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Our vision is to provide traders with the definitive tools for navigating the high seas of currency trading.

FPA's currency converter puts all the information you need on the 162 most important currencies at your fingertips. The converter predicts and returns currency pairs, sorted by relevance, even while you are still typing.

Quicker and way more intelligent than most on the market, our converter conveniently recognizes the most common financial symbols, like “$” or “USD”, as well as natural language expressions like “100 euros how many yens”. Try it out for yourself!

Remember: there's no need to punch enter, or click any buttons to submit your request—by the time you finished typing your query, your results are already displayed!

Check out the chart icons right next to the currency pairs to instantly see historical data for the selected currency relation. For your convenience, feel free to download charts as an image to your computer.

For your convenience, feel free to download charts as images to your computer.

You have any feedback, questions, or ideas? Please visit FPA's forum link for Commitments of Traders!

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