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Last Updated: 2015-02-05
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FPA Review Moderation Team, USA

Rating: No Rating
Date of Post:2006-11-04
Review: We haven't tried the Vantange Point forex trading software from If you have used this to help you trade forex, please leave a review here.

Note: TraderTech has added a 15 day partial refund policy. Read Section 19 of their licensing agreement here...

Scott, California, USA

Date of Post:2015-02-04
Review: Vantage Point in my opinion is overpriced and probably a borderline ripoff. You can predict price of a given stock more accurately using floor trader pivots and calculate the next day's range using a pivot calculator app on your phone. I have compared multiple times VP's estimate of PCLN to the pivots and the pivots are more accurate. Spend $ on learning a good platform like Tradestation and simple have charts of different time periods with a MACD if you want to see what the trend is. Having traded stock index futures for the past 2 years, knowing the specific index of your stock and the related floor trader pivot levels will help you more. As far as intermarket analysis, sounds like BS. Know the correlations of the Japanese Yen and Bonds to stock action is important.
For the pivot levels, I use Trade The markets rolling pivots since all of the daily, monthly and weekly mid and regular pivots are labeled clearly.
I only use the stocks so cannot comment of currencies or other commodities.
Also, you have to pay about $30 a month data feed which could be applied to a real platform.

david hood, colorado, USA

Date of Post:2014-12-20
Review: have used vantage point for two years now. i am the average joe working for a living like most americans. all i can say is i can't imagine making a trade without this software. yes you have to do your homework, but it's all there for you.....thank you vantage point staff....

Paul Stevenson, , New Zealand

Date of Post:2014-11-26
Review: Trader Greg Firman promotes Vantage Point and claims he uses it successfully. Having been in contact with firm on several occasions since 1998ish , plus following his trades I have seldom seen him make consistent profits. One time he got a 100 pip trade on the USDCHF short using his then broker FXCM.UK. Never heard the end of it. WOW 100 pips. LOL

People need to be aware of these type of traders who have high internet profiles making claims about software they are sponsored to use or pretend to use. Not only that, Firman has told me the software does not perform well and he does not use it. However Firman is on the Vantage Point payroll so one can not be believed. He can't even trade. As the saying goes, If you can't trade, Sell It.

2010-02-21 3 Stars For years been using VP with mixed results. The predicted days highs and lows are sometime very good, I rate them 50/50. You need to look at this software in a totally different manner. And use previous S/R Pivot levels and PRICE ACTION in conjunction with the predicted averages. If you do that it adds to a stronger signal. I find if I do my analysis on VP. Basic stuff , Trendlines, S/R, Candles etc i find VP very good as a tool. I think its too expensive, however I have owned it for years and am only really now understand MYSELF as a trader now. What i really like about VP, and you can get this elsewhere for less is that I have all the Currency Futures, Forex, Commodities, Indices, Softs right there and it makes my job alot easier. I trade for a living. People say, but you buy VP then you have to pay for data, CRB $300 usd per year, so what. If you try to Trade from the predicted indicators you will get creamed, but is not to say VP does not work. It does, albeit it be expensive. So, my conclusion is, if you can afford VP and you are a confident trader this software can dramatiacally cut down on your research and increase profits, if used correctly with a plan ,you have written yourself.

I feel giving VP a rating is unfair to VP and customers because you need to develop your method to trade and VP is not the holy grail, but an extremely valuable tool to have. So i will give it a three star rating while its helping me get five star returns.

If you have the money, give a go. or anyone can approach me and i will email you the VP signals so you can see for yourself. I understand VP does not allow this.

Good Luck.

Edge Modzinsky, PA, USA

Date of Post:2014-10-27
Review: I read other reviews and conclude that this software is not legitimate. They keep giving me different prices for the software but they never told me about useless end of day data that is useless if you are trading the market. You have to pay extra for it but they don't tell you ahead of time.

I talked to a day trader of mine and he said the program was useless.

