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FXDD is an online forex broker. FXDD offers the MetaTrader, MTXtreme, MT Mobile, Mirror Trader, and Swordfish top forex trading platforms. offers over 30 currency pairs, gold, silver, and oil for your personal investment and trading options.

Special Notes:

January 28, 2014;  FXDD Malta has been fined €25,000 by the Malta Financial Services Authority.  CLICK HERE to verify.

September 18, 2013:  The NFA and CFTC have fined FXDD approximately $2 million dollars.  The company also must repay $1.8 million to clients for assymetric slippage.  Click here to see the FPA article on this subject.

October 23, 2012:  The NFA has file a complaint against FXDD for AML failing to implement an adequate AML Program.  Click here to read about this NFA action.

June 29, 2012:  The NFA has charged FXDD with diffential slippage as well as with violations of NFA rules regarding trade cancellations.  Those trade cancellations relate directly to FXDD's legal action against an FPA member.  The FPA is following this case very closely.  Click here to read about this NFA action.

March 2012:  There is a very serious issue going on between an FPA member and FXDD.  It appears that FXDD is taking legal action against a trader and claiming that the trader somehow forced FXDD to accept prices that were not real.  Click here to read about it.  The FPA emailed FXDD about this issue on March 16th and is still awaiting a response.

This issue has resulted in a guilty verdict in the FPA Traders Court.  Click here to see the case.

The FPA recommends EXTREME CAUTION dealing with this broker.

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Haalpip, Sweden

Rating: No Rating
Date of Post:2010-06-02
they are scammers and just look at your chats and find out...
FXDD are playing a rotten game and I have to send out a warning. I have account at FXDD Malta, GallantFX, Alpari UK, GFT UK and FXCM for 2 hours ago there was a huge spike on GBPUSD on FXDD up to 1.5338 and when I compared with the other brokers of mine there was no spike at all. The level for the same hour was around 1.4660 for all the others. The time for this was on my computer 2010.06.10 22:00

Dirk, Germany

Date of Post:2010-05-15
Review: I just opened an FXDD Malta Live MT4 account and very pleased with this broker. I´m trading with an EA and his trades are opened and closed without problems.

By the way, WHY people put in here reviews from demo accounts? Anybody should know by now that there could be a big difference between demo and live accounts even with the same broker!!!

So my rating is for the MT4 live account, 4 stars

BlueMental, South Africa

Date of Post:2010-05-07
Review: I entered a contest with MyFxBook, which is hosted by FXDD-Malta.

The 1st Prize winner gets $2000, but can only withdraw it after trading 100 mini lots.

OK, I'm already dubious, but I reckon, oh well whats the difference, $2k would be nice.

The competition started this morning 2010.05.05 07:13 and I start trading soon after opening. My favourite pair is GbpJpy, and I am well familiar with the quirks of that pair.

I do well, and I take the $1000 up to $2600 (yes in one day) not scalping, but good solid long trades.

Then the mess started. One of my trades was a long position of 0.84 lots and the trend was turning, so I git the close trade script. As I watched in the terminal, it took over 40 seconds for the trade to close (little mini lots were being closed at a time, like watching a countdown.

By the time it eventually fully closed my trade, I was at -8 pips.

OK, that isn't too serious, I mean my profit trades were 100 pips plus, so 8 pips won't kill me.

Then the real problems started. Requote after Requote after Requote. It was taking up to 15 seconds per requote (in other words server overload. When was this happening? 14:40 EST.
I had to set my slippage to 10 before any trade could get through.

For crying out loud, not exactly the busiest time of the day for GY, only NewYork market is open, and just about to close.

So I am in a short, and I try to hedge. Buy the time the hedge took effect, I was -133 pips. I started the hedge at -20 pips.

Then the disconnections started. Wait for relog in etc. My frame of mind was so messed up I messed up lots of trades trying to sort out the mess.

