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Last Updated: 2015-11-19
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FPA Review Moderation Team, USA

Rating: No Rating
Date of Post:2006-02-26
Review: We do not have any opinion about this company. Would love to hear some detailed reviews from other people.

babara schwimmer, new york, USA

Date of Post:2015-11-18
Review: they are more of a promotional forum than educational . for instance joined the chief exclusive trading club for a hefty fee only to be told now there is an additional exclusive inner elite club that you must join of course for an additional hefty hefty fee. M.t.I. ADVERTISES WITH PEP., THAT YOU WILL PIP. MEANWHILE ALL THEY DO IS RIP

kgskaew, , Canada

Date of Post:2015-08-12
Review: Stay far away. They charge expensive with poor quality. Hard to get refund.

Nick Jasani, London, United Kingdom

Date of Post:2015-07-27
Review: MTI is an utter scam, ruthless and thick skinned. Chased me day and night to get on board and when I signed. not a response for days!! Also they took 2 instalments immediately which was supposed to be taken over 2 months. Just after your scalp.

James, Los Angeles, USA

Date of Post:2015-06-30
Review: MTI is not worth the money. After you purchase the ultimate trader package you will soon realize that all the so called modules are just a repeat of the same information over and over. Their sales techniques will drive you insane as they push so called new systems that you will be tempted to buy because the ultimate trader package is nothing even close to ultimate and probably won't work for you if you are a beginner, it just lacks too much information about the markets and psychology of trading. The most infuriating part is probably their bogus charts that they try to enslave you to with a subscription. of course all their so called systems only work on their charting software that looks like it was made on an Atari computer from the 80's to further entrap you in a dependance to them. You are better off finding a teacher or mentor that teaches pure price action and that only teaches 1 simple way of trading without indicators or very little indicators.S omeone with a track record that actually trades everyday. MTI will harass you at all hours to push sales on you under the false pretense that they are trying to help you with your trading and "checking up on you", all it is is cut throat sales techniques and they will clean you out of every penny if you let them.

Robert, Georgia, USA

Date of Post:2015-05-31
Review: My experience with Market Traders Institute was terrible. They charged me $7995 for a forex education program called Ultimate Traders Package that was supposed to include BUT DID NOT INCLUDE working graphical software systems, technical support to keep it running, and ongoing instruction/education by webinars, books, and online training modules(another name for bunches of webpages with their "lessons"). The graphs did not work, tech support was not available or reachable, and training modules and webinars just were not there. For example, OVER 250 PAGES IN THE TRAINING MODULES in their "Financial Freedom Online University" WERE TOTALLY BLANK, and MANY WEBINARS WERE NOT PRESENTED ON TIME OR AT ALL, and most of the educational material was verbose and too quickly presented to be absorbed. There were so many bugs in the GRAPHING SOFTWARE that it was unusable and BROKE MY COMPUTER after crashing it over and over again. Technical support to try to make the software work was often not reachable: the HOTLINKS to reach them were MISSING or not working most of the time, and in the few calls back that they managed to make they were ARGUMENTATIVE, and other staff was just not helpful: once when I mentioned some of the graphing problems to my "personal advisor," he admitted there were "some problems" with the software and just tried to sell me an additional $700 graphing package that did not have all the problems.
MTI DID NOT HONOR ITS MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE AFTER I CANCELLED THEIR PROGRAM: the company did not return the $2000.04 that I put down as initial payment! IMHO, it is fraud when a vendor takes your money, does not give you what he promised, and then does not return your money.
I would advise everyone to stay away from these people. Some students claim to have had good experiences with them, but I certainly have not. Their bad history reportedly dates back to a 2012 NFA sanction when the CEO could not act as principal in futures brokerages for 3 years, after some international Ponzi scheme; and BBB complaints about bad software and bad money-back "guarantees" still continue into 2015

Ian Toh, Ipoh, Malaysia

Date of Post:2015-05-17
Review: I have my refund back, thanks MTI!

I just bought the Ultimate Market Scanner after watching their webinar and tried for 2 days and found that the signals is not very stable. I would continue to use if they are EA / Robot style but by manual, it caused me some time to regularly checked on the latest signal and have to update them into my MT4. I found it difficult and wrote to them regarding this matter (Actually I don't know they offer refund). After cancelling their service, they sent me an email asking me the reason of cancellation and told me that they can refund to me. After that, the first email i received is informing me that they are processing it, and the second email is informing me that they have confirmed the refund. Today (18th May 2015) early in the morning, when I wake up and check my credit card online statement, I found that they have refunded to me. I don't care what others said about them scam or whatever, I just experienced their service is good. At least what they promised, they will do. Thanks Market Traders Institute for your refund, you deserve my 5 Starts Review.

Luke, , USA

Date of Post:2015-05-11
Review: This article says it all!

Rebuttal: Added by Eric Johnson on 2015-06-02 02:05
  Hello Luke,

As a representative at MTI, I'd like to shed light on the Bloomberg article by David Evans. Unfortunately, much of the information is simply not true. This investigation happened more than 7 years ago. The Martinez family and MTI completely cooperated with investigators, understanding the need to make known that they were not a part of Smith’s scam which the investigation proved and David Evans reported.

As the article explained, after a 2-year-long investigation, United States Government investigators chose not to indict MTI or anyone other than David Smith. The company and the Martinez family were found to have no involvement with Smith's criminal endeavors. Smith is a professional con man who is responsible for fooling hundreds if not thousands of traders. The Martinez family and MTI were fooled by him as well, but were in no way involved with his criminal activities. Unfortunately, we know that David Smith is fighting extradition to the United States. We feel he is willing to say many thing to take the focus off of his actions and this article is the result of that. For further inquiries, feel free to call 800-858-5885 or see the details here:

J Davies, Texas, USA

Date of Post:2015-04-13
Review: Oh!!! SO very glad I came across MTI. I now trade without fear/greed/worry/stress. I took MTI's UTP, had some unexpected longer learning curve in applying it to the charts (This was a bit different than the advanced Elliot Wave course I had taken the year before-so I had to change the way I looked at the markets). I then took the Fast Track Mastery, and I had MUCH of the learning curve smoothed out right away, along with 1,300pips to show for applying it. I then worked over the charts, and found more success. I then took the Mastery course, in person (Monday was good as well, I had a 100pip Monday), and now I trade without any apprehension at all. I know the statistics will work in my favor, and now I'm off and running, (So to speak...I am walking through the markets & trades with ease) having been exposed to many strategies & methods, in the Mastery class. I recommend this to all who still haven't found that rhythm that makes their heart sing, when they think of trading, having found a couple strategies that they gravitate to, obey the rules & have success. Happy trading. If you are not happy trading, explore MTI, & join all of those who now know, that they are a successful trader, who goes to capture pips, in the peace, of knowing that what they apply to the markets, will surely work.

peter king, kitimat, Canada

Date of Post:2015-04-12
Review: I paid about $1000.00 for a 1 month trial of the scanner software
it did not work as promised at one point it should have stopped out but it did not and it then showed it was in a large profit position. so I started to look for other examples and I found one that was in a loosing position for 51 days and then later in the day it switched to a winning position showing it was in the position for 32 days. I have all the screen shots to prove it. since the software repaints its self to a winning position it is misleading to people who look at the software.
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