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Last Updated: 2016-02-04
Description: TradersWay is an online forex broker. Traders Way offers the MetaTrader 4, MT Mobile, and cTrader trading currency top platforms. offers over 10 currency pairs, metals, indices, energies, and commodities for your personal investment and trading options.
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Alexis Ampudia, Panama, Panama

Date of Post:2015-11-13
Review: As a scalper, I am very happy to have found this broker. Al thought the spread for GBP/JPY are around 1.5 pips, the commission is rather high around 1.1 pips. Excluding that tradersway has excellent customer service, utterly fast withdraws and deposit, execution speed is as fast as any other broker I have tried. Of course, during high impact news, the spread gets wacky, but that is normal, as no one should be trying to enter during high impact news anyway. I highly recommend this broker for clients who scalp as I do. I would recommend this broker any day of the week.
One suggestion to traderway. Please create a PAMM service, because some of us have followers and it is much easier to trade from one account!
To prove I am a real trade and not someone putting in a claim which is false, here is my logged in screen.
Comment: Added by Max Pross on 2015-12-10 04:39
  We surely appreciate your review and taking the time to let us know how we are doing. Certainly the spreads can get very crazy during high impact news releases and the like, so it is good that you are prepared for it. Please note however that we do have a PAMM service available and have contacted you with the details. If you have any other questions feel free to ask.

obayagweme ruth, , Nigeria

Date of Post:2015-11-02
Review: some months ago i dropped a review on tradersway praising how honest a broker they are but now am not so sure. the level of slippage on on stoploss orders is very alarming. you see slippage of about 15PIPS to 20PIPS on stoploss orders make u wonder how if they are truly Ecn. i dont know if there is any way to upload my live account statement to show proof to my claim

2015-02-19 4Star they have one of the best Ecn services out there with their very low spreads execution and i love they way they make opening an account easy. i have withdrawn once from them and hope to keep doing business with them. keep up the good work.

Added by Max Pross on 2015-02-23
Content: We have done our best to streamline to account opening and verification processes for our clients. Please continue to use our ECN services and let us know if you need anything. Thank you for taking the time to leave a review.
Comment: Added by Max Pross on 2015-11-12 08:06
  The slippage you have experienced is due to news releases and is very characteristic of an ECN platform. Your orders will all execute at the "next best price" available in the market, which may or may not be at your stop loss level. The same is true for take profits. Slippage does indeed exist and is a normal part of trading Forex. Thus, we suggest you trade with less volumes and close out your trades ahead of news releases in order to avoid this volatility.

Michael Ogbonnaya, Owerri, Nigeria

Rating: No Rating
Date of Post:2015-11-02
Review: I recently submitted a review here regarding the high execution time I was getting on my Tradersway ECN account and which subsequently caused me losses in my trading.

I am here to say that we (Tradersway and I) have reached a compromise. Even though the experience have left a sour taste in my mouth, I can still recommend them if you are not planning on scalping and using High Frequency Trading strategies in your account.

Joe was quite patient and helpful in resolving this matter. I have to thank him for his efforts.

2015-10-27 1Star I am a Tradersway client and have been for a few years. I recently noticed that it takes a lot of time to place market orders. I am using a VPS provided by Tradersway with a <1ms (less than 1ms) latency to their trading server and yesterday, I tested the order execution time. To my greatest disappointments, the minimum I got on the ECN Live account was 688ms while it increases to more than 3000ms (3 seconds) and that from a VPS with <1ms latency to Tradersway trading server. This is an outrageously high order execution time for a broker that claims to have INSTANT EXECUTION for their ECN account. I have lost a lot of my money due to their high order execution times. During news trading, my orders are never executed instantly, causing me to loose money. They advertise that they accept scalping and every type of trading strategy but their order execution time does not support this. How can I scalp when my orders are executed in more than 2000ms (I have experienced this a lot)? Yesterday, I tried to close a scalping trade I had with a little profit, their MT4 stalled for about 4 seconds immediately I clicked on the close button and I ended up with a loss. To top it all, their Metatrader 4 keeps stalling every now and then. This is unacceptable to me.

What happened? I once believed in Tradersway because of your fast execution and no requotes but I am utterly disappointed in Tradersway now. Their services have completely gone down the drain.

Tradersway should stop cheating unsuspecting traders into believing that their services are good whereas it has turned into complete cr**.

