Forex Market Hours Map

Forex Market Hours Map shows currently open and closed trading sessions as well as observed volume, volatility, and spreads for trading instruments.

Why you should know Forex Market Hours?

Forex is a 24-hour market and it has its own time structure, therefore an important part of every successful forex strategy is knowing what the appropriate time is for each zone.

As the Asian/Japan session closes, the US session opens and is followed by the European/London session. During the latter two most of the trading takes place. Therefore, the markets are much more volatile during these hours, especially during the overlap of the US and European sessions.

For further reading, see the Forex Market Hours and Trading Sessions guide or our specific guides on each trading session:

How to use Forex Market Hours Map?

Using is pretty straightforward, check the GMT time in the upper right corner of the map and compare it with your own timezone to know the difference in timezones. After that, just see the Open/Close time for each session.

Additionally, further reading is always available in our blog/trading resources section or looked-up using the search feature.

Keep in mind that this information should also be used in addition to other tools and types of analysis such as:

  • Fundamental
  • Sentiment
  • Technical

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