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Last Updated: 2015-10-20

Right Investments Guaranteed is an online forex broker. RIG fx offers the MetaTrader 4, WebTrader, and MT Mobile global forex trading top platforms. offers over 20 currency pairs, silver, gold, commodities, and indexes for your personal investment and trading options.

Special Notes:

Was at, was

Website is down.  Company seems to be out of business.

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2011-073 2011-09-10 GUILTY

FPA Review Moderation Team, USA

Rating: No Rating
Date of Post:2008-05-30
Review: We don't have any experience using as a forex broker. If you have traded forex with them, please leave a review.

Low, Malaysia, Malaysia

Date of Post:2014-04-15
Review: Guys, beware of the culprit , It seem AFB has turned to IB with OFM.

Their new webpage is under construction " "

2014-01-16 1Star Beware of AFB, they have unresolved cases in malaysia that their Regional Manager runaway with client deposit / withdrawal with AFB replied this is not under their responsibility, they setup the office in malaysia in year 2010 and they give us this reply. Such a irresponsible broker.

2013-06-03 2Star They currently hold all the withdraw for malaysia until further notice.

Low (05:17:44) : i receive the email that malaysia withdrawal is currently on hold
Customer Service (05:17:52) : okay sir one moment please
Low (05:19:01) : i need to withdraw the money to pay my installment and loan
Low (05:19:10) : please don;t hold
Customer Service (05:18:44) : okay sir, i am checking with the back office, one moment please
Customer Service (05:21:45) : may i assist you with anything else during your short wait ?
Low (05:22:39) : i think that for now.
Customer Service (05:36:39) : sir i apologize but your withdrawal request is still pending
Low (05:39:21) : when can i have the answer ?
Low (05:39:34) : the bank can't wait for me. they charge me interest for late payment
Customer Service (05:39:15) : i am not sure sir, this is related to the back office
Customer Service (05:39:29) : i do not have the authority to know these details
Low (05:40:10) : can u help me ask backoffice. when they will have the final answer ?
Customer Service (05:40:05) : for now they too do not have an exact date
Low (05:40:56) : they can hold me for 1 year just giving me the reason
Customer Service (05:40:24) : all Malaysian withdrawals are pending at the moment
Low (05:41:03) : please help me ask for the exact date
Customer Service (05:40:45) : no sir i am sure it is not a year
Customer Service (05:41:12) : they are solving the issue the fastest they can
Low (05:42:02) : how many days they need ?
Customer Service (05:42:03) : as explained sir, we do not have an exact date

Bowman, Cairo, Egypt

Date of Post:2014-03-30
Review: for some reason starting Wed 26-3-2014 the MT4 accounts of this company was disabled and the website was shutdown with a note that the services is down due to others trying to take the name of afb .. while is still functionl... no one is answering the phone or email or even live chat .. the company location have no emplyees and no one knows if we are getting our funds back

Ghulam Muhiuddin, Lahore, Pakistan

Date of Post:2014-01-20
Review: Beware of this. I have deposited 4000 on last month but they did not credit to my account so far. I have write many emails but not reply. Many times i contact with online chat their operator is always offline. Now I plan to put my case to legal authorities

Ahmed Al-Bayati, Istanbul, Turkey

Date of Post:2014-01-09
Review: I have traded with for almost 5 years and they're the best company I've ever traded with. They have great service, great dealing and extremely quick processing of withdrawals


Date of Post:2013-12-12
Review: I have traded and referred clients to AFB for two years now and I have had no negative experience of substance to warrant any worry.Their withdrawals are fast but due to the fact that Friday is not a Business day in Kuwait withdrawals done on Wednesdays/Thursdays/Fridays may take a whole week to reach you! I cannot remember any increased spreads,any slippage on pending positions,any closures not asked,I can recommend AFB to ALL.

kumar, chennai, India

Date of Post:2013-01-04
Review: support,Deposit and withdraw tested ok.........all fine...

michael, , Lebanon (Really AFB's offices in Kuwait)

Date of Post:2012-12-20
Review: i have been trading with afb for a while i particularly like the no minimum maintenance margin and their fixed spreads which despite the guilty case have not been changed for the past year. they also have exceptionally fast withdrawals transactions regardless of amounts.

FPA Review Moderation Team Note: 5 Star rating removed.

This review came from inside the offices of AFB in Kuwait.

The FPA does not appreciate review spammers.

Per FPA policy, the rating on this review has been set to Zero stars.

Danny, , Malaysia

Date of Post:2012-08-24
Review: i've been trading with them for the past 2 years with no problem in my 5 digit amount trading account.

muneer, karachi, Pakistan

Rating: No Rating
Date of Post:2012-04-29
Review: yes u are rite i admit i did not saw that that time but now i saw it and i matched the data from with the data on AFB and i can only match the fone number and fax number other things like registration number and etc u provided i cant find on AFB site , may be u will find it or ask from then until now their terminal services are good i admit ,
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