I will give them -5 star if I could.
Comment: Added by Max Pross on 2015-11-12 08:04
  Thank you for updating your post. Unfortunately the demo account HFT results you showed us cannot translate to real, live conditions. Demo accounts are not suitable for this type of testing, and any other live brokers you have used cannot be used as a point of comparison as HFT systems are very sensitive to broker conditions. If an HFT system does not work, then it should be discontinued, as all clients used EAs at their own risk and we cannot be held liable for such losses. Execution time on an ECN platform can vary depending on the specific conditions present at the moment the trade is placed, and can be affected negatively by high impact news releases.

ravindra babu m, HOSPET, India

Date of Post:2015-10-21
Review: I have also faced a problem today. My bonus has been withdrawn all of a sudden. I have mailed to customer care & waiting for reply.
Comment: Added by Max Pross on 2015-11-12 08:03
  The deposit bonus is removed automatically by our system at the time of a stopout, which is the case here. Please refer to the bonus description on our website. We have been in contact with the client.

Mitch, NY, USA

Date of Post:2015-10-07
Review: I was getting a little nervous about this broker because I made a profit of $27000 on my account in the from the beginning to the middle of September and the funds were deducted from my account the day after I requested the withdrawal but no money showed up. After sending several emails I received a phone call letting me know about the TWO DAY banking holiday that coincidentally occurred on Monday and Tuesday following my Friday withdrawal.

I am VERY pleased (and relieved) to report that my funds showed up in my bank account early last week after the delays from the banking holiday subsided. I wanted to hold off on posting a review until at least 1 month went by as we all know things happen from time to time. I feel 100x better now about TW and have full confidence in them. I had a great experience trading after blowing a couple of small accounts (my fault). I think the spreads are great and did not see anything weird in their prices or execution. I trade manually and saw the slippage to be symmetrical (which is important!) Thank you so much for the friendly service.
Comment: Added by Max Pross on 2015-10-13 01:15
  It is great that you have made such a nice profit on our platform and appreciate your kind understanding regarding the delays with your wire. Unfortunately many businesses are in a position where they rely on other companies to provide their infrastructure, and sometimes extenuating circumstances occur. However, we always try our best to stay on top of everything and to also keep you updated as appropriate. This is something we take seriously. Please continue the candid dialog you have kept with us over the past several weeks in the event that you have any further questions in the future.

Irwan, KL, Malaysia

Rating: No Rating
Date of Post:2015-10-06
Review: I've test this broker for several month,honestly they one of the best now, the spread better than others and Joe Carney is the man,very popular and trusted man in forex field,never withdraw yet but no problem Joe Carney is there,he will help you in anything.
Comment: Added by Max Pross on 2015-10-13 01:14
  We are happy that your experience has been everything we strive for it to be, and appreciate you taking the time to let others know. We are always here if you need us and look forward to continuing our pleasant conversation together.

Trader Dan, CT, USA

Date of Post:2015-10-05
Review: I recently submitted a review regarding withdrawal issues from TradersWay. I am happy to say that these issues have been resolved. My money has been successfully wired into my personal banking account, and I have resumed actively trading with TradersWay.

The misunderstanding resulted from a combination of a Bulgarian banking holiday, impatience on my part, and a lack of fast and informative responses from the first level support team at TradersWay. Luckily, my issue was escalated to Joe Carney. He personally called me and explained in full detail why this unusual delay had occurred. If the first level of support had provided me this information I would give the broker 5 out of 5 stars. Besides the slow service this broker is excellent. Low spreads, reasonable commissions, and while it may take some time, they will make sure you are not wronged in any way.

I feel bad for previously giving such a negative review. At the time I felt as if I was scammed. After hearing the details from Joe, I now know everything that happened was reasonable, going forward I will have much more confidence in TradersWay.

2015-09-28 1Star I have been trading with TradersWay for several years now. In the past I have experienced frozen data feeds and spread spikes(rarely for the most part). And most times these happened and negatively affected a position I was in, the company restored the value of my account prior to the trade. While the service was slow, I was willing to overlook it and the initial system error due to the resolution.

Had you asked me 10 days ago to review this company I would have given it a good/average rating. This would be coming from someone who has spent years on the losing side of trading. I blame myself for my losses and would not allow my profits or losses to affect my review of the broker. Getting to the problem....

I had a very good trading period early September. I initiated a withdrawal on the 11th of September right before the weekend. That being said I'll consider the withdrawal truly initiated on the 14th.

Here are the emails that went back and forth

ME: 9/20/15

Abut 10 days ago I submitted a bank wire withdrawal for $29,999.75. That money was subtracted from my account early last week. I am still waiting to see the funds in my bank account. I am a little concerned that it has not shown up yet, but I'm waiting a few more days before I hit the panic button.
I am more concerned with the withdrawal for $30,000 I made last week. It still has not been removed out of my tradersway account even though I was told it would be done in the middle of last week. I'm sorry I am anxious about these withdrawals, but it is the first time I have used this method and I would hate for anything to go wrong. Please begin moving the second transfer to my bank account as soon as possible. Also please check the status of my first withdrawal.

TW: 9/21/15
Dear Sir.

