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Last Updated: 2014-12-19
Special Notes:

The FPA has repeatedly requested to communicate with the CEO of IronFx regarding the unethical behavior of employees of the company.  Two employees who have been asked to put the FPA in touch with the CEO have refused to do so.

Readers of this review page should note the fake reviews left by IronFx employees pretending to be clients.  These are from "Dimitri, London, United Kingdom" on 2013-08-02 and "Eva Leine, Stuttgart, Germany on 2013-02-04".

IronFx employees have also spammed the FPA's forums on three occasions.

First IronFx Forums Spam Incident - 2012-11-12 

Second IronFx Forums Spam Incident - 2013-05-24

Third IronFx Forums Spam Incident - 2014-02-05

These incidents began in November 2012.  The most recent was in February of 2014.


The FPA recommends AGAINST doing business with IronFx until the CEO steps in and convices company employees to stop acting in an unethical fashion.  If this is how employees follow simple forum and review site rules, can you trust them to follow rules about handling your money?


There is an FPA Traders Court guilty verdict against IronFx.   The FPA considers this to be one more reason to beware of this company.



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2014-185 2014-11-20 GUILTY

FPA Review Moderation Team, USA

Rating: No Rating
Date of Post:2011-04-14
Review: We haven't tried a forex trading account at If you've traded forex with this broker, please leave a review here.

Nazim, Chittagong, Bangladesh

Date of Post:2014-12-17
Review: There withdrawal is.but there deposit and bonus adding take much time.There account manager behavior are rude and not helpful.

ahmad , sargodha, Pakistan

Date of Post:2014-12-07
Review: Such A Big Scamer Not Giving Withdrwal On Time No Adding Bouns On Time And Big Thing Not Giving 100% Bouns Scam Compny Real A Scamer.

krishan kumar, mumbai, India

Date of Post:2014-12-06
Review: hello members
here i am inform you all about serious matter
i deposited 5000 usd in my account number 22046839 on 26th november 2014 i sent almost 15 emails to my account manager name YOUNG CHAN KIM about adding bonus but not any single reply from him side
after 5 days i request withdrawal on 2nd december 2014 and sent mail to account manager but again no reply from him side
now i go to the live chat option and support agent told me that send email to [email protected] and i done this
but today its 7th december 2014 still not receive any single reply from back office and also my account manager
one of the most important thing is company told that we are providing withdrawal in 24 hours but today its 5 days done but i still not received my withdrawal
so i think this broker is scam and fraud
so guys be aware of this broker
ironfx is fraud and scam

Rahat Hussain, MLTN, Pakistan

Date of Post:2014-12-02
Review: I had an account like 4 months back, i made a profit of 800 dollars on depositing 500, the manager i had called me when i made a withdrawal request he told me that he believe that i have use fraudulent mean to made this much of profit, i asked him to check the history atleast, profit was not earned from single item or by single trade, upon that he didnt reply for some seconds and told me that they will check my account and anything against be will result in account been blocked and all profit being removed, after 2 days they didnt reply, after a week i called him again and asked whats the matter he said they are investigating, i wrote to their customer support and asked about matter they told me they have not heard about this, they went to manager and somehow i got my withdrawal, i must tell you, i have never seen such unprofessional, stupid, lairs, dont trade with them.

Hamza Najam, Lahore, Pakistan

Date of Post:2014-11-29
Review: I heard alot of good stuff about ironfx but i must tell everyone not to trust them now, they were fine had not problem in past, i was working with them from around 2 years and was satisfied but recently they have started betraying they says they have 100% bonus promotion but when i went to chat after depositing they told me that the chosen promotion is just for selected countries although there is no terms and conditions available on site, they just want deposit they doesnt really want to have business with up, STAND UP AGAINST THEM, they are discriminating, lets stand against them and shows we are forex and forex brokers need us... bye ironfx you are nothing but a scam for me from now

Sergio, , Spain

Rating: Escalated to FPA Trader's Court
Details: Sergio80 vs | Guilty
Date of Post:2014-11-20
Review: After opening 2 accounts with them i can confirm that if you want to take profit of your savings instead of putting your money at this bróker better go to a casino.

They took all the profit i made in one of the account saying i was doing arbitrage (a big lie) and in the other one they filled an order 24 pips under the real mínimum of the candle ending in big losses.

Please stay away from them.


The Watcher, London, United Kingdom

Rating: No Rating
Date of Post:2014-11-06
Review: IronFX grilled on Chinese TV by affiliates criminal fraud investigation-filed on air - see:

Intakhab Khan, lahore, Pakistan

Date of Post:2014-11-05
Review: Ironfx is fraud broker .its big scam with me. Its 200 auto trade in my account without my any permission .I am not trade in my account for week .but when i open my account after 2 week ironfx 200 trade in my account in just 5 mint .I lose my 900$ no help me from ironfx back office and support staf .

Ali Khan, Rawalpindi, Pakistan

Date of Post:2014-10-14
Review: This is absolutely a scam broker, orders are not fulfilled in time and the specific rates.Their representative 'Kaushik" is really a stupid person who always try to make people fool.
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