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Last Updated: 2016-03-09
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Website is down.  Company seems to be out of business.

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Tony, Florida

Date of Post:2007-09-06
Review: I visited the office to do some research on the company. The "president" is a 20 year old kid sitting in daddy's office with an attitude like hes a God or something. I did further research to find that daddy is just a stock picks guy who teaches a class on trading with their other company MTI. "Big Chief" as hes called doesnt even have his Series 3 listed on the NFA site. In fact none of the principals except the chiefe dealer that they got from anotehr company has any history of working in the industry and only "the president" has his seris 3, under 2 years and has no industry experience outside of this company. Judging by his post below his english isnt very good either. Basically it seems some people got together and decided to run an FCM with no prior experience. Not what I look for personally but you might not care.

Terry , Florida

Date of Post:2007-08-25
Review: I've been using the I-TradeFX platform now for a couple of months and so far it's been pretty easy to learn. I've not had any trouble getting hold of someone if there was something I didn't understand. Since they're the only ones I've ever used I really can't compare them to anyone else, I can only relate my experience with them

The Pipinator, Atlanta

Date of Post:2007-08-22
Review: Overall they have been OK. I am grateful they took over the CFG Trading accounts as quickly and efficiently as they did. Without them I might have lost part or all of my money. Snellgrove from CFG at best was a moron and a crook at worst.
Worst part about ITradeFx is the spreads are high. In this recent currency turmoil, they were quick to expand the spreads and one of the last to bring them back down. FXCM did a better job and that is who I use for most of my trading as they are financially solvent and have always been honest with me.

Gary, Miami

Date of Post:2007-08-07
Review: I found there software easy to learn and use, but there spreads varied too much and were too great. I switched to Oanda

Isaac Martinez, Orlando, Florida

Rating: No Rating
Date of Post:2007-06-28
Review: Dear Felix,

From one President of a company to another, I am appalled at your "quick to judge tactics". There are always 2 sides to every story and clearly you have taken the side of the lies and misnomers. To set the record straight: I Trade FX has never held commissions that were due to our IB's. You are more than happy to speak with some of our IB's and I am sure they will tell you the same. Due to our extremely high business ethics, when we purchased CFGTraders assets we decided not to move forward with many of their IB's. Several of there IB's where managing money and lost over 40% of their clients funds and we would not allow them to continue trading with us. Further there where a number of IB's that I would classify as dirty in the industry that we wouldn't conduct business with. Like, SPOTFX (SHUT DOWN THIS MONTH); TREND COMMODITIES LIMITED PARTNERSHIP ( SHUT DOWN THIS MONTH). That is just to name a few of the type of companies that CFGTrader sold their sole for a few bucks, which I Trade FX would not have anything to do with. I think that speaks volumes for our level of integrity and business ethics.

As for client funds, we have never way played hostage with clients hard earned money. We honored all withdrawal request from CFTrader clients, however did make decisions that we felt were in the best interest of the clients. We would not wire client funds directly to any offshore unregulated firms, but we would and did send back the funds directly back to the clients. We also didn't send funds directly to a few brokers that we suspected of having some regulatory issues, like the ones above. We did send all the funds back to the clients. With several million dollars and thousands of clients withdrawing their funds from CFGTrader, there was a small time delay in processing everything, but to date all legitimate withdrawals have been processed. With several firms being shut down in the past 30 days, we have received several phone calls for clients thanking us for looking out for them, and keeping their funds form being frozen again by another negligent Forex Broker. In acquiring CFGTrader as quickly as we did we save thousands of client's millions of dollars from their funds being frozen over a year, and only getting $0.17 on the dollar like RefcoFX. This was a risk that no other firm would stepped up and do, other than I Trade FX

If you think looking out for the best interest of our customers, the integrity of our company and the forex industry is a bad thing. Then I guess you can take your chances at another firm and maybe you will have a few more warrior stories of your own. Next time you want to hear the real side of the story please fills free to contact me directly.


Isaac Martinez
I Trade FX, LLC

Felix, New York

Rating: No Rating
Date of Post:2007-06-26
Review: As much as I would like to call them a scam, I can't because they are a legitimate, functioning company. So I will leave it as saying that the President and his band of crooks are scum of the highest order. They made a bad decision when they bought CFGTrader (Another Scam), they compounded that error by holding retail clients money hostage, buy falsely representing another companies platform as their own, by refusing to pay IB's there commissions. I don't know about you, but as far as I am concerned these guys should be put out of business for extremely poor business ethics. By the way, I was willing to consider trading with them until they pulled the aforementioned nonsense.


Date of Post:2007-06-19
Review: They will let you trade news for awhile but after they catch you they will fill you at the top of the spike. They lied to me and said they would let me trade news as long as I stayed in the trade for a few minutes. After a few weeks of doing what they told me to do, they put me on "dealer approval" and told methey were no longer going to allow me to trade this way. They are liars and scammers of the worst kind.

Murrmar, Ontario

Rating: No Rating
Date of Post:2007-06-16
Review: I have only done demo trding with them. It takes a bit to get used to the platform but when it is customised it can be made nice. No news in demo, how are we to get the hange of what happens due to news casts? Friendly sales, not pushy, helpful

Courtney, McDonough,Ga

Date of Post:2007-06-10
Review: I've only been using this broker for less than a month, but I'm quite pleased so far. I find the platform easy to understand and customer service has been satisfactory.

Chris, Massachussets

Date of Post:2007-04-17
Review: I-Tradefx bought out cfgtrader which i am much appreciative for. BUT, I attempted to retrieved my money from them and I got three different stories on why I cant get my money. Three different people from I-trade told me different things and gave me a run around. I still have not received my money from them. I would have rather seen some integrity from this company and heard, "please give us an opportunity to trade with us some time." Instead I get the company telling me that I am able to trade with them but I cant withdrawl my money. I dont know about everyone else, but that does not make any sense to me what so ever. I can use all the money in my account to trade, but I cant withdrawl it. I usually dont submit reviews, but I felt like it was my duty as a fellow trader to let others know what games a company tries to play. Good luck!
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