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Last Updated: 2015-06-16
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August 2013:  The FPA has received numerous complaints from traders who are unable to withdraw their funds from Forexoma.  The FPA has attempted to contact Forexoma on this issue and has received no response.  The FPA has also tried to contact Vahid Chaychi and has received no response.  The website and MT4 server have gone down.

September 2013:  There are now 4 GUILTY verdicts against Forexoma in the FPA Traders Court.

The FPA now confirms that Forexoma is a SCAM.  Forexoma is hereby blacklisted by the Forex Peace Army.  If you have money with this company and can't get it back, please leave a review here and post about it here.


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ID Filed Case Verdict
2013-103 2013-08-21 GUILTY
2013-102 2013-08-19 GUILTY
2013-101 2013-08-18 GUILTY
2013-089 2013-07-29 GUILTY

Mike, Budapest, Hungary

Date of Post:2013-08-12
Review: My live account is also disabled from 7th Aug and I am unable to withdraw my money. I cannot login to the Forexoma website. I get answer "Incorrect username or password". However if I open my disabled MT4 account and hover the mouse over the account details, I still see "Real account, XXXX USD", the amount is correct, but there is no access to it.

I am with LuciaB: Can anyone living in Canada report Vahid to the police for theft?

LuciaB, Melbourne, Australia

Date of Post:2013-08-11
Review: I sent the following message to Vahid Chaychi at two of his at least three other/new websites at:
under the category "Request for Payment".

"Vahid, I joined your Forexoma trading about 3 years ago based on the amazing regard that other traders had for you as a person and for your training.
My daughter also subscribed for quite sometime to your Live Analysis program.

I cannot access nor withdraw $1,500 from my trading account.

I am very disappointed that I have had no contact from Forexoma.
Can you please let me know why Forexoma will not allow me to withdraw my fund and why Forexoma has become dishonest."

A few months ago Vahid posted on this site claiming that he was only a consultant to Forexoma thereby removing himself from the brokerage. This cannot be true because three of his other websites that I have seen so far have all identical in format and text type etc. to the Forexoma site. Vahid also posted the message here in 2009.
Vahid lives in Canada, and Forexoma was based in Canada when I joined 3 years ago.

Can anyone living in Canada report Vahid to the police for theft?

Raviraj, Singapore, Singapore

Rating: No Rating
Date of Post:2013-08-10
Review: Hi,
My live account is disabled from 7th Aug and am unable to withdraw money.
Do you know how to complain to NFA on this matter as there will be many account holders who account would have been disabled.

Review Moderation Team Note: Forexoma was not registered with the NFA. Please check the threads in the Scam Alerts Folder of the FPA's forums for more information about where to complain.

2013-04-30 5 Stars The services of Forexoma and response time in replying to queries is excellent and by far the best. The account opening, funding and withdrawal of funds process is very easy is done in a very professional manner.
I'm really impressed by the way Help Desk respond to my queries. I rate 5 star the service of Forexoma and the currency price they offer is very competitive when comparing to few other brokers.

Kenny R, , USA

Rating: Escalated to FPA Trader's Court
Details: Kenny R. vs. | Guilty
Date of Post:2013-08-09
Review: Something strange going on with Forexoma right now. I have been a live account holder since 2011. Vahid is no longer with them it seems and they are in Hong Kong now? I never used to have a problem getting withdrawals or getting my questions answered within 24 hours but now my account is disabled and from what I'm seeing from other traders their accounts have suffered the same fate. I'm an optimistic person and sincerely want to believe that it's a simple misunderstanding and that everything will be rectified for the better and everyone will get their initial deposits back or am i asking for too much?

2011-08-03 5 Stars: This is by far one of the most honest brokers out there. Forexoma is an ECN broker which means that THEY ARE NOT TRADING AGAINST THEIR OWN CLIENTS like pretty much 90% of brokers do! If you don't know what an ECN broker is then research it.

Also there are numerous articles and education and tools available that will appeal to the novice forex trader to the most advanced which will help and improve your trading and that in itself is a great value.

Great customer service and support as well. If you have a problem it will be handled extremely quickly.

Forexoma is the standard that every broker should be held to hands down!

Rotem Cohen, , Israel

Date of Post:2013-08-09
Review: seems i am among the ones who fell in the scam!
2 days ago - 2 of my open orders were closed suddenly, a few minutes later my account was disabled - and is disabled since.
i placed 2 tickets and got no reply apposed to a great service I got previously before in the last few months..
be aware - do not deposit any money to them!
am trying to withdraw my money - will update here although I understand chances are not so good...
forexoma is a scam!


Any, , Poland

Date of Post:2013-08-09
Review: Hi,
I want to tell something to Vahid, he will read this.

Hi Vahid,
I'm sure you will read this post.
I had been your forex student for a few years before you launched Forexoma brokerage. (You remember me, I know). You were the best trader I had ever met. You had been making millions of dollars from trading Forex - I'm a witness. You established a community, a community of forex traders. You gave us your trading system and your best trading knowledge. You were our master, you were our authority. We had a dream of being as you. My dream come true, as you told me one day „You will be better than me, very soon Any”. I'm a forex trader. I make money. I make money thanks you, only you. Now I see that you are probably a criminal. I can't believe. My mentor and authority is a criminal. Can't believe Vahid, can't believe. Since I have learned about …
I'm devastated. I hope this is not true and you are honest.

Best regards

Johan Beugger, Cape Town, South Africa

Date of Post:2013-08-08
Review: On the night of 7 Aug 2013, my live account and demo account at Forexoma were disabled. Over the last 18 hours I have submitted 5 tickets to them asking for contact. I have had no response. This is the only way one can contact them. There is no email address, no physical address and no telephone numbers. I can furnish live account details when required. On strength of what I'm seeing here, In Forex Peace Army, I feel justified in requesting that this matter be escalated to the FPA Trader's Court.

Henny, Haaksbergen, Netherlands

Date of Post:2013-08-08
Review: I did admire Vahid Chaychi for a long time and even learned a lot of things from him, but I am sorry to say that his Forexoma is probably also a scam brookerage. Since monday I am trying to withdraw money from my lifeaccount but they do not reply anymore on my mails, when I log into the account the money and the account is gone, and it is not working anymore.
The site of Forexoma is still active so my advice is STAY A WAY!
Vahid also has a new site: I dare say do not do any business with this "gentleman" any more.
I am thinking of sending this information to the Canadian Police maybe others can do this also? Let's get these bastards !

Christian, , Germany

Rating: No Rating
Date of Post:2013-08-08
Review: I still don`t believe this. No replies for over a week now.
This is no reason to give up forex.
But there is still a small hope everything works out (maybe)

p.s. ANY (Poland) - interesting link. - thank you

Julio P, Los Angeles, USA

Date of Post:2013-08-07
Review: My MT4 account is disabled. No response from their customer service. They simply shut the whole thing down! I can access my account info online (profile only). I fear for the worst.
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