Stop loss and take profit calculator

Having the correct position size, stop-loss, and take profit are some of the most important things when trading. Therefore, to help you make your calculations we have prepared a set of calculators from FxPro and Pivot Point Calculator from Dukascopy that will make your trading life a bit easier.

Risk Calculator

Profit Calculator

Swap Calculator

Margin Calculator

Pip Value Calculator

Why use Forex Calculators?

They will help you to find the optimal price points or position sizes for every situation. This in turn helps you spend more time on the analysis and less time on manually calculating these values.

How to use Forex Calculators?

Each of them can be used in a different situation and for a different purpose, however, the basics are the same - enter your position size, currency or pair, trade size, price as well as related metrics and simply press “Calculate” to update the tool.

Pivot Point Calculator

The Pivot Point Calculator shows pre-calculated pivot, and support and resistance levels based on your instrument and date selection. More on how to use Pivot Points can be read in our Forex Pivot Point Strategy article.

Most of the forex calculator tools presented on this page were thoroughly described in our premier trading educational course "Forex Military School".

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Now you should be ready to start using the Forex Calculator Set and combine it with Forex Day Trading Strategies.