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Last Updated: 2015-05-18
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FPA Review Moderation Team, USA

Rating: No Rating
Date of Post:2006-02-26
Review: We do not have any opinion about this company. Would love to hear some detailed reviews from other people.

Ian Toh, Ipoh, Malaysia

Date of Post:2015-05-17
Review: I have my refund back, thanks MTI!

I just bought the Ultimate Market Scanner after watching their webinar and tried for 2 days and found that the signals is not very stable. I would continue to use if they are EA / Robot style but by manual, it caused me some time to regularly checked on the latest signal and have to update them into my MT4. I found it difficult and wrote to them regarding this matter (Actually I don't know they offer refund). After cancelling their service, they sent me an email asking me the reason of cancellation and told me that they can refund to me. After that, the first email i received is informing me that they are processing it, and the second email is informing me that they have confirmed the refund. Today (18th May 2015) early in the morning, when I wake up and check my credit card online statement, I found that they have refunded to me. I don't care what others said about them scam or whatever, I just experienced their service is good. At least what they promised, they will do. Thanks Market Traders Institute for your refund, you deserve my 5 Starts Review.

J Davies, Texas, USA

Date of Post:2015-04-13
Review: Oh!!! SO very glad I came across MTI. I now trade without fear/greed/worry/stress. I took MTI's UTP, had some unexpected longer learning curve in applying it to the charts (This was a bit different than the advanced Elliot Wave course I had taken the year before-so I had to change the way I looked at the markets). I then took the Fast Track Mastery, and I had MUCH of the learning curve smoothed out right away, along with 1,300pips to show for applying it. I then worked over the charts, and found more success. I then took the Mastery course, in person (Monday was good as well, I had a 100pip Monday), and now I trade without any apprehension at all. I know the statistics will work in my favor, and now I'm off and running, (So to speak...I am walking through the markets & trades with ease) having been exposed to many strategies & methods, in the Mastery class. I recommend this to all who still haven't found that rhythm that makes their heart sing, when they think of trading, having found a couple strategies that they gravitate to, obey the rules & have success. Happy trading. If you are not happy trading, explore MTI, & join all of those who now know, that they are a successful trader, who goes to capture pips, in the peace, of knowing that what they apply to the markets, will surely work.

peter king, kitimat, Canada

Date of Post:2015-04-12
Review: I paid about $1000.00 for a 1 month trial of the scanner software
it did not work as promised at one point it should have stopped out but it did not and it then showed it was in a large profit position. so I started to look for other examples and I found one that was in a loosing position for 51 days and then later in the day it switched to a winning position showing it was in the position for 32 days. I have all the screen shots to prove it. since the software repaints its self to a winning position it is misleading to people who look at the software.

Market Traders Institute, Florida, USA

Rating: No Rating
Date of Post:2015-04-01
Review: J Walton,

First off, let me thank you for reaching out. As a representative of MTI, I’d like the chance to address some of your concerns and see if I could be of any help.

We never give trades to any of our students. As an educational institution, we cannot recommend trading platforms or provide students with trades. Instead, we strive to teach them how to understand the market so that they can develop their trading skills and create a method that works best for them based on their trading personality and the education taught within The Ultimate Traders Package on Demand™. We also allow our students to follow our own trades so they can incorporate the strategies we use into their own personal trading methods.

If you have any other questions or concerns, we would love to assist you on a one-on-one basis. Feel free to reach out to us at 1-800-866-7431 ext. 239.


Thanks for reaching out. As a representative of MTI, I’d like to address some of your concerns to see if I can be of any assistance.

First off, let me thank you for giving The Ultimate Traders Package on Demand™
an honest try. I’m glad you enjoyed the psychological advice and real life trading stories that provide our community of traders with relatable stories so that no one feels left behind in their trading journey. Also glad to hear you enjoyed the course context regarding trend lines, trade checklists and the Fibonaccis.

Now, I think you might have false information about our auto-trading systems. Some, not all, of our systems can be autotraded. We have an entire package to teach traders HOW to use them properly. While they are autotradable, traders should learn to read the market on their own and then use autotrading indicators as a point of convergence for their own analysis. This is what we teach in our education.

As for our Analysts on Demand™, I’m sorry you had to deal with technical issues. We do everything in our power to ensure we have reliable equipment so that our students can receive the best quality of information on the market. Unfortunately, glitches still happen.

While it is true that we inform our students about additional systems that could help them with their trading, we do our best to make sure that our team members do not overstep their boundaries. Our Education Specialists are dedicated to changing the lives of their assigned students. That’s why we email our students consistent market updates and hold educational client-only webinars as a part of our no trader left behind mantra.We always reinforce the methodology of our teachings and would never tell a student to solely rely on an indicator to trade.