Sally Kinn, Cleveland, OH , USA

Date of Post:2014-09-06
Review: I have to say I'm surprised by some of the reviews on here about VP. I bought this system in 2007 before the market fall and I know it saved me from losing thousands of dollars. I tried to tell many of my friends about VP before the crash and they were not open to listening..well at the end of the day I was on the right side and many of them lost a ton of money. That was the first time I was convinces VP works in all market conditions. The 2nd time was when the tragic hit Japan a few years back and again VP led me to the right stocks to enter at that time and I made a killing while many stocks dropped. They have a scanning feature that literally guides you to the stocks each night ( you can't get any easier than that). I recouped my initial $8000 package within first month. Now I had bought a lot of tools prior to VP that cost far more and spent well over $20k with another program BUT VP surpassed my expectations in the first month. Over the years I have had many updates which impresses me that they continue to find ways to make it even better and keep the data up to date with the market changes. I would never even look at another tool since having VP. It is the only tool I use, I burnt the rest years ago and never looked back. I trade stocks and commodities and it's just as accurate from one to the next. I have diversified into foreign stocks over the years using VP and their support...OUTSTANDING! I worked with Lisa and she was amazing helping me get set up, when my computer crashed a few years and I panicked because i had well over$400k invested in the markets that day, they guided me through the day until I got a new computer that evening, they helped me re-install it on my new computer and get all set back up...I'm just baffled at some of the reviews I read on here...It's almost like some of these guys NEVER actually used VP and just give their the guy who says he didn't buy it because VP didn't have all his they do not have every stock BUT they do have quality ones and I will take quality over quantity any day because that is how you make money year after year....that is probably why that guy isn't making money in the first place he is trading in all high risk or speculatory thanks I'll keep my VP and I'll take their support hands down any day. I have sent many friends who have bought VP the past few years and I can say across the board we have all been very pleased with VP and profitable. KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK LOU YOU HAVE CREATED A PROGRAM THAT ACTUALLY WORKS, hence why you probably have been the only one to get actual patents on your technology....I'm no rocket scientist but from my recollection VP has been out for over 20 years and has the only patents APPROVED that I know of so it seems to be a no brainer that it has obviously been tested and found to be true...

Lance Wall, Georga, USA

Rating: No Rating
Date of Post:2014-03-20
Review: I talked to a salesmen over the phone yesterday about the software. I ask him to show me some stock that I had in my portfolio or that I was familiar with. It so happens he did not have a lot of them on his software. He had a few, but I ask him to do a couple more that I was familiar with and he said that I could pay for the trial and get my money back in so many days if I did not like the product, but he was not going to show me anymore examples. I told him no way and that I would need a couple of days to think about it and see a few more examples to see how it works. I felt like he was pressuring me to buy the product. I told him that I was not interested. I told him his software did not convince me and hung-up.

Sudhi, United Kingdom, United Kingdom

Date of Post:2013-10-25
Review: I have recently purchased VANTAGE point software and my experience has been horrible.They are the worst people when it comes to customer care.Inspite of my repeated requests to change account manager , they have not.This is my sincere requests to all of you , please do not buy VP as they have got the worst customer care service.

L Kauf, Ohio, USA, currently in Ukraine

Date of Post:2013-05-26
Review: I purchased Vantage Point back in 2009 and chose a $3000 package of market data covered. The marketing and sales about ' VP having predictive indicators' was very convincing and it appeared it would provide me a significant edge in trading. After trading the end of day signals for three months and producing no profit, however, I asked for a refund and they said that it was past the one month return period. I mentioned that giving an end-of-day Daily signal system a fair test in 30 days was not reasonable. They weren't persuaded by logic.

I've traded the markets for about 15 years and tested hundreds of free FX systems from online forums as well as purchased about 7-8 systems for Futures, FX and options at $1000-3000 each. I would have to say with that fifteen year viewpoint that Vantage Point is the worst system I've encountered. The indicators are simply moving averages and when trading Daily charts you could without a doubt get equal or superior trades simply by following 50/100/200 ma crossovers.!!

