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Last Updated: 2015-01-05
Description: ForexTradersDaily develops automated forex trading software for the MetaTrader platform. ForexTradersDaily's MT4 EAs include Tom's EA/Profit Agent, Amp Trader, Forex Black Book, Elemental Trader,for online currency trading. Some of the forex robots from ForexTradersDaily have been forward tested on live and demo accounts by the Forex Peace Army™
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FPA Review Moderation Team, USA

Rating: No Rating
Date of Post:2006-01-08
Review: We haven't tried any of the forex services from If you have, please leave a review here.

UPDATE: The FPA has begun a forward test of Amp trader EA from this company on a LIVE account. Please click the link towards the upper-left to follow the results.

Bob G, Las Vegas

Date of Post:2011-10-17
Review: Just got an unauthorized charge on my MC from Global Profit, in Jacksonville, FL. for $299. Bank could give me no contact info. Web search shows it to be Dustin Pass. Thus am forced to dispute charge, w/ my card being re-issued because of the fraud transaction. Had bought his Oracle trader course a year ago , but found it absolutely unusable. He is a good-ol-boy presenter, but I find him very dishonorable. Buyer beware!

Doing my Best, Georgia

Rating: No Rating
Date of Post:2010-11-22
Review: I was turned on to this company by one of Dustin's childhood friends and so I trusted the info. I found out that what they don't tell you is that even though they give you good information they are in no position to enable you to act on it....I spent over $1200 for a 6 mo. special that amount of time I could not get any broker to take even a single trade...that's what they don't tell you...they blame the dismal results all on the brokers and then rely on their preditory marketing practices to reap profit for themselves. If you don't believe it just try to reach them on the phone...they give all kinds of flowery excuses as to why they can't talk to you right now...stay far,far away

Tariq, UK

Date of Post:2010-10-04
Review: I have been a member for nearly six months. Undoubtedly the service works HOWEVER most of the time I have not managed to get filled by my broker or the news figures do not meet targets so there is no trade. In the 6 months I have had about 6 successful trades and no losing trades.

It is more difficult nowadays to trade the news spike than a few years ago so maybe this is why Dustin is heavily promoting his service. Some traders make money some of the time but the Service Provider makes money all the time from subscriptions.

ggjr61, Woodbury, MN

Date of Post:2010-08-24

I received an email invitation to join in a training webinar for $20 and for an extra $1 I would get 2 weeks of this service. After the purchase, I could not determine when then webinar was scheduled for. Their support person informed me that the webinar ocured the week prior. I asked for a refund and informed them to cancel my subscription so I would not be charged the $299/month but got no response. I have my credit card company challanging the charge.

Two weeks later got an invoice for $299. I send another email - but again no response. I tried to call, but no one answers AND their voicemail is full.

Clearly, this is a company the does NOT keep their promises AND has very poor service.

terry maccormack, east bay canada

Date of Post:2010-02-07
Review: I don't have an issue with any of the traders affiliated with I do, however, take issue with their marketing, which I feel to be deceptive and underhanded. I recently subscribed to a brief trial of a service they had advertised to spend time with one of their traders, Derek Frey. The sign-up page presented two options, one of which required payment of $20. I paid my money and attended five or six sessions of trading with Derek. Assuming my trial had run its course I left off logging in to the service, but was surprised recently to notice on my VISA statement that I had been billed $299 US for ongoing services (one month) with I had no idea that I was going to be billed on an ongoing basis and when I wrote to them they responded that in their small print I had agreed to pay such an amount on a monthly basis. I returned to the site and noticed that in their microscopically small print I had indeed agreed to such an arrangement. I accept that I must've done such a thing but take exception to the way in which this trial was presented to prospective attendees to Derek's daily sessions. Most other services present such information in a far more upfront manner rather than hiding such an agreement in tiny print at the very bottom of the page. (In fact, I did look to see if I was committing myself to an ongoing monthly service but saw nothing to this effect.) If the service pretends to present itself as one that operates with integrity and transparency, then you have to wonder why they would market themselves in such an underhanded and what I experience as devious manner. This reflects poorly on, suggests a serious lack of professionalism on their part, and in turn only adds to the shady reputation of the spot forex industry in general. I asked for a refund, of course, but this request was rejected outright. The response I received was that my subscription would run for the entire month regardless of what I thought and in effect too bad so sad. I'm left wondering: if you're proud of what you have to offer, then why market it in such a questionable and underhanded manner. In the end, it leads any prospective subscriber to wondering what else they might have to hide.

degsy, UK

Date of Post:2009-11-22
Review: I feel compelled to share my recent experience of a Trading Room that works. I have had terrible experiences of trade rooms and wanted to tell you about this one, aptly named Forex Eureka.
There are two guys, one calling the trades and one who moderates. Both fantastic people, the guy calling the trades has an effervescent personality, working alongside the welcoming approach of the Moderator. He is the one who will bring you up to speed on how it all works in the room, a true gent.

