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Last Updated: 2016-06-28
Description: TradersWay is an online forex broker. Traders Way offers the MetaTrader 4, MT Mobile, and cTrader trading currency top platforms. offers over 10 currency pairs, metals, indices, energies, and commodities for your personal investment and trading options.
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Gilberto Anzaldua , Mission, TX, USA

Rating: No Rating
Date of Post:2016-04-17
Review: Excellent assistance from Joe Carney! Been bothering him for about a week with questions about my account! Didn't look like he was bothered one bit. My experience has been great!
Comment: Added by Max Pross on 2016-06-17 01:13
  You are never a bother to any of our staff as you have always been kind, polite and professional. We enjoy working with you and hope you continue to keep an open dialog with us!

Dawit, Texas, USA

Date of Post:2016-04-17
Review: I have tried to contact tradersway 16 times today to no avail. When i tried to deposit miney into my live account for the first time it gave me somer error and blocked my card. I dont know what to do any help?
Comment: Added by Max Pross on 2016-06-17 01:14
  Please be mindful of the time zone differences between yourself and our Payments Department, which you emailed only several times. Your card issuer was declining your payment.

Alex H., Los Angeles, USA

Date of Post:2016-04-15
Review: Trader's Way by far has been the best experience of my life (dealing with brokers that is). Everything from the different account they offer, to the reasonable spreads/ commissions, and I have not even got to the best part...their customer service. By far, Trader's Way has provided me the best customer service to date. And I am not saying other brokers aren't good. I am just saying Trader's Way has always worked with me on every issue, not to mention their timely responses. For these reasons, I would like to place Trader's Way in the spotlight. Thank you again TW, I do not know were my forex career would be without you! I am truly grateful!

2016-02-28 5Star Trader's Way is absolutely phenomenal. Their customer service is great! Anytime I have had a query, a member has always promptly responded to my emails. Not to mention their promotion right now of matching your deposit by 100-150% really helps out when trading.

Trader's Way is definitely the way to trade!

Added by Max Pross on 2016-03-11
Content: You will always find us accessible and personable, so please never hesitate to contact us with any questions you have. You are a pleasure to work with.
Comment: Added by Max Pross on 2016-06-17 01:14
  Thank you for taking the time to update your review so that the community can see how your experience has been for the past several months. We pride ourselves in offering a personal experience to all clients and will always strive to meet that goal.

D'vel, , USA

Date of Post:2016-04-12
Review: I must say that I am extremely satisfied with tradersway as my broker. I was initially skeptical of any broker not within my country because of the things that I haven't heard from a few other fellow Traders however mr. Joe Carney himself called me personally on a few occasions to congratulate me on my profitable successful trading and he personally walked me through the withdrawal process every time I want to make a withdrawal. I have made five-figure withdrawals twice from tradersway and I must say that I'm completely satisfied.
Comment: Added by Max Pross on 2016-06-17 01:15
  We appreciate your kind words and are always here to help you with your inquiries.

Travis Woods, RVA, USA

Rating: No Rating
Date of Post:2016-04-07
Review: I make a living in the customer service business. I can assure you that Joe Carney at Tradersway will provide the greatest customer service you have ever experienced. Joe maintains the highest standards of professionalism AND even goes so far as to respond to emails at all hours of the night. If and when my company is looking to hire the out Tradersway, Im coming back for Joe!!!
Comment: Added by Max Pross on 2016-04-12 11:32
  Thank you for your kind words. All of our staff is always here to help whenever you need anything. We are glad you are enjoying our services thus far.

John, Colorado, USA

Date of Post:2016-04-06
Review: Ive been using tradersway to test and practice on for a few years. Unseen charges will be added on days after the initial charge if using the credit/debit option and tech support will still try to "blame the client" when the terminal locks up during news events or decides to update the terminal during Non Farm Payrolls, slippage is commonplace on the mt4 client. Be wary. One star rating for the unseen charges.
Comment: Added by Max Pross on 2016-04-12 11:33
  Please note that we do not have any hidden charges with any of our services. The charges to which you are referring when you use your credit/debit card are international transaction fees that show up shortly thereafter. These are charged by your card issuer, not us. Not all card issuers charge international transaction fees so you must determine this before charging your card.

We apologize for the confusion, but we do not blame our clients for terminal matters. The MT4 client itself can indeed freeze if there are many Expert advisors, indicators or scripts running on it at once because of the nature of how the code is executed. The code runs once per market tick which can cause freezing during market volatility because of the large number of quotes coming in during these times. During Non-Farm Payrolls slippage is to be expected as it is an inherent market condition characteristic of such high volatility.

