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Last Updated: 2015-04-14

FXTG is a forex broker. FXTG offers the MT4 fx trading top platform. offers over 40 currency pairs, and cfds for your personal investment and trading options.

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FPA Review Moderation Team, USA

Rating: No Rating
Date of Post:2011-07-22
Review: We haven't tried an online forex trading account with If you've traded forex with this broker, please leave a review here.

Matt, Ljubljana, Slovenia

Date of Post:2015-04-14
Review: After contacting financial ombudsman services and posting my review here at FPA I finally received my money!!! Thanks to CEO of FXTG to made only logical step and Bill from FPA that helped with the case!

Too much hassle and time went in to these and it should be logical step for all brokers. If client makes profit. Please do pay out!

2015-01-28 1 Star I was with FXTG from 2013 and newe make any withdrawal whatsoever and traded with profit over those 2 years. 3 months ago I requested partial WD and at that time was some problem with SKRILL, (mail from Kathleen on 12.11.2014: Sorry,Our skrill account is not working at moment) so I waited and received my initial deposit after 3 months of these request without extra profits.

Than I received email from Kathleen: Your profit from the trading you made are all illegal . You can only withdrawal the initial deposit.

After these I send email and received phone call from Daniel and email saying that all should be sort out in few days. Now after 14 days! I received mail saying: We have contacted our liquidity providers we have been advised that this trade was illegal as there was no liquidity during this period

Please note that all those trades was made by market execution without any ability to even set slippage or something. Broker did not even providet wich trades was wrong just simply deleted all profits

I strongly advice to consider to make business with these company as is looks like is not capable to pay out profits and want to just steal fair gain profits from traders!

Yadi, sydney , Australia

Date of Post:2015-03-13
Review: Their customer service is good, though sometimes feel like salesman, who did not? They dont really have 24 hour support. Their support is only available during Australian business hours. Though you can conduct a live chat, in the end, they always request to leave an offline message. Their platform mt4 freeze sometimes. Have not withdrew any money yet.

2015-02-12 4 stars I just opened an account with them. I have an account manager, and he is responsible. He usually answers my email in 10 minutes. By the way, I just had a small account for now, about 1500 us dollars. Nothing special with their platform. a limited range of currency pairs. 40 something.

I like their attitude but really their technology. Also, they are purely based in Australia, and I could not reach them after 5 pm by any ways, i live in Australia btw. If you live in the US and Europe. I guess good luck with your trading.


Date of Post:2015-02-09
Review: I got 2 accounts with FXTG since Dec 2014 for use with myfxbook traders. Because they accept client from usa. They have not replied to my email. Chat room is down. Tel call go no answer & got disconnected on a few of them. Does anyone know what happened to FXTG ? Can someone suggest what I can or need to do ? Kind regards,

Richard McKenzie, Queensland, Australia

Date of Post:2014-11-05
Review: Happy with the service, I got a welcome bonus, they are very strict with there deposit process, i have not withdrawn any money yet as I'm in profit for the first time with any broker! the spread is low, I like the fact I have a personal account manger that is always in contact with me to assist a professional service in my eyes.

Rita Menzies, Melbourne, Australia

Date of Post:2014-10-30
Review: I have been with FXTG from 2010 fast withdrawals and customer service is great there spreads have changed that I now have the lowest I have ever had with any broker. I hope they improve with webinars more frequent

Ary, Vancouver, Canada

Date of Post:2013-01-05
Review: I first tried the demo mt4 account and then went live. I have had no problems with FXTG. They called once a week just to see how I was doing and when the trades somehow went from 1 pip to a 5 pip spread they immediately rectified the situation and reimbursed me on my trades. I haven't withdrawn any money yet but when I talked to them about it there seemed to be no problem. They are backed by the Commonwealth Bank of Australia which I verified.