As a final statement regarding FXDD efficiency and skill, I am putting a copy of the live help transcript I received. You be the judge.
It starts on a separate page with a question which was "I wish to know what your thoughts are regarding scalping"

[email protected]
26 April 2010 09:37
To: [email protected]
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You have been connected to Richard M..
Richard M.: Hi, welcome to FXDD Live Talk.
Richard M.: No thoughts, we allow it
Lance: hi
Lance: I want to know what FXDD thinks about scalp trading?
Lance: great!
Richard M.: is there anything else i can help you with today?
Lance: another thing
Richard M.: Yes
Richard M.: How can I help you?
Lance: what is the margin call set to? 50% or 100%?
Richard M.: 100%
Lance: I am entering the Myfxbook competition (sponserrred by you guys) and I would just like to know if there are any things we must NOT do in the competition?
Lance: for example limited lots etc...
Richard M.: withdrawl funds
Lance: that is only after I win them... :) I mean the competition itself
Richard M.: ok to be more specific, what exact competition are you referring to
Lance: As stated the Myfxbook competition
Lance: - sponserred by FXDD Malta
Lance: $2000 first prize
Richard M.: ok all rules are posted in the website.
Richard M.: nothing more .nothing less
Lance: ok, now if I trash my demo accountand wish to re-enter assuming there is time left, is that allowed?
Richard M.: No, only one account per person.
Lance: ok, thank you.
Lance: are you sponserring other competitions other than Myfxbook?
Richard M.: not that i am aware of
Lance: ok. thanks, bye
Richard M.: have a great day!

What must we NOT do in the competiton. Withdrawal Funds is the answer. (the blurb about can't withdraw unless 100 minilots are traded)

He then asks 'what exact competition' am I entering, where as you can see I stated it one line prior.

So I ask for other competitions, which he states none that he is aware of.

Ok then since there is only one competition they are sponsering, why should he not know which one...?

Oh one other thing. Their spread on GY is 9 pips.

My two live brokers (MBTrading and GoMarketsAus) spread are almost the same running from 5 to 5.7 or so (except news)

So for all the greatness that has happened to me in a DEMO competition with FXDD, I shudder to think how efficient their live service must be.

I used to grumble to myself with GoMarkets sometimes taking up to a second for a trade to commence. Yikes!!! they are a dream compared to the time FXDD takes. I must admit though, that all my trades prior to 14:40 EST were not lagged or requoted. And GY did drop a large amount in a short time (over 1000 pips), but that is not uncommon, and both MBT and GoM do not have the same problems as FXDD.

I might (by a miracle, still manage to turn around this mess and win the competition, but if it does happen, after the 100 minilots, I want a brokers check imediately to one of my other brokers)


Dwi Forex, Jakarta, Indonesia

Date of Post:2010-04-27
Review: Been with them for 2 ~ 3 years.
Fast deposit, fast withdrawal.
Spreads OK - but there are brokers with better spreads out there.

Trent Scott, USA

Date of Post:2010-02-28
Review: I've been doing business with FXDD for about a 1 1/2 months and have been VERY satisfied! Deposits were made easy via Credit Card/PayPal and they offered me a 3% signing bonus on my initial deposit. Their trading platform, MT4, is incredibly fast and the live trading is seamless.

My experiences with customer service have been phenominal, they helped setup my account quickly. Spreads are great, speed is great and service/price are right! Five stars from me!

Trader X, USA

Date of Post:2010-02-01
Review: I can't believe FXDD has a 1-star rating. It must be due to losing traders who blame their brokers...and anyone/anything else besides themselves. That's all I can figure.

I have two accounts at FXDD and execution, liquidity, etc. have all been great. I traded the same EAs at a smaller broker with low spreads and did consistently worse, as that broker (which has a 4-star rating on here!) constantly requoted my profits away from me.

I'd say customer service is their weakest point. It's not bad--just a little slow. I think they may be a little understaffed. However, I can easily live with that. Overall, this is still a 5-star broker for me.

Ayub, London

Date of Post:2010-01-26
Review: I have been with FXDD for around two years now.

I'm in the position where I now need to diversify away from a single broker and spread my funds around a bit simply to level out the risk. This has nothing to do with FXDD, in fact more to do with US legislation in the retail market. I find myself in the same position as I was when I first started out two years ago trying to find a forex broker. Doing the online research again I realise how frustrating it is now to not truely be able to guage the real performance of any broker because of all the 'noise' that is out there. In fact every broker seems to have some nightmare review against them in some form. One of the reasons I believe this is the case is that people who are satisfied with any service seldom make the effort to report it. We are far more likely to go on to these sites and post a review if the broker has wronged us. So here's my attempt to balance that.

Here's how I would rate FXDD after two years:

- Feeds: Spot on, cant complain at all. I have very rarely had a requote on my MT4 feeds, except in extreme situations; and I run three live instances of my three FXDD accounts on my one PC simultaneously 24/6 and this has never been an issue. In fact demo and live are more are less parallel. I use FXDD as a bar to see how others are playing around with their signals.

