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Last Updated: 2015-06-08
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Gary Edwards, England, United Kingdom

Date of Post:2013-03-26
Review: Do not deal with these people, i cancelled the lame system and then they try to charge your card for more than the actual system was supposed to cost, complete fraud. AVOID!!

Darius, Vilnius, Lithuania

Date of Post:2013-01-22
Review: They are just perfect marketers. I like Mark Soberman. And I like their indicator, called "calculator". It looks really good. Just perfect.
System ? With the same results You can trade simple MA cross system or use hundreds variations of "buy/sell" arrows taken from forexfactory, forex-tsd, etc etc. All their systems: HVMM, SST, ODST, UST etc, etc are ONE basic trend follow system with different basic indicators combination. They can produce new system each year ( or every month, if they like) changing CCI to RSI, RSI to MACD, keltner channel to bolinger bands and so on. And they will do, I think, with a great success.
And finally I must say: You should spend a lot of time for backtesting and optimizing their calculator parameters and You will be profitable.
One star for system and 5 stars - for indicator (calculator).


Date of Post:2012-11-03
Review: Don't trust these scammers. I lost like $3k following their live signals. Some of the dopes in the room are the same people or actors I'll bet. They always show up the "past year's result" which is nothing more than fiddling around until they get some good backtest simulated result. They trade real money? hah! warning; Their new site is

David Van Dyke, Hemet, ca, USA

Date of Post:2012-10-20
Review: I bought two systems from them (Guess that makes me a real dummy). I have lot of charting and trading experience. I tracked all their back signals and stops. There were far more losing trades than winners, and even worse, the stops were often bigger than the profit targets, and often took you out too early. I spent weeks evaluating these crooks on Forex, Futures and it was a total waste of both time and money. Beware, they often attend the shows in Vegas and elsewhere, which is where I got trapped. Their graphics look so easy and colorful, enter here, with targets spelled out. Totally fictional and bogus. Sorry. I challenge them to prove otherwise. Backtesting their signals is so easy.

Kevin, Cali, USA

Date of Post:2012-06-02
Review: I agree with previous posts on 500 pips per month. Did great for 2-3 weeks then lost all profits and then some on demo. Does not do 500 pips a month.

2012-03-11No Rating I have been testing the 1 day swing trade system using 2% per trade and looking for 1:2 ratios. In less than a month the demo account did actually go from $5k to $7k. Coach Ron does answer my questions by email. I haven't tried any other products from but I have been emailing trader friends with these results.

Bill, S. Carolina, USA

Date of Post:2012-05-09
Review: Way too many to the tick top/bottom losing trades. The program can be really dumb picking those tick losers. They need to fix that to compete with the HFT algos out there since SST is more or less an algo. A lot of time is spent trading trying to make back losses. Meanwhile your broker gets a free lunch from you.

Sal, Florida, USA

Rating: No Rating
Date of Post:2012-04-28
Review: So far,no different in performance than any of the Robots or Indicators I have purchased in the past. Consistant wins for the first few weeks - then consistant losing trades.Their support team keeps giving excuses - like the market has been choppy,and it reverses on news etc. Their website claims at least 500 pips a month;but,when I confronted them on that,they said,well not 500 pips every month. I put it back on my Demo until the promised updates come.I assume that the results will improve with the updates -I won't hold my breath.

Ben, Virginia, USA

Rating: No Rating
Date of Post:2012-03-16
Review: Works well on demo account. All trade was a loss when I used live account. One week demo account. One week real money. Will for 2 more weeks and then can conclude.

Jayman, NY, USA

Rating: No Rating
Date of Post:2012-03-03
Review: To Albert: How many pairs are you testing? I have been forward testing 7 pairs 1 hour trade plans since Jan. 1 and have netted 968 pips. EURUSD has been a poor performer, but it is about to get back to break even.

My thoughts on ODST are you have to spread your exposure across multiple pairs for the best results. The downside is you spread your exposure across multiple pairs! You have to reduce lot sizing to preserve good money management.

Albert , , Malaysia

Rating: No Rating
Date of Post:2012-02-14
Review: I bought ODST last week and here are the results :

Jan 2012 ( backtest ) : Profit 12.2 pips ( 8 wins, 8 losses and 4 days no trade.
Feb 2012 ( till Feb 14 ) : lost 178.9 pips.

I have 2 losses in a row this week. Yesterday (Feb 13) lost 40.7 pips. Today ( Feb 14 ) lost 31.7 pips. Both trades hit stop loss !!! I hope to get my full refund from Netpicks.
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