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Last Updated: 2014-03-25
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FPA Review Moderation Team, USA

Rating: No Rating
Date of Post:2006-11-04
Review: We haven't tried the Vantange Point forex trading software from If you have used this to help you trade forex, please leave a review here.

Note: TraderTech has added a 15 day partial refund policy. Read Section 19 of their licensing agreement here...

Lance Wall, Georga, USA

Rating: No Rating
Date of Post:2014-03-20
Review: I talked to a salesmen over the phone yesterday about the software. I ask him to show me some stock that I had in my portfolio or that I was familiar with. It so happens he did not have a lot of them on his software. He had a few, but I ask him to do a couple more that I was familiar with and he said that I could pay for the trial and get my money back in so many days if I did not like the product, but he was not going to show me anymore examples. I told him no way and that I would need a couple of days to think about it and see a few more examples to see how it works. I felt like he was pressuring me to buy the product. I told him that I was not interested. I told him his software did not convince me and hung-up.

Sudhi, United Kingdom, United Kingdom

Date of Post:2013-10-25
Review: I have recently purchased VANTAGE point software and my experience has been horrible.They are the worst people when it comes to customer care.Inspite of my repeated requests to change account manager , they have not.This is my sincere requests to all of you , please do not buy VP as they have got the worst customer care service.

L Kauf, Ohio, USA, currently in Ukraine

Date of Post:2013-05-26
Review: I purchased Vantage Point back in 2009 and chose a $3000 package of market data covered. The marketing and sales about ' VP having predictive indicators' was very convincing and it appeared it would provide me a significant edge in trading. After trading the end of day signals for three months and producing no profit, however, I asked for a refund and they said that it was past the one month return period. I mentioned that giving an end-of-day Daily signal system a fair test in 30 days was not reasonable. They weren't persuaded by logic.

I've traded the markets for about 15 years and tested hundreds of free FX systems from online forums as well as purchased about 7-8 systems for Futures, FX and options at $1000-3000 each. I would have to say with that fifteen year viewpoint that Vantage Point is the worst system I've encountered. The indicators are simply moving averages and when trading Daily charts you could without a doubt get equal or superior trades simply by following 50/100/200 ma crossovers.!!

In summary, it's its outrageous that Vantage Point continues in business. They are the worst of the worst. If you're reading this, search system reviews elsewhere on this site and pick anything with 4+ stars. I guarantee you'll be happier and more successful than with VP!!

I regret my delay in posting this information, but hopefully it help others now making a decision.

GJ, Essex, United Kingdom

Date of Post:2012-12-26
Review: Ok, let me be honest. If you buy this, or any, software which claims it can accurately predict tomorrow's range or tomorrow's anything, THINK about it instead of dreaming about mansions and Ferrari's. THINK: tomorrow hasn't happened yet and traders move markets based on the "here and now". It is utterly
impossible to accuratly guess anything in any market due to what actually moves them second by second. No mathematical formula can do it as it is an organic, evolving entity.

Now, yes I purchased VP some years ago because I was a charting newbie and I was sick of going round in circles and wanted to win big buck$. I saw those nice high numbers on their website about accuracy etc and thought "hey I can't lose". The bottom line is this: VP is one of many scams out there run by people who have no heart or soul and can sleep at night after robbing hard working people. They do not believe there is an eternal ramification to their sins. They are happy to hurt and steal. The salesmen, the owners, whoever else is involved, all of them, are sub-human because they can rob people and get on with
their lives. (My salesguy kept ringing me before I had paid as if he was my best friend, then after I paid he basically stopped calling - except for when he asked me a favour believe it or not - he asked me go onto the VP chatroom/forum and lie about my success with it to shut people up who were saying the software doesn't work - and for my efforts I would be compensated with some free stuff. True story!).

We (yes WE!) are STUPID for believing in software like this in the first place - everybody out there in zombieland just grow up and take responsibility, please!

