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Last Updated: 2015-10-08
Description: TradersWay is an online forex broker. Traders Way offers the MetaTrader 4, MT Mobile, and cTrader trading currency top platforms. offers over 10 currency pairs, metals, indices, energies, and commodities for your personal investment and trading options.
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Tom D, New York, USA

Date of Post:2015-08-18
Review: I wanted to update the review I left for these guys in September. Finally after two years I have withdrawn more than I originally deposited. Everything went smoothly and without hassle as expected.

One thing I wanted to tell everyone is that it seems like they now process withdrawals faster than before. I used to wait until the next business day but now it only takes a few minutes. I used Skrill so I am not sure about the other methods. I do see that Tradersway has received some negative reviews lately but I am hesitant to believe that they would actually risk their reputation over a measly $6000. It just makes no sense. I first signed up with them because of the huge amount of feedback I saw on various forums. If they have this many clients then they make a good amount I am guessing so it just doesn't add up if you ask me.

Speaking to my own experience, I think the spreads on their currencies are among the best in the industry. It would be more convenient if they had a server in NY4 as I am from New York and found execution times to be better in other places I have traded. However someone living in Europe or wherever the main server is would likely feel the opposite. Just my personal preference.

Support is still responsive and helpful. Deposits/withdrawals are swift and average in terms of cost. They offer more funding methods than other brokers accepting US clients.

Couldn't ask for better.

2014-10-05 5Star Great experience with these guys. They were my first offshore broker I decided to try out because I like the freedom of hedging and I think FIFO is just ridiculous. Kind of unsure at first because I never sent any money overseas before, but I never had a problem and ended up signing up with Skrill. Withdrawals take up to 12-16 hours in my experience.

Love the leverage and the low spreads. I trade on AUDNZD a lot and found that their commissions on that pair as well as the spreads are the very best I could find on any broker. $5 round trip commissions and 1.5-2.0 pip spreads on the pair.

In reading the other reviews: everyone knows that true ECN brokers have slippage. It is a part of the game. People who use strategies like HFT shouldn't complain when such a sensitive strategy loses in the real world as opposed to their demo accounts/backtests.

Anyway, just wanted to give my experience with them as it seems that people only ever leave reviews when they have something to complain about.
Comment: Added by Max Pross on 2015-08-26 08:35
  We are happy to hear that you have worked hard to turn a profit on our platform and have managed to take some of that profit home. Thank you for noticing -- withdrawals are indeed faster as we continue to make improvements to our infrastructure. This is something we take great pride in and we will never stop doing our best to make your experience better. This includes our vast payment options which you have mentioned as well as our spreads and deposit/withdrawal times.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

Dave , Los Angeles , USA

Date of Post:2015-08-01
Review: I have seen a few bad reviews on here about these guys and I decided to try it myself. I funding using Bitcoin and it was incredibly fast. I used one of my EA's and I trades manually with a small $248 deposit. Execution was perfect and I only had one issue where my trade didn't close when it hit my take profit twice in the same trade, they told me in chat it was a spread issue and at the time the spread was pretty high.

When I got to around 20% in profit I took out my money with Bitcoin which was super fast seemed like it took no more than 5-10 mins. Now this is a small account not sure how they perform on a big account but for me I was very impressed!
Comment: Added by Max Pross on 2015-08-03 12:36
  We are confident that you will continue to be impressed with our services as we work very hard to ensure that they are top notch and innovative. The unfortunate reality of feedback bias means that those who do not have any complaints and have an otherwise good experience tend to not leave any feedback because they are expecting good service. Nonetheless, we gladly appreciate your feedback and hope you come back to update the community when you have transacted larger amounts.

Jerri, CT, USA

Date of Post:2015-07-25
Review: 1st off I'd like to say that Joe Carney does a very good job and he make sure that everything is done in a professional manner. I would recommend TradersWay to anyone I know who needs a broker. It would be great if the servers run to the end each week, but all is said and understood. Keep up the good work.
Comment: Added by Max Pross on 2015-08-03 12:38
  Thank you for taking the time to leave a review. We understand that you are referring to how we shut down our trading server slightly earlier on Friday evening -- we do this to avoid the time when spreads tend to be a bit erratic so our clients do not stop out because of spread increases. Please be sure to check on our trading sessions table on our website to view the trading hours for the instruments you wish to trade.

Manish, Mumbai, India

Date of Post:2015-07-20
Review: Please be Beware of advisor Ms Nagma as I was mis infomed by her that bonus will support my equity and then the bonus was withdrawn unethically when I reached margin level for principle amount hence sqaring my account to 47$ from 1100$ equity
Comment: Added by Max Pross on 2015-08-03 12:41
  We have checked up on this and would like to apologize if there was any confusion regarding the deposit bonus. On our website we make it clear that you cannot draw down into the bonus. We have resolved this issue with you and hope you take the time to update your post for the community to see.

