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Last Updated: 2015-05-21
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FPA Review Moderation Team, USA

Rating: No Rating
Date of Post:2006-03-30
Review: We do not have a review about this website yet. If you used it, please kindly submit yours. They only charge $19.95 per month for their alerts...that's CHEAP!

A Satori, Brissie, Australia

Date of Post:2015-05-20
Review: Following my previous 'opinion' about this business as well as my promise that within next 4 weeks I'll provide you with my 'confirmation' of it or I'll admit my mistake & give you as much details as possible, well, it took me only 3 days to find out the real value of this business or should I say 'luck of it'. First of all, I'd like to say that should I be provided by Mark all of those inforamtion I've learn from him after I've subscribed to his service, I wouldn't do it at all. Secondly, I'd like to add that at the beginning (before my subscription) the owner of this business Mark in his response to my inquiries and/or questions was very nice & helpful (for his own benefit), but after that he has become very arrogant, ignorant & disrespectful to me & my inquiries, what (having over 5 years of FX trading experience) makes me wonder if he is someone 'who walks is talk' or should I say 'if he is a real FX trader' & kind of a proof behind this opinion is last big move of EURUSD, which Mark has misread totally & because of it, he didn't inform his subscriber about this great opportunity to get at least 300m pips. Also, most of the time, after I've ask any questions, he has send me back to read some of his articles, like he wasn't able to explain it in the different way nor he was able to share with me his view about 'my charts & 'near futur' trades.
In my view, this whole scam & what I'd call a 'flashy stuff' is only for the purpose of making every newbie/subscriber a kind of a 'blind person', what always allow Mark to manipulate one in his own way & at the end, that newbie will be exactly in the 'position' s/he was 'standing' in the first place, still not knowing how to trade FX in the right way.
As for recommended by him 'way od trading', first of all, it's very confusing from the beginning & always leave a trader in the dark to make his final decision, especially, in regard to his 'Heatmap's readings, where one have no option but to interpret it in his own way, because following Mark's suggestion that for example 0.3 shows strong trend, so, it does 0.8 or 1.2, so, which 'strong' is strong & which reading should we take seriously - total confusion.
I'll leave it at this point, though, should there be anyone, who would like to get more details & proof of my 'new' opinion about this scam, these days, the are many ways to 'find' me & everyone is welcome to do so.

2015-05-16 5Star Just a short note for every 'new subscriber to be' to this service Just like me today, though, tomorrow it'll be different because I'll subscribe to this service :-), who after a whole day of spending on FEW's site, would like to say that I'm really impress with this 'business offer & I'd like to bring your attention to just one but in my view very fundamental fact, which is:
- most of other providers of similar service charge much more, what usually is around a $100 per month, when this guy is asking for what would call administration fees or maybe business expense of $19.95 per month, what (according to my gut's feeling, which usually is right :-) has make me believe that this person very likely is a successful & profitable trader, who being thankful for this blessings & to show his gratitude for it, has decided to share his knowledge & experience as a professional FX trader with others, especially a new (to this kind of 'field') traders, what in my view, should be taken seriously under consideration by everyone who thinks about using this service. Also, I've decided to come back to this (FPA) site within next 4 weeks to provide a confirmation of my 'today's view or if I'm mistaken, I'll not mind to admit it, with as much full explanation of it as it'll be possible.

That's al folks & till the next one

Dean Eckman, Pennsylvania, USA

Rating: No Rating
Date of Post:2014-11-18
Review: If you can't make pips with this system you don't belong in forex.
I've wasted 4 years trying every combination of indicators with failure after failure. With this system I've gotten rid of ALL indicators and now have just two moving averages. I am, for the first time, making consistent pips. All for just $19.95/mo. And to the person who claims the good reviews are solicited, I guarantee you I have not been asked to give a review. All I can add is, if you don't give it a try it's your loss.

J Kalmes, Iowa, USA

Rating: No Rating
Date of Post:2014-10-09
Review: I been trading Forex for 15 years and what I have seen so far is better than things I've paid $1000s for. I now see pips everywhere now and I haven't even joined the service yet , but I will. I was going to dismiss this as nothing , but I thought what the hell it's not going to hurt to take a look. Now I'm hooked and I'm going to join for the rest of my trading career. The people who are critical of this obviously have not been trading very long.
Comment: Added by Mark Mc Donnell on 2014-12-23 06:45
  Thanks for the honest review, we are here to help, you can email the company any time and we can answer your questions. Looking forward to having you for a subscriber.