- Signal anomalies: During the whole 24 months, just one (this month) when I was hit with a negative adjustment due to some feed error. As long as this doesnt become habit, I'm okay with it.

- Funding the account: Takes a while. Anything from one to four days. Would prefer this to be instantaneous, but thats okay. However, I often swap monies from one account to the other and this often happens within the hour of a request.

- Withdrawing: No problems. Usually one to three days.

- Customer service: No problems at all. Real human beings who understand most situations and take responsibility for any poblems you put forward. This is usually accompanied by a real name and personal email rather than a nameless department. Once they actually called me back on my mobile because the call was going to be a long one (although in the end the fault was a rookie mistake on my part which I blamed them for).

Other comments: Margin call has no flashing lights or flags. One minute your there and next its gone. Free margin for any trade is also less than other brokers when I compare my similar accounts.

Overall, very satisfied. The only reason for four rather than five star is that in my early days I lost fair amounts of money through rookie stupidity and the feed did get lost at critical points. I wouldnt be able to say for sure if this was FXDD playing the field or a rookie trying to blame it on someone else.

More recently, I am running 3 accounts with an EA I constructed myself. Live testing from November to January saw a serene performance and doubling of the accounts without drama. I will feedback if the waters remain this calm once the funds start to get interesting in terms of size. Which brings me back to earlier point.... never put your eggs in one basket (be it broker or country). I have opened up a Dukascopy account and testing their new MT4 interface, and still looking for new reputable brokers (FSA accredited) to minimise the risk further (would welcome any suggestions).

Hope that helps anyone looking at FXDD.

Brian, MN, USA

Date of Post:2010-01-17
Review: The only issue I had during the short time I was with them was that their customer service was slow. Other than that, I had good trade execution, and deposits and withdrawals were lightning fast. I especially liked that they charge no fees for Paypal transactions.

Martian Cioana, Romania

Date of Post:2010-01-14
Review: warm hello to all traders around the world ...
and please excuse my bad english, it is not my primary and i`m still learning this beautiful language.

So, a review for FXDD ...
first i think the moderator should pay more attention to this reviews, i think more than 50 % are coming from frustrated traders who lost their money in a stopout due to a margin call.

Back to review now
i have opened a live account with them in 2009, don`t remember the exact date, but is more then 6 month old. I`m very satisfied of the depositing speed, i made payments with paypal and they deposited the money in the same day. They have very good news and technical analyses.
I`m not very unsatisfied with:
1. their technial service, i think they hired some amators who don`t know how and what to respond to our questions, and even more they treat us with arrogance. I`m living in an ex-comunist country and i`m used to be treated this way, so its not a big problem for me.
2. when news are coming i`m getting a lot of disconnects and the platform is freezing, this is a big problem because as you all know we need fast actions. but i resolved this problem too, i`m trading news with pending orders.

So at the end i think 3 stars are ok for this broker, for the moment.

At the end of the month i will ask for the first withdrawal, and then i will get back here to edit my post.

thank you
and a happy and profitable trading to all.

Shauna L, Seattle

Date of Post:2010-01-13
Review: I was checking out software reviews, had a few minutes and since I had posted on the Broker reviews about FXDD was curious to see if there were other posts. What a surprise! there was PistolDave gunning his way through my post ..... reviewing my review- line by line, organized, categorized,comments on comments,comparing/contrasting with other conflicting reviews...on and on. Personally I don't have that kind of time to get involved in reviewing his review of my review so I will briefly make some comments:
I have taken precious time away from trading and other things to write an honest , and yes positive review of FXDD.
cust service: PistolDave,,, you say " I have not interacted personally with their support so cannot comment on the service."
so why critique my comments and experience? I have been with them for over 3 years and have had several opportunities to use Cust Service. yes, I have have received exceptional and very professional service from them and have had positve experiences when I talk to them. I have many examples of that which I would have no problem sharing with anyone who cares.
yes my orders are filled quickly. PD ... you say, "I can say that on the DEMO account I experienced many re-quotes, system disconnects, and extended periods where it was impossible to open/close positions." I don't know what to say to that. You might try again. Occasionally there can be server problems but very very rarely. Just not my experience with two fairly large LIVE accounts. If I had those problems, I sure wouldn't stick around.
as far as the rest, I chose to not go over every comment. However I must say that in my attempt to be honest and helpful to serious traders, my comments have been misinterpreted. i.e.suggesting a good internet connection becomes calling people liars, etc etc. as far as the complaints being silly and my being indifferent to losing money- not true but I think blaming the Broker is common with new traders who think the whole market shifts to personally screw them. I don't get how you can think the Broker is taking out your tiny trade and manipulating prices when all my software(independent of FXDD) shows the same prices. Often times traders put stops in same places which is why the whole market goes there , not just FXDD.
I have tried to be helpful. When I read all those brief 2 line bad comments that are far from specific or detailed, it made me want to speak up. I don't think many successful and satisfied traders do that.I genuinely mean what I have written and am not a "poster" but this has been important to get the truth out. Thats all for me, no point in saying same things over and over. My suggestion- try a few Brokers and decide. I can only give you my experience.
PistolDave- I would discuss this further if there was a way. If you or anyone has anymore questions about FXDD, you can email me at [email protected]

