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Last Updated: 2014-09-22
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Guy, UK

Date of Post:2010-01-12
Review: I have personally been with the WDFX team for about 8 months now and I certainly plan to stick with them. They are a very straight forward and honest group and only too pleased to help when or however they can.

Mark's signals are great and he makes me consistant profits without any effort on my part. Will and Frank are happy to spend time teaching techniques and showing members the ropes. When ever we do a training session they are recorded and placed in the forum so I can review them anytime.

WDFX make you feel part of the team, not just a member. William even fits in 1 to 1 sessions over the weekends on occasion to help, nothing is too much trouble it seems.

Andrew, Australia

Date of Post:2010-01-11
Review: I have been using WDFX services for a few months now - learnt more in this time than previous few years. They look at longer term trades not the short time frames less than 1 hr and are very honest - dont sugar coat anything.

If a trade fails they explain possible reasons why it did, they look at industry information about which way the big money traders are trading each week and what influences this may have on our trading

If a day is quite or a week is bad they say so and have said on occasions dont expect any trades for the rest of the week etc

Previous comment was dated 1st week in January when markets are very quiet and it was stated in the trading room that late Dec and early Jan are very difficult to trade as less trading opportunities are available.

Will has gone through many (10+) different trading techniques from daily London breakouts to Pivot trades to 4 hourly trades on pairs - 30 min scalping - daily setups - setups on Metatrader and Tradstation platforms. He has explained the pros and cons for each of the different techniques and explained why he trades what he does.

Will will always answer any question you have and points you in the right direction. The are many videos on the site covering all trading techniques setups covered. I have found this to be a great benefit for my trading but just like trading you have to put the time in to understand what WDFX offers and how to get the best out of them .

Frank, Dublin

Date of Post:2010-01-11
Review: I just wanted to say I’ve been with WDFX for 6 months now I have found them very professional in every way to its members and the support is always there if the members need help. Will does ask if anybody needs help he is always there 100% for you .

Mark, Brisbane Australia

Date of Post:2010-01-11
Review: Right from Day 1, I have been with WDFX. Will has shared everything about trading. His methodogies, indicators, systems potential EA's. He includes webinars, live feedback and now includes trades being taken through Mark his associate. There is no obligation to do anything they say - only helpful ideas and those people wanting to learn about trading and with an open mind will love WDFX. Worth every penny.

Art, Florida

Date of Post:2010-01-11
Review: I have been trading with Will for a few months. Really enjoy the experience and the learning. Good strategies and good signal service, well worth the time and money

MG, Lima

Date of Post:2010-01-02
Review: I got in for a week of testing out this room, all they mentioned were EA's and no trades. Received a few emails, was told to browse the Forum and watch all the videos. No trades during my time there, I wasn't pleased and stopped my payment, nonetheless they charged me, am in dispute with my CC company to resolve this.

Someone who wants to become a full time trader should look somewhere else. If I had to experience this again I would have gone somewhere else.

Dave, UK

Date of Post:2009-12-29
Review: For some reason Will, the main guy distances himself from the emailed trade calls made by someone else called Mark (I think) and goes as far as to say that he rarely trades them himself.
The so called systems that they use according to there forum are very basic, e.g. London breakouts that you can find anywhere but he also makes longer term calls based on....well I was'nt sure really, his own judgement I think, very unclear?
Most of the day in the trade room is spent on listening to some guy testing other systems and discussing ea's. Another thing, Will has verbal diarrea, he simply cannot stop talking and repeating the same thing over and over again, this is'nt to instill his method in you so you never forget, its simply that he can't get to the point..very weird experience, not for me.

HawaiiDuane, Steamboat Srpings Colorado

Date of Post:2009-11-27
Review: I trial subscribed for eight weeks to this service. In eight weeks I received two trade recommendations (one good, one bad) and two other 'updates.'

I think this fellow is actually a very good long term trader - but the service is essentially worthless because it is so sporadic.

Terry, Henley, Uk

Date of Post:2009-10-24
Review: Great site, I've been using Will's site for a few months now, I'm really making some good money. He's actually one of the decent people, who helps and explains what and why he is doing what he is doing. I'd definatly tell other people to use wdfx. I just hope the good times continue and hopefully i'll be able to quit my boring 9 - 5 in a few months and trade full time!!

Malcolm Werchota, Austria

Date of Post:2009-10-24
Review: I have had the luck to be part of Will's seminar since day 1.

What i have learned in 2 months of webinar could not be made up by reading the numerous books and literature outside there.

Will has introduced us to his own "WDFX-Trading-System". Honestly, today I would never enter a trade, without the confirmation of his system. It's user friendly and the new Alert System he has programmed makes life soooo easy to spot potential trades.

Personally, Will has taken my fear away from trading high spread pairs, exotics and has taught me very simple and efficient systems.

I am very thankful for his dedication, his time, and him always answering my annoying question!
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