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Last Updated: 2015-04-26
Special Notes:

The FPA has repeatedly requested to communicate with the CEO of IronFx regarding the unethical behavior of employees of the company.  Several employees who have been asked to put the FPA in touch with the CEO have refused to do so.

Readers of this review page should note the fake reviews left by IronFx employees pretending to be clients.  These are from "Dimitri, London, United Kingdom" on 2013-08-02 and "Eva Leine, Stuttgart, Germany on 2013-02-04".

IronFx employees have also spammed the FPA's forums on three occasions.

First IronFx Forums Spam Incident - 2012-11-12 

Second IronFx Forums Spam Incident - 2013-05-24

Third IronFx Forums Spam Incident - 2014-02-05

In January, 2015, someone posted an attack on a competing broker from inside the offices of IronFx.  See the review by "Jacob, Cyprus" dated 2015-01-21 below.

These incidents began in November 2012.  The most recent was in January of 2015.

The FPA recommends AGAINST doing business with IronFx until the CEO steps in and convices company employees to stop acting in an unethical fashion.  If this is how employees follow simple forum and review site rules, can you trust them to follow rules about handling your money?


Feb 2015:  Multiple fake positive reviews submitted.


WITHDRAWAL PROBLEMS WARNINGFebruary 2015: The number of complaints about withdrawal issues against IronFx has escalated.  The FPA recommends all clients of IronFx test the withdrawal system immediately.



March 2015:  There are now 4 FPA Traders Court Guilty verdicts against IronFx for failure to pay money owed to clients.  The FPA has no choice but to declare IronFx to be a Scam.  A formal FPA Scam Finding will be issued soon.


IronFx is hereby blacklisted by the Forex Peace Army.  The FPA recommends against depositing money with Iron Fx.  If you have an account with IronFx, the FPA recommends you try to withdraw your funds immediately. 



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ID Filed Case Verdict
2015-036 2013-03-22 GUILTY
2015-032 2015-03-03 GUILTY
2015-030 2015-02-27 GUILTY
2015-028 2015-02-23 RESOLVED
2014-185 2014-11-20 GUILTY


Date of Post:2015-04-06
Review: Hi my name is Irfan Gujjar.I'm freaking pissed off about Ironfx. I am a client of them and trying to withdraw from last 2 months. First they said that the payments department
is overloaded, then they said that since I made a lot of profits then compliance has to approve my withdrawal.How the hell are they processing so long time?

And IronFX boasts on their website that they have ASIC, Cysec, FCA, Eurex license and membership. It's a big bullshit.
Payment transaction are mentioned Below:

1) 23098813 2014-12-23 WMP3D6J23GNH1I97 Withdrawal – MoneyBookers 975.03 USD Declined
2) 23100175 2014-12-19 WM339E5649NGRT1C Withdrawal – MoneyBookers 89.00 USD Declined
3) 23102132 2015-01-05 WM4OBMXKM8NHP77S Withdrawal – MoneyBookers 1,000.00 USD Declined

This payment declined three times as you see:

4) 23106299 2015-03-02 WMHEFFEC0GNKITR8 Withdrawal – MoneyBookers 1,470.00 USD Declined
23106299 2015-01-29 WB9N8Y4SN6NK31ZK Withdrawal – Bank 1,470.68 USD Declined
23106299 2015-01-26 WBIJMLJTMONISZ56 Withdrawal – Bank 1,470.68 USD Declined

5) 23108970 2015-03-27 WM4SR4IX2BNLV5XK Withdrawal – MoneyBookers 500.00 USD Declined

Can anybody here share their experience with withdrawing profits from IronFX. I would very much appreciate it. I've just been fool not withdrawing earlier from Iron.

If you want to help me contact me on :

GMAIL: [email protected]
FACEBOOK: [email protected]
TWITTER: GujjarIrfan786
LINKEDIN: [email protected]

MissV, , Germany

Date of Post:2015-04-04
Review: We request the CEO of IronFx to declare insolvency, if the company has such liquidity problems.
"procrastination of insolvency" is liable to prosecution in many european countries
Please join my Facebook group for damaged IronFx clients
for concerted actions

2015-03-26 1 Star I have sent a complaint to the FCA omdbusman
[email protected]

and to the CySEC

2015-03-25 1 Star Update March 25

Today I received this letter from IronFX
Dear Client,

With reference to our previous email, please note that our investigation for potential irregular trading activities in your account has not been finalized yet.

