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Last Updated: 2015-03-08
Description: FX Primus are forex brokers. FXPrimus offers the MetaTrader 4 and MT Mobile online forex trading top platforms. offers over 30 currency pairs, metals, cfds, indices, and equities for your personal investment and trading options.
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mssu, fuzhou, China

Date of Post:2014-06-28
Review: I also have the same problem as mandy from Beijing,anytime(including news realease)at least 3 seconds to execute the order in my ECN account,very slow.from my computer,I ping the IP of the two servers ,the result is always "time out"。I check the IP address of the two servers (US. and Singapore :,but it is in US) everything is clear,no server is in Singapore.hope your firm fix the problem my view ,vps is not the best solution.the quality of the sevser is the most important today.
Comment: Added by FXPRIMUS Support on 2014-07-02 06:03
  @ Mssu from China,

Thank you for your feedback. It appears you may have made a mistake in your findings about our Data Centers. Please note that is the IP of our Data Center in the U.S. and is the IP of our Data Center in Singapore. If you trace the IP's you be able to verify the same.

Also, please note that you should be able to ping our DNS Data Centers without any issues. The results of our Ping test are below:

Pinging [] with 32 bytes of data:
Reply from bytes=32 time=264ms TTL=114
Reply from bytes=32 time=271ms TTL=114
Reply from bytes=32 time=265ms TTL=114
Reply from bytes=32 time=274ms TTL=114

Ping statistics for
Packets: Sent = 4, Received = 4, Lost = 0 (0% loss),
Approximate round trip times in milli-seconds:
Minimum = 264ms, Maximum = 274ms, Average = 268ms

As we notified Mandy (from China) in the previous posting, we understand that connectivity issues tend to occur in China. We are currently working to release a VPS solution that can help with such issues. Please feel free to email us at [email protected] for details if you are interested as we feel that this may be an ideal solution for you.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Warm regards,

mandy, beijing, China

Date of Post:2014-06-20
Review: i strongly urge this broker to enhance the ecn executed speed.the average speed is 3 seconds.maybe is the slowest ecn broker in the world.waht is funny is they say it is one can bear it.there are only two severs in USA,one among the two is a fake from Singapore .i tested many times on my PC from several IPs and different networks,no response at all,which an prove the quality of the two servers are trash.the person from fxprimus never answer my question here with an excuse of my network speed or you will be telling a lie and be regarded as a sucker.
Comment: Added by FXPRIMUS Support on 2014-06-24 05:31
  @ Mandy from China,

Thank you for your feedback. Our average ECN execution speed is not 3 seconds. Our executions usually average in under 1 second. We are unsure what you mean when you say that we have a "fake" server in Singapore-- Please note that we have Data Centers in both New York as well as Singapore that connect to our primary servers. If you experienced a 3 second execution, can you clarify if it occurred during a time of peak volatility or news? If you'd like, you may email us your MT4 and order number for an audit and, with your permission, we can share the results of the audit on this forum.

Alternatively, as we know that connectivity issues tend to occur in China, we are currently working to release a VPS solution. Please feel free to email us at [email protected] for details if you are interested as we feel that this may be an ideal solution for you.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Warm regards,

jeanpaul, Brussels, Belgium

Rating: No Rating
Date of Post:2014-06-12
Review: I never heard of arbitrage trading until now. after a lot of reading I now understand what happened to PBtrader, Ljubljana, Slovenia.
This is still shabby treatment because the fault is the system, not the trader. If the broker wants to avoid this then get rid of fixed trade offering and only offer ECN STP. That will solve the problem. Don't get rid of your clients. This girl only saw a hole in the system and exploited it. For that she is a thief. In looking at arbitrage latency trading on the web, most brokers experience it and come down with a hammer on the client that they THINK is doing this. The question poses itself, "Why don't they all get rid fixed spread?" The fellow from China gave the answer. Because it is profitable for the broker! They can't fix the hole so they visit the wrath of God on whomever they consider guilty. This is highly unethical. It won't do any good to complain about this broker because they all act the same way if you switch. This gives me second thoughts about even trading forex. All the brokers look out for #1,
themselves. Abandon fixed spreads, brokers and clients.

