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    No, there is no way I can get my money back. The scammer has changed his profile already but phone number is still active. Try to continue scamming more victims. Apparently someone from Cambodia mistakenly sending me a message as supposed to send to the scammer. These are global scammers...
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    Top Tank Scam (

    Do you have the scammer information, pictures, phone etc..? The scammer that scammed me apparently working with a group of people and one of them mistakenly sent me a message and this scammer is from Cambodia with country code 855. The scammer is using US phone number but I do believe he is...
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    Top Tank Scam (

    Scammer used name Andy Wang and below pictures, daughter's pictures but all of these are fake. Phone 1-989-373-24748 WeeChat ID: Andy_wang226 Whatsapps number 1 213 262 9559. After completed scamming, the scammer later on changed his profile with different picture on Whatsapp.
  4. D is a VERY BIG Chinese scammer. Using professional LinkedInn, US green card and kid pictures/video to lure people transferred money into and money will never can be withdrawal. Be care with WhatsApps and WeeChat. WhatsApps is using 1-213-262-9559. Weechat is using ID...