Ryan, Perth, Australia

Date of Post:2012-08-27
Review: I opened an account recently after seeing an advertisement for a 30% bonus on deposit. Initially it was not great, I kept getting asked for more documents even after I thought I had provided ample info to verify my identity. But I have been up and running for 3 weeks now without any issues. I will update again in a couple of months

Joseph, Perth, Australia

Date of Post:2012-07-22
Review: Please read my review below ...

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: "E M"
Date: Jul 21, 2012 10:53 AM
To: "Shani Burnie", "Andrew Snowden" , "Ben Behar", "Stavro D'Amore"
Cc: "Joseph"


I want to make the following points clear:
1. On the 3rd July 2012, I was approached by Andrew Snowden who agreed with $5k deposit to obtain the 1 pip fixed spreads on all majors (except GBP/USD at 2 pips). This is confirmed in writing by Andrew.
2. On the 4th July 2012, Andrew set up my trading account and i arranged for the $5k deposit to be transferred into that account number.
3. On the 5th July 2012, my trading account was funded with $5,000 AUD which was converted to USD. On the same day, Stavro came on the scene and gave me a call telling me of a special once off promotion that if I top up my account with further funds by Friday 6th July 2012, then he will apply 30% bonus on my entire account deposits including the first $5k. I proceeded to top up $1k to obtain that deal.
4. After the $1k transfer arrived to FXTG on the 6th July 2012, Stavro gave me a call and confirmed by email that he was mistaken about the 30% deal appying on the full amount of $6k deposits. He said that the system would not allow him and the best he could do was 15% on the first deposit of $5k and 30% on the second deposit of $1k.
5. Now at this point I challenged Stavro to keep to his word otherwise I will withdraw the $1k deposit and forget about the bonus. This ordeal of back tracking was my first bad experience with FXTG. I detailed this issue on emails on 6th July 2012, and eventually upon this challenge, Stavro honoured his word as originally agreed. I was quite shocked that this kinda back tracking happened but I decided to close an eye since the offer was changed on me within a short period of time within a day from 5th July to 6th July 2012, and I had no losses incurred.
6. From the 6th July to the 16th July 2012, I was happily trading my account at the 1 pip fixed spread on majors and was very happy. Then on the 16th July, Stavro advised me that this 1 pip fixed deal on majors was flagged on FXTG's system as an error due to the low deposit amount that did not meet $12k and that the spreads would have to be adjusted on my account end of the week being 20th July should I not deposit a further $6k.

A. Why didnt your FXTG employee Stavro or even Andrew Snowden advise me right away on the 6th July when i had made the additional $1k deposit?
B. Why did your system allow me to trade at 1 pip fixed on the majors from 6th July to 16th 2012?
C. Why wasnt there a system block to disable trading until I get the full $12k in?
D. Why was I advised so late 10 days later and not sooner?
E. Surely if FXTG had been enforcing the minimum of 12k in the past, there is no room to plead ignorance now that this was an oversight.

Now since we have been going back and forth and unlikely to achieve a positive resolution on this matter,

I THEREFORE HAVE COPIED IN FINANCIAL OMBUDSMAN, Australian Consumer Law, and ASIC, on your doddy practices, doggy employees and/or a faulty FXTG Forex system as detailed above and will in addition pursue with the major fraud squad, whom I had been in contact with a lady named Leeann B. in the past on a fraudulent broker based in NZ, thankfully FXTG is based in Australia and so a full enquiry is easily conducted.

In addition, so that the public will not get burnt, I will publish this email at Forex Peace Army. You can check it our yourself at:

In addition, I will also get in touch with the media (Alan Hynd from Commerce WA) whom I've been in contact with in the past.

Regards, Joseph

Anthony Hodgens, toronto, Australia

Date of Post:2012-01-02
Review: i am new to trading and i just had a online conference with stavro D'more.
he gave some stategy tips on using average cross overs and volumes.
he put it in a way that was easy to understand and now im going to apply the strategy
thanx heaps:)
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