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Overall Rating: SCAM
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Last Updated: 2015-09-01
Special Notes:

The FPA has repeatedly requested to communicate with the CEO of IronFx regarding the unethical behavior of employees of the company.  Several employees who have been asked to put the FPA in touch with the CEO have refused to do so.

Readers of this review page should note the fake reviews left by IronFx employees pretending to be clients.  These are from "Dimitri, London, United Kingdom" on 2013-08-02 and "Eva Leine, Stuttgart, Germany on 2013-02-04".

IronFx employees have also spammed the FPA's forums on three occasions.

First IronFx Forums Spam Incident - 2012-11-12 

Second IronFx Forums Spam Incident - 2013-05-24

Third IronFx Forums Spam Incident - 2014-02-05

In January, 2015, someone posted an attack on a competing broker from inside the offices of IronFx.  See the review by "Jacob, Cyprus" dated 2015-01-21 below.

In June, 2015, someone claiming to be an IB from Egypt posted defending IronFx.  The post really came from inside of IronFx's offices in Cyprus.  See the review from "IB in IronFX" dated 2015-06-03 below.

These incidents began in November 2012.  The most recent was in June of 2015.

The FPA recommends AGAINST doing business with IronFx until the CEO steps in and convices company employees to stop acting in an unethical fashion.  If this is how employees follow simple forum and review site rules, can you trust them to follow rules about handling your money?


Feb 2015:  Multiple fake positive reviews submitted.


WITHDRAWAL PROBLEMS WARNINGFebruary 2015: The number of complaints about withdrawal issues against IronFx has escalated.  The FPA recommends all clients of IronFx test the withdrawal system immediately.



March 2015:  There are now 4 FPA Traders Court Guilty verdicts against IronFx for failure to pay money owed to clients.  The FPA has no choice but to declare IronFx to be a Scam.  A formal FPA Scam Finding will be issued soon.


IronFx is hereby blacklisted by the Forex Peace Army.  The FPA recommends against depositing money with Iron Fx.  If you have an account with IronFx, the FPA recommends you try to withdraw your funds immediately. 



August 6, 2015:  Cysec has announced an investigation AGAINST IronFx.  CLICK HERE to verify.  IronFx claims that the company asked Cysec to help them investigate cheating clients. ;) 

Other websites of this company include

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ID Filed Case Verdict
2015-036 2013-03-22 GUILTY
2015-032 2015-03-03 GUILTY
2015-030 2015-02-27 GUILTY
2015-028 2015-02-23 RESOLVED
2014-185 2014-11-20 GUILTY

Florian, Overath, Germany

Date of Post:2015-06-17
Review: IRON FX steals client's money. Join the Facebook Group "IronFx clients" to get more info on what to do.

Also sign this petition to initiate an investigation at

Iron will not pay you anything!!
Basically you can:
- Get a lawyer or join others who are sueing
- Complain with CySEC and Ombudsman Cyprus
- Complain with FSA and Ombudsman UK
- Complain with ESMA
- Complain with OLAF
- Complain with other agencies such as Interpol or your local police

Iron FX is frauding clients and must be stopped!

In the Facebook Group you can find templates and help.

Altangerel, , Mongolia

Date of Post:2015-06-16
Review: SCAM! Very tricky scammers. Delayed my withdrawal request for months. When I get desperate, and open position, they immediately declined my withdrawal request because I had position.
I started trading from 7th April 2015, deposited 200$. And made 1700$ profit. I didn't use their bonus as my deposit was below 500. But they say that need to investigate all accounts because of bonus abusers. Do you know where and how to complain about this scammers?

Ali Hassan, Lahore, Pakistan

Date of Post:2015-06-11
Review: my withdraw req sent 9000$ 4 months ago but no approved my fund. I am very worried. Iron fx is a big gandu broker.Iron fx is a thief.

Dmitry Savelko, , Ukraine

Date of Post:2015-06-10
Review: I have instructed this company to close my account four weeks ago. The broker still hasn't returned money back to my corporate account and ignore all my questions why such delay has happened.
I advice everyone to avoid dealing with this broker because of violations of its Trading Terms and Conditions. Clause 12.7 states that there must be time limits for executing withdrawal according the client's instructions. Try to find them on its website.
Have registered a complaint on CySec website. Surely I will demand a punishment for this brokerage company because of their fraud policy.
Don't start working with them! You are warned.