Your request completed and sent to the bank, but it takes some additional time for transfers exceeded 15000 for AML verification. Second transfer will be sent right after first is completed.

Once again I apologize for continuing to ask about this about this issue, but it is a big deal for me. I called my bank today and they said that I do not have any incoming bank wires being processed. I was surprised to hear that. They also mentioned a tracking number I could get from you guys in order to help locate the transfer. I initiated the transfer on the 11th. Granted it was a Friday afternoon so the 14th is really when tradersway began processing the wire. That being said I think by now my bank should be processing it. I do not want to lose $60,000 because of a problem with these transfers.

Please try to get me a tracking number of some sort for the transfer, if you could give me your swift code that might help. Also, please tell me when I can expect the money to arrive in my bank account. It is very stressful not being able to follow the progress of this wire transfer.

TW: 9/24/15

Please be noted that for transfers of amounts above $10`000 our bank makes additional checks , so it takes longer time for bank wire transfer to reach a destination account.

So please wait

ME: 9/27/15
I can understand your bank making additional checks. I am fine with that. It is unacceptable that all you tell me to do is wait. Should I wait until the end of the month, the end of the year? I would like a specific date when the money will reach my bank account and that date should be soon! None of your responses have eased my concerns. I'm a few days away from going to the FOREX discussion boards to question the legitimacy of TradersWay. In addition to that I do not think I will continue trading here and clearly I will begin consulting legal representation.

If these actions on my part do not concern Tradersway continue to act accordingly. If however, you do value your reputation, I suggest you take the time to make sure my money is being transferred as quickly as possible and you tell me a SPECIFIC DATE it will arrive by. If I receive another email telling me to simply wait or if I am ignored tomorrow I will be forced into action.

That last email was not responded to which brings us here. I'll be taking any actions needed to get what is rightfully mine. This is a warning to any traders considering TradersWay as a broker. You may read positive reviews about how they were willing to resolve a data feed issue or perhaps they handled someone's small money request without any hitches. I have personally experienced those situations and frankly they are meaningless when it comes down to delivering on a request with some real money behind it. If TradersWay transfers the money I will update my review. Until then I don't know how in 2015 it takes this long to initiate a wire transfer. Smells very fishy to me!
Comment: Added by Max Pross on 2015-10-13 01:13
  Thank you very much for updating your post here. We apologize that you were not previously happy with the time frame in which you were receiving your responses. However, the bottom line now is that you received all of your money as expected and that you have been kind enough to let the community know that your experience otherwise has been great -- and that you made a great profit in September!

There is always a reasonable explanation when things get delayed or are otherwise slightly abnormal. We will always do our best to maintain a personalized and candid correspondence with you.

Saravanakumar D, Erode, India

Date of Post:2015-10-05
Review: The past 2 weeks I'm very upset about this broker terminal. Price freezes.. and most of the time highest slippage occur.. Now I feel very bad about this broker for my past review..

2015-08-26 5Star I'm Trading 13 years in Financial market. I've traded most of the major brokers. but I never found an excellent support like this broker in my experience. all the time i took screenshot and check with other brokers ( every one must do. even you found a best broker. because if some issues happen you can prove with screenshot legally ). I could not found any single issue with Tradersway. They have very tight spread and low commission, I hope if the service continues like this, sooner they will become #1 in Major Forex Brokers list. I wish they have. I must thank to Mr David Nadar who supporting all time.

Added by Max Pross on 2015-09-08
Content: Thank you for your kind support and feedback. You are indeed correct about taking screen shots as it is best to both resolve issues and to prevent potential misunderstandings. If any issues do arise we always do our best to resolve them --and do so in a fair and expedient manner -- as there is always a reasonable and honest explanation. Please keep us on your list of brokers and continue to reach out to us anytime you'd like. We are always around when the market is open.Added by Max Pross on 2015-09-08 11:35
Content: Thank you for your kind support and feedback. You are indeed correct about taking screen shots as it is best to both resolve issues and to prevent potential misunderstandings. If any issues do arise we always do our best to resolve them --and do so in a fair and expedient manner -- as there is always a reasonable and honest explanation. Please keep us on your list of brokers and continue to reach out to us anytime you'd like. We are always around when the market is open.
Comment: Added by Max Pross on 2015-10-13 01:13
  We are very sorry if your experience has not been satisfactory as of late. Please send us an email so we can engage in a detailed correspondence and see what we can do to work through the situation together.


Date of Post:2015-09-19
Review: Dear Max, I wanted to close this issue too but by updating regularly for me u ppls make me to post further. Yeah I sent that mail just coz Tradersway Indian Branch ppls asked me that kind of mail to give me 2000 USD. I am helpless so I decided not to loose atleast that 2000 USD so I sent that mail. So dont try to prove that your company is smart. If your are smart enough you can discuss about those IP address of loss trades here in common thread. Instead of claiming Tradersway is right you can prove it simply and close this issues.

