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eToro is an online forex broker. eToro offers the OpenBook and WebTrader trading currency platforms. offers currency pairs, gold, silver, and oil for your personal investment and trading options.

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Jafoste, Lisboa, Portugal

Date of Post:2013-10-06
Review: Have a bad experience with etoro.
It started with the verification of my account. Take more then 3 weeks and a lot pushing of live support (my emails to support didnt have any reply) and still not fully validate, they keep request documents, declarations of my bank with specific items. Have send all types of printscreens: identification, bill,credit cards, transations list, dont understand why. Anyway, got bad luck on the week of fed tapper and etoro decided to lock any of my deposits, result a lost of almost of my trades. Don't feel like scammed, but on my opinion very convenient to them.
My review goes to 2 stars because of ther support and the platform.
Support not reply to any of my emails, bad thing.
Platform freezes often when high volability, some of the time was logout a trying login 5 min. Very slow on opening trades. Oh, somethimes when open a trade, eats 1 pip after applying ther spread.

Pahunrepublic, Santiago, Panama

Date of Post:2013-07-22
Review: Their webtrader platform is horrible. Their server is so slow and can't handle requests properly. They freeze your platform in the middle of serious trades. I couldn't change the SL so I lost $240 with them. I was about to change my stop loss for two positions.
I entered the value in the box and clicked ok when the system kept delaying ('small' globe icon was rotating).
I couldn't click anywhere at that time. Everything was disabled!!!!
I was waiting and waiting several seconds the icon disappeared but at the sudden I see that my position reached the stop loss and I just lost my money. I have proofs.
It was very strange. I had them investigate this matter because I had proof and I was requesting immediate refund.
I attached two images as evidence of my issue but they responded me with a totally different issue. It was like talking to a wall. They admit their faulty system because people are refunded time to time but like for $6. Can you imagine that?

forexNEWbieNoMore, Manila, Philippines

Date of Post:2013-07-21
Review: I was one of the idiots who signed up with them and always wondered why some of the traders complained at the spreads, execution etc. And how they would advice me not to just be contented in copying/trading the "Gurus" and instead look for a real broker with tight spreads use MT4 instead because it has far more superior charts

Open Book is great though!

James Ellis, Southport, United Kingdom

Date of Post:2013-06-16
Review: As a follow up on my last review- Etoro has offered to refund some of my loss, but is insisting that there was no technical failure of issue on their end. However; due to the fact that I complained, and or contacted Cysec about the issues, they will close my account citing: "Due to the nature of your claims the company has decided to close your account and to credit your bank account with the above compensation amount in addition to the remaining balance in your eToro trading account".

2013-05-27 1Star Sync issues with the copy system means that stop-losses are not adjusted when the Guru you copy adjusts them. This means the SL is reached before the GURUs does- thus you lose when the guru does not. Any trade under $0.20 is not placed- thus if you have a small account, you will automatically be out of sync. The system works by mirroring the trading of the guru. You chose a guru, and allocate an amount of your capital- max 20 % per guru. Say you have $100 and guru works with 1000- a $100 trade to the guru would be copied as a $10 on your account. The stop-losses and profits should all be adjusted by the guru.

Here is the issue- once you allocate money- if you take even part of it away, or add any the system will be out of sync and you can lose money (lots)- the guru may not lose a penny- as his SL are adjusted to the required amount.

The flaw has been acknowledged several times- however they have refused refunds for the sync issue as they claim money has been removed/added to the copy system. They implemented a new system- I used it and made no changes- I again lost a lot of money when the guru did not lose a penny.

Their explanation- their instructions to copy a trader with all trades open does not work- but still no refund.

I would not invest any money until you have assurances that the copy system is fixed.

2013-05-23 2Star Etoro has fair charges, it charges over the weekend as opposed to roll over so in this respect you can save money when you hedge. However, at this minute their copy system is plagued with bugs. On many an occasion the system which mimics gurus trading has gone out of sync- resulting in a loss for many users. They changed the system, asking for people to manually take over trades, and restart copying (requiring an injection of capital and time). I was one that did this with someone using an hourglass system. Following their rules as directed. After less than a week it was evident that accounts were out of sync, meaning some trades were missed off, and stop-losses were not adjusted. Management were made aware of it and acknowledged a flaw and claim they were working on it. Two weeks down the line, no change and many many losses as a result of it. I would not write this review if I had not had such dire feedback from customer service. When I asked for a refund from the previous three times that the same thing has happened, I was told that that sync issue was caused by one of the following:
1.) addition of funds to a copied account
2.) removal of funds
or 3.) detachment of a trade.

