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FPA Review Moderation Team, USA

Rating: No Rating
Date of Post:2006-03-29
Review: We haven't tried the forex training materials from If you have, please leave a review here.

Ziash, ISD, Pakistan

Date of Post:2014-02-13
Review: In my journey to become a full time profitable trader - and out of 70+ video training from different sources - and their products stand out and are perfect source of legitimate information.

Personally I would like to mention Mr. Frank Paul (referring to Forex Master Blueprint). His style of presenting the course is excellent and very professionally well thought out course layout. I wish if can add a "Sample View" from the course for the rest of public to second my opinion.

Normally I don't post comments, but by looking at previous negative comments I see clearly why loosers are loosers; when we can't improve ourselves we throw the shit on other respectable teachers. CKBS - Common Kid Behavior Syndrome. Kids grow up, I respect everyone in my life who taught me one word.

5 Stars and Regards,

Ross, London, United Kingdom

Date of Post:2014-01-25
Review: Frank,You responded to my review of Forexmentor and specifically my comments re. the services you provided.I've got no wish to make this personal and respect your reply.I do however take issue to your paragraph,

"I just wanted to take a moment to respond to your fair critiques of the work I have done with Forexmentor, not with a defensive or dismissive attitude by any means, but just perhaps to try to address your well-written points. Firstly, Fibonacci Swing Trader is no longer available not because it "doesn't work", but because we decided to transition that course and service into FXM Trend Trader, to address numerous requests we had received over a period of many months to provide EA support. A number of FST members had indicated a desire for some type of automation to enable trade entry on 4hr continuation patterns, which they often could not be available for within their own preferred hours of trading. To provide that "mechanization" really demanded that we refine the trade entry rules so that they were amenable to EA programming. And for that reason we decided to give the service a new identity. That was well over a year ago now, and no further substantive changes have since been made."

O.k so you altered the Fibonacci swing trader system...what happened to my copy of the system or an updated copy of the system ?
I have purchased other courses from Forexmentor including the recurring forex pattern course from Vic and the Kelvin Thornley trend trader systems.They are sold ,as are all Forexmentor online courses as "lifetime" access/viewing.If i log on to my account the previous mentioned courses are there for me to review / go over.
Your Fib swing trader course however has disappeared off my account along with the $199 i paid for it.So if it isn't a new course why isn't the new updated course available to me or as other dissatisfied former members mentioned a full refund for a course that clearly in that form just didn't work.I'm sorry Frank but i think you insult our intelligence.You've obviously repackaged the former course,left the former members high and dry and resold it.You will have my respect when you admit your mistake and start refunding people who bought Fib Swing Trader in good faith and were left with nothing.

2014-01-02 5 Stars Having read Frank Paul's response as a customer of Forexmentor i wanted to give my own thoughts having purchased a number of courses and services over the last 2 years.

As already mentioned Forexmentor consists of a number of individual Forex "Experts" producing their own courses/services under the Forexmentor "umbrella"and in my experience the quality can vary massively.

Firstly i give 5 stars without hesitation to Vic Noble.This guy talks so much sense and is an excellent teacher.He in company with Shirley Hudson have turned my trading round in the last couple of years using initially their Recurring Forex pattern course.I also later subscribed to the daily R.F.P update service and the Coaches Corner which Vic runs twice a week.I am now a profitable trader and can't recommend this enough.
What i found reassuring is the main pattern (Vic Trade) used in the course has been used by Vic + students for years and continues to work effectively.It doesn't need tweaking every few months to make it work.I can spot it a mile off and i use it in conjunction with money management,trend bias etc taught by Vic.This for me is as good as it gets i don't look anywhere else for wonder systems. The 5 stars are for Vic and the above.

In Dec 2011 when i was still looking for success i bought Frank Paul's Fibonacci Swing Trader course after being sent so many E mails about it's success.My first concern was the course i was viewing online had already been tweaked a few months after being released although the new version wasn't available so you had to view the old version then read some notes for the new rules.This made it confusing.A few months on it was tweaked again to version 3.I didn't like the system anyway but that is a personal thing.I also had little confidence in a system that is a work in progress having parted with $199.I note this course is no longer available on the Forexmentor website so guess it just didn't work ?
I see Frank then produced his FX systems Lab course,i believe a new system each month.I've got plenty of systems on my shelf maybe i should start selling them !
I see Frank has now produced a Forex news Breakout Trading system.So my question is why so many systems ? Why not one time tested reliable system with daily updates like Vic has produced.I'm sorry Frank but it's so easy to keep producing system after system to sell, A lot harder than actually trading.That is my personal opinion which i believe i am entitled to being a customer of Forexmentor.

