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Last Updated: 2014-09-22
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FPA Review Moderation Team, USA

Rating: No Rating
Date of Post:2009-08-19
Review: We haven't tried the EA and MT4 hosting from If you have, please leave a review here.

Kathy, Chicago, IL

Date of Post:2011-03-02
Review: Never use According to their term, money back guarantee within 60 days; however, they refuse to do so. They do not give you any feedback no matter how many tickets you submit (I have NEVER received any correspondence from the order inception). I screenprinted the chat conversation as an evidence, but still they refuse to refund.

I will file a complaints to public agencies.

mavad, Norway

Date of Post:2011-01-06
Review: I will just tell you the behaviour of Forex Hoster (VPS company) according to the clients going through Plimus

For clients going through Plimus, Plimus claim that they have a 30-day refund policy with Forex Hoster.

But look at the last email I got from Forex Hoster:

"¯For clients going through Plimus, our refund period is 10 days since the date of purchase assuming the client does not make the request for a VPS inside his member area. The VPS account request screen inside member area of each client informs each customer that by submitting the request for a VPS, you are not eligible for any refund. So nobody was lying to you. We are not Plimus, we have our own Terms of Service and we have separate conditions for each payment processor."

The product didn't match my expectations. 9 days after the subscription I suggested for Forex Hoster to make me a refund. That's clearly within the refund period of 10 days, because I made the request through the member area of ForexSTF (an forex Expert Advisor) by clicking a link, and the subscription to Forex Hoster was done automatically. But the vendor answered me that they didn't provide refund. They made me believe there was nothing more i could do with that, so I didn't care more about it.

Later (outside the refund period of Plimus) I detected that Plimus had this 30-day refund policy. The vendor refused me to get a refund within the refund period of 10 days. Therefore I allowed myself to request Plimus for a refund, because Forex Hoster got me believe there wasn't any money back guarantee. I enclosed all the evidences to the email, so that Plimus knew the whole background for my request.
The following standard answers below is the only answer I have got from Plimus:

"¯You are outside the 30 day money back guarantee and there is little else we can do for you. please sort this out with the vendor."

For clients going through Plimus I don't understand how it's possible for Forex Hoster to use one refund policy (No refund policy at all or 10-day refund policy) and Plimus to use another refund policy (30-day refund policy) at the same product at the same time?

I have sent many emails to both Forex Hoster and Plimus, but none of them will answer me. It seems to me that they are playing the customers a trick. That's not serious. Or is it something I have misunderstood here?
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