We are sorry you were not satisfied with our education, but we understand your concerns. We would like the opportunity to talk to you about your experience and settle your refund case on a one-to-one basis. In an effort to protect your privacy, please give us a call at 1-800-866-7431 ext. 239.

Review Moderation Team Note: If you click on "Is this your site", after registering and conforiming, you will be able to add comments directly to individual reviews.

Jesse, Washington DC, USA

Date of Post:2015-03-25
Review: The fact that your a lifetime member heaps huge benefits for anyone who joins. Pertaining to cost i'd say MTI is somewhere in the middle.
The strategies taught seem to be on point and they do a good job showing you the same thing over and over again. I think its a good company and i'm very glad i'm a member.

J Walton, Florida, USA

Date of Post:2015-02-23
Review: Its a gimmick. Big talk in their live FREE webinars that state they are going to give you a 12,000 pip trade, only to hustle everyone into buying their INSANELY priced crud that is FREE all over the internet. They offer no edge, nothing that cannot be found on youtube or a simple google search. These guys are like the PONZI frauds. They sell hyped up hope of getting rich and fulfilling dreams... no more, no less. Stay away from these bottom feeders. I tried Hector Deville before these guys. At least Hector runs an honest education site,is honest and nice guy and means well but once again, the info is everywhere. Stay away from MTI. They are con artists.

Juan Carlos, Caracas, Venezuela

Date of Post:2015-02-13
Review: I recently gave MTI's Ultimate Traders Package a go basically because they gave me the option of trying it for a month for US$500 and were I not satisfied they would issue a refund to me. I believe now it is only fair and my duty as a trader that I share my MTI experience with the community.

At the beginning I wasn't very sure about it and also had some problems getting my paypal account to work properly, in the mean time they came with the $500 offer so by the time I've got my paypal account working I went for it, although I felt a little bit uncomfortable with the selling pitch tone around the whole thing.

Initially the course seems right. There's a lot of good psychological advice and compilation of good stories you can feel related too if you have traded for a short while. This part of the education aims you to earn conscience about the emotional side of trading, interestingly the same lesson uses a lot of your emotions to hook you into MTI's methodology, in which you 'should believe blindly just as the truth that the sun goes up everyday', or so they constantly say during the 15 lessons.

There's some good concepts about trend lines, trade check lists and a nice introduction to Fibonaccis but as for what the lessons is concerned I consider they are not worth US$4,500; which is the special discount price they offer down from the original US$7,500 the UTP costs. The information is presented in a simple way that makes it easy to understand basic trading concepts but still you could find all this and more in good books or other video courses made by professionals available on line for US$500 or less. UTP lacks specific lessons on Moving Averages and other basic indicators. However, they offer other things in the UTP so I kept on looking and trying to find the value in such things.

The charting software was not of my like at all, the colored Fibonacci Retracements tool is nice but other than that the charting software it's not nice to use. I'm a musician and video editor so I'm used to the high quality of Apple and Avid software with years of developing at the hands of the pickiest users in the world (artists) so maybe that sets the bar a little too high, but even comparing it with other charting software I still find it a little too raw and uncomfortable. The whole chart system also went down more than a couple of times during my month there at different times of the day, resulting in Analysts on demand suspended sessions and replays of videos re-explaining some concepts from the lessons.

Auto Trading Systems: I don't like them. They are only indicators set to throw signals under certain market conditions and nothing else. I felt very uncomfortable with the way they sell such systems as marvelous utilities.

Analysts on demand: This was the part I though was going to make the UTP worth the money. They do have one, maybe two interesting traders as it's been said here before, but again there were lots of off line time due to technical problems with MTI servers and charting software, and at the end the visions from MTI's analysts are very much in line with the whole Forex industry standards.

Ultimate Wealth Experiece: that's a 3 day on line presentation that basically comprises all the 15 lessons in 3 full day intense sessions. You need to attend it in order to get you refund as well as you need to take all lessons tests and watch 10 hours of Analysts on demand. It was not easy but it's doable if you have some previous knowledge and an off week to focus on this. The 3 days experience takes place on a Wednesday, Thursday and Friday period.

FXChief Menthorships: Again, the guy compiles a good set of histories and a interesting philosophical approach to trading, but later on the course and on trading exercises you can't help to notice this philosophy is not always fallowed as it should. There's contradictions like analysts trading with no stop loss, or even the FXChief constantly talking about "lots of money" when you are only supposed to think in PIPS in order to take the greed away.