2009-11-01 5 StarsSomething very strange here:.almost without exception, all the reviews here are negative and truly unreasonable. They simply don't make sense for ANY broker. Maybe happy customers don't take the time to write reviews as they are too busy trading. Maybe there are competitors who feel a need to discredit in this way. It's hard to really know what is going on. The series of recent negative reviews screaming out "Scam" would be laughable except that other traders may take them seriously. Their validity is questionable and I wonder about their source. FXDD does not deserve this negativity nor do other traders deserve to be so misled. As a long term satisfied customer (and NOT an employee)of FXDD, I cannot let these reviews go unanswered. (even though I would rather be trading in one of my FXDD accounts right now.)I am taking the time to do this because there is something inappropriate going on here.
I have been trading for over 3 years. I have had accounts with so many different brokers. Therefore I do feel qualified to share my experience and opinion.
FXDD has been more than fair. I could rant and rave about the I have had with my account but guess what.....they were my fault! Yes I have had my account closed- was my inexperience with over leveraging the fault of FXDD? Brokers are never going to let your account go to zero- you are trading with borrowed money!
Yes my orders were not filled but that was due at super active news releases when NO broker would be able to fill or would fill at a ridiculous price. Yes, I have experienced re-quotes. They happen during news trades or, with prices changing in mille-seconds. Believe me, at times like that all brokers will re-quote or not let you in or out of a trade. During more normal market action, my orders get filled just fine and the platform is very stable.
I appreciate the extra money I have received when they run bonus offers: did I expect that I could just deposit money, get a 5-8% bonus and then take out the money whenever I felt like it? Come on people...of course you are required to place a required number of trades to keep the bonus. That is standard with all brokers. You should be glad they offer promotions with bonuses. And really do you think that FXDD manipulates the whole Forex market orders so that your little account will be stopped out? When I have been stopped out it is because I set stops where there were many other orders or the market just moved there. It's as simple as that. Regarding limit and take profit orders, in over 3 years I have never had a legitimate pending order not be hit.
Customer Service: when there is an issue, I call and discuss it with them. I have rarely ever been treated with rudeness. Almost without exception, I have found a helpful and supportive staff on the other end of the phone. Another plus- the daily market reports are well written and easy to understand.
Also the President as well as the majority stockholder are regulated by NFA . Personally, I don't care about NFA membership one way or another. I am aware of several companies who are NFA approved who do not have stable platforms and requote prices. More important than the NFA is a good relationship with your broker. You will have that with FXDD if you are a real trader. More ridiculous complaints (I ask again - who is writing these??!!)...I have never had a wire transfer delayed and money has always been promptly sent upon request.
Anyway, find out about FXDD for yourself. Could it be that all these negative reviews are because they ARE so successful in a highly competitive broker market?

