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Last Updated: 2016-07-24
Description: FX Primus are forex brokers. FXPrimus offers the MetaTrader 4 and MT Mobile online forex trading top platforms. offers over 30 currency pairs, metals, cfds, indices, and equities for your personal investment and trading options.
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Giovanni, Turin, Italy

Rating: No Rating
Date of Post:2015-10-27
Review: My complain has been received, and I have been able to withdraw the money left in my account using Skrill. I hope that now this is the standard procedure applied, in order to avoid the problem I had. Thank you

2015-09-19 1Star I also have to add a very negative comment about withdrawals from FXPrimus. At the beginning I deposited using Skrill and after some months I decided to stop trading. My profit was very little, only 29 Euros. When I requested the withdrawal I was allowed to withdraw using Skrill only the same amount I deposited at the beginning. So far so good. Then i requested to withdraw the remaing 29 Euros that I was not allowed to withdraw with Skrill. FXPrimus procedure allows to withdraw funds only if bigger than 91.14 Euros or 100 USD. If you funds, after your first withdawal, are not above this amount, as in my case, no way to have it back. Of course I opened a ticket to support and to withdrawal office (#GVZ-749-51404), but the answer was “witdrawal request minimum is 100USD”. The relationship mgr. Jose A. so kind when I opened the account, has disappeard and has done or said nothing about this problem. Since the online procedure does not allow to withdraw if the account is below 100USD, I asked to send my money back using bank wire, but I got no answer. Since I read many similar negative comments, it seems to be a recurring problem the withdrawal with FXPrimus , so please stay away from it. There are many other good brokers to choose that send your money back without any problems. I hope it helps.

Added by FXPRIMUS Support on 2015-10-20
Content: Hello Giovanni,

Apologies for the delay in response. Previously the withdrawal minimum was in place due to the cost associated with withdrawing funds less than USD100. However you are now able to withdraw your funds with no minimum; you may also use Skrill as a withdrawal method. We hope you find this solution pleasing and we are here to assist you further if needed. Feel free to contact for any further inquiries.

Kirill Skrebov, Orenburg, Russian Federation

Date of Post:2015-10-23
Review: This is not an honest broker!
They canceled me a profit of $ 800, after NOK interest state.
instead of my transactions have drawn others - minus.
after three weeks of a request to refund the money they sent me a letter:

Кирилл, добрый день!

Заказы, указанные в вашем запросе, были анулированы ввиду того, что при их закрытии использовались запрещенные методы торговли. Данные методы были выявлены нашей системой, и помеечны как "Запрещенные методы торговли при использовании советника (Expert Advisor)". Согласно правилам FXPrimus, вы можете использовать советников для ведения автоматической торговли, но:

1. Использование торгового советника отменяет ваше право оспаривать сделку, проведенную с его использованием
2. При использовании торгового советника, если выявлен факт использования, FXPrimus вправе отменить и анулировать сделку и отменить любой доход, полученный при проведении данных сделок

Данные пункты указаны в документе на странице Кроме этого, вы соглашаетесь с данными положениями при регистрации.

Если у вас возникли какие-либо вопросы, или у вас есть доказательства обратного, свяжитесь с нами в ответном письме.

Мы всегда рады ответить на любые ваши вопросы.

Служба поддержки FXPrimus
Comment: Added by FXPRIMUS Support on 2015-10-26 08:14
  Hello Kirill Skrebov,

Have you escalated the matter to If so, can you provide the ticket ID number, as a reference, so that I may revert back to your dispute in full detail. I'd like to ensure a full audit is performed on the order.

stop gari ha yamenkai, Osaka, Japan

Date of Post:2015-10-19
Review: After hey moved eu ,they suddenly did shut out japanese customer.

We had no enough time to move other broker.I was very in trouble.

They did not explain reason why they can not accept japanese customer.

There are many broker in eu which accept japanese customer now.

So we can not understand this thing.

It is discrimination.
Comment: Added by FXPRIMUS Support on 2015-10-21 07:02

Please note that an email was issued to ALL Japanese clients on July 31st regarding discontinued services to clients in Japan. As a regulated broker, we must comply with MiFID directives and certain jurisdictions are unfortunately restricted due to regulation, including Japan. We will notify you should our position change in the future in accepting clients from Japan.

paul, warsaw, Poland

Date of Post:2015-09-16
Review: Fxprimus is present in EU since they obtained MiFID and CySEC licences, in July I have opened their ECN account, and.... well, I am more than pleased to inform you that it is really one of the best ECN in EU.
They are lack of few things like they have issues with www, but most important thing is I had my funds withdrawal accepted and transfered within 2 days ( moneybookers -skrill ). No doubt this broker is a good addition to EU financial market.
Comment: Added by FXPRIMUS Support on 2015-10-21 07:10
  We appreciate your feedback, Paul! Any issues with the site is promptly resolved. We are glad that our level of service has been satisfactory thus far and aspire to continue to be the Safest Place to Trade.

