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Last Updated: 2016-02-10

FXTG is a forex broker. FXTG offers the MT4 fx trading top platform. offers over 40 currency pairs, and cfds for your personal investment and trading options.

Special Notes:

January 2016:  A series of recent articles in the Israeli press indicate that Aviv Talmor is under investigation for operating a Ponzi scheme.  Companies believed to be associated with him include SkyFx, Capital Option, FXTG, One Binary, Algo Plus, Plus FN, and Algo Banque.  CLICK HERE and start reading at post #103 for more information.

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FPA Review Moderation Team, USA

Rating: No Rating
Date of Post:2011-07-22
Review: We haven't tried an online forex trading account with If you've traded forex with this broker, please leave a review here.

Maria Santangelo, NSW, Australia

Date of Post:2016-02-03
Review: The Brokers at Plus Financials are more interested in their commissions than trading safely or within peoples means. I deposited my money with one of their brokers, FXTG. Robert is extremely manipulative in co-ercing more and more money out of you and talking you out of safety procedure or capital preservation techniques. Incredibly unethical, unprofessional and even when addressed dismisses your valid concerns.

Bruce , Mandurah, Australia

Date of Post:2015-11-05
Review: You should not deal with FXTG they are not a reputable company almost impossible to contact as their phones are no longer connected and their emails are never answered that is if they are even delivered they usually bounce back and undeliverable and the brokers that use FXTG are scammers from overseas.

Kedar, Melbourne, Australia

Date of Post:2015-10-20
Review: Very hard to contact them as phones seem to be dead!Will be going to the registered office to check.

Manish, Australia, Australia

Date of Post:2015-09-28
Review: I have submitted request with fxtg but they haven't processed my request. i have tried calling all company phone no but it hangs up automatically. send few emails but no reply and some of them failed to deliver on company emails.This Company is Scam please do not invest in this company. i have filed case with now Fos to recover my money.

Desmond Ong, , Singapore

Date of Post:2015-08-27
Review: Got back my withdrawal. Really frustrated with the withdrawal system. However, Stavro is still a man of his words.

2015-08-24 4Star My withdrawal is being processed. Hope that I would get the money back into my bank account soon.

2015-08-21 2 Stars Hi, I have been trying to withdraw my money from FXTG since March 2015. I have called and emailed their customer support as well as my account manager. I even called the CEO of FXTG, Stavro d'amore regarding the withdrawal. Despite doing so, I still did not get my money back. I do not know how many times more I have to email and call FXTG. It all seems futile. Is there anyone in FPA that can help me with this issue

Jackie, Melbourne, Australia

Date of Post:2015-08-06
Review: After meeting with FXTG personnel at their office, have receive back my monies. Though it shouldn't being that hard and all the emotional stress I being through waiting and calling. Still chasing up monies with other Jewish companies. Lost hope with Forex companies, once sound legit, now all in rather be in bank , than me constantly going to extremes to get back my money.

2015-06-30 1Star I being trying to withdraw my money for months with no reply or money back into my bank account.

Being trying to call and email with no reply at all.

John, Sydney, Australia

Date of Post:2015-06-16
Review: It took months for my deposit to finally go thru
After 6 months I still can't get my money back
No one answers emails or phones
Stay away from these Dick heads

Matt, Ljubljana, Slovenia

Date of Post:2015-04-14
Review: After contacting financial ombudsman services and posting my review here at FPA I finally received my money!!! Thanks to CEO of FXTG to made only logical step and Bill from FPA that helped with the case!

Too much hassle and time went in to these and it should be logical step for all brokers. If client makes profit. Please do pay out!

2015-01-28 1 Star I was with FXTG from 2013 and newe make any withdrawal whatsoever and traded with profit over those 2 years. 3 months ago I requested partial WD and at that time was some problem with SKRILL, (mail from Kathleen on 12.11.2014: Sorry,Our skrill account is not working at moment) so I waited and received my initial deposit after 3 months of these request without extra profits.

Than I received email from Kathleen: Your profit from the trading you made are all illegal . You can only withdrawal the initial deposit.

After these I send email and received phone call from Daniel and email saying that all should be sort out in few days. Now after 14 days! I received mail saying: We have contacted our liquidity providers we have been advised that this trade was illegal as there was no liquidity during this period

Please note that all those trades was made by market execution without any ability to even set slippage or something. Broker did not even providet wich trades was wrong just simply deleted all profits

I strongly advice to consider to make business with these company as is looks like is not capable to pay out profits and want to just steal fair gain profits from traders!

Yadi, sydney , Australia

Date of Post:2015-03-13
Review: Their customer service is good, though sometimes feel like salesman, who did not? They dont really have 24 hour support. Their support is only available during Australian business hours. Though you can conduct a live chat, in the end, they always request to leave an offline message. Their platform mt4 freeze sometimes. Have not withdrew any money yet.

2015-02-12 4 stars I just opened an account with them. I have an account manager, and he is responsible. He usually answers my email in 10 minutes. By the way, I just had a small account for now, about 1500 us dollars. Nothing special with their platform. a limited range of currency pairs. 40 something.

I like their attitude but really their technology. Also, they are purely based in Australia, and I could not reach them after 5 pm by any ways, i live in Australia btw. If you live in the US and Europe. I guess good luck with your trading.
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