You are conned because of your stupidity, like I was. Now I have evolved as a trader to a much higher level through hard work and late nights, and I am confident for this upcoming year in my profit ability, far away from lies of trading software salesmen (and teachers and gurus and authors and all of the rest of them that make money teaching about the thing they cannot do).

VP looks cheap, was written in probably about 2 hours and has an external data feed at cost which is a joke in this day and age. It is a dinosaur which was never useful in the first place, and is slowly dying out (hopefully).

As many have stated, the Predictive EMAs etc are all just normal everyday indicators you get on any free platform, just renamed. They cannot do anything more than a 3 period MA. You are essentially paying thousands of $$$ for a couple of regular moving averages (which are free everywhere else), a very cheap
looking platform which does almost nothing and then you're paying an ongoing amount for data which is, again, free all over the web on many platforms.

The signals it generates are coin tosses like all predictive methods and.... oh, you know what? Why am I bothering? I literally have nothing else to do right now else I wouldn't be doing this. Whatever - people will still buy it, TraderTech will still make loads of cash from it, the salesmen will all still laugh at you when they're off the phone (after being slimey to you on phone), the owners will still live in luxury etc etc it's just humanity being
human I guess. The world will still spin, you'll get ripped off if you buy this, so go ahead and then you can come back on Peace Army and tell us all about being scammed. I mean hey, this isn't a standalone example. For another example, many Americans still vote in their elections because they still believe they have the power as a people and it isn't all fixed long beforehand... even in this day and age!! So yes people will still buy VP and nothing
will change.

Am I bitter? No, honest. It was enough time ago for me that I have moved onto much better areas now. I just know that if a human uses their brain they will KNOW this is a scam, like most other trading promises out there. But the $$$ signs and the Ferrari images in your mind make you WANT this to be true SO much....
so, you'll lay out a few grand in excitement and cry yourself to sleep afterwards. Try it and see.

PS: why aren't the salesmen trading it if it works? I asked this, and he said "they are not allowed to as a conflict of interest but they get compensated really well so it doesn't matter". Ok, so that means if you go work for TraderTech as a phone-monkey (sorry, I meant telephone salesman - my mistake) you will earn
not just average salesman wages, but it seems you'll earn more per year than you could by knowing where the world's markets are going tomorrow. Hmmmm, does this sound right to you? They must all be earning, like, $100 million a year each or something for them to not want to trade with that kind of information privately
from home.

So, please, again I say to you: THINK.


Aslan, Toronto, Canada

Date of Post:2012-10-07
Review: Well, Well lets see, I have not been Waiting for refund 3 month now, Here I am leaving 3 line of feed back and yet these guys with 5 star rating are typing 2 page as if they have nothing better to do, I tell you that might be right because they might be getting PIAD to do this this company is the SCAM do your valet a favour not deal with these guys they even have incredible explanation for all the negative feed backs such as mine.
My next feedback will keep you posted on the refund status,

VP customer, London, United Kingdom

Date of Post:2012-09-27
Review: I have used VP on and off for the past 5 years. Initially, like many others, I was disappointed. I now think that this is because I didn't know how to use it. I have tested many other systems as well, but rather to my surprise none of them have matched the performance of VP. I have now backtested a lot of strategies using VP indicators (very easy if you download data, and can use Excel), and have found various ones that work fairly consistently.

It requires patience and hard work, but then what doesn't?

Jack M., CA, USA

Date of Post:2012-08-29
Review: Can't believe the ignorance from people expecting this product to magically solve all of their trading problems. If you use this product properly, as I have (for 3 years now) you know it WORKS. The company has been around for 33 years, if it was such a scam I highly doubt they would still be in business and offering the top notch customer service that they do. Happy client here and I encourage those that want to blame a tool on their inability to mange their stops properly to simply not trade. They were never going to come out on top with or without fantastic technical software like this.