2014-05-29 No Rating I am puzzled by the reply of support to PBtrader, Ljubljana, Slovenia. Why is sniping unethical? I can' find a single thing on the web saying this.A sniper has great patience until his target shows up. This trader obviously did this waiting on the news. The trade could well have gone against her.She took a chance and won. Sure everyone is going to charge in or sell off. Then after a time thje price settles down to where it was. Sounds like she was treated like a thief for a whole lot of work.
0% match | Checked May 29, 2014

Comment: Added by FXPRIMUS Support on 2014-06-04
@ Jeanpaul from Belgium,

Thank you for the astute comment. You may be confusing the term "sniping" with "scalping." Sniping is generally negative and is used to describe a predatory or unethical manner of trading. In the case with PBTrader, the customer was "sniping" during news events with a fixed spread type. Fixed spreads, at times, lag the underlying market (i.e. variable spreads) in which case a "sniper" can trade fixed spreads only during news events in an attempt to earn risk-free profits. While FXPRIMUS is an STP broker, we do need to protect the interests' of our liquidity providers, who are not in the business of giving away risk-free money. It's because of this, that we needed to take action against PBTrader.

Please feel free to respond with any further questions on this or any other matter.

Warm regards,
Comment: Added by FXPRIMUS Support on 2014-06-17 07:43
  @ Jeanpaul from Belgium,

Thank you for your comment. We appreciate your feedback but respectfully disagree that we treated the client poorly or unfairly. The customer knowingly engaged in a prohibited practiced and was sent a warning email to cease this practice. The customer then opened an additional account and engaged in the prohibited practice again, at which time we took the appropriate measures outlined to the client previously in our warning (taken from our Terms of Business which all customers read and agree to when opening an account).

We do not feel that it is fair to remove all fixed spread options from our platform simply because a very small number of people have tried to exploit them during news events. As long as there is strong demand to offer the fixed spread set, we will continue to offer them to our clients.

Please do not hesitate to post additional feedback on this forum--We appreciate the ongoing dialogue on a matter that is important to traders and brokers alike.

Warm regards,

mr wu, xinyu, China

Date of Post:2014-06-09
Review: i am also puzzled by the explanation on sniping.according to your logic,we can not buy or sell during news?if we do so and make profit,we will be doubt to be sniping and the profit will be deleted?latency arbitrage is popular in Wallstreet,its meaning is high frequent trades to make profit ,never same as the so -called sniping. i wonder how you know Ljubljana from Slovenia is sniping. fxprimus should give evidences to prove it .i.e. IP address or deposite connections? anyhow the initial margin should be returned to this client.
on the other hand ,if this client really use two accounts to trade,it is obviously stupid,because the spread of fixed account is always more than 15 pips during news ,i suffered a lot,once i open orders ,in no time ,the order is stopped out.fixed spread account is sh**.
the so-clled liquidity provider ??we know what it is.
Comment: Added by FXPRIMUS Support on 2014-06-12 12:38
  @ Mr. Wu from China,

Thank you for your comment. Many traders at FXPRIMUS trade during news, and it is absolutely allowed on our platform. However, exclusive news trading is limited to our ECN Premier spread type only as our ECN Premier has the tightest spreads and offers market executions. The references to sniping not being allowed below relate to our Fixed & Variable spread types. In Ljubijana’s case, the customer was trading exclusively on news using Fixed spreads which is prohibited. As such we took the necessary measures to warn the customer of this policy. Unfortunately the customer disregarded the warning and proceeded to open another fixed spread account where they again traded exclusively during news. This in turn resulted in the recouping of any realized P&L from the account relating to the prohibited trading. All of this was done within accordance of our terms of business after warnings had been issued to the customer. In summary, the issue was not about news trading.

We appreciate your feedback and are at your disposal should you require any further information on this subject.

Warm regards,

Ben, , Singapore

Date of Post:2014-06-04
Review: Stay away from this broker cause they are using "Virtual Dealer Plugin". You wont make any money out from this broker especially on news release cause their slippage is so high from 15-25pip which turns your profit into negative. Beside their high slippage, you can compare FXPrimus whith other broker platform which their orders are manipulate that hits your SL before going positive. Experience traders knows very well of the tricks this broker does best and many traders are using screen recording software nowadays. Check on Youtube you get what I mean.

You have been WARNED ... Stay Away from this bucket shop broker ...
Comment: Added by FXPRIMUS Support on 2014-06-06 07:29
  @ Ben from Singapore,

FXPRIMUS is an STP brokerage firm and does not use the plugin you referenced in your feedback. Regarding any slippage you incurred or trades you wish to dispute, please feel free to contact us to request an audit. If you'd like to share the audit results on this forum, you may do so. Alternatively, we can share the audit results with your permission. Simply contact us at [email protected] and advise us of your account and order details. We can then share the results on this forum (removing your specific account details such as your MetaTrader4 ID).

