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  1. A is a scam

    I am worried about my investment. How can you help me? Now that I am looking for more information about dailypipsfx, I find another documented case: Thanks for your help.
  2. A is a scam

    Communication with executives is normally done via WhatsApp. When you send email's to them, you don't get any response from dailypipsfx. They are inflexible, when they take a position, whatever you argue, they don't listen to you because they are right. They categorically ignore you and only...
  3. A is a scam

    I have an investment in . The investment started in June 13, 2021. They have requested many payments, all of them were fulfilled on time. To release the delivery of the money, they requested a last payment, to compensate for a change in the USD-BTC parity, which was excessive, I...