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Last Updated: 2016-01-27
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FPA Review Moderation Team, , USA

Rating: No Rating
Date of Post:2014-02-02
Review: We haven't tried the forex trading robot from (Formerly If you've used this Expert Advisor to trade forex for you, please leave a review here.

UPDATE: The FPA has begun forward tests of this EA on LIVE accounts. Please click the link towards the upper-left to follow the results.

Cossx, Bangkok, Thailand

Date of Post:2016-01-11
Review: It is one of the best EA on the market if u use default setting or use Lot_Multiplier no more then 2.0 , Lot_Size must be 0 some time ea will trad lose but ea always comes back. U can see real account here ,,
P.S. This EA very sensitive with low spreads and fast execution broker. Please find broker to run this EA if u want make money. Fxchoice, Darwinex is a good choice and the location on the VPS to broker server must low. ping.
I love this EA very much because this EA does not use a martingale or multiply risk but ea can make real money, it is very rare on the market.

I not good at english sorry.

Viktor-FX, Bavaria, Germany

Date of Post:2015-06-18
Review: MFM4 is a very good scalping system but it is very broker sensitive.
I made good profit with MFM4 during the last 6 months with broker FxOpen and FxChoice and VPS from beeks UK
when I let it trade this currency pairs: GBPAUD, GBPCAD, GBPCHF, GBPJPY, USDCAD, USDCHF, USDJPY.
All other by the vender recommended currency pairs makes losses. Especially the EUR pairs.

This broker makes generally losses or small profit with MFM4: Exness, RoboForex, Fort Financial Service (with their own VPS), Orbex with VPS beeks UK

It´s important to set Download_Settings=true in set files.

stevanus, Seattle, USA

Date of Post:2015-04-28
Review: Unique EA, all trade winner only the end session lost cause I cut the time, but the whole is promissing, I got tweaking it, but not holygrail yet but 90% winner, great EA

Peter, , Hungary

Date of Post:2015-02-28
Review: I ran the expert for almost 60 days,but since it made 40% DD on my account I claimed for the 60-day money back guarantie, but no answer received to any of my e-mail. Money hasn't arrived back.

Glenn, Johannesburg, South Africa

Date of Post:2014-10-20
Review: I ran MFM4 on my account for about 3 weeks. It produced mixed results, 3 or 4 days up (1-2% per day) and then would lose 6-8% all at once. The system would also hold trades over the weekend – if there was a gap at opening my account would have been wiped out but luckily this didn’t happen. I have asked the author some questions about setting up the EA because I was seeing different results to what he showed on his site, but my emails were ignored. I then requested a full refund (his site promises a full refund within 60 days if customers are not happy) and I was told that I was “abusing” him by asking these questions. Use this EA at your own risk!
Rebuttal: Added by Matthew on 2015-01-19 05:34
  My EAs are not martingales, they will lose sometimes. You are not entitled to customer support after receiving a refund, that is abusing the system.

edison, , Hong Kong

Date of Post:2014-05-10
Review: The best EA I have ever used. profitable and reliable I have used it for a month, and earned a lot.

Victor, Chelsea, USA

Date of Post:2014-05-10
Review: I placed this EA live on 3/1/2014 and from a $100 deposit fell to $89 dollars, but afterwards it's been winning consistently and so far as of 5/9/2014 my balance is $112. In the long run I think this product is a big profit producer.

habib, london, United Kingdom

Date of Post:2014-04-28
Review: use for 3 weeks most of time it does not trade and only display it not right time for day trading, its scam they don hav telphone contect, u don see there email address. don see refund policy. im trying to get my money back through bank.
Rebuttal: Added by Matthew on 2014-04-30 08:22
  The EA trades the Asian session. When it is not the Asian session, the EA will display a message on the screen that says, "It is not the right time of day for trading," this is normal.

Not having phone support doesn't make my EA a scam. I never promised phone support. I do not offer phone support because of people like you. My email address "" is clearly listed on my page, as well as a contact box. There is also a support contact in the members area.

You are a scammer, and I don't want your money. Who ever you are, give me your email address so I can refund you.

Bill, , Malaysia

Rating: No Rating
Date of Post:2014-03-15
Review: Tested on live account for 3 weeks now. It was profitable the first two weeks and support was fairly responsive. The EA makes 5 or so trades with small profits but then makes a single losing trade that overpowers the profitable trades. Will give it another week before rating.
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