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Last Updated: 2015-01-25
Special Notes:

As if all the other problems were not bad enough, YouTradeFx's mail server appears to be blocking the emails of many clients who are owed money.  The FPA is aware of email issues with YouTradeFx's servers that have been happening for several years.  The fact that clients could lose all ability to check on missing and blocked withdrawals is a very good reason for no one to open an account with YouTradeFx.


January 20, 2014, SCAM CONFIRMATION:  Based on the available evidence, the FPA now considers YouTradeFx to be a SCAM.  YouTradeFx is now blacklisted by the FPA.

The FPA recommends AGAINST opening an account with any branch of YouTradeFx or any company associated with it.  If you have an account there, the FPA recommends that you attempt to withdraw your funds immediately. 


ATTENTION:  If you are a YouTradeFx client and your withdrawal request has been ignored for more than one week, please go ahead and leave a 1 star review.  Then CLICK HERE for more instructions.

Related websites and websites that appear to be related include,,,,, and


December 2013:  Currently, the only regulator for the You Trade Group is ASIC.  Clients need to be registered with or specifically request ASIC regulation when signing up via

March 2013:  Numerous fake positive reviews detected and deleted.  There was a long-term campaign to buy fake 4 and 5 star reviews from non-customers to alter YouTradeFx's overall rating.  The campaign appears to have been begun by Shimon Harel, a former employee of YouTradeFx.  After his departure a freelance subcontractor, named Shivam Sharma, continued to operate the program on his own.  It appears that Shivam's work was not known to anyone besides Shimon.  The FPA thanks YouTradeFx employees George Becker and Micheal Mimouri for assisting in gathering information and putting a stop to this unethical practice.

September 2013:  The license for International Youtrade Investments MA Ltd in Mauritius has been suspended.  Click Here to verify.

December 2011:  The FPA is currently working with to examine what the connections are and are not between YouTradeFx and the StartForex, which received an FPA Scam Finding.   July 2013 UPDATE:  The YouTradeFx representative working on this case never was able to provide the information needed by 4xangels.  December 2013 Update:  There has been significant progress towards resolving the original issue with StartForex.  If this reaches a successful conclusion, any possible relationship between YouTradeFx and StartForex will be irrelevant.  February 2014 Update:  There has been a major step forward in resolving the original StartForex Scam Finding. April 2014 Update:  All progress has been halted.  YouTradeFx is not responding to emails from the FPA or the client on this issue.

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ID Filed Case Verdict
2014-019 2014-01-11 GUILTY
2014-018 2014-01-10 RESOLVED
2014-015 2014-01-09 RESOLVED
2014-013 2014-01-08 GUILTY
2014-012 2014-01-08 RESOLVED
2014-011 2014-01-07 GUILTY
2014-010 2014-01-07 RESOLVED
2014-009 2014-01-07 RESOLVED
2014-008 2014-01-06 RESOLVED
2014-007 2014-01-06 RESOLVED
2014-006 2014-01-06 RESOLVED
2014-005 2014-01-06 RESOLVED
2014-003 2014-01-04 RESOLVED
2014-002 2014-01-03 RESOLVED
2013-178 2013-12-30 RESOLVED
2013-177 2013-12-28 GUILTY
2013-176 2013-12-26 RESOLVED
2013-174 2013-12-23 RESOLVED
2013-171 2013-12-19 RESOLVED
2013-166 2013-12-05 GUILTY
2013-160 2013-11-19 RESOLVED
2013-157 2013-11-15 RESOLVED
2013-150 2013-11-14 RESOLVED

FPA Review Moderation Team, USA

Rating: No Rating
Date of Post:2010-08-09
Review: We haven't tried a forex trading account with If you've traded forex with this broker, please leave a review here.

BigProblemmMAN, EURope, Greece

Date of Post:2015-01-25
Review: t is the worst broker company .Whatever you do not invest your money over there you will never get it back
They call you every day to make a new depossit and terrorise you and your family before you contact them have a look

maged abouhashesh, damietta, Egypt

Date of Post:2015-01-08
Review: i have account with youtradefx and i asked to withdrow alot of time my money and they didnt give me any thing and didnt answer , please help
my account number 220829

shaker, makkah, Saudi Arabia

Date of Post:2015-01-02
Review: bad broker and i cant teak my money back No one answers the phone and do not have the sincerity.

Geoffrey, Johannesburg, South Africa

Date of Post:2014-12-23
Review: I opened an account and they started asking for CVV number to activate account. I refused and they say my account is not complaint. I requested for money back and they are not answering. I have logged a report on and hope they can do something

Jerzy W, Tarnow, Poland

Date of Post:2014-12-01
Review: I created an account 235920 . Paid on this account money . Initially I had no worries. However, I noticed that the account manager game against me. I recommend to open a position in which I lose all pieniądze.Dlatego zdecydowłem the money to pay . 3 weeks waiting for the money . Today dowiedzałem that the manager is not working .

jww, , Poland

Date of Post:2014-11-28
Review: I can not withdraw from my account no 235920. I have filled the request of withdrawal.More than a week I cant see money on my account.After completing the form on the website , there is no information about the acceptance of withdrawal.We talk ourselves on the payment of the manager . However, none of these talks is not clear . I just want to return the money .

William , Gauteng, South Africa

Date of Post:2014-11-17
Review: Scam. Daniel Collin is refusing to pay back my moneyand profits of 1890usd. Please help

garmin12, , Slovenia

Date of Post:2014-10-09
Review: Hi,
Here is some mail from Daniel

Hello Marko,
This is Daniel Colin, your Broker from YoutradeFX.
I’m trying to reach you but unsuccessful, perhaps it is not a good time for you to talk.
Please reply to my e-mail with a good time for us to talk because I have a really good information for you!
Looking forward in your reply as soon as possible!

Best Regards,
Daniel Colin
Daniel Colin | International Desk Manager
Tel:+44 (20) 30266006 Ext: 2218
[email protected]

Marko, insta forex will steal your money.
You will not be able to withdraw and they will ask you for more money.
Yes we do charge a fee, but that is very small compared to the fact that you lose all your money with Insta Forex.
They are a scam company. Be aware.

Daniel Colin | International Desk Manager
Tel:+44 (20) 30266006 Ext: 2218

[email protected]
Find on Facebook Skype UsYOUTRADEFX

The ACTFEE is also called account fee.

It represents a monthly account management fee but it can also be added back to your account. No problem there.

Daniel Colin | International Desk Manager
Tel:+44 (20) 30266006 Ext: 2218
[email protected]

Now I make a withdrawal, but they dont answear on my question until 2 days.

I am afraid that this is the end and I lost all my money.

Johan Leusink, Weert, Netherlands

Date of Post:2014-10-06
Review: 4 months ago I did a withdrawal request I have seen nothing so far..
Today I found out that they charge me $25 as an account Fee, this is because being inactive for 30 days..

They can't charge because I did a withdrawal request 4 months ago
Still waiting on this day for my money to be processed.

To me this is stealing and they can go to jail for that...
I wait for this week and then I go all the way...

Sending emails and doc and proofs to all the units that I need to, to get my money back

I am done with YouTradeFX
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