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Last Updated: 2014-09-23

FX Choice are online forex brokers. FXChoice offers the MetaTrader 4, MetaTrader 5, and MT Mobile forex currency trading top platforms. offers over 20 currency pairs, cfds, and metals for your personal investment and trading options.

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FPA Review Moderation Team, USA

Rating: No Rating
Date of Post:2011-10-14
Review: We haven't tried a forex trading account with If you've traded forex with this broker, please leave a review here.

Rodger Laking, Calgary, Canada

Date of Post:2014-09-14
Review: I have to take time to amend my original post on FX Choice. Finally after contacting my bank manager who was off work for a considerable time I found out that as Anthony said my bank transferred the money to FX Choice in my company name and not my personal name as they we directed. FX Choice had no way to find my money as they had no record of my company. I posted the last post in frustration as my money was in lost for months. As Anthony posted they did everything possible to help me but the error was on my side and of no fault of the people of FX Choice. The money is in my live account where I trade my account on a very good free VPS with excellent fills and spreads. I regret my previous post as I know how important Forex Peace Army ratings are to Brokers as they should be. I would highly recommend FX Choice to all. FX Choice please except my apologizes.

2014-07-30 2Star On May 16th 2014 I made a bank wire transfer of $6000 FX Choice. As of today this money has not been deposited to my live account. I have emailed numerous times and had no reply. I requested a call back 3 times and received 1 callback days later from a fellow who told me they needed my transit number as they had numerous funds not identified in their bank. I send the transit number within an hour and have not received any contact since even though I have emailed support four times. I phoned their office today and no one answered the phone. I do not believe all the good reviews they got here as this is certainly not my experience. I will update on my going experience with FX Choice.
0% match | Checked Jul 30, 2014

Comment: Added by Anthony K. on 2014-08-07
Dear Rodger,

Quite frankly I'm a little surprised by the review you just submitted. We have contacted you by phone as well as by email a number times regarding this issue.

You make it sound as if we are trying to steal your money when nothing could be further from the truth. There are a number of things you left out of your review. First off, you forgot to mention that your bank held your funds for a considerable amount of time before they released the funds to us.

When talking with you by phone we asked you to send us a copy of your bank wire receipt. The reason we need the receipt is so we can verify the right routing numbers were used as well seeing exactly what name is on the account the funds came from.

You sent us a transit number, which gives us a little information but does not tell us everything we need to know.

We called and spoke with you again and told you what was needed. Again you told us you would get the receipt to us. At that time we also asked you if the funds had come from a business account. You said you were not sure and that funds might have been sent from a business account.

You finally get a receipt to us and we find that the funds in fact did come from a business account that had no reference to the name on your trading account. This is a considered a third party transfer and is strictly prohibited.

In good faith, we informed you that we would go ahead and place the funds in your trading account as long as you provided documentation on the business account.

As you can see we have spent a considerable amount time on rectifying a problem that was not caused by us. We trust this issue has been handled to your satisfaction. We take our customer relations very seriously and want to make sure every FX Choice client has an exceptional trading experience with us.

We wish you great success in your trading career.

Mike, , USA

Date of Post:2014-08-31
Review: Hello fellow traders! Wow, where do I start? Words cannot describe how grateful I am to MyFxChoice. I had a bad drawdown, my own fault but they helped me turn it all around! I have traded with many different brokers over the years but never have experienced such a caring FX Broker. It is very refreshing to find a broker that has a heart and not just care about nothing but money.

I also love the entire system, the way it works, spreads, honesty, customer service, etc, etc.

There is the Best and the rest; MyFxChoice is the BEST!!!

Disclosure; I am not an affiliate or employee of MyFxChoice in any way, shape or form. I am just one extremely Happy Client!!!

Thank you and God Bless the Entire Team at MyFxChoice!

Simeon, Nuernberg, Germany

Date of Post:2014-08-19
Review: In about 6 month now, they never let me down. Superb execution and service!

Michelle US, , USA

Date of Post:2014-08-12
Review: Most reliable and honest broker company I've ever worked with. Completely trustworthy and efficient with deposits and withdraws, chat service is awesome, they always are able to help with anything with their service. They really go all out to help people. That's what I like about them.

Christopher, , Singapore

Date of Post:2014-08-04
Review: Very excellent support (live chat) fixed my log in problem in just less than an hour. Keep up the good work...

morris, , USA

Date of Post:2014-08-01
Review: Chat support was very knowledgeable and helpful, had to contact them on a couple of problems which was my fault and they got me up and running in no time with a pleasant experience.

RON, Hampton, VA, USA

Date of Post:2014-07-15
Review: Chat people were great. They go me up and running when I had a lot of trouble setting up MT4. I intend to be very conservative with my trades; it may be best way to avoid implosion.

CHAT service with FXChoice was very, very good!

Daniel Legault, Montreal, Canada

Date of Post:2014-06-17
Review: I reported an error in MT4 pertaining to the pricing results in one of the chart (7,500 pips spike at opening time this Monday June 15 in GBPAUD) and after verifying with other brokers' accounts I realized it was an isolated problem to this broker. I opened a ticket and it was solved in no time at all by the team to whom I am very grateful. My concerns were that if the data was not rectified the indicators would yield improper results from this point on. I dfid not have any order in the oven from the previous Friday. I can only imagine how this could have spelled disaster when pricing is in an uptrend and then at opening of the market on Monday morning a downward spike of 7,500 pips is occurring. All the tickets I have opened with this company have been responded and replied to my full satisfaction so far. Some of the problems often reported have to do with variable spreads. They have been programmed to be profitable to the broker, but then all spreads reported by all brokers have to do with their income. I closed accounts before with brokers that were harvesting pending orders, accentuating normal spikes by sometimes quite a few pips. I have not seen this pattern with myFXChoice.
I feel for those who lost money because of this and have noticed that the data has been fixed (not reporting the huge spike anymore) and I have no doubt that your losses will be rectified. As for me, this is a great company, with great responses. I highly recommend it. I tried many brokers in the past, myFXChoice is the best so far for me. They offer several bundles. I chose a few and that yielded better spreads to trade with. Check them out. I have several live accounts with them, but I am using only one at this time.

D. Legault
Montreal, Canada

2014-03-18 This broker came to me highly recommended and I just opened up an account with them. I made a couple of mistakes (I admit) and they were so prompt and professional in their approach. I dealt with a lot of businesses and I have been a trader since 2008 (not full time) and I am in my golden years. and this one is a real McCoy. I am very comfortable that I made the right choice for years to come.
They say a first impression is very important, well, they impressed me with their quick and courteous approach.

Henry Mattingly, Rockford IL, USA

Date of Post:2014-06-16
Review: FX Choice had a huge data spike with the GBPUSD pair and wiped my account out. I contacted them by chat email and also requested that they call me. It took a little time for them get it fixed but they did fix it. Everything is back as if there was no problem, account balance, trades etc all of it. I am impressed. I am using FapTurbo and its working well and it has a profit. Imagine that, All is well that ends well and end well it did. I told the gentleman who called me to tell his people they did a good job and I am a happy camper.
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