Long story short, if you wish to withdraw money from a trader for safe keeping- as is good practice- the copy system will go out of sync and you may lose a lot of money.

If you notice it is out of sync and try and add or detach a trade to manually take over- it will be out of sync. If you perform any one of these actions- they will wash their hands of any claim you have against them for their faulty software and any loss will be met with a smirk and nothing much else.

Just for the reccord; when these losses occur, the person that you are copying adjusted their stop-loss and made no loss. The copy function is proportional so if Joe has 10,000 and invests 1,000- it will be like you having 1,000 and investing 100; apart from the fact that it simply does not work- and has not done so for a long time.

The only way the system will work, is by the guru taking breaks from trading allowing all copiers to re-sync. This is not possible with hourglass traders, or those trading the Greenland system.

I am awaiting a refund for the last loses; and if this does not occur I will escalate this to the traders court.

blaze132, Okinawa, Japan

Date of Post:2013-03-22
Review: another bad trade result in loss with etoro,I buy EUR/USD @1.2970...but when the trade opened,it wrote open trade @1.2997...this one is so obvious,and I cannot blame myself for any of this,the chart at that time was 1.2970 but the trading platform wrote 1.2997 which is really confusing...

2013-03-16 1StarI think they are the market makers,they HUNT stop losses!
If you don't believe me,that's okay,even though they say they are NFA members,NFA should take a look onto this,I'm gonna report to NFA regarding this matter and it shouldn't take lightly because more traders will lose money

james, makati, Philippines

Date of Post:2013-03-12
Review: i have been trading in etoro for 1.5 years. making good profit with the copy trading system it that . its not bad to ask ur id for verification . i'm so much satisfied with etoro and i recommend it also .

guowei, singapore, Singapore

Date of Post:2013-02-27
Review: Being trading with etoro for around a year now. lost alot of money, but mostly due to my own fault...

anyway so far they had allow me to withdraw, deposit, copy other trader without any problem. Not a scam but their "Guru" is not really good.

if u scan through their list of Top trader, none of them trade for more than a year as most of the last year trader would have closed their account... just look at santoshtiwari... last year she was top trader but losing 44%.... i had copied only the top trader and so far i'm down to near zero....

sbstorm, HCM, Viet Nam

Date of Post:2013-02-23
Review: Really quick to contact people when they sign in and quick deposit. But really slow when people have problem, no reply or just reply generally. Strange lost of about $9,000 which deposit I didn't asked.
Asked for details of what's happened, logs or anything else to know... just still no reply from them. Why ??? Is there anything to hide ? So bad!!!

naji, limassol, Cyprus

Rating: No Rating
Date of Post:2013-02-12
Review: e-toro has reached a settlement with cysec for the amount of 50k euros.
he Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission would like to inform the public that, pursuant to section 37(4) of the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission Law, it reached a settlement with Etoro (Europe) Limited , for the amount of €50.000.

The settlement reached concerns weaknesses in the application of the Investment Services and Activities and Regulated Markets Law of 2007, as amended (the “Law”).

The alleged weaknesses concerned the organisation/operation structure (articles 18 and 36 of the Law) of the Company in their early operation days (2010) and the Company has since then rectified the alleged weaknesses and is now in compliance with the requirements of the Law.

The Company has paid the amount of €50.000.

angrygoat, NRW, Germany

Date of Post:2013-01-27
Review: etoro support is good.
the webtrader is really bad and i would not active trade with it a lot. its not professional. but the copytrading function is good. unexperienced persons have the possibility to copy good traders easily. i have a real account since beginning of the year. i blog about my experience. a english version of my blog is online(use google >> tere is a good chance to make good money. check out my blog and leave comments. my blog provides links to open a free demo account to, - you dont have to use my links. c u there.
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