Alex, Canada, Canada

Date of Post:2012-08-14
Review: After being sold and charmed i bought this product expecting big things. When you actually get the product you realize it's nothing that is accurate at all. The predictive indicators are all over the place sometimes right sometimes wrong and most definitely nothing that you can rely on especially if you want to use it for consistency in the market. The seller really just shows charts on your 1-1 webinar that "did" work obviously, and you believe its all like that, but trust me it's not. This is a terrible product and with a 15 day moneyback guarantee it doesn't even allow you to test run and papertrade the product which is really meant to be a position trading product in the first place! So trust me when i say you must STAY AWAY! Do not make the same mistake I did and now lose 500 dollars just for returning the damn thing. BE AWARE

dkami, , Australia

Date of Post:2012-07-30
Review: This is my update after 2years since I purchased VP

Can you use VP for trading and make a profit yes you can,Is VP a SCAM well I would have to say yep and yes I got ripped off and here's why, the neural Index is 50:50 and in the end I didn't take much notice of it as it doesn't predict anything full stop

VP predicted high low, well if any software could predict the high and low of the day it would be locked up in fort knox and differently not available to anyone except maybe the banksters on fraud street

VP PEMA's are exactly the same as EMA's that's FREE on any platform nothing predictive about them full stop

VP PTSDiff,PTMDiff and the PTLDiff is the same as the Momentum Indicator FREE on any platform,nothing predictive about them for eg. PTLDiff the one I use for signals on VP is the same as the Momentum Indicator period set @ 18 full stop

VP PTSI is the same as a TSI set on default (LOL) FREE on any platform and yes the only thing predictive about the PTSI is the P in front of the TSI full stop

VP PMACD gives the same crossover as VP PTSI and the regular MACD that's FREE on any platform so nothing predictive about it that I can see full stop

The reason I have done another review is because my Data center subscription is about to end and there is no way I will buy data at a ripoff price to download when I can get live data feed FREE on any platform full stop

If you are thinking of buying VP don't as you can get VP for FREE on any platform full stop

Now because I can't put attachments with this review I will post a VP chart and my live chart on the live discussion forum (click link is at top of this review page) for all to see and you tell me if there is any difference between VP so called predicted indicators and the indicators you can get FREE on any platform, is VP a SCAM yes look at VP chart and my live chart and tell me I'm wrong!

The end

2010-12-17 3Star this is a follow up on what i said before in this review i have had a bit more time to get a bigger picture of the software and the company to start with the software VP has payed for it self taking selected VP forcasts i do still like the software as it cuts my trading time down a hell of a lot and gives me an indercation that a ccy pair is about to turn(all i look at is the neural index and the predicted medium and long term differences i dont wait for lines to cross or anything like that for eg. if the predicted long term difference line is at a previouse low or there is divergence between it and the chart and the line starts to point up giving a stronger predicted medium and long term difference number and the neural index number goes from a 0 to a 1 then i will get in long on the pair as low as i can to the predicted low for the day with a SL 30 pips under the predicted low and TP at the end of the day if price does not break the predicted high or if price breaks predicted high wait until neural index goes from 1 to a 0 in following days)however in saying that i will have to eat my own words on a few things i wrote on my earlyer review first of all for all the FX pairs their RRP is $3900.00 US i payed $2000.00 US and now think i did pay way to much for it because you only get 1yr of support and after that if i need to ask a question or get the software reactivated because of computer break down or anything it will cost me $150.00 US which i thing is very wrong and nothing more than money grabing greed another thing i must let people know about is and i have seen someone else that left a reveiw with a simular problem i had no problem ringing the support number before i got the software but after about 1 week of reciving it i cant get through in there business hrs and after hrs it says we are closed from such and such a time so its the right number but in my email descussions to support they just say the same thing you must be ringing the wrong number no one else is having any trouble well im not sure about that but somthing smells very very fishy to me im thinking its because the salesman was the one that showed me a better way to use the software like in the eg. above as the person that was ment to show me new very little about the software and nothing about trading it was just a hopless case manager after the salesman showed me a better way to use the software i could not call their office another thing is if you go to the sight you will not see anything negitive about VP all negitive comments about VP or the company are deleted HAHA i found that out by asking about the phone problem(i still have) so i have no trust in the credibility of the site what so ever so i must thank Felix for FPA (and the venomous snake gift i recived) he is a man of his word and lets people read both side of the story like on this review VP support have sent me an email recently telling me to do a short vidio about my experience with the software i dont like telling fibs so even if i do im sure i wont get the VP gift voucher they are offering if i thought the product and company was outstanding i would happly do it for free
So in short i do like VPsoftware used correctly you should not lose money and has given me many good trades with little effort(cut trading time down)but IMHO it is way over priced with a bad refund policy and a ongoing expence after the 1yr of free support runs out(not to mention ongoing cost for data)and my opinion of the company is not good i smell dead fish rotting in the sun any salesman of a company thats goal is to miss lead you and will go as far as straight out lies to you(and you can only find out the truth after you have the product or of a site like this) and does not give you all the details about the product and after sale service should be run out of business so because of the company it self the way it is run and the price i would not recommend this product to anyone especially a beginner you still have to have sound knowledge of trading to use VP theres nothing that special about VP the main reason i like it it cuts down my trading time i left 5 stars last time but now i would only give it 3 stars and would have put the $2000.00 i payed for VP towards something worth $2000.00