Sales policy. This is what took me away the most from MTI. They are way too aggressive sellers. Every "Client Only Webinar" is a presentation to sell something, mostly auto-trading systems. They also begin to offer you extras so you pay the full tuition before the trial month ends. They constantly send you TONS of emails and call you on the phone to explain all this "opportunities" you have. Again, they say in Lesson 1 that you should always do you research in full before trading and then a couple of days later they try to convince you to stop your mutually agreed research on the UTP and hand them US$4,000 right away.

The worst was a late night call one of their representatives made to my house at 10:30pm (there's only a 30 minute difference between Caracas and Florida so it was 10pm in Florida, still too late). There were people sleeping, and having experienced recently a couple of midnight family emergencies you become not appreciative of unexpected late night phone calls. They did apologize properly later but it was already done and my patience began to run out. Never give them your home phone number. Never.

There's also too much cult like interaction in their presentations, too much "please say yes" "wouldn't it be great to earn this kind of money folks? type y or yes if you think this is great!". A lot of Intense selling tactics I would strongly recommend avoiding to anyone with the smallest self confidence issue.

The say they can't suggest a FX broker due to regulations but clearly favorite FXCM allegedly because their software is compatible with MT4. Needless to say what has happened recently to FXCM.

Now that I have applied for my refund they have offered me to take off half the price, I responded saying thank you but no and they didn't write back. I simply don't trust a product that tries so hard to sell itself, it's common sense and they at MTI should realize about it, because I believe this attitude will only hurt their business in time.

After I filed my request for refund I was contacted by a girl named Vanessa which wanted to discuss my decision. I said "fine but I'm busy please call me on this or such time" she didn't. I wrote her almost 2 weeks later and she insists in talking to me so I write her that she can call me or I can explain her my reasons to leave by email, no answer again. This week I wrote her to see how it was going and again no answer.

They claim that refunds take place in 4 to 6 weeks after the claim, it's been now 3 weeks since my refund claim was made so I hope it will be fulfilled soon.

A final comment. I have experience with on line education. I took courses and plan to take more at the Berklee College of Music On Line School, those courses helped me and taught me a lot, so I believe I have enough experience to distinguish if I can get something from an education system or not, sadly MTI's UTP did not fulfill my expectations. I wouldn't recommend it to anyone even as there is some people working there that really seem to want to do a good job, but the concept this company operates by does not make it easy.

I'll keep you informed of the development of my case.

DISCLAIMER: This report is meant only to reflect my personal experience and view. I intend no harm to MTI in anyway whatsoever. It's my sole intention to fulfill my refund requirement in the most smooth and regular way, thus ending my business relationship with MTI as soon as possible, hoping that in the future the company becomes able to improve and overcome their, in my opinion, flaws. Nor should this report been taken as an irrefutable truth without proper self experience and study of the product offered by the company here mentioned.

Joe Tham, Hawaii, USA

Date of Post:2015-01-17
Review: As the saying goes, the grass is always greener on the other side. So I bought into all the sale pitch. Now, I have been with MTi for about +8 months. Started with UTP course. Bought additional after attending some webinars. Tradings were rocky. Decided to enrolled in the Mastery course in Jan 2015 to find trading consistency. All in all, I believe knowledge still the SOLUTION to success. Without proper knowledge and attitude, hard to make it to the top on my own. I'm semi-failing because I'm not following the teach properly. So I can't blame others except myself. I appreciate the knowledge FXChief taught me in the Mastery. Now I think is up to me how to properly use the acquired knowledge in these 25 different casinos. Once thing for sure, MTI are 100% here to support me/you. In addition, you can't get anything better than professionals like Chief, Chris, Josh, Jose, Will, Gary and Earl respond to your trades when you asked. So going forward, with the new knowledge, I hope I'll make it to the top following the plan. Cheer! -joe

Janet Black, Salt Lake City, Utah, USA

Date of Post:2014-10-22
Review: I bought the traders package a year ago for $4800. The education was good but extremely time consuming. I bought Chis Pulvers Target Trader system in July as supplement to the traders package. I attended the first training session and was totally disappointed! Chris gave the worst presentation for the $2k investment I have ever heard. It was disjointed, bubbling, and disorganized. There were 300 people on the webinar who paid $2k each. That's $600k in revenue for MTI and Chris! The first hour was taken up in making excuses and encouraging participants to contact tech support to download the correct software! It didn't get better from there. There was no apology or offer for refund. Since then they have dramatically altered the program because it was initially unusable. It is still worthless....MTI offers education, which can be learned cheaper at other sites and companies. I still occasionally attend there daily free seminars. They are more interested in selling than educating. They are marketing pimps and be very cautious investing your education dollars with them.
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