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XM is a forex broker. XM offers the MetaTrader 4 and MT Mobile global forex trading top platforms. offers over 50 forex pairs, cfds, equities, indices, metals, and energies for your personal investment and trading options.

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FPA Review Moderation Team, USA

Rating: No Rating
Date of Post:2010-11-19
Review: We haven't tried a forex trading account with XEMarkets (formerly known as If you've traded forex with this broker, please leave a review here.

Sharad Kumar Mukim, Bangalore, India

Date of Post:2014-12-08
Review: I have a bad experience with XM. I opened a demo account and was using it to learn and understand forex trading and received an email from XM offering a $30 no deposit bonus. I opened the real account as the offer was tempting for me. I checked the email and there was no hidden condition on the same. After opening the account I didn't get the bonus hence I sent an email and I got the response that the bonus as not available in my region. I asked, if the offer is not available in my region then why did you sent me the email and misguided me but there was no explanation and they are saying that I will get a 100% bonus on my first deposit. There is nothing to trust XM after this. when after sending one offer they are not honouring the same then there is no guaranty of getting any fair play with them.
Rebuttal: Added by Chris A. Zacharia on 2014-12-15 07:54
  Dear Sharad,

Indeed XM is offering a $30 free bonus with no deposit required in some regions of the world and offering other exclusive promotions for clients from other regions of the world.

Each region receives different promotions. It may be the case that you have received the $30 free bonus in mistake and we do sincerely apologize for this as it its unfortunately currently not available for clients from India.

We apologize for any inconvenience might be cause by receiving this invitation in mistake. However India does have an exclusive promotion this period which you can view by visiting the promotions section of the XM website.

Once again we apologize for any inconvenience caused and any mistrust in XM it may have created.

Thank you,

Aminu Usman, Kaduna, Nigeria

Date of Post:2014-12-01
Review: I am happy to inform forexpeacearmy the issue i reported on 2014/11/26, disabling my account is resolved. After investigation they found out that i had two real accounts with them, one verified and the other unverified. So they now close the unverified account and restore the vetified account(the account i use to trade with) with additional bonus of $30.00.

2014-11-26 2Star WARNING:XM broker scam me today after realizing that i made 70% profit in three weeks with no even a single loss trade. I will advice my fellow traders to stay away from WWW.XM.COM because its total scam. They always want you to loose. scam...
Below is the chatting i had with their staff regarding why my account was disabled.
Our company representative will be with you in a moment.

20:58 Desimir has joined the chat.

Desimir | 20:58 Welcome to! How may I assist you?

Aminu Usman | 21:00 HI. i was unable to trade on the xm mt4 platform. Each time i make an attempt a message appears saying my trade is disabled.

Desimir | 21:01 May I have your account number please?

Aminu Usman | 21:01 my account number is 2211100

Desimir | 21:02 Please note your account was disabled for violation of the bonus terms and condition. You should receive an email shortly. Any deposits will be refunded back to the source

Aminu Usman | 21:03 what kind of violation is that

Desimir | 21:04 By opening multiply accounts

Aminu Usman | 21:05 no i only have one account with you

Desimir | 21:06 You should receive an email shortly sir by the relevant department, I cannot be more specific than that as I do not have further information on this matter

Aminu Usman | 21:06 ok. How can i withdraw my money

Desimir | 21:07 The deposit will be refunded sir no need to request a withdrawal

Aminu Usman | 21:07 when

Desimir | 21:08 You will be informed regarding this via email
Probably in couple of days time

Aminu Usman | 21:09 be specific. I know you disable my account simply because i am making alot of profit

Desimir | 21:10 I cannot be more specific than that as I told you have have no further information on this matter
Please wait for the email from the relvant department
Everything should be explained there

Aminu Usman | 21:12 Any way i am going to report this to all forex forums. And my conversation with you shall be posted there too.

Daniel D, UK, United Kingdom

Date of Post:2014-11-13
Review: XM is the best broker I've ever traded with. My personal account manager Adam Kyriacou is the best there is. He calls all my clients I refer to XM within minutes of opening an account to help them get started. 10/10 for Adam and XM.