Frank Paul, Vancouver, Canada

Rating: No Rating
Date of Post:2014-01-24
Review: I think that, at this point, given that there are people like Tim Merritt who evidently was never taught enough manners by his mother to know better than to address people face-on with whatever onslaught of childish, petulant name-calling he feels like spewing, it's not worth my while to any longer spend time on this board conversing with people like Tim Merritt.

In the interest of balance, I will leave my final posting to this site by sharing a feedback I recently received from a survey that was actually fielded to Vic Noble and Shirley Hudson's service (in turn, forwarded to me by Peter Bain):

"I know this is not a beauty contest but if you want a perfect example of how to deliver a well controlled, firm,consistent and inspiring teaching method then look no further than Frank Paul. He is simply outstanding and his deliveries a lesson for us all. I know from years of teaching in business school how easy it is to forget the student needs a slow, full and steady delivery to make sure (as far as poss.) he /she has GOT IT! ."

Now I ask you, Tim Merritt, how can you both be right? How can Frank Paul be a "dud, loser, zero" and at the same time somebody else has feedback like the above to offer which is diametrically opposite?

Anyways, enough said. I'm not going to lower myself by having any further conversations with name-calling, online trolls like Tim Merritt.

tim merrit, california, USA

Date of Post:2014-01-21
Review: i totally agree with steven and ross, this frank paul is a total dud. i mean this cat is a big zero. we arn't all just making up stuff frank, we are all pretty much saying simular stuff. there are some good things coming out of forex mentor, its just not coming via frank paul. you change courses frank like most people change socks. i really dont understand why peter bain keeps you around. i dont want to get into the personel end of you and peter bain, but it isn't because of your ability to trade. im sorry frank but was a member of the fib swing trader program for several months and you remind me of a snake trying to slither out of a tight spot. and there are several mentors that have been teaching the same great course for years frank so i dont know where you think your going with that one. frank i would like to get refunded my money that you scammed me for. and as far as forex mentor goes it is strange how the quality of the mentors varies so much. from vic noble and chris lori to this laim duck frank paul bringing up the rear.

Frank Paul, Vancouver, Canada

Rating: No Rating
Date of Post:2014-01-10
Review: Hello Ross

Thank you for your review posted below. I believe your comments are fair-minded and intended to be constructive, rather than harmful. I am glad that you have found success with Vic Noble's RFP course, and that you are satisfied with the instruction. I absolutely agree with you that Vic is a first-rate instructor and coach.

I just wanted to take a moment to respond to your fair critiques of the work I have done with Forexmentor, not with a defensive or dismissive attitude by any means, but just perhaps to try to address your well-written points. Firstly, Fibonacci Swing Trader is no longer available not because it "doesn't work", but because we decided to transition that course and service into FXM Trend Trader, to address numerous requests we had received over a period of many months to provide EA support. A number of FST members had indicated a desire for some type of automation to enable trade entry on 4hr continuation patterns, which they often could not be available for within their own preferred hours of trading. To provide that "mechanization" really demanded that we refine the trade entry rules so that they were amenable to EA programming. And for that reason we decided to give the service a new identity. That was well over a year ago now, and no further substantive changes have since been made.

I should also mention that while it might seem "suspect" that at one point in time a certain course or service is offered and later it is not, but the reality is that it takes a huge amount of time and effort to keep a Weekly or Daily support service current, and for that reason, no one mentor could possibly be expected to provide ongoing content updates for any and everything he/she has ever published. I spend 7-8 hours per day five days a week on my own personal trading, and another 3-4 hours per day on daily content for the FXM Trend Trader service. With a schedule like that, I could not possibly maintain a separate service (e.g. FST), as there is just not enough time in the day for that much coverage. Vic Noble and other mentors have offered other courses and services in the past also which are no longer actively supported, but that doesn't specifically mean they "don't work" any more; it's just that to focus on the 1-2 things each of us does best means exactly that - focusing on those things and nothing else.

