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Last Updated: 2015-01-05
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Bob M, Valparaiso Indiana

Date of Post:2009-08-16
Review: I have been studying with John and Hubert for several mos. now.
Although I have lost money, it isn't because of them . it's been because of mistakes I've made. Because of their instruction I have been able to recognize those mistakes. I recently took a metals webinar and on the first trade I made using what I learned from them I made twice what I paid for the webinar. My advice to anyone attempting to trade is to forget about a Holy grail (for trading) it doesn't exist. Take instruction from people like these two true pros and the rest is up to you. Trading is mostly discipline, not trading to much size for your acct. and overtrading.

chiT, IL

Date of Post:2008-08-20
Review: Do not give you hard earned money to these to these e-commerce scam sites. It makes me sick they make 2 mil a year off new traders who know no better ,while taking on zero risk to get it. Make them work for a living and stay away.

Boston trader, Boston

Date of Post:2008-02-01
Review: I am commenting on the fx side.
If you look at his track record in FX it is horrible. He doubles profits on profitable trades and single counts losing trades. I have gone through his past record of 2 years and it is about breakeven. He talks the talk but doesn't walk the walk. Might as well save yourself the subscription fee and take your trades on a dice throw and exercise proper money management - you will have the same odds of making a buck.

EDEDWARDS, Near chicago

Date of Post:2007-12-17
Review: Do not buy the indicators you can find all of them for free.Do not follow the scalper/tape reader in the room whos advice is, "start trading now paper trading is useless" he wants to take your money in the market.If you are a newbie and want to listen and learn its ok. You will learn enough about setting stops and TA to find out their methodology is nonexistent.The guy who knows what he is doing tells you to swing trade and that scalping the YM is for people who want to lose.Not a good place for a newbie. Very expensive and no methodology.

Tony, Houston

Date of Post:2007-10-29
Review: TTM is a very decent group. Have followed them several years because as a professional trader it is interesting to see other pro traders work. Most of the complaints I see from people about TTM are attributed to the fact that most want to be given a majic indicator or are in the room to be told when to get in and out of market in a live market instead of learning to trade. Trading is hard because it requires a certain psychology that is in direct opposite to what the average newbie would think should be the trade whether it be long or short in any market. These guys at TTM know what they are doing. Sure their prices are high, but the money & time the average newbie loses trying to figure out what these guys have years doing will be much much higher. Some of us have lost 100's of thousands of borrowed money learning this trade.

paul, Washington

Date of Post:2007-10-16
Review: I have attended their chat room for awhile and have learned much about trading the mini-sized Dow which is the primary focus. They have a tape reading specialist at the open most days and he is very scalp oriented, hoping to turn it into a bigger position. Mid-day, a grains specialist is often there to comment on and show you how he trades corn, wheat and soybeans. At the end of the session, another moderator comes on and discusses limit order trade setups. All day long, Carolyn (Fib Queen) posts key fibonacci and symmetry levels for the indexes and works the hardest and is the most reliable person there. The other guys like to skip out and do other task but are helpful when they are not sidetracked on other projects like preparing for workshops, etc. Concepts taught are excellent but I think so many people now trade these methods that it moves the market a bit. It is best to tweak their indicators and methods to your own style. I can't say I have made any money off the indicators or site yet, but have more knowledge than before. The website videos are helpful and necessary to understand the live chat room trades. Hopefully they will discusss forex a little more in the future since it is what I like trading. My only complaint is you get so overwhelmed with too many types of trade setups that you end up overtrading and loosing focus and get chopped around. But I guess that forces us to specialize in different setups so we do not all do the same thing. It takes a long time to develop a style and then I think you need to leave the chat room behind and loose the distraction after awhile. It is certainly worth a month or two.


Date of Post:2007-09-15
Review: SCAM. Don't trust any service that doesn't post their results. Their trading room is a joke. you pay $300+ per month to hear/read garbage. No trades are called out until after the fact.

Book is outdated.

Mendes, Diadema, Brazil

Date of Post:2007-09-05
Review: I use tradethemarkets for 2 months with some good and some bad results.
At the end of the months account was down 9% so cancel. Maybe I just not experience enough.


Date of Post:2007-08-04

Daniel Taverner, Spain

Date of Post:2007-05-30
Review: Good company offering genuine insight into trading and all its pitfalls. Some of the strategies are slightly suspect and need to be taken with a pinch of salt. You get the feeling that they are making so much from selling subscriptions and seminars that they dont take much care with the trading. daily analysis is good and live chat room will produce some good calls
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