Julian van den Berg, Pretoria, South Africa

Date of Post:2014-11-13
Review: I have been very satisfied with the service provides. One of the plus points is their MT4 trading platform work with MAC and I wasn't forced to run the platform on a Windows machine.

They also provided me with an investment bonus which some of the other brokers do not do, and of they do it is usually far less than what XM offers.

Very importantly, the staff are helpful and friendly. My account manager at XM is Adam Kyriacou and if you are considering XM then ask for Adam to assist you. His knowledge of the services XM offers is outstanding and he is a friendly professional person to do business with. Adam gives me regular phone calls to find out of I'm still happy and if there is something he can do to assist should I have any queries or problems. What I also appreciate about Adam is that he communicates on many mediums such as Skype and Facebook which is handy when you can't phone or don't have the time to chat on the phone. If Adam left to go work at another broker I would probably want to move my account with him.

I asked Adam if will be offering managed accounts and he said it is something that he and XM are investigating which is another plus point.

Lastly, XM is trustworthy and your money is safe. You won't struggle to get your profits or money back from them.

Ken Grakauskas, Michigan, USA

Date of Post:2014-11-10
Review: I've been using XM for almost a year now. I've never had an issue with trades, or settlements. Deposits and withdrawals are quick and efficient. Large withdrawals happen with no issues and I've made several. My account manager, Adam Kyriacou, absolutely rocks. He even helped me navigate the "US citizen with an offshore business presence" so I could trade with them. Your account rep is the face of the company and Adam places XM in a very good light. Adam is detail oriented and tracks every incoming and outgoing deposit and withdrawal to make sure it happens promptly. He's my "goto" guy if I have any issues and they are all resolved quickly. No other broker has ever called me and gotten to know me, my business, and my needs. XM is THE premier broker, in my opinion.

Handos, Overijssel, Netherlands

Date of Post:2014-10-23
Review: Hello, i am new with XM. Just trading for a week now, And i must say that my rigistration was very fast. After registering you can easyly deposit an ammount on your account of the mt4, it is directly on your account if you make your deposit with skrill or your creditcard. After this you can just start trading, but first you need to upload your documents of your id and proof of adress. Then it needed to be valided by XM. Just went to the chat service and talked with Vincent in Dutch. He was very kindly and helpfull and valided my account so i could start trading. In 1 week i made 500$ profit and have withdrawal all the ammount and left just 100$. In no time i got my withdrawal on my skrill. It was just in 2 hours totally that i have waited. This became also that the Dutch service of there chat Vincent helped me during the process of withdrawal how it has to be. After all, it is a good broker and i have not had any problem with freezing, or stop hunting what ever. You just have to make a plan and take the gain with forex. Just read there terms and conditions, and u would not have any problems at all. Best Regards, Handos from the Netherlands

Wisnu Adi Prasetya, Jawa Tengah, Indonesia

Date of Post:2014-10-13
Review: is NOT FAIR and BAD SERVICE when resolve this case issue.
My Trading Account suspended and I cannot use it again.
Their XM Team never give me a warning email or something kindly attitude!
They suspend my account and then give me an email said that my acccount suspended because of the high frequency of transactions/orders.
GOOD broker should give warning BEFORE suspend SO RUDE. I t is not fair enough, We are social human, Issue can disscused first. NOT LIKE THIS. SO RUDE attitude! DISSAPOINTED!


eric st-yves, canada, Canada

Date of Post:2014-10-12
Review: I open 2 account with them .

I blow up one account , no problem .everything go very well , but ...

When , i do some money ( around 50 $ over) ,
they freeze my account for investigation without notice ,
i chat with them , and less than 24h , they unfreeze my account without explanation .

One week after ( october 7 , 2014) , my profit was around 150 $ over .
They closed all my open position with losses without notice ,
they closed my account .

The reason after was " xm market dont to bussiness with my country (canada) .

But they have no reasons to closed account witout notice or any delay .
But they have no reasons to closed all open positions witout notice or any delay .

A serious business dont to that this way .

Berlian, Medan, Indonesia

Date of Post:2014-09-16
Review: Hey guys,

I had trade in this brokers more 2 years. I think its brokers good. I can withdrawal not more 2 days.
If I get problem in withdrawal, I can contact his IB in Indonesia, usually he will be help me to process my withdrawal.
Until now I think its broker is good.
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