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Last Updated: 2016-06-09

Nord FX is an online forex broker. NordFX offers the MetaTrader 4, MetaTrader 5, MT Multiterminal, MT Mobile, and Integral NFX Trades top currency trading platforms. offers over 35 currency pairs, gold, silver, and binary options for your personal investment and trading options.

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FPA Review Moderation Team, USA

Rating: No Rating
Date of Post:2009-03-04
Review: We haven't tried NordFX as a forex broker. If you've traded forex with them, please leave a review.

Semen Goldstein, Moscow, Russian Federation

Date of Post:2016-05-15
Review: NordFX is now actually one of the best brokerage companies: fast and easy account opening and instant deposit (you put money to WebMoney account and at the same moment the money is in the terminal), rapid withdrawal of profit (you order in the morning, in the afternoon or in the evening it is in your WebMoney account), easy copying of the best traders' trades through (in the first month I was surprised, it turned out to be MasterForex-V Academy' rebate, they even give 90% of its affiliate commission) and a lot more that pleasantly surprises a trader.

Raimond, Riga, Latvia

Date of Post:2016-04-19
Review: I am trading Forex for more than 3 years and had to change three brokers (one broker per year), there is a lot of good and bad in everyone, a perfect broker simply does not exist. As for NordFX - I trade with them for one year. It is a decent broker, it is not cheating customers (at least has never cheated on me), quotes and order execution are like with other decent brokers (neither worse, not better). I do not expect miracles from them, but I do not need any miracles! In general, one can work with this broker. And if something happens to it - I will write to you for sure!

Advik, Pine, India

Rating: No Rating
Date of Post:2016-03-28
Review: I am NordFX IB partner since 2013. The number of my referrals trading through this broker now about 20 people. In order not to write 20 separate reviews, I interviewed them all, and they are generally quite satisfied with NordFX - there are no special high-profile advertising campaigns and promises, but there is stability and reliability.
There are no specific complaints. Among the main drawbacks is the lack of cent accounts, which are very necessary especially with automated trading. I hope that someday there will be.
Ratings given by my clients are four and five, there is one three. But most of all are fours, so the overall rating is four.

Phan, Ho Chi Minh, Viet Nam

Date of Post:2016-03-20
Review: I have over 5 years of professional forex trading and consider NordFX one of the best brokers who provide their services. I have an impression that its founders were Forex traders in the past, they perfectly know how you can win the heart of a trader and investor.
I won their contest several times, and withdraw prizes as promised.
In my opinion, there are even more ways to deposit and withdraw money than necessary. Frankly, I never heard of some of the payment systems, and I saw them in the list of the broker for the first time.

Renat Khaidulin, Kazan, Russian Federation

Date of Post:2016-02-20
Review: Friends, it is time for me to leave a positive review, for the sake of truth. I am familiar with NordFX from the year 2008, and I have only positive impressions.
They didn't have any failures at all. Support is the best. Fast execution of orders, never noticed any lack of feedback. Well, if a person is not literate in trade and suffers frequent losses, it is natural - he is good, and all brokers are kitchen and scam. For many it's in their head. That's it. And it is bad, when forums clearly support this. Thank you, FPA, that you at least try to understand and be objective.
By the way, NordFX is one of the few brokers that pay real money for contests in demo accounts. I once won $ 100 in their contest, got paid and withdrew the money no problem.

Oleg Eremin, Moscow, Russian Federation

Date of Post:2016-02-12
Review: What can be said about this company? I tried a lot of different brokers, I can say that NordFX is one of the best. Of course, it has its shortcomings, but their reliability and stability outweigh. Those who do arbitrage transactions and cheaters accuse them, but if you trade properly - there will be no problems. But the one who does not know how to trade and dumped the deposit - should blame himself. For reliability it is better to open 3 or 4 accounts with different brokers, and NordFX should be included in this list.

Oxana, Kharkov, Ukraine

Date of Post:2016-02-07
Review: I think that NordFX has some advantages. I would mention:
- a good and convenient website,
- A lot of training materials, books, videos, and TV,
- fast order execution, ECN-account,
- Leverage 1: 1000,
- apart from MT4 there's MT5,
- A lot of payment and withdrawal options,
- In addition to forex there are also binary options,
- A lot of bonuses.
What I need:
- I would like smaller spreads,
- a cent account is required,
- all accounts need five-digit quotes.

Petru, Kishinev, Moldova, Republic of

Date of Post:2016-01-20
Review: I work with NordFX recently. I trade on a real account, I used demo for training, tried various strategies. You can work with them, for sure. I lost depo only because of my stupidity. Those who write angry reviews, have to think if they chose correct way. For some reason everyone thinks that you just put the money to the account and the company will start giving you money. But don’t you need to use your brain to think? As a result, when you use a correct approach, you can get profit from NordFX, it is tested in practice.

abh, , Malaysia

Date of Post:2016-01-17
Review: this company will reject your application to apen an acc if your write your plan deposit is low for exp usd100. They reject application for unlogical reason like documents not clear eventhough the documents is 100 percent clear. Expect thing going to be much worst for withdrawl. Stay away
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