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m r, California

Date of Post:2009-10-06
Review: I took the NYC Seminar in June 2009, based on the promise that I would see the trade statements from one of Rob's best associates, who also now trades a managed account for Rob. The seminar was principally built around this trader's success and style. The stories were great during the seminar, and everyone got fired up. But we were never shown the statements. Rob said he would upload them to his site and never did. He said he'd email them to me and never did, and stopped answering emails from me all together.

This was a sticking point for me, because I was never able to replicate the results or methodology shown in the seminar. It just seemed fishy, and I just wanted to see if someone was really trading it for real. I had a lot of questions that I emailed Rob and his teaching team, which were never answered for me, despite assurances that support would be available. Without the actual trade statements to support this technique that Rob is now teaching, it could just be yet another case of smoke and mirrors.

I've checked in with what Rob teaches over the years (again, because he comes off seeming so real) but each technique is only his darling for a little while, before he's off to the next new thing. That's fine if you're a struggling trader trying to make it in Forex and trying to find your groove, but if you're saying you're a seasoned pro and teaching and charging for your teachings, seems like there should be a solid style you yourself are trading. Consistently.

Rob seems like a great guy, and you leave feeling he's sincere and really there for you. But the actions don't seem to match the advertisement or the pitch.

Romuald, Poland

Date of Post:2009-07-30
Review: I have just cancelled the service. The last straw that broke the camel's back was July performance. There were hardly any signals (instead of 3 or 4 a week) and in total the few that were provided provided a negative result. BTW, it seems that the whole thing is going to be phased out and Rob Booker team is going to create a new service. I am supposed to use a complimentary 1 month as a current subcriber, but I am not really sure if I will go for it.

David Elliott, NY

Date of Post:2009-07-27
Review: In 1995 I bought Rob's $995 online course. As a new trader I was impressed with its content. However, after I learned more about trading I understood that he simply repackaged information about trading that is freely available on the Internet.
Trading systems: The "systems" that Rob hawks change regularly. Over the two years I followed his "signals" he offered at least four iterations. Why do they change? Its easier to sell "new" systems, especially when the previous systems lost money. They were poorly tested--sometimes revealed by other traders in testing, and sometimes revealed by traders losing lots of money. Rob even selected a system that was designed to lose money as the winner in a trading contest he offered several years ago because 1) he didn't know how to test it and 2) the instructions made it sound profitable!
Seminars: I attended two seminars and helped teach one. By the the third seminar it became apparent that the little "trading" Rob does is incidental to his mammoth seminar and forex "education" business, and I did not want to be part of a slick operation that hurts people by taking their money and giving them false hope.
Support: Sporadic email, lacking substance beyond general advice to keep trying.
Conclusion: if you want a vacation and an entertaining speaker, then attend his seminar. If you want a trading mentor, then you will need to look elsewhere for an actual, knowlegdeable full time trader. Rob has done a fantastic job building his image and garnering $30k+ per long weekend seminar, but he disappointed me with his substance. Rob is smart enough to know how to sell anything, smile while taking your money, and make you feel good in his presence. Rob is one of the most disappointing people I have known.
Wonder if my review is real? You can find my name in the front of Rob's book "Adventures of a Currency Trader" as one of the best traders he knows (don't buy the book, preview it on Amazon). Fact is, I lost money during the time that Rob knew me, but at least I was a name he could use. Forex "education" is an excellent market in which to hawk c***, make lots of money, and have a long "career" because the majority of suckers will feel guilty that they lost money, will blame themselves (you should have tried harder and not done x), and crawl under a rock, never looking back, not calling a spade a spade. This one is black. Good luck.

Forex traders don't cry, Macedonia

Date of Post:2009-07-09
Review: I've been Rob's signal subscriber for about 4 months and during that time he and his team members were not able to make a buck (that is they broke even). That raises the question about the validity of their seminars and training programmes? I mean, how can you teach when you can't trade profitably yourself?

allison, austin, texas

Date of Post:2009-06-23
Review: very very disappointing for the cost. i knew rob years ago before he was "famous" and he seemed like a pretty nice guy. he's since gotten too big too fast and accquired quite the string of groupies.
his systems are very helpful and interesting, but $1000 "one on one" isn't one on one or two on one for that matter, and you will not get $1000 worth of help.
wish i'd put that money in my trading account.

but, that said, the materials you can access forever are very very interesting.

David, London

Date of Post:2009-06-17
Review: The bottom line is this is a home study course not 1-to-1 training, which for that reason alone makes the course advertising misleading at best. The quality of the online material is OK but doesn't equate to the course cost.

When you pay your money you get access to online information and a few videos here and there. You are not assigned a mentor and, just like the other reviewers, if you have questions you can email but don't hold your breath waiting for a reply. When you do get a reply it is very short and not very informative.

There is no phone contact and nor can your reach Rob using MSN/Yahoo - it's email only.

Also, the course advertises a couple of "bonus DVDs,", which I keep chasing up but have never arrived - so I can't comment on those.

Finally, the training advert keeps stating "last chance" as it's about to end, but 18 months on and it still hasn't - another marketing scam.

A good alternative is Phil Newton's "Live Trading Room," which is a fraction of the cost, you can email, MSN, or Skype Phil, and will always get a quality reply.

Yancy, Las Vegas

Date of Post:2009-02-21
Review: It is difficult to review Rob Booker. I think he is an honest and well intentioned individual, but he simply is unable to meet the expectations he sets. About 12 months ago, I paid $1000 for his mentoring program... and it was nothing of the kind. For your money, you get access to his web site and his trading systems, but the personal support he promises was spotty at best and mostly limited to email.

Eventually, he acquired assistance, but in the end, when you encountered obstacles, practical advice was typically limited to ‘keep at it’ encouragement. Sage wisdom and keen insight are not Rob's strongest traits. What he provides is akin to a trading ‘support group’. Not a bad thing, if you are charging $10 a month for website and forum access to experienced traders, but not worth the flat $1000 up front.

I do use some of what I learned from Rob in my current trading, I genuinely like his podcasts, and I do keep up with this activities, but I suspect Rob is still growing as a trader and still figuring things out. Again, this is not a bad thing, but he shouldn’t be charging you such a hefty fee to come along for the ride.
I sincerely wish him the best, and I look forward to what he develops in the future, but I wish he would re-evaluate his approach.

Rich, Arizona

Date of Post:2009-01-07
Review: I tried Rob Booker out last spring with high hopes and naturally they were destroyed once he took my $1000.
The training and support is non exisitant......his "system" is really nothing that you couldn't find for free on a hundred other websites......the signal service lost money, not alot but it lost......then the signals were not even coming yet they kept charging for them.
The best I could get in return from them was to stop charging my card the $49/m for the signals. You can forget getting money back for the "mentoring".
Personally, I think the guy is a fraud.


Date of Post:2008-09-24
Review: I have been trading forex for a few years now and what I find is that alot of fx traders are a bunch of cry babys. I like Robs signals. Grant it, his support is terrible, but his signals are pretty decent. If you just want signals, then $49.95 a month is quite modest. I give him 5 stars for signals, 1 for service. If you are an experienced trader, I doubt you'll need the support.

inanc pinar, Bursa, Turkiye

Date of Post:2008-09-21
Review: I made over 300 hundred pips in ten days by this service. Thanks Rob Booker and his team. I selected Rob Booker because ;

* He is a well known trader
* He is sending signals by sms
* And there is only 3-5 signals in a week.

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