We look forward to hearing from you.

Warm regards,

PBtrader, Ljubljana, Slovenia

Date of Post:2014-05-12
Review: FXPrimus is a JOKE! They will ERASE your profit if you made some!! After my good profit made I received email that my account is on HOLD and my profit is deleted. I send several email to complain and not a single responce from them!

These is what they send after account was put on hold:
While the hold is in place, you will be unable to execute any trades. Furthermore, [EUR][2195.87] has been debited from your account in accordance with section 1.7 of our terms of business.

Please be careful with dealing with FXPrimus!!!
Rebuttal: Added by FXPRIMUS Support on 2014-05-13 06:41
  @ PBTrader from Slovenia,

Looking into our records, we see that you have opened two accounts with FXPRIMUS, one was opened on February 11, 2014. On March 13, 2014 our liquidity providers contacted us with a notification that your account was engaging in a the practice of trading on fixed spreads solely during news events--specifically engaging in a practice known as "sniping," which under our terms and conditions is a prohibited trading practice. As such, a hold was placed on your account and a representative contacted you with a request to switch to a variable spread set. Later the same day, we note that you completely withdrew the account's balance.

Your second account was opened on April 16, 2014. On April 29, 2014 our liquidity providers contacted us again with another notification that you were engaging in the practice of sniping. A hold was place on your account and another notification was sent to you:

Our liquidity providers have detected that you have engaged in an unauthorized trading style in account [MT4 removed]. Exclusive (or nearly exclusive) trading during news events can be indicative of a form of latency arbitrage and/or "sniping" trading methods which under 1.7 of our Terms & Conditions is prohibited. We are contacting you because our liquidity providers have noted such behavior in your account [MT4 removed].

1.7 Types of Trading Methods Allowed:

“Generally speaking, the Company allows all types of trading methods and styles. The Company does reserve the right, however, to close, suspend or recoup any closed profit and loss from an account it deems is engaging in unethical or questionable trading styles including, but not limited to, latency arbitrage, the act of “flooding” of our servers with an excessive amount of pending orders, excessive logins, “picking” & “sniping” or the use of certain automated trading systems or Expert Advisors, without notice. The Company will usually (but is not obligated to always) attempt to initially express its concern to Customer or associated parties via email or telephone in the form of a formal warning. If the Customer or associated party does not modify trading style within a reasonable amount of time following the warning, Company reserves the right to liquidate all or some open positions, close, suspend or recoup any closed profit or loss from account, and return any remaining proceeds to Customer according to Company account closing procedures or any combination thereof. “

As such, a hold has been applied to your account [MT4 removed]. While the hold is in place, you will be unable to execute any trades. Furthermore, [USD][2195.87] has been debited from your account in accordance with section 1.7 of our terms of business.

In order to remove the hold from your account, we are requesting immediate confirmation from you to change your spreads to the Variable spread set. Upon your confirmation, a representative will process the spread change and the hold will be removed from your account.


On April 30, 2014 you withdrew your account balance. We then received an email from you on May 2, 2014 where you threatened to post negative feedback about FXPRIMUS if we did not reimburse you the recouped funds:

As we both know your company for now has good reputation at Forexpeacearmy and these will change after few days. I am giving you 2 days to complete my withdrawal and send me missing 2195.87EUR. If that money is not at my SKRILL account on Tuesday 6th of may 2014 I am going to open case at FPA court (


We responded in turn clarifying that warnings had already been sent to you and we reiterated our terms of business which outlined the actions that we can take in situations where customers engage in prohibited trading styles.


ryan, , Singapore

Date of Post:2014-04-21

1) Waited 2 days for my funds to be deposited. then asked for a cancel of the credit card transaction, once I email ask to cancel, MIRACULOUSLY I received email immediately saying my funds have been credited.




Comment: Added by FXPRIMUS Support on 2014-04-29 05:12
  @ Ryan from Singapore,

Thank you for your feedback.

Our credit card deposits post to the customer's account immediately after they are approved by the customer's card provider. Otherwise, if there are any issues that would prevent them from immediately crediting to the account, they are manually credited within 1 business day. Without your account information, we cannot be sure about the details of the credit card transaction you mentioned above.

We allow custom indicators to be added to our MetaTrader4 (MT4) platform without restrictions. If you have any issues in setting up an indicator on your live account, please feel free to email us at [email protected] -- a representative will be available to assist you further.

