FOREX. Many may not be aware of the size of odds the FOREX can throw against even the best calculations at any time, Central Banks interventions, High Frequency Trading, Bull-runs - are just a sample! My complaints about eToro as a "brokerage", where I deposit my trust (i.e. Cash) are: 1. their admin appears to be in Israel, but this is NOT listed nor notified. Being in Israel, I would suggest implies some additional risks which traders should be aware of. 2. their accounts dept. does NOT work during week-ends. My account was "frozen" for "Verification" on a Friday p.m., a short while before closing for the w-end. I tried to deposit funds in order to pay for w-end roll-overs, but the deposit was not credited. I therefore had to sacrifice some positions in order to safeguard others. Eventually they "Verified" and apologised "for any inconvenience", but no compensation was offered! Why do they not "Verify" upon opening a new account ? Why "Verify" precisely on a Friday p.m., when there is no hope to complete such a process before closing and leaving a traders positions at high risk? 3. eToro trading hours are or can be severely prejudicial, since open positions can be at risk while the FOREX is active, but eToro is unavailable!! 4. Charges for withdrawing funds, as well as the time lag involved are unreasonable. Deposits on the other hand are supersonic! 5. The eToro platform is often slow and not precise, but that may be the case also with others.... 6. The spreads at eToro are expensive, but for anyone wishing to learn about this highly volatile, crazy and risky business, eToro is probably not a bad way to go. I would rather suggest finding an altenative way to be productive than playing this planet's wildest casino. But that is everyone's own choice. I will report on my further experiences with eToro!

Alvin, , Malaysia

Date of Post:2012-11-05
Review: It is totally a scammer, their system not stable, and always take money from my paypal, weird!!!! Do not trade with this company, better choose those broker support mt4~~~ it is just a gambling and scam business.

rafia, pakistan, Pakistan

Date of Post:2012-11-03
Review: They are a big scam. They took my money $1900 by a fraud. Please don't use them. They will eat your money.

nichess, Berlin, Germany

Date of Post:2012-10-31
Review: To become a etoro trader it is soo easy - you just pay with paypal -
but to withdrawal the money they want copy of passport (color) copy of credit card (both sides) and a copy a recent Utility Bill. And than they charge you 25$ as well.

Also the Euro to Dollar exchange rate is very bad,too.

Finally the System executes Orders in a manner that you always lose one pip anyway. I made over 300 Orders and always observed that kind of behavior.

Collin, United Kingdom, United Kingdom

Date of Post:2012-10-24
Review: I have been with Etoro for nearly a year. I will give my honest opinion. I enjoy their platform as it has a lot of inniative by simplifying matters so you can see clearly what you want to trade without to many complicated numbers and settings. regarding spreads and execution time it maybe a milisecond slow sometimes and spreads are fixed but not the lowest in the industry although perfectly adaquete.
The big plus is they have a copy trader which you can copy your best traders and watch a chart of their performance.

I have withdrawn money without any issues although they process it within three days as stated in their policy. I have made profits and withdrawn them to my bank account via wire since it can be classed as money laundering to withdraw to the card more money than deposited. (since then I have made some losses).

They are a regulated company in cyprus so I do not understand how people can review that they have not received their money! also when paying via paypal if you feel that something is wrong you can always do a claim and if they were doing anything wrong paypal would close their accounts! furthermore they are linked with an australian company called icmarkets which is regualated under asic australia equivalent to fsa in uk or cftc/nfa in usa.

I am overall well pleased and will carry on trading with them.
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