SJ, Washington, DC, USA

Date of Post:2015-07-09
Review: I'm just submitting my review for Traders Way. Joe Carney is a great sales manager that answered all of my questions in a timely manner. I requested my first withdrawal today and received it literally 30 minutes later in my Payza account. This broker pays out QUICKLY and I can't recommend them enough. Thanks Joe.
Comment: Added by Max Pross on 2015-08-03 12:41
  We are very proud of our diverse services and continually updating them to make withdrawals go through more smoothly. You will find that withdrawals are processed very quickly. Thank you for your feedback regarding our team -- we look forward to a long relationship together.

Beam, Bangkok, Thailand

Date of Post:2015-06-29
Review: I might have given the review too soon.
I have to say that the ECN product of this broker is good in general.
Their customer support is OK - they reply your emails, but not as fast as the others brokers normally do. Payment team is not on the Chatroom function (why???).

Deposit/Withdraw via bitcoin here is a nightmare. Everyone knows that Bitcoin has a very high volatility and 1-2 hours delay can end you up in a huge loss or profit. Yet this broker's bitcoin fund system is done manually and the process is sooo slow. I deposited $5000 in bitcoin and almost ended up in a loss for $50, but luckily that I had the with the time stamp and initial amount in USD so I could claim the amount of my initial deposit.

This time when I requested a withdrawal on Sat with the exchange rate around $243.5, I calculated the amount and it was around 18.69BTC. The btc price rallied up in the next two days and my withdrawal request hadn't been processed yet because it was weekend, which is fine. When I wrote to ask the payment team if the exchange rate would be according to the time I made the request, they said YES.

I later received my withdrawal with the amount of 18.11BTC. I wrote to correct them that the exchange rate was not according to the time when I made the withdrawal request and then they flipped it:

"Yes, the Bitcoin price may change considerably, but we process all withdrawal requests within 24 hours ( and Sat-Sun - day-offs ).

If you make your order on Friday, it will be processed on the next Monday. It does not matter at which hour you made your withdrawal request."

This really disappoints me. Although your ECN product is great, but your bitcoin W/D system just doesn't prove that you are ready to handle its volatility. My suggestion is adding the function that calculates the final amount of the bitcoin w/d in both USD or BTC, in order to provide more transparency to your clients. If you can't calculate the final amount in BTC, at least stock your bitcoin so you can have more liquidity!

2015-06-10 4 Star I have been trading on my demo account for a while, getting myself pumped up before depositing the real money.

I have to say that I am pretty happy with this broker so far - the spread, the commission and especially the deposit channel via Bitcoin (which is the main reason why I choose this broker)

Great performance from the client support team in the chart room (big thanks to David). They helped me follow up with the payment team while I was deserted with a single replied email.

However, the payment team may need some improvement here. I understand that you guys are working hard helping 10k customers per day. Please make sure that you always make your customers feel at peace by constantly replying their emails.

But yeah, the overall is great. I'm recommending this broker to my bitcoin trader friends. It's really hard to find a broker that offers bitcoin withdrawal/deposit.

Added by Max Pross on 2015-06-15
Content: Thank you for your support and honest feedback about our services. We will take them into consideration as we progress into the future. Our team works very hard to make the experience a personal one, even with many clients to look after.

We are proud to offer Bitcoin deposits and withdrawals to our clients, and being one of the first to do so. Now that the exchange rate of Bitcoin has stabilized a bit, it may be a more useful option for many.
Comment: Added by Max Pross on 2015-08-03 12:42
  We apologize for the miscommunication we had with you regarding your original Bitcoin inquiry. To clarify how it works -- you send us your Bitcoin to a unique wallet generated at the time of your deposit. The coins arrive and are sold at the prevailing market price at the BTC-e exchange and your account is credited automatically by our system. This whole process takes a few hours as you may have experienced. Regarding withdrawals, the conversion rate you get is the same rate that exists at the time our Payments Department processes your withdrawal (this is done manually like all withdrawals). As you mentioned, Bitcoin is highly volatile. It is because of this very reason that we do not hold any of our company funds in Bitcoin in order to have a liquid stash to process withdrawals. Because of its erratic exchange rate, we only treat it as a vehicle by which to send and receive funds. Please keep this in mind when placing your next withdrawal as clients must be able to handle its volatility if they are to use the Bitcoin system. We process all withdrawals within 24 hours on business days.

We have just recently added a new liquidity provider so you will find that our spreads have decreased some. Thank you for expressing your opinions on our ECN services as we work really hard to keep improving them. We will keep your feedback in mind as we work to improve our Bitcoin system into the future. Thank you for your confidence.