Good Trading

Yuri Vlasenko, Toronto, Canada

Date of Post:2013-08-20
Review: I met Mark Mc Donnell at a live full day non-profit Forex seminar in Vancouver, BC in November 2011. By that time I had been trading for some time but without consistent positive results. I was surprised at the time to see many traders trading the ForexEarlyWarning system made their way to Vancouver from all over Canada and US just to attend the seminar. I was also surprised to see how thankful and appreciative they were for the efforts Mark was putting into helping traders succeed. By the end of that day it was clear to me that I was onto something real - sound, logical forex trading system with a very nominal monthly fee of $19.95 to have access to daily trading plans and Heatmap. All education on how the system works is available for free to anybody on the FEW website and Mark is holding two weekly seminars on Wednesdays helping to understand the system better and review the currency trends. What also surprised me was that Mark was very willing to help anybody eager to learn - be in by setting up a private consultation (btw free of charge) on Skype or phone or by communication via email. Since January 2013 additional webinars reviewing currency groups live were added on Mondays - and I found them to be extremely insightful as well. Webinars and all learning materials are open to public and there's no need to even subscribe to service to have access to them. Forex Early Warning system concentrates on trading trends and oscillations of 28 currency pairs comprised of 7 major currencies. With this many instruments there's always bound to be a nice trading opportunity. It's a complete system based on trend following principals and currency pairs tend to trend very nicely and produce massive positive results. Trend followers made a killing over last 30-40 years trading various markets and probably it's best to refer to Michael Covel's books where it's all laid out. If anybody is serious about trading forex and is willing to put time and effort into educating themself first I would highly recommend ForexEarlyWarning system, it's sound, logical, with proven record of success (7 years and counting) with numerous happy clients and Mark Mc Donnell has been very helpful and easily accessible. If you give it a try and stick with it - you'll never look back, I never did, Two yeas and counting and trading is my main business today.

Anthony, Michigan, USA

Date of Post:2013-08-11
Review: I have been a FEW subscriber for several years and can honestly say it has leaps and bounds improved my trading. It is a unique way of looking at, and trading, the forex market. My success has been 4 years in the making and never really started to take off until I focused on the components that FEW concentrates on - multiple timeframes, strong versus weak, trend, etc. It is the total package and for $20 per month you cannot go wrong. It is by far one of the best steps I took to improve my trading. I put in the hard work and am now very close to quitting my job and trading full-time. Be patient, roll up you sleeves and do the work they recommend, and see for yourself.

Jonathan Weaver, Texas, USA

Date of Post:2013-07-23
Review: Most of the people that have given forex early warning a good review here are people who have been asked to come and do so.Those of us who give it a not so good rating have had run in's with mark owner of this forex system. mark seems very impatient when it comes to you asking questions, his answers always seem to be " read this section or read that section" or " does not comply" he does not sit down and explain to you what you are seeking. To me he hurts his own business with his poor attitude. As far as the system is concerned I have used it for some time and have not made any money off of it like is stated "100's of pips will come your way" I am sure its my fault though that is the tactic used its always the customers fault.
Comment: Added by Mark Mc Donnell on 2013-08-10 08:33
  This is Mark, the do-owner of Forexearlywarning. I checked out data base and we have had no clients past of present with the name Jonathan Weaver. This person was not a client and I have never spoken to him. He is a fake and offers no information about our great forex trading system, it is just some kind of personal issues.

Please read some of the 5 star rating we have here on FPA along with the legitimate client ratings on our own website:

Forexearlywarning offers forex traders live trading signals and forex trading plans across 28 currency pairs for only $19.95 per month. We also have webinars twice per week and we invite all forex traders to stop by, our webinars are free.

Good Forex Trading

Fawzi Shafei, Ann Arbor,MI, USA

Date of Post:2013-06-26
Review: The reason I am writing this because, I have known FEW and meet Mark in person in one of his training in MI and Canada. I have studied Mark Tactic and not strategy and I traded it , and It works. There I am saying this because I have spent thousands of dollars in trading and materials that only selling you info commercial ideas. However, I want every one if he join FEW to give up any idea or method or indicator that he learn in the past and do exactly what FEW teach. It worth than the price it is listed. I know if you listen to Mark he has own personality but I care less, as long he is honest and fair in helping others. FEW trainer that has joined FEW are people like you and me started from zero and followed FEW not more and became winner too. One last advise; do not waste your money any where, just join the FEW and understand the material and you will be a winner. If you need more info you can call me.

Ifti, Toronto, Canada

Date of Post:2013-04-14
Review: Like the user mentioned below, Forexearlywarning teaches you how to fish, rather than just be fed until the fish run out.
I signed up years ago, didn't have the patience for trend trading and was looking to make quick pips here & there, after many lessons learnt and no 'black-box/holy grail' we all look for, I returned to trend trading where things are simple and easy again. (less stress and anxiety)
His trading plans are sound and to the point. The trading plans will eventually rub off onto you and you will know what to looks for when looking at 4HR, D1, and W1 charts. Trend trading is the key along with confirmation with their amazing HeatMap tool that shows strong vs weak pairs.

For $20 bucks a month, you will make that back 5X in the first week if your doing things right or after your learning curve.
Happy pipping.

Tim, Orlando, FL, USA

Date of Post:2012-07-31
Review: I have been trading in the Forex Market since 2006. I have seen a lot of different systems, trading platforms, custom indicators, black boxes, monthly subscriptions, Boot Camps, etc. Sure, they all had some aspect that you could make work for awhile at a Substantial cost! Unfortunately, YOU are dependent on THEIR system. A few years ago I was introduced to Forex Early Warning. At first I wasn't sure what it was all about, afterall, only $19.95/mo.? There had to be a catch, or an upsell to another service, or software, or something. NO SUCH THING. This is it! AND you are trained so that YOU can trade the Forex markets on your own, not dependent on anyone's system. Forex Early Warning is very easy, logical, and easy to understand. On the Forex Early Warning website there is great education and webinars available to you, all at no cost. Mark is very passionate about the Forex Markets and wants people to find their own financial freedom that they control without paying thousands of dollars and learning different systems every 6 months. I am extremely pleased and would definitely recommend that ANYONE who wants to seriously trade the Forex Market to make a Living, start here and never look back.
Thank You Mark!
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