As a TR it is very demanding, in my first week we took 1400 pips. But the atmosphere in the room is so lively it makes light of the full time hours.

Russell Butler, Canada

Date of Post:2009-11-05
Review: been with dustin for about 3 months now. his calls are extremely accurate and profitable. The only problem like others have said is finding a broker. personally i am trading 2 accounts with him right now, one is +200%, and the other is +30%. only been trading the second one for a week now, the other for 3 months.

with that said, you need to find a broker that will get you filled. dustin's broker reccomendations are not great, atleast for me they haven't been. i had 4 accounts open at one point and just recently closed 2 because i didn't get a single fill in a month with them. (fxsolutions, and gain uk)

overall this is by FAR the best system i have come across. nothing like rolling out of bed at 4 am, making 30-60% on you account, and then going back to sleep lol. (yes, i am using high leverage, 100-200:1 usually, dustin only reccomends 5:1 but i haven't had a big loss yet, in 3 months, so i feel confident with this type of leverage.) good trading to you all

Brian, New York, NY

Date of Post:2008-05-05
Review: Iíve been using Dustinís news trading service for about 6 months now and the bank flow data for about 2 to 3 months now. After all is said and done, I have to say that anyone who bashes this guy has some screws loose. Iím straightforward, and hate deceit of any kind, and especially hate it when those who are on the same page as me are bashed by people who speak uneducated and uninformed. Here are some pointers based on previous postings about Dustin and his service:
1. Getting filled by a broker is your problem. Not his.
2. If he has a deal set up with a broker as an IB, he is trying to make money. Thatís why they call it capitalism. Donít curse him if youíre too stupid to realize they might not be the best choice for your needs. You donít go into a drugstore and buy one of everything. You take what you need or like. This is no different.
3. I donít personally want to hear what other members in that chat room are saying. They take away from the professionalism of the board and degrade the overall quality of the service. If others listen to people blabbing off in the chat room and react, then its Dustinís a** for allowing them to mouth off. Iíve heard what others say out there and maybe 1% have something valuable to contribute.
4. He tells you right off the bat that the pips gained on each trade are the most you could have received, not what was closed. On his blog he publishes his closed trades, executed or not, and is clearly being honest by doing so. For Bank Flow data, pips are recorded as trades are instructed to exit. Anyone who says otherwise is lying.
5. Bank flow system trades are making money. Period. My best trades through the month are from these signals.
6. If you would even think about reporting a guy like Dustin you are nuts. Of all the services Iíve seen out there, heís at the top of the earning and integrity list. You guys should do your homework before mouthing off.
7. If you had a service similar to this, are you going to waste email space copying and pasting the full chat with a bunch of people who didnít get filled on a news trade? No! Because thatís advertising! YOU ARE TRADING NEWS! Of course a lot of people wonít get filled with their shotty brokers. More scorned and irresponsible people not looking at whatís really going on.
8. A LOT of what is listed in above posts are typical, irresponsible, uninformed responses by angry amateurs not taking responsibility for their own actions. BE WARNED OF WHAT YOUíRE READING. I can tell that most of the bad reviews are from people who havenít made a dime trading, and they never will.
9. Many people expect to be held by the hand and walked carelessly through life through open prairies with puppy dogs all around them. I can easily tell that many people that sign up for these things do. Whether you subscribe to a service or read educational materials, you are still the one hitting the buy and sell button on your machine. Donít be pissed if your own incompetency causes you to either not make money or lose it if you are careless. And then donít take it out on someone that actually knows what they are talking about. Whining will get you nowhere and only slows down someone elseís progress.
Iím writing a little forward here because I finally found a service that works and makes me money all the time, and then I go on here and read this nonsense posted by the walking clueless. With all the con artists out there making cash on your trading money, not theirs, its sad to see someone good get hammered.
Felix, Dustin is a competitor of yours, we realize this. You run this board (ForexPeaceArmy) which reviews his service, of your advantage, not his, as your opening comments are overall negative. For the sake of your own integrity, I think you should be more objective in your approach. It makes you look bad. For everyone else, please take a look at what YOU can do to improve your trading, and donít take it out on the honest working class out there.

alexandriafx, Egypt

Date of Post:2007-12-08
Review: I treied Forexmastermaker for the 14 days traial and watched the trades that Dustin gave signals to.
I think he is very good and honest ,and his service is very good specially for a conservative trader.
It's a bit expensive for me (hardly trading a mini account) but I'm glad I had the chance to join for those two weeks.
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