2015-08-04 1Star Dear, Max Pross in that case can you provide those IP address with proof in public here? If it is not your fault than you can provide it here . Please make it fast

2015-07-30 1 Star Finally with the help of FPA I have received 2000 USD profit out of 8800 USD, as I asked for IP of my lost trades they claim were placed by hackers. They are not willing to provide the IP information but they placed a deal that they will pay 2000 USD to close this issue and I have no other option so I received 2000 USD and I am closing my issue here. Still I recommend peoples not to TRUST Tradersway. Thanks guys

2015-06-25 1 Star Tradersway they simply made me loss of 8800 USD in not more than 15 min just to make me in loss as they placed loss orders without my knowledge, so that they dont need to give me the profit amount of 9000 USD which I have made with 2700 USD investment in 1 month.

I requested for regular payouts but they denied and told you can only take out what you invested first that too once in 10 days. I invested 1500 USD first and then 1212, initially to check payout I withdrawn 300 USD and then I have made profit of 3800 USD in 3 days so I requested for 3000 USD pay out but they denied that and told you can only take 1200 USD coz u already took 300 so out of 1500 u will get remaining 1200, so I have no other option I requested for 1200 and they delayed that too for 6 days I requested on 5th June and it got credited on 13th June (1st withdrawal I got in 2 days) in the meanwhile I traded and made overall profit to 9000 till 12th June but on 15th morning when I saw my account my equity was 1387. Someone traded in silver 10 to 2 lots and made loss of 8800. Its clear that they dont want me to withdraw my profits.

Comment: Added by Max Pross on 2015-08-03
We thoroughly investigated this issue and found that the IP address was from your location. Therefore, one of the following situations applies:

1) The client placed these trades and is making false claims. OR
2) One or more parties had access to the client's device(s). OR
3) One or more parties had access to the client's account information, and accessed the accounts on one of the client's devices.

The trades placed unfortunately resulted in losses that are the sole responsibility of the account holder. It is up to the client to ensure the security and safety of account numbers and passwords, and to keep all electronic devices in a safe place. We are not liable for any losses incurred as a result of negligence.

Please do not post false, damaging information about our services as we work very hard to give everyone of our clients a personalized experience and the ability to trade the Forex markets without any restriction. Untrue posts like these only work to stain those brokers who actually strive to treat everyone honestly and correctly.

Added by Max Pross on 2015-08-26
Content: Referring to your email below, sent to our Support Department and also pasted into your original complaint thread on the ForexPeaceArmy website, we consider this matter resolved and closed:

--- Original message ---
From: Bala M <>
To: <>
Date: Friday, 17/07/2015 20:53:30

Dear Sir,

There is a huge misunderstanding happen between me & TradersWay due to Communication gap.

But now everything is sort out & TradersWay had resolved all my issues.

That's why I am dismissing the complaint which I had recently launched against TradersWay as the trade done in my account is by mistake & as per IP track the location is my Home Town Chennai.

Thanking You.
Comment: Added by Max Pross on 2015-10-13 01:11
  The issue was resolved with the client.

T.A. Brown, United States, USA

Date of Post:2015-09-11
Review: This is my second review for TW. I have withdrawn a total of $450,000 via 2 different withdrawal requests without any issues at all.

Joe Carney was expeditious with the requests and ensured that everything was completed correctly. He and TW have done a great job at answering any questions I have had in the past, as well. The customer service has been phenomenal!

TW has supported my trading strategy and I will continue to utilize its service. I have profited over $695,000.00 since 2014 via a fundamental and technical strategy, and I look forward to many more positive experiences with TW in the future!!!

2015-03-15 5Star I've been with TradersWay for over 1 year. I initially had some bad trades that I blame on myself. I finally developed a trading strategy that worked and have already made a withdrawal of $150,000 without any issues.
Joe was extremely helpful with the whole process. I've been trading intermittently since 2009 and can contest that TW is the best brokerage that I've used, namely the small spread and excellent customer service.
Not bragging, but I'm up 20,000% on my initial deposit...and I'm confident that all future withdrawals will go as smoothly as the first one.

Added by Max Pross on 2015-03-18
Thank you for your kind words. We very much appreciate you taking the time to post a review and let everyone just how much you have withdrawn thus far (and after such a small initial deposit). We look forward to processing many more of these withdrawals in the future and have you stay with us over the long term. You have a unique insight into the integrity of our business.

Good luck with your trading.
Comment: Added by Max Pross on 2015-10-13 01:12
  We very much enjoy your updated review and are happy that you are achieving such success on our platform! Continue to expect the same quick and friendly service you are used to receiving.
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