2010-10-27 5 Stars I just thought i would share my expiriance with VP as im very disapointed NOT with VP but with the scam rating on this software of two stars first of all this yank rang me late one night i dont know how he got my number but anyway i said to him no ill think about it and look into it some more so i started a thread on FPA and they delited it and pointed me to this topic so i was happy as i could read what others thought of it after reading all the comments i wasnt realy intrested in the product then the sales bloke rung me again and showed me the software and he said he would sell it to me for $2800.00 US(for all the FX pairs)i said i would look into it some more a few more phone calls later he said i would like to get u into VP what price are u willing to pay i said $1500.00 he said he would talk to the boss he came back and said $2000.00US is the best he could do so i went ahead and got it this phone call was just after midnight saterday so very early saterday morning to my amazement it was at my door wensday just before lunch so anyway i have the latest version 8.3.00 for a week now and there is not a hope in hell ill be sending it back it hasnt exacly paid for it self but the two trades i had on has coved the full cost at first i had a small loss on the first trade i took useing VP then the weekend came and i read the two books it came with(it also came with a manual but its pritty much useless) ok so now i know why that trade did not work im not going to go into it but from reading the posts here i think i was trying to do what others were trying to do and is the incorrect way to use the software i trade full time so i like the look of what VP is telling me and am very glad i got it as it will help me cut my trading time in half or even more i cant speak for other versions but to call the vesion i have a scam is competly wrong it took me 4 days to learn how to use the software(would have been earlyer if i read the dame books straight away) its user friendly and i like that and im not having any problem applying it to my usal trading style it acually is giving me more confedents puting on a trade and in the short time i have had it its given me trades that i may not have looked at before as this version has a scan on it and its bloody great like i said i cant speak for other versions or how it works on anything but FX ccy but this software is in no way a scam i mean after useing it in this short time im happy with the price i payed and glad i jump on board ok how many stars well i was only going to give it 4 stars as i dont like pushy sales people(but now very glad he was) and it is a fair few $$$$ with out a good return policy 15 days and you lose $500.00 if u dont like it but having said that im giving it 5 stars as two stars for a program like this soundes like a SCAM but VP in the right hands will not in any way make you loose money but will improve your trading im glad i dont belive every thing i read on the internet cause by the look at the 2 stars for this software i would have to say 95% is bullshit take this comment how you like but you will never never know if you dont give it a go

Good luck all it this ruthless game of FX trading
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