Rod, Perth, Australia

Date of Post:2015-07-01
Review: FX Primus has requested me to withdraw my funds on 21 May 2015. They don't support Australian account anymore. All information requested was provided, but the transfer fails due to lack of information they claim. The money is put back into my FX Primus account. They have charged me fees which they said is from the banks including my receiving bank. I have asked for evidence for these fees. No evidence is provided. Instead they send me an information sheet from a different bank (not involved in the transfer) saying that fees are due. I have requested reimbursement for the loss amount and a full list of all information that is required so that the error cannot occur again. It's now been over a month and they have ignored my questions and requests. Hence I'm am being refused access to my money. Unacceptable behaviour.
Comment: Added by FXPRIMUS Support on 2015-07-08 08:08
  Hello Rod,

We have responded to your ticket (DPD-887-15153) with further details of your withdrawal as well as the sequence of events leading up to you withdrawal return. We also note several correspondence made between yourself and our withdrawal team regarding the withdrawal, as you have requested. For more details I advise that you contact Beyond Bank who is therefore and in this regard responsible to address a rejected withdrawal with their client and ultimately responsible for accumulated return charges.

Please revert back to ticket (DPD-887-15153) for any further inquiries regarding the matter. Feel free to contact us again at for further assistance.

JIa Wei, KL, Malaysia

Date of Post:2015-06-29
Review: I requested a withdrawal via Wire Transfer on Monday, 22nd June 2015. It is stated on their website that Wire Transfer requires 3 - 5 business day to process. It is now 30th June 2015 which is more than 5 business day and I have yet to receive anything.

On 26th June 2015 I sent an email to fxprimus support asking to follow up on my withdrawal. But until today I have not receive any reply. I also talked to their live support team but all they tell me is to email their "withdrawal" team which I did on 29th June 2015 and its been 24 hours but still no reply. Two emails and no reply from them. How unprofessional.

I caution anyone from opening an account with fxprimus. When they want you to open an account, all emails are replied quickly. But when you want to withdraw, they don't even bother replying your emails. Disappointed.

If anyone from fxprimus is reading this, my withdrawal reference number is EWW00056946
Comment: Added by FXPRIMUS Support on 2015-07-01 09:59
  Hello JIa Wei,

We attempted to trace your email correspondence by your registered email address however we did not note a ticket related to this matter. Perhaps you submitted your inquiry from another email address. None the less, we do take full measures to respond to clients within a 24 hour period. If you can provide the ticket ID in reference, we can investigate any correspondence made and ensure a response ASAP as it relates to your withdrawal.

I do note that your withdrawal Reference # EWW00056946 was submitted and processed on the same day, June 22, 2015. In the mean time, we will escalate the Reference # to our withdrawal team to trace funds and revert back to you. I ask that you also contact your receiving bank and inquire on any funds received or rejected as they may resolve the matter.

Please feel free to contact us again at for further assistance.

Manoj sharma, India, India

Rating: No Rating
Date of Post:2015-06-22
Review: Towards my comment dated 17/06/2015, regarding the reply email from FX primus, I am happy to share that I have received my withdrawal. Thank you very much fx primus.

2015-06-17 3star I made a withdrawal request on 9th June 2015 and as mentioned on their site, it will take between 1 to 2 working days to be processed. The amount was debited from my account 9th June only, so I expected them to credit to my Neteller account latest by 12th June 2015, with weekend and all.
However, by 15th june 2015, the amount has yet to be credited. I have spoken to their live support, who basically requested that I email their 'withdrawal department' and I will get a respond within 24 hours.
Unfortunately to say, no one got back to me even after 24 hours,and I am sending emails to the company from 12th June 2015 and still no response.
I had to check with their live support again, who informed me that there was nothing they could do and I needed to wait for the 'withdrawal department' to reply.
today it is 17th June 2015, and I have yet to receive any responds. This is very unprofessional from withdrawal dept side. I am really disappointed with this.
Assuming if anyone from FxPrimus is reading this, you can check my ticket: JUD-178-44002, ticket no 2: #CKC-843-62209, ticket no 3: GFS-628-87141
So many times I emailed to withdrawal and funding dept, still I do not get any revert. Very disappointed
Comment: Added by FXPRIMUS Support on 2015-06-25 05:28
  Dear Manoj,