I also take your point about possibly "too many systems" in regards to the FX SystemsLab series. I can only state as clearly and unequivocally as I can that the intent of SystemsLab is not to sell systems for its own sake. I know from personal experience that the journey to becoming a full-time profitable trader involves immersing yourself in a variety of different concepts, approaches and methods, from which you cobble together the bits and pieces that speak to your personal situation. I have never learned from just one method and just one teacher myself, and I suspect that is probably true for all profitable traders. You can try to access free bits and pieces of information on the Internet to do that research, but let's face it, the vast majority of free stuff posted on the Net is either skimpily presented, superficial, or sometimes even flat-out wrong. What we have tired to do with the SystemsLab series is provide comprehensively and professionally documented trading ideas that hopefully make it easier to progress through one's learning curve more efficiently and effectively than it would be to navigate through the maze of information available on the Net. If instead you've found one approach that works for you off-the-shelf as is, that's great - your learning curve is done! But there are many people who want to explore other options and approaches and that is the need SystemsLab was designed to address.

I hope none of the preceding comes across as anything other than a sincere and open-minded intention of both acknowledging and responding to your comments Ross. On behalf of Forexmentor, I'd like to thank you for your support as a current and past member.

Frank Paul

Frank Paul, Vancouver, Canada

Rating: No Rating
Date of Post:2013-12-16
Review: It's really unfortunate that the Internet provides the means for certain people to engage in cowardly character assassination attempts from the comfortable anonymity of their computer workstation, hiding behind the convenience of obviously phony user names. It's the same kind of garbage that goes on with news service message boards and a variety of other forums where people can basically vent their personal frustrations by attacking others with the most extreme (and often unfounded) vitriol that they're capable of summoning. What I'm reading here in some of the obvious examples of this sort of thing directed at me is not any remotely responsible attempts at constructive or fair criticism, but rather some uninformed yahoo who thinks it's OK to completely smear someone without recourse to fact. The only thing I can conclude in those cases is that the person dishing it out is probably too lacking in personal maturity or skill to take the trading tools that they have been provided and use them in a disciplined manner, so what to do they do? Simple: just slam the person who authored the tools. With anonymity and without recourse to personal responsibility for making those smears.

I could go in to great detail providing numerous rebuttals to some of the pointedly baseless critiques I see here, but frankly so many of them are so ridiculous as do not even dignify a response. As but one example I note the (so-called) "reviewer" below who takes me to task for not speaking phonetically correct Japanese in the Ichimoku course I presented in the FX SystemsLab series. Really? That strikes you as a justified criticism of the course content in question? For the record, I did state very clearly in that particular course, in a clear but light-hearted manner, that I am quite admittedly not a speaker of the Japanese language, and I even went so far as to apologize in advance for any mis-pronunciation of the terms in question. But I think it would be far-fetched in the extreme to suggest that my pronunciation was so bad one could not even understand which specific chart elements I was referring to. I think it's also incredibly mean-spirited to slam somebody for a pronunciation issue which they even took the time to address in a proactive fashion. So what I don't speak phonetically correct Japanese? When did that ever become a specific requirement to teach Forex trading methods? I'd like to ask the so-called "reviewer" in question how many foreign languages he speaks fluently and elegantly?

I could go on and on addressing other similarly ridiculous and utterly baseless smears that are presented in the paragraphs below, but frankly I've got better things to do with my time than respond to those lacking in social graces who'd rather engage in dissemination of slander and libel than provide useful and constructive feedback. Fortunately, I can take heart in referencing the many hundreds upon hundreds of positive feedbacks and emails I've received over the years from people I've worked with that provide a useful counter to some of the gratuitous crap pretending to be a reasoned review of any kind that appears on this page.

Ordinarily I would never address comments from a current or former customer in this fashion, but I refuse to let stand unchallenged garbage information of the kind that has been presented here.

Steven, , USA

Date of Post:2013-06-29
Review: I have bought and have been a member at ForexMentor. Here are my 2 cents:

0 STAR: Frank Paul is a dud. I keep getting those emails how he banked 400 pips on a 30:1 reward/risk ratio, but when I subscribed to the service, its not as planned. Out of the 12 currency pairs, maybe 1 will work out, the others will fail miserably. He was selling a MACD course, then a PSAR, course then a Elliot Wave course, Fibonacci Swing Trader course etc. He could never stick with one program. Now he is selling a FXM Trend Trader course. In one of the videos, he was talking about Ichimoku. He couldn't even pronounce the Ichimoku, Tenkan-sen, Kijun-sen, and Chikou-span correctly. All a waste of time.

3 STARS: Fund Trader Acadmey. Jarratt Davis, a nice guy. Great at replying to emails. However, the setups examples he had in the course were not practiced in the trading room. Andrew Jeken does the trading room, but only does pattern trading (Gartley's, Butterfly's, Bat's etc). Not my cup of tea. It would be nice to see those examples in the course being used. Although when Jarratt does come into the trading room, he does give trades based on the course samples.