2009-04-03 5 stars I am baffled as to how my almost 4 year trading relationship with FXDD could be so different, almost the opposite, of the complaining negative comments posted here. I honestly don't get it.
For anyone considering using FXDD as your broker, my suggestion is to give them a chance. Most of the complaints here are rather silly and I do not believe they are legitimate, written by actual traders. Who wrote them? (possibly competitors?) I'm sure there are some legitimate problems but FXDD is far from a scam. I have had accounts with 3 other brokers so I know what is out there. I have 2 active live accounts with FXDD- have had them for years- and am not looking anywhere else. The angry posts here are simply not true if you have a good internet connection and understand how the Forex market works.
I have been recommending that my friends use them as their broker so I decided to check on the reviews and after reading the bad ones, decided to speak up.
Customer Service: when there is an issue, I call and discuss it with them. Its that simple. I have never been treated with rudeness. In fact, that is the main reason I feel compelled to write. FXDD has helped me out in many ways. I have traded full time (scalping and long term) for several years. I treat the FXDD employees with respect and receive the same. If you approach any business with suspicion and rudeness, you probably will not bring out the best in whoever you are talking to- that is just common sense. To emphasize how different my experience has been- FXDD has actually given me breaks when it was ME who made the mistake. They have always corrected issues when it was the right thing to do.
I trade 8-10 hours a day. I have lost money and I am learning from my mistakes. My problem is that I am horribly stubborn about using stops and getting out of losing trades even though I sure know better. I take full responsibility. My losses are not due to slippage or system disconnect. Yes, I have experienced re-quotes. They happen during news trades or, with prices changing in mille-seconds. Believe me, at times like that all brokers will re-quote or not let you in or out of a trade. During more normal market action, my orders get filled just fine and the platform is very stable.
Since I am writing this review as well as recommending FXDD to my friends who are learning to trade, I wanted to make sure they are well capitalized since that has become a serious issue. I was pleased to see that they have over $44,000,000- its right there on their website- a well capitalized legitimate company works for me. Besides, the President as well as the majority stockholder are regulated by NFA . Personally, I dont care about NFA membership one way or another. Companies who are regulated and licensed still scam people and go out of business .What matters to me is that I have a stable platform, good execution, and a fair company to take my orders.
I would have to go on and on to address the complaints here .Some of them are so ridiculous- do you really think that you are so powerful that they would drop a price 50 pips to take out YOUR order?(twizted)and its not unusual to be disconnected for 10 -20 minutes ???(PistolDave)-what?... its happened to me a couple times in these 4 years it can happen once in a while. More complaints ( I ask again who is writing these??!!) ..I have never had a wire transfer delayed and money has always been promptly sent upon request. The margin call discussion- achhh-the broker is never going to let your account go to zero- you are trading with borrowed money! Educate yourself. I really question the accuracy and realness of some of these comments so no need to go on.
Anyway, keep an open mind about FXDD because they are up there as far as being one of the best. I didn't mean for this to be so long but I want traders who are doing their due diligence evaluating brokers to get the real story.

2008-09-16 5 Stars I just returned from the Forex Convention in Las Vegas. As I made my way around the broker booths, I realized that, in my over 2 years of trading, I had given most all the brokers a try- GFT,, FXCM, FXSOL, IBFX. I mention that because I feel I have some basis to compare FXDD to their competitors.
I have had an account with FXDD since I started trading. Trading Forex can be complicated and unexpected issues can arise. It is critical to have a broker that understands that when your account grows, it is good for their business. When you have a broker like that, there is one less trading challenge.
My experience with FXDD, without exception, has been overwhelmingly positive. They have answered my many questions and consistently filled orders instantly and without slippage. I have not found wild swings in the spreads. This is to be expected from our brokers but is not always what takes place. The platform is easy to use and from what I heard at the Convention, they are coming out with a new "one stop shop" program for trading which seems interesting.
When I first started trading, like alot of traders, I did not understand what could be the value of a dealing desk. I thought they were "the enemy". Now I am glad that I have had FXDD to help me when needed. There have been a few times when I have had a question about a bank fill and they were able to research it to my satisfaction. Also, when I have lost internet connection or the market has been moving unusually fast, they have responded and put in orders for me very quickly. You don't really think about these things until the time comes. What is really unusual is that, once when my account was in trouble due to poor trading, one of the reps in tech support spent well over an hour working with me to develop a strategy that could help me. I am very grateful for his time and suggestions. The fact that I am rarely placed on hold and a representative answers right away sure cuts down on frustration too.
I don't work for FXDD or any other broker. These comments are truly my experience. As far as some of the negative comments here, I wonder about their source since its so easy for competitors to say anything. Also, I treat the people on the other end of the phone with respect and that is how I have been treated. If you contact them in a negative way, they are like everyone else-you may get that back.
What is extraordinary, beyond being a good solid broker, is that the management as well as the reps have taken the time to try to help me when I have made mistakes. There have been times when my problems were completely my responsibility (giving out my password to someone who started trading my account, overleveraging and trying to hedge), and they have treated me as a valuable customer and have taken my needs in to consideration. Anyway, sorry this is so long but I did want to share and I hope you may find these comments helpful in deciding which broker to use.
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