In summary, it's its outrageous that Vantage Point continues in business. They are the worst of the worst. If you're reading this, search system reviews elsewhere on this site and pick anything with 4+ stars. I guarantee you'll be happier and more successful than with VP!!

I regret my delay in posting this information, but hopefully it help others now making a decision.

GJ, Essex, United Kingdom

Date of Post:2012-12-26
Review: Ok, let me be honest. If you buy this, or any, software which claims it can accurately predict tomorrow's range or tomorrow's anything, THINK about it instead of dreaming about mansions and Ferrari's. THINK: tomorrow hasn't happened yet and traders move markets based on the "here and now". It is utterly
impossible to accuratly guess anything in any market due to what actually moves them second by second. No mathematical formula can do it as it is an organic, evolving entity.

Now, yes I purchased VP some years ago because I was a charting newbie and I was sick of going round in circles and wanted to win big buck$. I saw those nice high numbers on their website about accuracy etc and thought "hey I can't lose". The bottom line is this: VP is one of many scams out there run by people who have no heart or soul and can sleep at night after robbing hard working people. They do not believe there is an eternal ramification to their sins. They are happy to hurt and steal. The salesmen, the owners, whoever else is involved, all of them, are sub-human because they can rob people and get on with
their lives. (My salesguy kept ringing me before I had paid as if he was my best friend, then after I paid he basically stopped calling - except for when he asked me a favour believe it or not - he asked me go onto the VP chatroom/forum and lie about my success with it to shut people up who were saying the software doesn't work - and for my efforts I would be compensated with some free stuff. True story!).

We (yes WE!) are STUPID for believing in software like this in the first place - everybody out there in zombieland just grow up and take responsibility, please!

You are conned because of your stupidity, like I was. Now I have evolved as a trader to a much higher level through hard work and late nights, and I am confident for this upcoming year in my profit ability, far away from lies of trading software salesmen (and teachers and gurus and authors and all of the rest of them that make money teaching about the thing they cannot do).

VP looks cheap, was written in probably about 2 hours and has an external data feed at cost which is a joke in this day and age. It is a dinosaur which was never useful in the first place, and is slowly dying out (hopefully).

As many have stated, the Predictive EMAs etc are all just normal everyday indicators you get on any free platform, just renamed. They cannot do anything more than a 3 period MA. You are essentially paying thousands of $$$ for a couple of regular moving averages (which are free everywhere else), a very cheap
looking platform which does almost nothing and then you're paying an ongoing amount for data which is, again, free all over the web on many platforms.

The signals it generates are coin tosses like all predictive methods and.... oh, you know what? Why am I bothering? I literally have nothing else to do right now else I wouldn't be doing this. Whatever - people will still buy it, TraderTech will still make loads of cash from it, the salesmen will all still laugh at you when they're off the phone (after being slimey to you on phone), the owners will still live in luxury etc etc it's just humanity being
human I guess. The world will still spin, you'll get ripped off if you buy this, so go ahead and then you can come back on Peace Army and tell us all about being scammed. I mean hey, this isn't a standalone example. For another example, many Americans still vote in their elections because they still believe they have the power as a people and it isn't all fixed long beforehand... even in this day and age!! So yes people will still buy VP and nothing
will change.

Am I bitter? No, honest. It was enough time ago for me that I have moved onto much better areas now. I just know that if a human uses their brain they will KNOW this is a scam, like most other trading promises out there. But the $$$ signs and the Ferrari images in your mind make you WANT this to be true SO much....
so, you'll lay out a few grand in excitement and cry yourself to sleep afterwards. Try it and see.

PS: why aren't the salesmen trading it if it works? I asked this, and he said "they are not allowed to as a conflict of interest but they get compensated really well so it doesn't matter". Ok, so that means if you go work for TraderTech as a phone-monkey (sorry, I meant telephone salesman - my mistake) you will earn
not just average salesman wages, but it seems you'll earn more per year than you could by knowing where the world's markets are going tomorrow. Hmmmm, does this sound right to you? They must all be earning, like, $100 million a year each or something for them to not want to trade with that kind of information privately
from home.

So, please, again I say to you: THINK.

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