Upon completion of our investigation we will provide you with our findings.

Kind regards,
IronFX Global Limited

in response to my letter of March 24

Dear Sirs,

please process your enquiry in the due time and process my withdrawal immediately.

In the meantime I keep my readers informed about your activities.

2015-03-24 1 Star My withdrawal request is pending since March 9. On March 24 I received this mail

Dear Client,

We would like to inform you that your account is under investigation for potential irregular trading activities.

We will inform you of the progress of our investigation in due course.

Kind regards,

IronFX Global Limited

2015-03-16 2 Stars I am also experiencing withdrawal problems with IronFX. I opened an account, made e deposit and made a win. My withdrawal request is getting no answer

waseem, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

Date of Post:2015-04-04
Review: My account was under investigation and my withdrawal was declined Finally i got my money after 60 days after sending lots of emails to them. so i withdraw my previous bad reviews. but they will lose thr clients if they scare like this to all.

Simeon Levesque, limassol, Cyprus

Rating: No Rating
Date of Post:2015-04-02
Review: Dear all of you here, including IBs or traders, I am IB and Master IB with Iron Fx since 3 years, I brought huge business to Iron, from Germany, Austria and Bulgaria, since 23th of December 2014, I have to question myself, if this delays are legit and what is going on with Iron FX....
as now One of my German clients, who use to the following move - open account - request bonus... double up... open new account..double up... and so on.... up to 23.000 EUR, this all starting February 22 - 2015... the client was frozen, as my commission. I follow up forums and know where to bring my clients. IronFX is being the best for IBs, the bonus they offer is crazy - lets hedge it ;) again... my client just got payed fully, and I received my commission... i have 123 Germans with Iron. Please understand, all of you, NOONE, offers trading bonus, just Iron. now they delay, payments looking at their mistakes. They pay, is all i want say, love you all and wish good business....

Riccardo Fortunato, italia, Italy

Rating: No Rating
Date of Post:2015-03-31
me too sent some withdrawal request for a total of 33.000 euro on three accounts, but still i have not recived my money

Donos Nicolae, Chisinau, Moldova, Republic of

Date of Post:2015-03-30
Review: Hello FPA

Reading all bad reviews I don't know what to add about this scamm broker.

as to all clients, my account was blocked and my withdraw request isn't approved till today...I wait from 24.02.2015.

my manager told to invest money on this mirror trade accounts to try to transfer money in STP account...but this is scam!!!

Do not invest money with IRONFX.COM

Keep confidential, UK, United Kingdom

Date of Post:2015-03-25
Review: I have deposit money into IRON FX. This account was not activate at all. I'm trying to withdraw my money now and I didn't get it. I have been contacting them and get a reply which says this is a process!
I'm extremely scary to lose all my money! Any advice what should I do? Thanks

kim dau, tphcm, Viet Nam

Date of Post:2015-03-25
Review: IronFX to wait too long for me to withdraw my money.
I sent three emails to IronFX in 4 weeks wait until today they emailed reply. Ironfx mail '' Dear Client,

We would like to inform you that your account is under investigation for potential irregular trading activities.

We will inform you of the progress of our investigation in due course.''
IronFX increasingly worse, they keep customers waiting from week to week. I feel worried, whether they are paid to customers

waqas ahmed, pakistan, Pakistan

Rating: No Rating
Date of Post:2015-03-24
Review: i am also a client of ironfx.. i did withdraw on 2 march 2015 but still they did not process my withdraw ..and showing in client portal waiting for process ...

dominik, spain, Spain

Date of Post:2015-03-22
Review: I m trading with Ironfx from 2013 and untill today I have'n got any problems with them , withdrawals max up to two days was done , mostly within 24h .My mt4 account is 18011923 so I m really surprise reading so many so bad opinion about my prefer broker !!! I m using theirs bonus as well.
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