Timothy Selph, Michigan, USA

Date of Post:2015-06-25
Review: I have used a number of different brokers before, at least 9 that I know of and remember well.

I cannot, however, remember an exchange that showed me the professionalism and courtesy I deserved as a customer.

I have had no issue on their platform so far after about three months of using it, and plan to continue to do so for as long as I continue to trade.

Pleasantly surprised.
Comment: Added by Max Pross on 2015-08-03 12:43
  One aspect we take very seriously is giving our clients an individual and personalized experience. We enjoy getting to know you and work with you through our working relationship. Thank you for your review and feel free to give us a call if you have any questions.

JB, Cali, USA

Date of Post:2015-06-16
Review: Tradersway. I took on this platform which I do from time to time to test this brokers. They accept US clients and have the ability to trade indices. They offer the MT4.Fix, MT4,Var, and the MT4.ECN. Being unregulated, this is what I have come to know with these unregulated brokers who take US clients. (((They can do anything they want to the platform))). MT4 platform can be controlled on the inside through the broker. For example, they can take and add funds, they can increase price feed or slow it down, they can add equity over balance (Bonuses) etc. They can slow the platform by delaying etc. Tradersway platform feeds the prices at a high rate on all there platforms. This means the numbers are flying extremely fast especially when your in a trade. You try to close and it rejects because the price is moving extremely fast. This becomes an advantage for MT platform brokers. Want to close a profitable trade? To bad your price is rejected till they let you close it. Want to close a negative trade? Too bad you get the price they give you. I had a trade in on eurusd and the platform stalled so I didn't see the price then all of a sudden bam! all trades whiped and equity gone because I couldn't see the actual price to close out because it was stalled. There platform closed it for me. You have to have stops in and tp's in on every trade to close the price you want because yah, that's how the platform is. I was on the MT4. Fix but noticed this was the same game on all there platforms. Now here's you deciding decision. If you have a problem with these nonregulated brokers in other countries, who are you going to report it too? So should you use them? I could complain etc, but how do you argue computer clitches as what they are called? Are you FEELING ME? Stay away from outside nonregulated brokers! Save your money or donate it to charity...
Comment: Added by Max Pross on 2015-06-22 01:56
  You have made several claims that are unwarranted in your response. You mentioned that we can take and add funds -- yes we can; when a withdrawal and deposit is processed. We do not do this for any other reason like your comment suggests.

We are an ECN broker, the only delays experienced are due to latency between your computer and our trade server as well as the time it takes to execute trades with liquidity providers.

You also mentioned that you had issues closing your orders because of server rejection. We have multiple account types and you were using our MT4.FIX account which uses Instant Execution. This execution type has built in slippage control which results in a 'Requote' when you try to open or close an order. A way to prevent (or limit) these Requotes is to increase your slippage tolerance in the trade settings or switch to one of our other Market Execution accounts (which never have requotes). This is something we would have been happy to discuss via email or chat if you had opened up a correspondence with us about your experience.

Mike, , USA

Date of Post:2015-06-16
Review: I have used the service of many brokers over the years and I must say I like TradersWay the best! It's very refreshing to find a broker like TradersWay that excepts USA clients to boot. I received my withdraw request in 3 days which is remarkable! In the past, I have had to wait longer to receive a withdraw from a broker that is in same state as me. But no more, I am sticking with TradersWay...TradersWay All The Way!!!

Joe Carney provides the absolute best customer service in the industry, there is the best and the rest and Joe Carney is the Best!

I hope this helps some of my fellow traders when deciding on a Forex Broker, especially USA clients. I would bet some of these negative post are from competing brokers, that is my opinion.

Happy Trading at TradersWay!
Comment: Added by Max Pross on 2015-06-22 01:54
  Thank you for your positive feedback about our services and illustrating our dedication to the rest of the Forex community. We hope to process many more of these withdrawals and look forward to continue serving you well into the future. We hope you also take the time to meet some of our chat support staff as you will find them to be both helpful and personable.

Andres Puerta, Uraba, Colombia

Rating: No Rating
Date of Post:2015-05-27
Review: Since i work with TW as IB of their company i have not more than thanks to them for their support, the work they made with my clients listed ont their broker and the fast and nice execution solving my doubts and request.

I used to work with several brokers in past, but now i only work with them for their great spread and trading conditions, their major concern is the client and i like that vision to make business.

Review Moderation Team Note: 5 Star rating removed. IBs have a vested financial interest in the companies they represent having a high rating.
Comment: Added by Max Pross on 2015-06-15 03:41
  Thank you for your positive feedback. We look forward to continuing our mutually beneficial relationship together and are here to offer any help necessary for you to be successful with your business.
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