4 STARS: RFP and LCT. Great course. Vic is a nice guy and in these days, it is hard to meet some honest people and not those out for a quick buck. He's been vigilant in replying to emails and giving me great hints and answers to my emails. I still use the stuff in the video in my trading today.

In the most recent YouTube video, Shirley Hudson banked 18,000+ pips in 6 months with only 1 losing trade. An impossibility in itself. If she is banking almost 36,000 pips/year at a 1% risk (lets say 20 pips of risk), this figure compounded after each completed trade, she would have made over $80 million in the last year !!! There is a hiccup in the RFP course. Shirley says "on one of her accounts". Does that mean she has more than one and she is using only the profitable trades in her samples ?? I keep seeing an MS Excel spreadsheet in the videos. How about the Detailed Statement from the MT4 platform to prove the results instead of a user inputted (created) spreadsheet ?? You can blot of the account number and any other privacy issues,

tim merrit, , USA

Date of Post:2013-03-31
Review: i have a hard time believing somebody would say frank paul is legit. the guy didn't modify some brilliant system, he abandoned a loosing system and the changes made are so much that it couldn't be called the same thing. his system was based on swing points. and where frank was having problems was on the final swing point that got you in the trade. he doesn't even use swing points anymore. this cat is a looser big time. his whole system was based on swing points, by throwing it out the window it isn't a modify move it is a whole new system. everybody who purchased his triple screen swing point system got ripped. and the strange thing here is that i don't think all of forex mentor is a scam. chris lori certainly seems legit. but poor judgement on the part of some of the staff at forex mentor for sure. bob handles the phone, and he seems ok, but i know he must have got a lot of complaints on frank paul. i think peter bain had a serious talk with frank paul and frank got rid of the swing point system. peter should of fired frank. i was a member of franks club and i would email him time and time again when he would pull snake moves and take credit for for all these winning trades when most of them didn't qualify and then on the loosing trades where with his system you would have a really lot of pips, he would come up with bizarre explanations of why he wouldn't have gotten into the trade. where i really nailed him was when he kept video tapes of his recommendations. so when he would try and get out of a loosing trade that lost 300 pips or so and he would deny it and say to me "oh i never said this was a go and to enter the trade". i would say look at your video you said enter the trade. then he would say something really ignorant like like "oh i meant to change that and i told such and such to change it ". it got really ridiculous and i dropped out of his club and a few months later he changed the whole system. if i had to guess i would say the complaints came in by the truck load and peter bain and frank paul had a serious talk on the phone. where i hold fault to peter bain is not following through and canning frank.

2012-04-29 1 Star this is an update on Forex mentor. Frank Paul has abandoned the system he was selling on Forex mentor, he now has some totally new way of selling his snake oil approach. the course that i bought is useless and is nothing like what he is peddling now. this guy is a joke and a half. the other people on Forex mentor might be legit but this company has all the looks of a scam.

2012-01-26 2 Stars forex mentor has 4 or 5 instructors, each with their own angle and program on teaching. most of it appears ok. like chris lori course. but i was part of the fibonaci swing trader with frank paul and and even that appears ok and some of the trades he recommends work but he pulls snake moves like you will have two identical trades, one worked and one didnt. he will take credit for the one that worked and then come up with a bunch of nonsence about how the one that didnt work doesnt count. he is a good talker and makes the whole company look bad. nothing special with forex mentor, its a company you want to stay away from, at least the fib swing trader is a scam.

Vic Noble, , Canada

Rating: No Rating
Date of Post:2012-10-31
Review: To FxTrader, Germany: I hate to even dignify your comments with a response, but this is the problem with forums like this: Anyone can say anything they want, whether or not it’s true.

For the weekly trade examples, Of COURSE it’s a demo account! I have often stated that in the video. I don’t show my personal account, and won’t be. The weekly trade examples are a free service, and are for illustration. Who cares what the order size is? If this really bothers you, here’s an idea: stop watching them, it’s OK.

I do NOT get the same results as Shirley Hudson or anyone else for that matter. NOBODY will ever get the exact same results as someone else. This is something that you haven’t learned yet obviously. We trade different pairs, we have different abilities to handle multiple pairs at once, have different risk tolerances, etc etc. But you can still be successful.

I should already be a millionaire? So you now know my financial status do you? LOL!! Enough said. FxTrader, Germany, or whoever you are, maybe your comments are more a reflection of your own inabilities. Sounds to me like this game may not be for you.

Vic Noble. Marketing expert!?? I wish.
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