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  1. C Wire Fraud Scam - Shuqin

    Here main chat where they informed me they were scammers
  2. C Wire Fraud Scam - Shuqin

    Antrush Group responded to your message! Antrush Group Tue, 22 Mar 2022 09:46:10 PDT Hello. How may I help you? Cameron Gieda 09:46 I have added funds to my account to cover the tax on a recent withdrawal , I’m seeking to have my withdrawal funds...
  3. C Wire Fraud Scam - Shuqin

    I recently was approach by a person calling them selves Shuqin who encouraged me to trade BTC USD on an exchanged called .. When I tried to remove my funds from the exchange, I was told that I was involved in a crime ring and my funds were "frozen" aka stolen. I don't see any way of...