Kendall Sullivan , , USA

Date of Post:2016-03-31
Review: I have used Tradersway for sometime. What I like the most about Tradersway is the customer service. Reps give you a personal feel they will make sure you have the information needed.
Comment: Added by Max Pross on 2016-04-12 11:33
  Thank you for your feedback. This is our goal -- to provide a positive and personal experience for each of our clients. We are happy to have fulfilled this goal with you.

Jillian , Florida, USA

Date of Post:2016-03-30
Review: Trader's Way is by far the best broker I have used for Forex trading. Their customer service and sales team is outstanding and has made all the difference in me choosing them over and over again for my trading. They are an honest brokerage that has aided my success in trading thus far. I will continue to use them and tell others who want to be successful to use them as well!
Comment: Added by Max Pross on 2016-04-12 11:34
  We appreciate your kind words. Our Support and Sales Team indeed work tirelessly in order to be as prompt as possible with your inquiries. Always feel free to contact us if you need anything as we enjoy speaking with our clients. We are happy to have you.

dr basel, riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Date of Post:2016-03-23
Review: further to my earlier review below:
i must admit that i was impressed about the kindness of mr joe carney who called me personally and explained everthing and had settled the condition, i think for all traders you will not find any broker whose the manager himself will contact you by phone personally , and this will mark the professionalism of this broker, i advice everyone to join tradersway..

2016-03-06 1Star i had been trading with tradersway now since the beginning of the year, sent one email to them asking for a simple matter ( legal document ), they did not respond until i informed them that this will be reported in fpa site, their chatting service is horrible, one guy named dan had responded to me after i lost my live server connection and asked me to wait a moment and he disappeared after that , i tried twice and that guy was intended to do so as he responded wait a moment twice and left me , so am thinking to relocate to another broker as customer service is very important in every broker

Added by Max Pross on 2016-03-11
Content: We are happy to report that we spoke on the phone with Dr. Basel and have come to a peaceful understanding together following a candid discussion. We would be happy to keep an open dialog with you and you can email us directly with future matters.
Comment: Added by Max Pross on 2016-04-12 11:34
  We are happy that you took the time to update your review following our conversation with you and are glad to have worked everything out together.

T.A. Brown, Missouri, USA

Date of Post:2016-03-14
Review: I have been with TW for over 2 years and am extremely satisfied with the platform and customer service. Joe Carney has been extremely helpful in quickly answering my questions and ensuring timely withdrawals.
I recently made a $500,000.00 withdrawal from TW and the funds were transferred to my banking account in less than 2 business days.
I look forward to working with TW in the future; I cannot be any happier!!!

2015-09-11 5Star This is my second review for TW. I have withdrawn a total of $450,000 via 2 different withdrawal requests without any issues at all.

Joe Carney was expeditious with the requests and ensured that everything was completed correctly. He and TW have done a great job at answering any questions I have had in the past, as well. The customer service has been phenomenal!

TW has supported my trading strategy and I will continue to utilize its service. I have profited over $695,000.00 since 2014 via a fundamental and technical strategy, and I look forward to many more positive experiences with TW in the future!!!

2015-03-15 5Star I've been with TradersWay for over 1 year. I initially had some bad trades that I blame on myself. I finally developed a trading strategy that worked and have already made a withdrawal of $150,000 without any issues.
Joe was extremely helpful with the whole process. I've been trading intermittently since 2009 and can contest that TW is the best brokerage that I've used, namely the small spread and excellent customer service.
Not bragging, but I'm up 20,000% on my initial deposit...and I'm confident that all future withdrawals will go as smoothly as the first one.

Added by Max Pross on 2015-10-13
Content: We very much enjoy your updated review and are happy that you are achieving such success on our platform! Continue to expect the same quick and friendly service you are used to receiving.

Added by Max Pross on 2015-03-18
Thank you for your kind words. We very much appreciate you taking the time to post a review and let everyone just how much you have withdrawn thus far (and after such a small initial deposit). We look forward to processing many more of these withdrawals in the future and have you stay with us over the long term. You have a unique insight into the integrity of our business.

Good luck with your trading.
Comment: Added by Max Pross on 2016-04-12 11:35
  Your run throughout the past couple of years has been exciting and we are glad you received your latest wire transfer in only two days. As we mentioned previously, we look forward to processing more of these withdrawals in the future as you continue to be successful with us!
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