FXPRIMUS is a 100% STP brokerage firm meaning that all customer transactions are routed directly to our liquidity providers for execution with no intervention. With that said, trading foreign exchange on margin carries high potential rewards but also high potential risks that may not be suitable for all investors. Before deciding to trade foreign exchange, you should carefully consider your investment objectives, level of experience and risk appetite. Past performance is not indicative of future results, which can vary due to market volatility. You should be aware of all the risks associated with foreign exchange trading and seek advice from an independent financial advisor if you have any doubts.

Please do not hesitate to provide any further feedback on this forum or to contact us at [email protected] should you have any inquiries.

Warm regards,

Ahmed , Cairo, Egypt

Date of Post:2014-04-06
Review: I had been with fxprimus for few months now, the MT4 is good , the ecn premier account was in average , somehow super fast, and sometimes slow , but its ok for me :).

The only concern i had is why you are only licensed in Mauritius and New Zealand !!! , it seems to be very weak license from two countries that i didn't expect any monitoring from their authorities as NFA or Cysec ...etc.

This made me if i want to invest large amount of money with you , i go to think millions times before i take this action with you honestly. as there is no strong backend i can rely if in any case i cant get my money back.

P.S i don't doubt on Fxprimus,as until now they have very good service, but i just have wondering that need to be answered before i am fully trust This broker.
Comment: Added by FXPRIMUS Support on 2014-04-10 06:29
  @ Ahmed from Egypt,

Thank you for your feedback. If you ever experience any slowness or delays while trading on your ECN premier account, please notify our support team at [email protected] and provide your MetaTrader4 ID as well as any order numbers affected so that we may conduct a review of your account in relation to our servers and take the appropriate actions.

We understand and appreciate your concerns. FXPRIMUS is indeed fully licensed and regulated by the FSC of Mauritius and FMA of New Zealand with plans on acquiring additional regulatory licenses soon. Being a fully licensed entity, FXPRIMUS adheres to stringent international initiatives to combat Money Laundering and Financing of Terrorism. Additionally, we undergo yearly audits to assure existing and prospective customers that our brokerage is using fair policies prescribed by law. FXPRIMUS has also been awarded the ISO 9001:2008 certification in recognition of our standardised Quality Management best practice protocol. This certification complements the ISO 27001:2005 certification which we earned in early 2012. FXPRIMUS is the only non-Swiss based Foreign Exchange brokerage firm to earn both designations.

We are the first retail brokerage to contract an independent third party fund administrator to monitor the flow of client funds. Our independent third party administrators act as signatories to all client segregated accounts and any funds leaving the client segregated account must first be approved by them. Finally, we offer the FXPRIMUS Trust Account where your moeny is completely segregated from the assets of FXPRIMUS. These funds are held by an independent custodian Trustee, NinetyEast Trustees Limited at world renowned Barclays Bank. This unique arrangement allows you to fund your account through the Trustee, providing you with the assurance of knowing your funds are 100% safe and secure.

We invite you to read more about the fund safety measures we have taken to ensure a safe trading experience for our customers on our website. Please do not hesitate to post additional feedback or questions on this forum or with us directly at [email protected]

Warm regards,

adam, Terengganu, Malaysia

Date of Post:2014-04-01
Review: Hi fellow trader,

Trade with FXprimus about 5 months now. Everything perfect, extremely fast services, good responsive support team, good execution and fast withdrawal !

I think I have made a good choice for my trading career with this broker for a long term
Comment: Added by FXPRIMUS Support on 2014-04-02 12:01
  @ Adam from Malaysia,

Thank you for your feedback. We are glad to hear that you are having a good experience with FXPRIMUS so far. If there are any specific areas where you feel we need to improve further, please let us know.

Warm regards,

Lee KT, KL, Malaysia

Date of Post:2014-03-27
Review: I've used Fx Primus as my broker for over two years now. Found the site through several good reviews from the research I did. Since Fx Primus is popular in Asia it was a natural choice for me.

So far it has been a good experience. The support staffs are fast but mostly standard answers. But if you ask specific they will solve your problem just as fast. And they are constantly improving from time to time. Now they have more promotion and higher leverage to pick from! Maybe higher leverage means bigger risk but can try for risk takers.
Comment: Added by FXPRIMUS Support on 2014-04-02 11:51
  @ Lee KT from Malaysia,

Thank you for your feedback. Please let us know if you have any feedback concerning specific areas you'd like to see improvement at FXPRIMUS.

Warm regards,
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