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Last Updated: 2014-09-21
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Yancy, Las Vegas

Date of Post:2009-02-21
Review: It is difficult to review Rob Booker. I think he is an honest and well intentioned individual, but he simply is unable to meet the expectations he sets. About 12 months ago, I paid $1000 for his mentoring program... and it was nothing of the kind. For your money, you get access to his web site and his trading systems, but the personal support he promises was spotty at best and mostly limited to email.

Eventually, he acquired assistance, but in the end, when you encountered obstacles, practical advice was typically limited to ‘keep at it’ encouragement. Sage wisdom and keen insight are not Rob's strongest traits. What he provides is akin to a trading ‘support group’. Not a bad thing, if you are charging $10 a month for website and forum access to experienced traders, but not worth the flat $1000 up front.

I do use some of what I learned from Rob in my current trading, I genuinely like his podcasts, and I do keep up with this activities, but I suspect Rob is still growing as a trader and still figuring things out. Again, this is not a bad thing, but he shouldn’t be charging you such a hefty fee to come along for the ride.
I sincerely wish him the best, and I look forward to what he develops in the future, but I wish he would re-evaluate his approach.

Rich, Arizona

Date of Post:2009-01-07
Review: I tried Rob Booker out last spring with high hopes and naturally they were destroyed once he took my $1000.
The training and support is non exisitant......his "system" is really nothing that you couldn't find for free on a hundred other websites......the signal service lost money, not alot but it lost......then the signals were not even coming yet they kept charging for them.
The best I could get in return from them was to stop charging my card the $49/m for the signals. You can forget getting money back for the "mentoring".
Personally, I think the guy is a fraud.


Date of Post:2008-09-24
Review: I have been trading forex for a few years now and what I find is that alot of fx traders are a bunch of cry babys. I like Robs signals. Grant it, his support is terrible, but his signals are pretty decent. If you just want signals, then $49.95 a month is quite modest. I give him 5 stars for signals, 1 for service. If you are an experienced trader, I doubt you'll need the support.

inanc pinar, Bursa, Turkiye

Date of Post:2008-09-21
Review: I made over 300 hundred pips in ten days by this service. Thanks Rob Booker and his team. I selected Rob Booker because ;

* He is a well known trader
* He is sending signals by sms
* And there is only 3-5 signals in a week.

Aminne, Pennsylvania

Date of Post:2008-08-26
Review: I spent a little time trading with Rob and actually got to see how he operates. It was definitely a very educational experience. I did learn a great deal from him. True - he does have a great sense of humor, but humor set aside he is very intelligent, resourceful and is very serious. I appreciate his generosity in sharing his knowledge and experience with me.

Millionaire, Saudi Arabia

Rating: No Rating
Date of Post:2008-08-12
Review: Guys !!!
Thanks god I found these reviews before I get involved and pay for the 1 on 1 training, I sent one e-mail to Rob to thank him for his free e-book and I received a reply from him saying that this is a personal reply not an automated reply to advertise his course with the limited spots. I felt he's a nice and honest but what I see here is different. Anyhow, I think I'll discard his offer and continue my self learning, At least I won't be regret for losing money

Michael Cocco, Connecticut

Date of Post:2008-08-10
Review: Rob Booker's promises before payment were impressive including a promise to give you his phone number. Immediately after payment he gives you a number but when you call that number and leave a message he never calls you back. Many of his educational videos would not play for me and when I emailed him about my frustration trying to learn the material when the video's did not work the responses were late coming and not at all helpful.

Lusitano, California

Date of Post:2008-08-03
Review: I was part of Rob's training group and purchased his Forex trading signals for a period.

My advice to people considering working with Rob Booker and his clan is that you shouldn't waist your time and money in his training and trading signals.

If you like jokes and entertainment, then you found the right place because Rob and his sidekicks do know how to make you laugh in their trading room, and they are very funny and cute.

Rob is too busy to train people because he is either on vacation, or doing a seminar across the country, trying to convince more people that he knows what he is talking about.

He is an attorney, so he has the gift to charm and convince you that he is a nice guy with good intentions, but don't be fooled.

I am disappointed that he made the Book "Millionaire Traders", because I could have saved a few bucks if they had kept him out.

About his trading signals, $1500 per month is what he says he can possibly do for you as a minimum. All I can say is that he probably forgot a minus in from of this amount.


Jacques, France

Date of Post:2008-07-21
Review: Never communicates after he's taken the cash, when you need mentoring the most. Whats the phrase: "Those that can do, those that cant teach"

Brandon, USA

Date of Post:2008-05-27
Review: I receive Rob's Signals and he does now send them via SMS to your cell phone. He will even send them to you via instant message. His signals are always during the day where I live which is a big plus. Other services I've tried send them to me when I'm sleeping and I end up missing most of them (I live in the EST zone).

When you pay for the signals, Rob even offers webinars at no extra charge to teach why he took a particular trade. He even archives his webinars so you can watch them at your convenience should you not be able to attend the webinar live.

This service is great for me. I don't have much time to trade and his signals come at just the right time of day. It's great to get some signals that I have confidence in while I learn to trade for myself.
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