Thank you for your feedback and our apologies for any inconvenience caused. First and foremost, I am happy to report that your Neteller transaction has been posted to your account on 2015-06-22. I have reviewed our logs of your account and would like to describe what happened here. On June 17, 2015 we received notification from Neteller that your account at Neteller was not fully registered. We then reached out to you with an offer to cancel the payment and have it returned to your MetaTrader4 account. You responded the next day stating that your Neteller account was fully registered, which lead us to investigate further with Neteller. On June 22, 2015 they confirmed that your account was indeed fully registered, at which time we re-initiated the transfer to your account. Our sincere apologies for any inconvenience caused. Please let us know if you have any further feedback on this or any other matter.

Warm regards,

osman, kl, Malaysia

Date of Post:2015-06-22
Review: it already past seven days of withdrawal processing. The money does not exist in my local bank account. I start my withdrawal process on 15 june 2015 last week. Please dont make me put any negative perception about fxprimus.
Comment: Added by FXPRIMUS Support on 2015-06-25 05:30
  Dear Osman,

Thank you for your feedback. If you have not done so already, please contact us at with the details of your account (Account ID and Withdrawal Reference #) so that we can provide you with an update on the status of your withdrawal transaction.

Warm regards,

Albert Kang, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Date of Post:2015-04-07
Review: I made a withdrawal request on April 1 via Skrill and as mentioned on their site, it will take between 1 to 2 working days to be processed. The amount was debited from my account on April 2, so I expected them to credit to my Skrill account latest by April 6, with weekend and all.
However, by April 7, the amount has yet to be credited. I have spoken to their live support, who basically requested that I email their 'withdrawal department' and I will get a respond within 24 hours.
Unfortunately to say, no one got back to me even after 24 hours, and I had to check with their live support again, who informed me that there was nothing they could do and I needed to wait for the 'withdrawal department' to reply.
It is already April 8 today, and I have yet to receive any responds. This clearly shows how unprofessional and irresponsible FxPrimus is, especially since I have been their customer for almost 2 years. I am really disappointed at how they treat their customer.
Assuming if anyone from FxPrimus is reading this, you can check my ticket: #XWB-707-68326
Unless you can give me a very good reason on the delay and lack of response from you side, with this kind of service, I will caution anyone thinking about opening an account with FxPrimus from doing so as you will most probably end up regretting it.
Comment: Added by FXPRIMUS Support on 2015-04-09 05:57
  @ Albert Kang from Malaysia,

Thank you for your feedback. We confirm that your Skrill withdrawal has been processed at value date 4.8.2015 -- which as you said is beyond our usual 1 - 2 business day processing rate. Please let us know if you have not yet received the funds in your Skrill account. If not, please email us at

We agree that this is not our usual processing time, but wish to inform you that this occurred due to the transition of clients over the past week, to a more secure and regulated financial environment-- that being MiFID of Europe. As such, there were some slight delays to some of our daily processes, unfortunately including your withdrawal request. We deeply and humbly apologize for the inconvenience and stress this delay must have caused you and wish to assure you that such delays will not be a regular occurrence.

Indeed, this is not something you or other customers should expect to experience again in the future. Please do not hesitate to contact us should you have additional feedback.

Warm regards,


CK, Singapore, Singapore

Date of Post:2015-03-06
Review: Hereby is the response I get from FXPRIMUS and which they claimed is was my fault.
Live 1
Orders: 27669004, 27669837 and 27671262

On March 5th 2015, we sent out a notification to all clients (as we do each month) regarding Non Farm Payroll and having such a volatile release in mind when making trading decisions. Historically, NFP is the most "market-moving" economic data released each month. Our terms of business (which is agreed upon during registration and located in your members area) also state the following:

6.8.2 Orders Cancelled by Dealer and Orders Executed with Slippage:

"Company reserves the right but not the obligation to execute types of orders such as Sell Stop, Buy Stop or Stop Loss at the price less beneficial for a Customer, and/or remove the types of orders such as Sell Stop or Buy Stop from the list of active order of a Customer in the following cases: there is a price gap or large price movement between the current market price quoted by the server at the moment the order reaches the queue for processing and the price of an instrument quoted by a server not more that 90 seconds before the order reaches the queue for processing; order reaches the queue for processing at the start of a trading session and there is a price gap or a large price movement between the first quote of a current trading session and the last quote of a previous trading session resulting in a spread difference between the current market price and the price set in the order; market conditions at the moment the order reaches the queue for processing differ from normal market conditions or were different from normal market condition during past 90 seconds resulting in a spread difference between the current market price and the price set in the order; in this case the "the price less beneficial for a Customer" is considered to be the first quote after the price gap or a large price movement or a first quote that is accessible to the liquidity provider at the moment the order reaches the queue for processing during market conditions not considered to be as normal; Slippage is the difference between the expected price of a trade, and the price the trade actually executes at. Slippage can occur during periods of higher volatility, when market orders are used, and also when large orders are executed when there may not be enough liquidity at the desired price level to maintain the expected price of trade. There are other times when the interbank is illiquid. If Customer requests to execute a trade at a certain price, and liquidity provider cannot deal at that price, Customer will receive the next best possible price. Company assumes no responsibility for slippage incurred by Customer for a specific transaction."

Orders 27669004, 27669837 and 27671262 did in fact incurred slippage to 120.59 due to the high volatility of NFP. Again, stop orders become a market order available for execution at the next available market price. Stop orders guarantee execution but do not guarantee a particular price. Therefore, stop orders may incur slippage. There is a risk of slippage that is determined by the prices available in the market, but the understanding has always been that these are an "at best" order – because as painful as some slippage might be, it might be a lot more painful if the order just isn't executed at all. This comes back to this risks associated with trading news releases – they can be very profitable – but they can also cause significant loss.

While fixed spreads generally remain constant however stop orders may still incur slippage during volatile market conditions. Order 27687325 received its stop price because there was less volatility in UsdCad than UsdJpy resulting in a narrower spread than UsdJpy.

Take profits are considered limit orders and limit orders must be filled at desired price level or better. Per section 6.9 of the terms of business:

"Company reserves the right but not the obligation to execute Sell Limit, Buy Limit and Take Profit orders at prices more beneficial to the Customer at own discretion."

Therefore it is possible for a limit order (take profit) to trigger at a better price and thus generating greater profit based on market conditions.

2015-03-06 2Star Well, I been using FXprimus for sometimes and I had encountered several problems with this broker.

1) My account is fixed spread type as I'm worried ECN account could cost the spread widen during high impact news and cause me more money when the trade failed.However, fixed account also doesn't assure the trade can close at the exact price while my account with other broke can. And, this happen also when there is no news release. I have a position open the day before NFP and it also get affected and they claimed that I'm trading NFP and so I have to suffer the extra losses. Here is my question, If today the market spike up and I just happen to have a buy order and the price spike beyond my TP level, Do I get the extra pips? If yes, Please show me the proof as I have tried before but I didn't get extra pips for that as I close at my TP level. If no, then why you transfer the losses to me? Please explain to me, I'm looking forward for your reply.

These are my Order number:
Comment: Added by FXPRIMUS Support on 2015-03-10 11:37
  @ CK from Singapore,

Thank you for your feedback. We note that the email chain you started continued after you posted on this thread. Here is an update to the threat with our latest responses:

Camille Murphy from FXPRIMUS Posted on: 09 March 2015 03:08 PM
Dear CK from Singapore,

Again, please keep in mind that a stop order can only be filled at an available price. In regards to the slippage, the order was filled at the best available market price during that time. Slippage is not uncommon leading up to news releases like the NFP as banks will pull their Bids and Asks, naturally resulting in a sharp widening of the spreads. After a thorough review, our trade team notes that the slippage was justified and the trade is final.

A limit order such as take profit, on the other hand, will never receive slippage because it's a "fill or no fill" type of order. It has to be at the specified price level or better.

Orders are executed as they are elected and the execution may vary from one order to another based on a number of factors including available liquidity at price, volume and time. Market volatility may create conditions that make it difficult to execute orders at the traders desired price levels. By the time orders are able to be executed, the bid/ask price may be several pips away. During highly volatile market periods, like the NFP, if a stop price is triggered, it will execute accordingly. We guarantee execution of stop orders when the price is triggered. However, we do not guarantee the execution price. As such, during these volatile conditions the price of execution may not be the price set in your terminal, but is instead based off of the best available prices at that specific time regardless if the order was placed sometime before NFP. There is a risk of slippage that is determined by the prices available in the market, but the understanding has always been that these are an "at best" order. While Stop-based orders are designed to "catch the wave", please note that, by definition, you will always be trading in the direction of least liquidity.

All customers are duly informed of our execution policies during the live account application process when they read and agree to the FXPRIMUS customer agreement and FXPRIMUS Terms of Business. Furthermore, by accepting the FXPRIMUS Terms and Agreements you attested and certified your agreement to be bound by them--this includes our execution policies.

Warm regards,
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