Armands, , Latvia

Date of Post:2015-06-07
Review: After 4 months of waiting I finally received all my funds. So they are not thieves, but they have BIG problems inside company. It is not normal you have to wait 4 months for withdrawal.

2015-05-25 1 Star Here is chat log:

"Paolo C.Hello Armands Slars. How may I help you?

Armands Slars Hello, I ordered withdrawal via bank wire transfer 2 months ago, funds are still in MT4

Paolo C.Is this your account number? 20060374

Armands Slars yes it is

Paolo C.One moment please

We can see your request of 2,830.10$ kindlye note the reason of the delay with processing your request is because we identified a group of traders who are misused our promotions and acted against our T&C.

Armands Slars I did not have any bonus on my account!

Paolo C.Yes I understand however because of this breach we started an investigation on all our clients accounts prior of processing any request. Your withdrawal request though is expected to be processed in due course.

Armands Slars what do you mean by due course?

Paolo C.As soon as possible

Armands Slars can you please be more precise? it will take months, weeks, days?

Paolo C.We cannot give an exact time however from our side we will do our best to speed up the process. Thank you for your patience and understanding."

2015-04-20 1 Star Hello, My MT4 account number in ironfx is 20060374. I requested full withdrawal of funds more than half a month ago. The funds are still in my MT4 account. Cant get money out of this company. Deposit was 2450 USD, made small profit of 380 USD.

bht, Ha Noi, Viet Nam

Date of Post:2015-06-05
Review: Before Iron is good broker, but now Iron is Scam broker. We can't withdraw money

Ahmed Al-Bayati, Turkey, Iraq

Date of Post:2015-06-05
Review: I have $125,000 USD with IronFX and they are refusing to pay me and Cysec isn't answering or taking any action against them.

please join us on this Petition to file a big lawsuit against them at the European Central Bank and the Supreme Court

IB in IronFX (liar), , Egypt (Really IronFx's offices in Cyprus)

Date of Post:2015-06-03
Review: Ive been working with IronFX since 3 years, they pay IB commision twice per month, like no other brocker does. Recently i realize some delaying on my withdrawal but in the end of the day me and my client we receive our money. That because we are normal traders, we dont abuse the system or the bonus. as you know IronFX always offer bonuses and its very easy to abuse this system, only the people with good experience in the market they understand that this way of making money ( abusing the bonus ) never last for long and we saw this with few brockers before. So unless you are an abuser, you will receive your withdrawal at the end of the day, im talking based on my long experience in the market and with IronFX. Finaly IronFX regulated by few big regulators, if you are really not abuser you can go and complain to the regulators better then wasting your time on forums. As an expert i dont see any fine from any regulator against IronFX, dont you think this is strange after so many complains ? Come on guyz, open your eyes and see the picture from both sides ! There is no perfect brocker but there are the good and the bad.

Review Moderation Team Note: 4 Star rating removed. This review did not originate in Egypt. It's yet another review from the offices of IronFx.

Per FPA policy, the rating on this review has been set to Zero stars.

The FPA does not appreciate spammers or scammers. IronFx has proven itself to be both.

The FPA recommends that IronFx victims complain in forums, reviews, and to regulators. This helps warn others away from this scam broker while increasing the chances that regulators will finally take decisive action.

Robert, , Philippines

Date of Post:2015-05-31
Review: I was unable to withdraw my fund from this Broker.

Here's the history:

2014-09-30 Withdrawal – Bank 100.00 USD Declined
2014-09-25 Withdrawal – Bank 100.00 USD Declined
2014-09-23 Withdrawal – Neteller 100.00 USD Declined
2014-09-22 Withdrawal – Credit Card 100.00 USD Declined
2014-01-21 Withdrawal – Credit Card 300.00 USD Declined
2013-03-25 Deposit – Credit Cards 200.00 USD Processed

Ishtiaq Ahmad, Peshawer, Pakistan

Date of Post:2015-05-29
Review: my withdraw req sent 5500 $ 110 days ago almost 4 months but Status waitting for processing. IronFX is the biggest scam broker. IronFX is a thief. IronFx management is a stupid.
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